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Found 8 results

  1. Hi We moved in to our rented property at Christmas 2017. We both work from home and took the property based on being able to do just that. My fiancé has a photography studio set up here with regular clients coming to the house. In May we found out that the neighbours had sold a patch of their garden to a builder who is now building a house on the land. The noise is unbearable, we are woken up every morning at 7 and we can't use the garden because of the noise and dust. The neighbours are also having their remaining garden paved by a separate company who also make noise from 7am. To top it off, our other next door neighbour have just started work on their house so we have to deal with hammering and banging all day on that side too. The landlord claims he knew nothing about any of it, which is rubbish and the builders have confirmed that they have had extensive conversations with him as part of the planning process and he in fact moved out of the house because of the construction. We have already asked for a rent reduction as we have been deceived in to moving in and the worst part is we pay nearly £2k in rent to live here! In this beautiful weather, we haven't been able to enjoy the garden at all. I have spoken to a solicitor who has told me whilst the landlord did have a moral obligation to tell us about the work, he unfortunately didn't have a legal obligation, which I just cannot believe! We have spoken to the builders who have now said they will try not to do noisy work before 8am, but even minor work causes enough noise to disturb us. We have to have the windows open because of the heat and there is no escape from it! We've requested a rent reduction but the landlord said no and we would have to pay to get out of our contract. There is another month left of the building works and we just don't feel like we can cope with it anymore. We're both being woken up in a state of stress and anxiety and its impacting on our work and our health! Is there really nothing we can do!?
  2. Hi all I've started a complaint with Santander about my mis-sold MPPI. We were FTB's in April 2009 and being the cautious person I am asked the IFA doing our mortgage about Income Protection. Low and behold we ended up with MPPI the only covered the mortgage payment and the house insurance not a penny more up to the value of £750, not what we asked for. However I did not pick on this at the time and it only came to light recently while sorting though some old paperwork and came across the policy document. This is where I finally read the small print properly. I've sent back the MPPI questionnaire to Santander only to be told my claim is with the IFA not them as they didn't sell the original policy. ( They took all the payments for 2 years though ). The IFA is no longer trading which they informed me in the letter and have suggested that I may have a claim through the Compensation Scheme. I think I'm being fobbed off. Any help as to how to proceed would be great. I have the original policy letter from them and all bank statements showing payments etc. Regards Ed
  3. I owe santander just over £3000 on a credit card but have recently lost my job so I phoned them last friday and a woman said I could pay £5 by a certain date every month. The call did seem a bit rushed and the payment amount and date did seem to plucked out of thin air but I thought fair enough as I can afford that until I get a job so I agreed and the initial £5 payment was processed from my santander current account. I got a call tonight from a man at Santander stating the amount I owed and if I was willing to make a payment. I explained what had happened a few days ago and he seemed confused and apologised for me being misinformed as he put it. He then explained everything she had said and I had agreed to was not the way they dealt with payment plans. He said he will send me an income and expenditure form and then they will decide if we can come to some sort of agreement. He also stated he will have to contact someone else as the £5 has left my account but they haven't received it. I'm a bit annoyed because I was happy with the original arrangement and thought it was now sorted. Should I make a complaint as I'm worried they'll demand more and £5 is all I can really afford at the moment.
  4. Hello Everyone, I have recently joined Bannatyne's through a special offer, which they text to me, which is really misleading as can be seen from my email to them below: Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing regarding my recent application for membership with the club, which became active from 16th March 2011. I contacted Bannatyne's back in December regarding membership but due to being busy with work I couldn't join but received regular offers by text message from the club. I got the following text message from Bannatyne's before I joined: 'Join Bannatyne's Peterborough for no JOINING FEE!* Receive a £90 Sports Pack, ends today at 6pm!. Call 01733292600 or text STOP to 88882 *T&C's Apply' On the basis of the text I decided to join the club as I was getting something back before I joined. I had no idea how to view the T&C's nor did I know where to look for these. I booked an appointment with 1 of the sales staff and asked about the £90 Sports Pack and was told that everyone who joins receives this and I will get this too. I was taken around the club to view all the equipment and facilities available to members, after that we got all the paperwork completed. I was told that 4 of my friends are entitled to free passes from the club, I filled in a form with their details including their telephone numbers. I was also told that my other half would get a 1/2 price spa treatment at the club. I was NOT told that the free passes and 1/2 price spa treatment would be in my £90 Sports Pack. I left the club without being given a Sports Pack, the day after I went to the club for my introduction with 1 of the trainers and asked for the Sports Pack and I was given a Sports bag with a tag of £8.99 on it, I realised at this stage that I was not going to get a Pack. After only being given the £8.99 Sports bag in the Pack that I was offered, I was puzzled as this clearly was not to the value of £90. I called the club and spoke to the sales rep that I initially saw when I joined and explained this to him and was only told then that the Sports Pack entailed the 4 free passes for my friends and the 1/2 price spa treatment. I asked why I wasn't told this before and didn't get a satisfactory answer, the member of staff was only in his first week of employment with the club apparently. I was told to speak to him when I come to the club later that day and he will ask the manager to be in the discussion with us who would be in a better position to provide the answers. After about an hour of this conversation taking place, I received the following text: 'Refer a friend to Bannatyne's Peterborough & when they join you will receive a Bannatyne's rucksack call now for more information 01733292600 text STOP 88883' Not only was this text un-necessary it was undermining my conversation an hour earlier, which probably led to a laugh and giggle at the club at my expense. After receiving the above text I decided not to go to the club on that day, 25th March. I phoned the club on the 26th to discuss these issues and spoke to the Manager Gemma. Regarding the issue of being misled about the offer I was told that this is a standard text that is usually sent by the club, initiated by the head office and actioned by the individual club's and was informed that there is nothing wrong with the text from a legal perspective. I tried to explain that I felt like I was mis-led into the membership but was told by Gemma that we are going around in a circle and she doesn't feel like it's appropriate discussing the issue anymore. Regarding the matter of the text about getting a rucksack, I was told that it's a generic text sent to all members who have joined in the last 3 months. I don't buy this argument as they are fully aware that they provide a sports bag to all new members so why would anyone require a further one. After hearing this I asked Gemma that I would like to cancel my membership with Bannatyne's but was told that I was in a 12 month membership and that I had to remain a member for that period even though I discussed at length the issues that I have had with the club, she refused to acknowledge the issues. I initially paid £39.94, for the rest of the month of March including a £10 fee for a membership card. I am not happy with how I was mis-led into the club and am frustrated that I wasn't told the full picture before I joined and am requesting that you refund me £39.94 as a matter of priority. The original text was misleading, in the sense that there would not be a benefit to me of £90 as majority of this will be taken away from me. The only item to remain with me would be the £8.99 Sports bag. Regarding the issue of the free passes, I have been informed by my friends that they received a telephone call from the club telling them that they are being offered a free pass for a day to the club. Apparently, the pass would usually cost £12 each. If I was not mis-led then why was the phrasing of the text not as shown below: 'Join Bannatyne's Peterborough for only £10!* Receive a £8.99 Sports Bag plus 1/2 price spa treatment and 4 free passes for your friends, ends today at 6pm!. Call 01733292600 or text STOP to 88882 *T&C's Apply' The above text is what was on offer as the £10 membership card fee is necessary to join the club. Bannatyne's will benefit from the 1/2 price spa treatment and the leads to 4 prospective members so, why was the text that was sent to me making it out to look like I was going to be the recipient of a £90 saving? The above text is a true reflection of what was on offer. I also feel like I have been made a joke out of and have been treated in a manner that I am not accustomed to. I have been deceived into this membership and hope that you will be able to come to a satisfactory conclusion with me regarding this matter. I can make an issue of this with the Office of Fair Trading and feel very confident in the fact that I am right in doing so. Not only with this waste un-necessary time for me, this will cause you numerous problems in regards to consumer protection and may lead to litigation. I hope to hear from you soon in writing so that we can put an end to this dispute.
  5. Hello I recently started a new role with a well known insurance company in what was described as an inbound contact centre. I took this job as I've worked in sales before and wanted to avoid the problems of cold calling. I was told all the calls would be incoming calls for people who need quotes. One week into the role and I have found this to not be the case. The company is paying people to cold call people then transfer them through to the inbound contact centre. Although I am not dialling myself the calls are to all intends and purposes cold calls and I am getting the same abusive customers I got when I did cold calling. As I turned down other opportunities to take this role I feel I have been misled and wonder what my options are. Can anyone help?
  6. In 2007 my Father made an investment with an IFA. The IFA mis-sold the investment (unguaranteed Skandia bond) as they had critical flaws in there Risk Analysis Customer Profile Scoring Syestem - it is printed incorrectly! He should have been "Conservative" risk but incorrectly scored "Balanced" (The FSA will not tell us if they have investigated). A complaint was made to the FOS by myself on behalf of my 80 year old Father who made the investment (£80,000). To cut the chase, we protected the investment by my Father transferring all rights and ownership of the bond to me and my sister who are his only children (thus if he died, the bond would not "die" with him). The Ombudsman upheld the case, but in doing so, asked my sister and I to sign a form from them "to keep their records up-to-date". It turns out 3 years on, this form put the complaint into all 3 names (against our primary wish - it was always my Father's complaint). The FOS said that now 3 people were involved, the current value of the bond would be used as the point of compensation. The problem is, I had worked the bond for 3 years and managed to increase the value by around £12,000 (when my father transferred it to my sister and I it was worth £58,000 - we had also contributed by coicidence around £13000 by private arrangement toward "buying" his bond from him). The FOS informed the IFA that they had to compensate for the current loss (now £10,000), plus interest at base rate ONLY, not the base rate +1% as shown in their fact sheets. I asked that my sister and I be removed form the complaint. The FOS advised that if we did that, my Father would not receive compensation. That was the final decision. If my sister and I DID NOT sign the decision, my Father would not receive his compensation. We were advised by the FOS we had to sign as we were part of the complaint, yet we only signed the original form as the FOS instructed us to do so, with no explanation given as to the ramifications! My Father was now 83 and has waited long enough for the FOS decision. Although we signed, my sister and I made it clear we did not agree with the FOS making us part of the complaint. We complained to the Chief Ombudsman and the Independent Assessor. The Assessor acknowledges that no reason or note was given at the point that my Sister and I were told to sign, but that as we were now part of the complaint, the FOS were right to use the current value of the bond, although my Father had not owned it for 3 years, so we effectively lost the time and effort put into increasing the value as this was awarded to the IFA so they did not have to pay compensation based on the £58,000 bond value when it was transferred. To add insult, we then argued with the FOS for 8 months as to why the +1% was not used on the base rate. There were no reasons given, but it turns out the IFA's insureres DID PAY the extra 1%, according to the FOS, without being instructed to do so!! (WHY)??? Good news for my Father, but my sister and I lost our £12000 made on the bond as it was awarded to the IFA as a current value of my Father's Bond, even though he hadn't owned it for 3 years. The FOS stated they assumed we would come to a suitable "arrangement" with my Father! Our MP is now involved but has been fobbed off with the FOS refusing to answer any of my concerns. We are hoping to take this to the Treasury Select Comittee. I cannot afford to go to court. Is there anything else we can do? Please advise..... By the way, the IFA kept their £6000 commission and management fee...... The FOS said they could as it was a Private Arrangement between the IFA and Skandia - but we couldn't with my Father (despite the FOS acknowledging the evidence that we had contributed £13,000)!
  7. Hoping someone can offer some advice on what I should do about a problem I have after buying a used car on ebay. I had been looking for some time at MG Midget classic cars and finally found what seemed like an absolute gem on ebay. The ad stated car was in exceptional condition, and the pictures of it seemed to verify this. I emailed the seller and asked if the vehicle had any problems that he knew about, mechanically, rust, bubbling. He replied the car was perfect, a top end example of the MG midget. As the car was 190 miles away and had a new MOT on it which was 7 weeks I made him an offer for it to which he accepted. We arranged a collection for the following week. Upon seeing the car it looked in very good condition. I'm no expert with cars, but all seemed in order. I took it for a short drive, and it seemed okay, although I noticed the brakes were not great and the steering seemed a bit wayward, but he assured me that as it's an old car, there was no ABS or Power steering on it and old cars drove that way. It seemed to make sense. We exchanged the documents and I paid him the ageed cash. I drove the car back to my home town but became very concerned about the way it was driving on the journey home. A few times on the motorway, I almost lost control of it because the steering was awful, and I was having to virtually jump on the brakes to get the car to stop, so the next day I took the vehicle to a independent registered classic car specialist and paid him £50 to give it a good over. His report back was that the car was dangerous to drive. The brakes were in very bad condition, the steering was faulty and there was excessive corrosion beneath the pristine paint work. The list of problems was quite extensive, and in his opinion should never of been given the 7 week old MOT it had. THe repair bill for the car would run into thousands of pounds. I then contacted the seller with this information to which he stated that the car was old and I couldnt expect it to be perfect and that he doubts the car as deterioted that much since its MOT 7 weeks previosuly. My complaint is that the vehicle was not as advertised and that the seller was aware of this as I have since found advisory notes in the paperwork he gave me that the garage who MOT'd the car advised him that the front sills on both sides had corrosion, track rod ends were worn, brake pipes had corrosion on them and that the car was leaking oil. Refer to the advert description it clearly says the car is exceptional. He even emailed me through ebay with the following ""the MG is a good honest car with no faults to my knowledge and I have had her for 9 years... you have bought yourself one of the best and I hope you will be as happy with her as I have been. No rust, bubbles, scratches etc and all mechanics are in 1st class order....she pulls like a good 'un and does not feel 33 at all"" I have written proof from the garage that MOtd the vehicle that he was aware of the problems and chose not to mention them. The vehicle, which although looks great is actually a death trap with lots of hidden corrosion and rust. The seller is now arguing that I should,nt expect a perfect car for £2300. If it was perfect It would be worth 2 times what I paid. Not what he was saying in his advert and his communications with me. Now I know I should of been more careful when parting with my money, but Have I got a case that he knowingly misled me? Also, he stated that since the MOT he had not driven the car. If that is the case then the MOT should never of been granted for this car. The brakes are in dangerous condition to the point where the independent specialists advised me not to drive it. I have contacted Ebay and they have basically said cars aren't covered by there guarantee.
  8. Having recently been made redundant from my job I went online to seek help with reducing my outgoings. Whilst browsing the My O2 section of o2.co.uk I was invited to join an online chat, the operative offered me a £15/month contract but as i went afk whilst i waited for response i did not respond in time and was no availble to accept the offer. Whilst waiting for Darren to "check this" for me I had to go away from the computer. I returned to see the offer and "is that fine?" but was too late to respond as the chat had been ended. I immediately called o2 to accept the offer only to discover they would not do it for me. I reasoned with the telephone advisor who agreed that the offer should be honoured but as the transcript from the chat had not registered in my account notes I would have to wait for them to appear. I took a screen shot and the telephone operative recomended I email it to o2 customer services I emailed the transcript and received the same response that they would not be able to reduce my tariff to the ammount i was originally offered. I have since sent a number of emails back to o2, each time recieving a response from a different person. I feel this is really poor customer service and wanted people to be aware that they should not always believe what they read in o2 live chat. Does anyone know if this offer forms a legal contract? Please help. Thanks.
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