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  1. Now the UK has decided to leave the EU, what is the time scale to activate article 50 of the Lisbon treaty ?..
  2. Another small supplier has gone bust - Our Power - who were backed by the Scottish Government to the tune of £6m. 38000 customers are now looking for a new home.
  3. Hi We moved in to our rented property at Christmas 2017. We both work from home and took the property based on being able to do just that. My fiancé has a photography studio set up here with regular clients coming to the house. In May we found out that the neighbours had sold a patch of their garden to a builder who is now building a house on the land. The noise is unbearable, we are woken up every morning at 7 and we can't use the garden because of the noise and dust. The neighbours are also having their remaining garden paved by a separate company who also make noise from 7am. To top it off, our other next door neighbour have just started work on their house so we have to deal with hammering and banging all day on that side too. The landlord claims he knew nothing about any of it, which is rubbish and the builders have confirmed that they have had extensive conversations with him as part of the planning process and he in fact moved out of the house because of the construction. We have already asked for a rent reduction as we have been deceived in to moving in and the worst part is we pay nearly £2k in rent to live here! In this beautiful weather, we haven't been able to enjoy the garden at all. I have spoken to a solicitor who has told me whilst the landlord did have a moral obligation to tell us about the work, he unfortunately didn't have a legal obligation, which I just cannot believe! We have spoken to the builders who have now said they will try not to do noisy work before 8am, but even minor work causes enough noise to disturb us. We have to have the windows open because of the heat and there is no escape from it! We've requested a rent reduction but the landlord said no and we would have to pay to get out of our contract. There is another month left of the building works and we just don't feel like we can cope with it anymore. We're both being woken up in a state of stress and anxiety and its impacting on our work and our health! Is there really nothing we can do!?
  4. I'm not sure if I am in the right area, but hope someone can re-assure us we are doing the right thing. I am a leaseholder in a block of retirement apartments. Two years ago, with 100% agreement of all leaseholders in the block (70) some residents acquired RTM and after lots of visits to other blocks, and doing all the checks they could, the RTM company employed a new MA. After 12 months they decided that these new MA's were actually worse than the original ones, so they terminated the agreement after 12 months by highlighting breaches, using a solicitor. They then employed another MA who, after 12 months, appears to be extremely efficient etc. The problem we have is that the 'old' MA won't release our fund to the new MA. They promised on four occasions over a period of 5 months to hand over at the end of a month, and, to date, they have handed over approximately 30% of our funds. After 3 months, we employed a leasehold solicitor to chase the funds. We were informed that we had to know exactly how much they owed us, by virtue of audited accounts. As the MA would never issue bank statement, invoices or monthly financial updates, we cannot do this. So the legal advice was to go to court to obtain all the account documentation. This was set for a date 10 months after the contract was terminated. Two weeks before the hearing, and after yet another broken promise of transferring the funds, the MA wrote a 'without prejudice' letter saying they would hand all the funds and paperwork over but not until a week after the hearing, as it would take that long to produce the final accounts. Because of this, our solicitor advised us to adjourn the hearing as it would save the costs of going to Court. The RTM Company refused on the basis of all the previous broken promises. From that we had constant pressure from our solicitor, changing almost on a daily basis, to adjourn. These pressure varied right up to the fact that, in the solicitors opinion, the RTM Company would have to pay costs of both sides, amounting to a total of around £18,000 + VAT. There was also a request for £1,500 + VAT immediately for a barrister, suddenly required three days before the hearing. Never mentioned this before in the cost estimates. Our RTM Company was braver than I would have been - they believed that there was no way the judge would deem them unreasonable knowing all the broken promises they had received. So they still refused to adjourn the hearing. Then came a Tomlin Order, written by 'the other side', which offered all the paperwork we required, except Bank Statements and cheque books, if the hearing was adjourned. I understand from paperwork I have seen that the RTM Company still refused until a point where their own solicitor assured them that the accounts could be quantified without the Bank statements. so they agreed to accept the Tomlin Order and adjourn the hearing. Four days after the time limit set out in the Tomlin Order, some invoices and a ledger run off was received. There was also a copy of service charge accounts prepared by the company themselves, not by an accountant. on looking at these documents, half the invoices were missing and there was not information regarding income to the service charge account or the reserve funds. We are now up to date ..... Our solicitor is now telling us we need to go back to Court to ask the Court to order the MA to obey the Tomlin Order. The RTM has explained to the rest of us leaseholders that they are in dispute with the solicitor as they believe all this will do is allow the MA to break it again and again, and they would have to take it back to the Court time and time again. There seems to be no penalty on the MA for breaking what they believe was an official Court order. the solicitor ignores their request for an explanation, and continues to talk in language that doesn't mean anything (according to the RTM) The RTM is asking for support to change the solicitor at this stage. They want to take the MA to Court for theft as they say simply that it is our money and someone wont give it us back. They want to find a solicitor who would do this for us. A number of leaseholders (who as a reminder are retired) don't really understand what is happening and are extremely concerned and upset that for (now) 12 months we have not been able to correctly manage the block and it is beginning to look a mess, reducing the value of our flats. Can anyone please advise what they would do in our position?
  5. Hi I have posted about this before https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488538-Misled-by-our-landlord-about-construction-noise-pollution-is-becoming-unbearable&p=5134398#post5134398 and now the situation has become even worse and we desperately need some advice. We moved in to a rented property at Christmas last year and soon after a builder came to the house to tell us he'd bough a patch of the neighbours land to build a house! He told us the landlord knew about it and it was why he had moved out of the property. There was a planing process which the landlord knew about and apparently he had arguments with the builder about it, at one point he said he would try and get an injunction to stop the works. After enduring construction works literally in our garden all summer, our enjoyment of our garden has been ruined, we've had to put up with the noise, the dust and the constant lack of privacy. NOW to make it worse, our adjoining neighbour has started renovating their house, so we are now woken up every morning to drilling walls. The whole house shakes and we are woken up in a stressed anxious state every day. We work from home and it's now impossible with the horrific noise. They're renovating their basement and bathroom which won't be a quick job. Im not exaggerating when I say this is ruining our lives. I don't sleep very well anyway so being woken up to this noise from one side or another every day for three months has made me a nervous wreck! The landlord knew about both plans and let the house to us deceitfully. Is there anything we can do? Ive checked about the noise and as someone has already said on a separate thread, they aren't breaking any laws so theres not really much we can do. We took out a 12 month lease and three months of those have been unbearable. We pay a fortune to live here and it's been totally ruined. Any advice would be appreciated! I was already told by a solicitor that whilst it's morally wrong that the landlord didn't tell us about the building works, there's not much we could do legally, however now the other neighbour has started works too, I'm wondering if we have more of a case for damages. Ive taken video and photographic evidence of the noise levels, dust and now the drilling from next door Thanks
  6. Ban fossil fuel companies from sponsoring, donating or having any involvement in schools and other activities that are aimed at or could influence children under 18. Why is this important? We all know that climate change is a real threat to everyone and everything on this planet, and that the fossil fuel industry is the biggest cause of pollution, the increase of greenhouse gases, and of creating global warming. The industry is responsible for poisoning our waterways, oceans, air, and land. Also, a lot of the chemicals the fossil fuel companies extract are used for making plastics. Plastics are choking our oceans, killing our sea life, and contaminating the sea salt, which in turn will contaminate users of sea salt. Much more on the link.And have your say,say how you feel.Whatever your views are. Thanks. Tawnyowl. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-fossil-fuel-companies-away-from-our-children?bucket&source=facebook-share
  7. Security in our court and tribunal buildings READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/security-in-our-court-and-tribunal-buildings
  8. Hi We started renting a beautiful home in December. We pay £1,800 a month for the house which is a hell of a lot of money. We have had a letter saying building works begin on a patch of land next to our garden next week and the foundations mean they will have to take down our fence and work in our garden! We both work from home which will be impossible with the noise. We also have a dog who will go berserk at the builders in the garden and she wont be able to go outside. We are absolutely gutted that our dream home has become such a nightmare and we will not be able to use the garden for over 2 months! Well, we can, but not privately! Any advice on if we can refuse to pay rent? or at least get a reduction? The landlord knew about this and did not tell us before we moved in. My other concern is that our garden will now be completely overlooked by the new house. Any advice please?
  9. I am in court on Monday for a CCJ claim against me. I have only just noticed that in the other sides witness statement they have listed a proposed payment agreement by me which was sent Without Prejudice. Its too late now I know but should I raise this matter immediately with the judge or wait for the other side to use it in evidence. Obvioulsy the judge has read the witness statement now. TIA
  10. Hi We bought a house, last May in Norfolk. We don't live in it. It was bought with our inheritance to retire to one day. In the meantime we rent one 140 miles away that we live in as we can't afford to retire yet. Our house in Norfolk was bought with the intention of renting it out until we can move in about 4 years time. We had some work to do in the house to make it fit for tenants, and we (wrongly as it happens) thought we would be liable for capital gains tax if we rented it in the first 6 months, so knew it wouldn't be tenanted straight away. We have finally got a tenant, with the contracts ready and signed to move in at Easter. When it came to insuring it, it was hard work. Because we didn't live there, but it wasn't a holiday home, and it didn't have a tenant in yet. We went through 'Your Insurance' online and filled in the forms to be given an appropriate policy. They placed our policy with Churchills, who sent us out the paperwork, which we checked through and that was that. The one point that stood out was that the house must NOT be left vacant for more than 14 days. It wasn't an issue though, because of the work and decorating that needed doing we've been there pretty much every other weekend working. Fast forward to the beginning of March and the ball valve in the water tank in the loft snapped. It wasn't the cold weather, it was simply the valve gave up the ghost. My neighbour called me within 2 hours of this happening and I was able to have the water turned off and the rest of the tank drained. Sadly though we lost all the upstairs ceilings, the carpets and the electrics were a mess. We called Your Insurance who had an answer phone message at the time, due to the high level of calls they were receiving because of the cold weather. It instructed people to start interim work and send email copies of bills to them. For us it was simply getting the remains of the wet stuff out to stop any more damage occuring, which we did immediately. A few days later and we finally get though to Your Insurance. Within 3 hours they told us our insurance was invalid because we'd 'told them we had a tenant in place'. Apparently we did this via a phone call. As such, because there was no tenant then our insurance was invalid. Boom. They wouldn't actually go to Churchill with it as they said it wasn't valid. I actually commented on Churchills page about the Brokers they had selling their policies and we were given a number to call them directly, which we did. They went off to investigate, including the phone call and promised to come back to us within 4 days. 4 days later they called, and told us there was no record of this phone call, but we had clicked the wrong button on a drop down menu. They apologise for the mistake and say it may have been date inputted wrongly! Therefore we were still an invalid claim. We have checked and rechecked our policy and there is literally nothing about it being tenanted or us telling them we had a tenant in there. They have now told us they base their policies on 'assumptions' and sent us a list of these 'assumptions'. Again, we've breached none! They claim though that this 'compromises the integrity of the contract of Insurance' and this is sufficient to 'void' the policy. So now it's not 'invalid' it's just 'void' like it never happened! They seem to move the goalposts every time we prove them wrong. I have a £200 electric bill for the last quarter, I have receipts from shops in the immediate vicinity, I have so much evidence that this house was not abandoned, but they don't want to see it. More worrying they have told us have 'voided the policy for both properties from inception' which is odd. We only have one property! The one we live in is rented, however our contents insurance is through them as well on this one. We've always made sure we have insurance and in 20 years we've made 2 claims. 1 in 2005, for a broken front door on the buildings, and 1 this year when our garage was broken into and my partners fishing gear was stolen. Both relatively small claims. It feels now that they're trying to discredit us in anyway possible and I don't quite now when or how to approach the ombudsman or if its worth it?
  11. I have no idea if this is the correct forum, so please forgive me if it should have been posted elsewhere! My husband has just rented an industrial unit to start his business. It's been empty for some months previously people have understandably used the space outside for parking. However, since we received the keys, only one person has had the decency to come over and apologise and move his vehicle. Every day we go and cars are parked outside of the unit meaning we have to park elsewhere; and at the side, where the large delivery doors are, is also sometimes blocked, despite a huge 'Keep Clear' sign. I've tried searching Google, but can't find anything to do with our issue. I was hoping that someone could point us in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, Wondering if anyone can offer advise before we go into what will I am sure, become a battle for compensation. My business partner & I went to Indonesia in February to design and buy goods for our shop and online business. As it was our first trip doing this we took a couple of weeks to set up our contacts etc. We shipped the goods back in 6 crates. The goods arrived and were cleared through customer by a broker called Global Fallow. We organised pick up of the goods, it was very stringent and had to give the registration number and drivers details of the vehicle collecting as the goods were being held in a bonded warehouse owned by Hemisphere. When the driver arrived he was told they hadn't been released through customer. After a few phone calls this was sorted and he went again only to be told that they couldn't fond the pallets. This was 2 weeks ago. Apparently our goods were stored under a mezzanine floor and weren't fully visible to the CCTV. They have apparently contacted all haulage companies who came through. {over what time span I don't know, not sure if t was just the day or from when the goods arrived] and they have all said that they didn't have any extra pallets. They have done a warehouse sweep and can't find them either. This is not a small shipment, so I am finding it hard to understand how 6 pallets can disappear. Noe comes the fun bit. We called FSB who advised us to claim for loss of profit. We would have marked up x 5 and this would have covered the cost of our trip, the shipping etc. I know that they won't want to pay this so I am asking if anyone on here has any experience of this type of case. I am reading all sorts of things on google about consequential damages etc but it would be great if we could know how to word our letter to them so that we can speed things up. We timed it so that the goods would be on our shop floor for our very busy season, we are in Cornwall and this is our best selling time and now we have missed that and even if we get the money quickly the goods will not arrive in time to maximise the selling opportunities. Naturally we are very upset and cannot understand how this could have happened in what is meant to be a secure warehouse. Any help or advise will be much appreciated, Best Rebecca
  13. Hello, here another horror story about dvla, we moved house and changed car, sent all the papers, setup direct debit account, it all worked for 11 months, after which nothing went through, no communications from dvla, and we received a fine from them cos we did not pay one missing month (August 2017), no explanations, no warning why the debit stopped (we never changed bank or been in overdraft ). Now we realized our landlord trashed or sent back our V5C form, and we are in the middle of trying to get a new one and update our direct debit position with them, but nothing works, basically the address we give them (which is 100% accurate, we get letters from council, hmrc, bills, bank,..etc) does not go through. So at this point time is ticking , we'll get another fine , maybe forced to do a sorn, and who knows what, whenever we call them, they super rude and say they thought we wrote our address wrong(!!) and so they decided to eyeball it using google (!!!!!!)... needless to say we wont probably get a new logbook either..this is becoming a nightmare.. anyone in similar situation? Thank you Walt
  14. Where to start! We have had our car insurance with GoGirl. Someone made a fraudulent claim against us saying we'd hit them with our car, when we hadn't. Their investigators came out to inspect the car, found nothing and left. That was the last we heard of it. Until last month. Our car insurance is due for renewal, and to cut an horrendously long story short, we can't renew our insurance with our 2 years no claims bonus because of this claim. I've told GoGirl the claim was fraudulent, but they just said that because the claim wasn't followed up it was 'settled as no-fault'. However, the claim should not have existed in the first place, and they don't seem interested in following up the fraud. No insurance company will take our no claims bonus into consideration and say the onus is on us to prove that the incident didn't happen! We have 5 days to renew our insurance, but the cheapest we can get is almost £800 instead of the £350 we were quoted online, all because of this so-called claim. I was just wondering whether we had any options, apart from paying a premium for our insurance!
  15. Monday, landlord texts me asks me to call him, I do and get told that someone from his mortgage company, he said they do this every so often and that my house along with 2 others were picked, so i said they can call Friday. Friday, a gentleman turns up and asks if im aware as to who he is and why he is there, i told him what landlord said, and he said not really and explains he working for a company that the mortgage lenders have hired to come and look at the house he shows me ID and tell me the company DMS. I let him in, I've no reason not to, he says he has to take pictures of the property to see if the landlord has done anything to it, im fine with that as in the 5 years being here he has done nothing, lucky had proof which he took and the environmental health report, he took pictures and then he explained that he knows the mortgage will not be happy that he has not carried out any work to the house since buying and that a lot of work is needed, he told us to prepare for the worse. Im devastated as we have been trying for a few years to move house in the area, but no luck, and the local housing association and council said a court order must be given before they will do anything to help us. Any advice would be really grateful, im on edge now, we have changed the locks 1st thing we did, a nd have CCTV on the house.
  16. Hi my okd friends I need an EXTREMELY URGENT advice from you good people. Wished to refurbish the old house after 30 years which meant change of everything including wiring and water system etc. I employed a firm of archirects who with a QS sent tenders out and as the result we instructed a firm of contractors to do the job. After a while architects left the scene so we employed a building controller in their replace to interact with builders. There was to be a contract drawn by QS for "minor work project". Unfortunately a copy of it was sent to me last week! As I had signed a Letter of Intent, I assumed that all terms and condictions in darft of contrcat which I has seen would suffice. The builders went throught demolition phase, and should start on construction. The payment is as the follows: The builder gives a list of work and expenditure to QS. He without checking to see whether is adequate or the work is carried out, accepts the payment due and forwards builders' invoice. The building controller we appointed acts in place of architect but her responsibilty has been limited to signing the stage Cetrificate - meaning that the work was done accordingl to existing plans and drawings!. Despite all those safe guards at a lot of expense we now find ourselves in a very bad posiotion. Builder has not followed an iota of terms and conditions in contract, yet keeps naming it as a tool to ex-communicate us and carry on mis-leading the QS and the Controller. The very first part of construction has run into big trouble that he wants through his "uknown to us" sub-contractor charge us for electrical works BUT...he quoted a figure of nearly £50,000.00!(should be max £10k with most expensive products in market)) for a job including rewiring of 5 bedroom very average and meduim size house. They do not specify the products listed nor correct number of products to be used. The list I provided keeps being thrown away. Thus has been going on for past 2.5 months. Meanwhile I amconcerned that they have started to attempt with same approach with other tasks within project. Because of us trying to get a proper & accurate quote to give them the go ahead, they have shut down the site for past 8 days, because of health & safety regs we are not allowed to go in. We finally persuaded all those involved to have a meeting at the site in 2 days time. Obviously we can not work together. We have paid 2 invoices so far which partly may be a loss to us - no hope of getting some back. BUT WHAT AM I TO DO WHEN AT THE TABLE, WE REACH THE END. CAN THEY KICK ME OUT AND KEEP HOLDING THE HOUSE UNTIL WHEN? IS THERE SOMEONE, AN EXPERT I CAN TAKE WITH ME TO PROTECT ME, ASSESS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE ON THAT DAY? I AM SO WORRIED THAT THIS MAY TAKE A LONG COURT BATTLE. I JUST WANT TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FAIRLY. OR RETRIEVE PART OF MONEY I HAVE UNJUSTLY PAID. THE MAIN QUESTION IS: WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AS THEY ARE THUGS. AND HOW CAN I GET THE HOUSE BACK TOMORROW? I do hope there is someone out there who can urgently advise me. Really can not afford to go to lawyers - lost a lot on architects and builders and so forth already, and I am currently left with a shell of the house living in a mice infested flat somewhere else. Please help. Sophie
  17. Thank for taking the time to read. The story below involves a serious case of Builder Breach of Contract/Fraud and Malcicious Damage. The location is East Cheshire. In May 2012 we employed the services of an Architect to design major extension plans for an existing bungalow. These were approved by the LPA in July 2012. By this time we had also employed a Structural Eng and Building control surveyor, all were local to the build. We were recommended a builder by our Architect firm after meeting numerous other builders and we decided to go with the Architects recommend. A contract of fixed price quote was agreed/drafted outling the works/plans/specifications/work programmed/payment schedules etc.... the build time was 26 weeks at a total cost of £193,000. The building works commenced early December 2012. Fast forwarding to April 2013. The builder without reason had walked off site, became uncontactable, left personal possession's on site. Now behind schedule and overpayments made for incomplete works (long story). He had left the property only 30% complete has been paid £85,000, £55,000 remaining, the balance to be paid to window company and personal allowance toward fixtures and fittings. May 2013, the builder was sighted working on his own property with the sub contractor's that were working on our site, still failing to make contact with us. Architect was not paid to oversee the works but as they were associated (recommended and proven business associates) with the builder we felt it their duty to liase, they washed their hands of the situation. With the builder now being away from site for inexcess of 21 days we eventually received an email stating he would not be returning to complete the works. Early one morning he removed his personal possessions, our paid for materials and left the property looking like a war zone. We have agreed to his termination and now hold him in repudiation (breach of contract). Unfortunately he hides behind a Limited company with NIL assest's. Further to this, we have since gained reports from the building surveyor who has written a report condemning the works undertaken by the builder. Also noted that the builder made nil contact with the surveyor for the past 3 months whilst major building works had taken place. To top it off we have now had a visit from an LPA Enforcement Officer suggesting "development in its entirety is unauthorised and in breach of planning control. Due to the builder having deviated from the approved plans without consent. I shan't go into detail of the deviations, but they are of massive consequence, both materially and financially. The builder has not only commited Fraud by taking monies for not completing works and suppling materials for which were agreed, but he is also in breach of contract by terminating the fixed price quote and agreement/contract of his own will. Along with now leaving the property in an unauthorised state by the LPA. The property was left unsafe, unsecure and parts of the roof are exposed to the elements thus causing major water ingress. It's now totally unihabitable, unsellable and unmortgageable. As mentioned, because the builder (Director) hides behind a worthless Limited Company I have been advised suing the company could be a waste of money. Right now, our lives are in tatter's, we are probably inexcess of £100,000 out of pocket (amount necessary to make right the wrong's and complete the extra to complete the project with another builder) and have a "cease work order" over the property by the LPA. We are not chasing sympathy just want to make people aware to be very very careful when it comes to major building works even if it's a builder from a recommend. As it stands we have all but lost strength to carry on let alone the retribution I want with the builder. If anybody with similar severe case of builder fraud/breach of contract has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Various documents/paperwork/reports/photographs/proof of payments, emails/text dialogue etc... is all available as proof against the builder. Oh, the builder under a different company name is currently seeking planning permission to open a Children's Play Centre and this is in association with the same Architects, the Electrician he used on our site, the builder's wife and their Accountant. The Accountant for whom we have since found out was the owner of a property which the builder showed us his previous work before we agreed a contract for him to work on ours. This was not divulged to us at the time. It has also come to light that the same builder commited similar offences back in 2006 under a different company name (Directors - builders wife and same Accountant) which has since been struck off/dissolved. As it stands, as of this date we are in a massive mess and are not sure how we are going to get out of it. To me the law is an "ass". Trader's can hide behind a worthless Limited Company and the innocent client/customer has zero recourse with regard justice against these criminal's. We do not have thousand's of £££ available to sue as whatever we have left need's to be put back into making this "war zone" of a property hopefully one day habitable. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  18. I am after some help with fighting TELETEXT Holidays. Basically I purchased a holiday and nothing was as advertised on their website, it cost us a great deal more money to provide the essentials whilst on the holiday and pretty much ruined our experience. I have sent in complaints and attached my emails and theirs in an attachment to this. They seem to have come to the end of the line with their compensation offers of a measly just under £200 for a £2000 holiday. If someone would be so kind as to read the emails to see my chances and then direct me on my first steps to court proceedings I would be truly grateful. I can donate to the page also. Regards Complaints to Teletext Emails.pdf
  19. Hi Six weeks ago our car was involved in an accident, at the scene the third party wouldn't admit liability. However we had witnesses and it seems possibly CCTV so it ended up she did admit liability. We contacted our insurance company and hey took over dealing with it all. I was given a hire car when they collected our car five weeks ago and FINALLY today I have heard back from the accident claim management company to say that the car has been written off. The guy said he had a cheque sitting on his desk for £2300 which he would be sending me today, plus they would get a further £250 for salvage which he would forward on later (I this right?) I'm gutted because no way can we replace the car for that amount, the car was 15 years old - its a people carrier but had only done 64,000 and even the collection team said it was in a very good condition for the year. What can I do? I need a 7 seater car and everything for £2300 is very old, poor condition and massive mileage. Do I have to accept this cheque?
  20. Hi all I know the answer would normally be "no" that we arent entitled to our deposit back. However, bear with me. We dont NOT want the car, we just dont want to deal with the dealership anymore. Myself and my partner went into a natiional garage to purchase a new Nissan car. When we went in it took over 4 hours, but they said that we could take the model that was on the forecourt, that was brand new. it was available as they were geting the new version in. He told us that they had various small upgraded features such as Chrome pack etc. I am currently 9 months pregnant and the wheel had just fallen off my 3 year old car, so we really needed to change it as I didnt feel safe anymore. We were happy with this car we paid a £1000 deposit to help us with the finance application. This was on a saturday and we were told we would hear back monday about how it went. Tuesday rolls around and we get told we are approved for finance and everything is fine and we would get the car in a day or so. However, they had decided that we were no longer getting the one in the forecourt because the manager had changed his mind due to there being more "upgrades than he realised" on the car. Therefore, the paperwork we had signed for the car we were going to get was not for the car we would end up with. he kept changing the dates and we had to continually chase him up. Long story short, he has changed the date we are getting the car 6 times. I am now due in less than a fortnight and we sTiLL have no car after being told it will be "a couple of days." Its been three weeks now. We keep getting the excuse they are "waiting for a government contribution" even though they have admitted that the dealership are messing up the paperwork and it keeps getting sent back to them. We have had to chase the guy each time a promised date rolls around about 2-3 times at least to get an update. They have also been very dodgy and for example, have tried to get ME to forge my husbands signature on DVLA documents for a trade in as the v5 is in HIS name. Then today he (the salesman) actually messaged me to ask how much the car was (for the paperwork) because he had forgotten. Half the paperwork handed to us at the dealership wasnt signed or gone over with us. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea. My husband called today and said we were no longer comfortable and wanted to cancel the car and go to another garage. He took the huff and said they would not be returning the deposit and that he didnt "know why we were so upset." I have put a complaint in with head office now, as we are getting nowhere with the dealership. Does anyone know what else we can really do for the timebeing? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi guys A little advice and guidance needed. Some years ago our neibour spoke with us stating that a builder she knew stated the chimney needed re-pointing and offered to go halfs with us to keep cost down which we did however only half the chimney ( Our half ) was done we discovered that whilst she gave him the go ahead she chose not to have her side done which was just crazy. skip to present day and I had a builder friend doing some ridge repair work on our roof and he asked me to loan him my phone and he proceeded to take pictures of the chimney stack he then informed us that the chimney as it stands is unsafe and ready for a good gust of wind as due to the fact that next door have not had their side of the chimney re pointed it has affected the stability of the stack. He has given me a really good quote for the work which I'm happy to pay but not for doing her side. I need to chat with the neibour sharpish on this however should she decline to pay her share and the stack does come down where do I stand as I will have given her the opportunity to rectify this now in advance. How to go about this?? Cheers
  22. Our Nine year old son Receives DLA High rate care and low rate Mobility from the DWP. His mobility condition has changed and he is being referred for Surgery on his Achilles tendons by his Paediatrician, so I informed the DWP. The DWP wrote to our GP who we never see and asked for a report on him,she phoned me and asked some very basic questions and submitted a report that totally contradicts the Paediatrician. I have spoken to the DWP and was read the Doctors report and it is total rubbish, the Doctor who we have never seen has said our son can literally walk and run like a normal child. I have asked for a Mandatory Reconsideration, and asked that any information they need should be obtained from the Paediatrician not our GP. Can someone point me to where I can request all the details about our Son from the DWP, so I can confront our GP with her report.
  23. My disabled wife ordered a new car and it was agreed with the sales man and the sales manager that the car would have premium paint which would cost £450 extra however the salesman said if she signed the sales contract she would get the premium paint free of charge . A deposit was paid and a Contract was then signed by my wife and the sales manager which clearly stated the car was to have the premium paint . A few weeks later when she rang to inquire about a delivery date she was told by another salesman that the contract had been altered without her knowledge and the car was to be supplied in standard paint can they do this or is it breech of contract
  24. Hi My misses was driving the car on Thursday (A3 S Line 2011) she was stationairy waiting for the lights to turn green when a HGV ran straight into the back of her and smashed all the back of my car in which also result in her being thrown into the back of someone elses car, there is only minor damage to the car in front and very little to the front of my car but this HGV from Bidvest Food Services is not for admitting liability even though the police has done him for driving without due care and attention The bloke has obviously been messing with a hand held work device, or a mobile phone or just quiet simply not been watching the road but how do you hit a car when the lights are on red baffles me. Santander have done nothing but mess about trying to contact the woman whos car we hit to clarify what went on ive told them im not interested what your trying to do with her i want to know whats going on with my car and when its going to be picked up to be taken away to be repaired. My car is now sat on the drive way waiting to be collected and i am no closer to having this simple task carried out. They have also turned round and said to me if they cant get hold of her they will need to refer me to there underwriters co op insurance which means i am liable for the excess dont see how this is my problem when it wasnt our fault
  25. Hi, could really use some help here. The two of us are students and just got out of renting a flat for a year... Well, it was advertised as a flat, but was really just a floor of a house. It wasn't converted into flats, so the people in the floor above us had access at all times.. We didn't have a proper address to ourselves, the mail went upstairs, and we shared internet with random people, despite our floor being self contained. Which would be great, but it was NOT advertised as a house share. They are STILL advertising it as a flat, which we will report to whoever necessary. We have just come out of the place and paid £400 each for our deposit. They are refusing to talk to us. They have moved their address and we are having trouble locating the new one, though we remember seeing it so will update when we can find it. Apparently they left the address because they stopped paying rent. They are not answering their phone. We know they can legally keep a deposit for a number of weeks and that is coming to a close. They have ignored many emails and refuse to correspond on the phone. From other reviews it seems they ignore other people and make up problems with the property in order to keep the deposit, but I left my room in a perfect state.. . even when we moved into it, my lock was hanging off the door, there were pests, and various things were broken! My friend did have an accident causing some damage to the carpet, but we are confident it would not amount to £400 - so she should be entitled to know the costs and how much she will receive. Something that set my boyfriend's alarm off was that our money was not deposited into a scheme - is this legal? I've had trouble in the past with them - They owed £200 and refused to deal with me, making excuses, ignoring texts, emails, and appeasing me on the phone. Eventually my mother rang in a rage and they refunded it.. . pretty pathetic that they will try to get out of it because I'm a student but as soon as someone else butts in, they refund. With this in mind I'm confident some threat of legal action (which we will try to follow through) will be successful? The company is WSC Estates. Online it appears they're at King Street in Manchester, but we have been informed they're not at that office anymore! We know the director's name and that it's a tiny company with 3 people. What legal route would be necessary to contest them ignoring us? My roommate is looking into some free advice from a certain scheme, but we are poor students and £400 means SO much to us. Thanks to all that could help...
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