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  1. My disabled wife ordered a new car and it was agreed with the sales man and the sales manager that the car would have premium paint which would cost £450 extra however the salesman said if she signed the sales contract she would get the premium paint free of charge . A deposit was paid and a Contract was then signed by my wife and the sales manager which clearly stated the car was to have the premium paint . A few weeks later when she rang to inquire about a delivery date she was told by another salesman that the contract had been altered without her knowledge and the car was to be suppl
  2. Hello! I've started the petition "Rt Hon David Cameron MP: Rectify a major injustice" and need your help to get it off the ground. Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link: http://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-david-cameron-mp-rectify-a-major-injustice Here's why it's important: In 2009 I made a complaint about the solicitor engaged to handle my late father’s estate. The solicitor quoted 30 hours to do the work but eventually charged the estate 131.9 hours to do the work. Should the public be ripped off by those in a position of trust who are supposed
  3. A number of years ago I had a BHS sore card issued by a bank based in Leeds ,how can I find out the name of the bank , my account number and how far back can I claim back PPI payments I do not have any account details, the account ran for a couple of years then I cancelled the card
  4. It was 7 8 years but i remember receiving a letter from ge capital bank at Leeds
  5. A few years ago i took out a BHS store which was financed i think by GE bank the account is now closed and i have no paper work with any account details how can i obtain these and start a ppi claim? Thank You
  6. Yes they did cancel, my question should have said can i claim the amount before they cancelled?
  7. i have a tesco credit card which i have had for some years , on my 65 birthday 5years ago i am sure i received a letter saying that as i am now retired and longer working they have cancelled the ppi My questions are can i claim back over 5 years and to who do i make a claim to tesco or rbs
  8. can anyone tell me the phone number of halifax general insurance services in halifax
  9. I have slightly modified a letter which one of the forum members has sent to lloyds / halifax .Could forum members please let me have their views on it any comments most welcome regards alanty Halifax General Insurance Services Ltd YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS Trinity Road Halifax West Yorkshire
  10. i am using the template letter to send to the halifax ,the template letter refers to lifetime cover extra my cover was not the extra would the template letter be ok if i delete the extra ?
  11. Can any one tell me the differance between halifax lifetime pet insurance and their other pet insurance are they the same but with different benefit levels alanty
  12. i have the same problem about pet insurance with the halifax ,does anyone have a template letter to sendto them requesting fair that they honour their lifetime insurance promise Alanty
  13. i have just been informed that my pet insurers Halifax are pulling out of the pet insurance market and my accounts have been transfered to another insurer. The problem is that all existing conditions to my pets are not covered by the new insurers as they will only insure any new condition which occours from the commencemet date of the new policy . They could argue that any condition which occours within the next months or even years had started to develop before the insurance commenced,this will mean that it will cost me money through the Halifax decision to quit the market Has anyone a
  14. well it was worth it,i received this morning a letter from the halifax confirming that they paid my claim in FULL .This was after i had rejected their first offer of half the money they owed and the commencement of court action.Anyone reading this posting and contemplating court action should not be afraid to do so and MUST follow the instructons in the library templates
  15. I have arrived at the stage when i am taking the halifax bank to court ,but i cannot remember when i first opened the accont ,what should i do or does it matter?.The reason i ask is that in the guidance notes it says that when you write to the court you state the date the account was opened By the way halifax have offered half of my money back but i have declined their offer
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