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  1. Hi All I failed to pay back a credit card in 2013. In due course the card company defaulted me and posted the default with one or more of the credit reference agencies in October 2013. Lowell bought the debt and the account totally disappeared from my Noddle credit report. It has now reappeared with a single entry showing a default for September 2014 (even though the main body of the report shows the original default date) so in effect bringing forward the default date by eleven months. That means I will have to wait an extra eleven months before the default disappears from my credit report. Any advice on what action to take to resolve this would be much appreciated.
  2. I had an order of £300 that was not delivered and was issued a refund to PayPal, the item and the delivery charge. Since then, the order has been changed from not delivered to delivered. They are now charging me for the product even though it was not delivered. I have been getting texts on my phone telling me that payments are due but I'm a bit confused as to why this is happening if I was issued a refund earlier. I have not paid anything as of now. What I'm asking is how would I get this cleared up without having to pay anything and are they even allowed to charge me after they already issued a refund?
  3. Hi all. I am posting this in the hope someone will be able to tell me how to go about putting this mess right & hopefully get an idea how much trouble I may or not be in. As a single man I have been on ESA & Housing Benefit for some time due to both cancer treatment and being diagnosed with, but not yet treated for PTSD. Just over a year ago I married my soulmate against a backdrop of personal issues. I/We have not yet informed the DWP of either our marriage or the fact that she now lives with me. My wife works 16 hours a week earning approximately £128 per week. My main question is how much trouble am I likely to be facing? Apparently my wife could claim tax credits if she were single...is this the same under our circumstance? We have very much wanted to sort this issue for some time but fear of what may happen & health issues have prevented this. I just want to come clean and be able to have one less thing to worry about. What is our actual entitlement? Will I be prosecuted? Is my home at risk? Any answers or help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. Good Morning everyone, My situation is quite complex so please bear with me and any help and uggestions would be greatly appreciated, i will start with a brief statement as to how this all started 15 years ago and then onto the problems i am now facing. In 2003 i applied to remortgage and take equity from my home, i was turned down, i checked my credit reports to see that i had several defaults and a CCJ from Barclays on my acc, after a few years i managed to get all of this sorted with apology letters from Barclays. In 2013 i was again chased for debts that did not belong to me, i tried every avenue possible to get this mistake sorted for a second time but eventually i ended up going to the newspapers and the FOS who then sorted out the problem with Lloyds and Experian with a pathetic £250 compensation, even though id spent 10 times this on phone calls and writing letters/emails etc . Now in 2018 this has all happened again, i have checked my report from all 3 CRAs and Call Credit and Experian are showing defaults, CCJ, addresses i have never lived at, they have even changed my electoral roll entry without any instruction by myself or legal documents to do this. All of this wrong information is for a person with the same first and last name as me and also the same date of birth, however this other person has a middle name and i do not. I received a letter from 02 on the 19th of March chasing a debt for this other person, i immediately checked my credit report, and there it was, 02 had already linked me and the debt/account to my address without doing any checks whatsoever to see if i was the correct person, i DONT have an account with 02. There is then the other accounts from 6 other companies in default that i have never had accounts with and a CCJ which i dont even know what it is for , i just know none of these belong to me as ive never missed a payment on anything or had any dealings with these companies. I have disputed all of this with Call Credit but they refuse to remove all of this wrong information, i have not spoke to any of the companies involved as from past experience they will not speak to me due to data protection when i say i am not the person they seek, but they also dont resolve the problem either, i have since joined checkmyfile and they are trying to sort things out with call credit , but say i have to sort out this mess with Experian myself. I am seeking advice as to what to do next, to be honest the companies reporting all of this wrong information in my eyes need to pay, i am busy renovating my home and considering an extension as my wife is 8 months pregnant but i am now reluctant to apply for any loans/remortgage etc as i know i will be turned down, and as you can expect for this to happen a 3rd time my stress levels have went through the roof. Companies listing defaults on my report who i have no dealings with at all and ruining my credit report because of there incompetence to check they have the correct person are: Lloyds Bank (again) Lowell Vanquis Bank Capital One Hoist Portfolio Home retail group 02 ( who reported and made the link with callcredit , even though this serial debtor has paid his bill now, so is not showing as a default, but its now to late as they have done the damage) Thank you kindly to anyone that can help. Luco19
  5. My tribunal is being held over four days at the beginning of July. I have just discovered that the owners (who were franchisees) have sold their company to the franchise. They were bringing five witnesses including both of the original directors. My questions are, can I expect to see the original directors turn up as witnesses? I know there's no requirement on their part to do so and any response you give will just be opinion. My other question is I have had little contact with Peninsula about this case. We've exchanged bundles and witness statements. They went through their usual request to strike out theatre, unsuccessfully. Are there any questions I should consider asking them? Thanks in advance Czinczar
  6. Hello This is my first time using this forum and this may be a little bit long winded which I apologise for I purchased an item online over 11 days ago from Appliance Direct. The item was advertised at £19.97p and the original delivery date was to be Monday 26th March 18. The item did not turn up I contacted the company via their chat facility online, I was then informed the delivery date was changed to Wednesday 28th March 18. Again the item did not turn up I contacted them again. The item in question was put on hold for delivery as the price of £19.97p was wrong and there was a discrepancy. I have now been informed by the company this order has been cancelled for this reason and I will be reimbursed the money owed. The actual item is shown on their website as £59.99 now, this is the exact same item. I have contacted their customer services and they informed me that because the item was not dispatched then there was no contract in place. The money has left my account over a week ago to pay for this item and I have received an email informing me the item was despatched. Where exactly do I stand with this? Any advice greatly received. Thank you in advance
  7. I have been invited to a wedding in Poland next year. I have booked around 9 months in advance, flight out 31/08/18 and return 03/09/18. Other guests a few weeks later had trouble finding the flight on Wizz Air's website and asked if they were given the correct details. After calling Wizz Air, they assumed the call was in relation to a different flight to Hungary, but after a little more clarification advised me that the flight out is now a day earlier on 30/08/18 and the return is now a day later on 04/09/18. Whilst I have no doubt that somewhere in the small print they are able to shuffle things around, it doesn't change the fact that it would increase my time there an extra 2 nights which I don't want. What can I do? Can I cancel and obtain a full refund? Can I change flights/airports to keep my original dates? Is there anything else I should know or be asking them for? Any help will be gratefully received,
  8. After a long absence from benefits I'll be starting a new claim for Universal Credit in the next few days. Just a brief history: I was on the old Work Programme with Ingeus for the full 2 years - towards the end I was placed on the ESA assessment phase having been on JSA only and didn't have to attend the office anymore... Shortly after I ended the claim to pursue a new opportunity and that's where I've been for over a year and a bit. Now having to go back to relying on benefits is a difficult thought and I have no idea what's changed. I have no clue if my local office is still open, I know most claims are now dealt with by phone only... I think that's right? I've heard DWP offices are closing down all over the country so what does this mean for a claimant and how do they check your doing all you can to find work? Can anyone fill me in on what's changed and what'll happen when I sign up... very nervous about it as I never actually thought I'd go back into the system... I was on antidepressants before and looking for job didn't help much with my mental health. Having not worried about work strictly speaking for over a year I am quite anxious regarding all these changes and what it could mean for my family.
  9. I have an old Nationwide credit card debt that has changed hands a few times. It now appears to be owned by Robinson Way who have started sending me collection letters. The debt had a default date of 20/12/2010 and dropped off my credit file last year. However, I have just checked Noddle and it has reappeared with a new default date of 06/2012. When Robinson Way contacted me four weeks ago, I sent them a Prove It letter to see what they had. They have replied saying "Please set out simple and reasonable details of your dispute or query, Please call us or write to us setting out the reasons why you dispute your liability for payment. It would also help if you could send any supporting documents that will aid us in resolving your dispute." This debt has not been paid or acknowledged since August 2011 so I believe it to be statute barred (I am in Scotland) but I don't want to send a statute barred letter until I get the default date amended back to the original date so it drops off my credit file again. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. I am not in a position to repay this debt.
  10. hi guys hoping someone can shed some light on this. applied for universal credits 14/12/16, handing in fit notes ever since etc been waiting since to have WCA and i called to ask what was happening with that on friday UC said my work group had changed to no work related activity and i wouldn't have to attended the appointment they scheduled for me, that for me is a weight off my shoulders since i have agoraphobia being forced to go to the job centre every month always ends up with me in a state crying because i don't want to be outside. anyway, the advisor couldn't work out why now that my group has changed, that there wasn't any payment issued since i've been waiting since Dec 2016. Case manager was meant to call me back friday by 6pm, which never happened. i've had problems with him before, meant to contact me before 6pm the day i called, this was nearly 5 weeks ago and i'm still waiting. anyway, rambling on here. i just want to know really peoples experiences once their work group changed, how long did it take to receive their back payment. My work group changed on the 16th so it seems like its taking longer than it should. im just worried because even though my group has changed, theyve told me that i don't need to go to anymore appointments yet another advisor that i spoke to said i still have to go. if i don't go, i dont get paid and then i dont have any money for myself and my kids to live on. hope someone can put my mind at ease since i'm getting stressed out which isn't helping my current condition. thanks guys
  11. Hi As this is now going to the courts, does anyone know the date that CITI card changed over to OPUS? Thanks
  12. eon are using LCS ( debt collector) to chase for Limited company debt, company no longer trading - Dissolved in February 2016 eon have changed the name on correspondence from "XXX Limited co" to ( Directors name T/A XXX ) i wrote back to LCS stating LTD company is separate legal entity - and that they cannot simply assign the debt to the previous director. I also asked for copy of any agreements, signed documents, copies of any bills etc as i believe the bills will have xxx ltd ( Not TA) Is this Practice legal - surely there is an illegal re-assignment attempt here - what about VAT ?? they cant retrospectively go back and change names on invoices and reassign the vat .... Now i have a CCBC claim form for the above I have filed an AOS stating i will defend complete claim. Any help or advice welcome
  13. My wife and a friend went to Corfu for a week long soul festival (music not heart and soul). The flights and transfers only were booked through Thomas Cook Airlines, the return flight was at 19.00 with the transfer collection time at 15.45. So they got the transfer to the airport at 15.45 as arranged but when they got to the airport the flight time had been changed to 15.15 so they missed their flight. They spoke to the TC rep who said it was their fault for not checking flight times and they had been sent an Email in Dec 2006 changing the flight times, On returning home she checked her emails and had not had one changing times and also the transfer to the airport had not been notified either. We know of at least 2 other groups with the same problems. They had to pay again for flights at 03.00 and for meals and train tickets back in uk ,also had to miss a days work due to being up all night. Thomas Cook airlines are denying all responsibility and saying it was our job to check they are doing there job as promised by them. What should be my next steps and do they have a leg to stand on?? Tony
  14. My mother has been a housing association tenant for 12 years. Recently, she has had to come and live with me as she is unable to live independently at the moment. Housing Association found out that she was not living at property for a short while and served Notice to Quit which ran out today. I wrote to the HA saying that I have been let down with removals and explained my situation that I work full time and have caring responsibilities and need more time to arrange something. Just had Housing Officer at my door saying that they have taken possession of the property on the date of expiry of the NTQ and have changed the locks. I said that they cannot go breaking into the property and changing locks without a court order. Housing Association said they have every right. Surely this can't be right, have they performed an illegal eviction. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks jb000
  15. Good morning all, Been a member some time - not usually one to post for the hell of it but I have been really racking my brains over this one and hitting brick walls wherever I go... Long story short - had booked a holiday for myself over Xmas and when I arrived they told me the hotel was overbooked. They then put me in a cab and sent me from my nice *chosen* serene resort, and dumped me in a completely different resort, right in the heart of the shops / nightclubs etc The accommodation was a lower grade, fewer facilities and I wouldn't have chosen it in a million years. I called Love Holidays there and then as I just wanted to come home. I took loads of pictures and on their advice, decided to try and make the best of a bad situation and raised a complaint when I got back. They forwarded this to Hotel Beds (who my contract is with, apparently) who agreed I'd been let down, totally unacceptable etc and offered "compensation" of 25% of the accommodation which clearly wasn't going to cut it. I'd paid over £500 total and they were offering me £64 back. After a bit of follow-up this was raised to 40% and £103 compensation. How can anyone in this day and age pay for one product and receive something totally different? Anyway - ABTA didn't want to know because Hotel Beds are based in Spain and are obviously not ABTA affiliated (that's handy isn't it?) which begs the question - why are Love Holidays if nothing you ever book with them is never their responsibility? If you ask me, it's more of a selling point "look at us, we're ABTA affiliated!" - indeed, but that endorsement is about as much use as a condom machine in the Vatican. I digress... So I send my complaint (along with photographs, screenshots etc) directly to Hotel Beds - and despite their pledges on their website to "guarantee" to answer emails within 24 hours and resolve complaints within 7 working days - I've not heard a peep out of them. Unfortunately booked with debit card and although the bank are part of the Visa voluntary chargeback scheme, their hands are tied because Hotel Beds are "willing to provide assistance" in offering me a laughable amount of compensation for ruining my Christmas with lack of sleep, stress, and putting me in 1960s style accommodation when I paid for so much more. I'm not sure what to do now. I'd offer to drive over to their HQ and bend over - but they're based in Spain (I think) which would involve me booking and paying for more travel... Any wise words would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  16. Back in 2008 I got into a debt problem. Thanks to great advice from this forum I came to an agrred repayment plan of just £1.00 per month with no interest or additional charges being added with several of my creditors. Recently one of the debts was taken over by a new company by the name of "Baker Tilly Creditor Services LLP". At their request I provided an up to date monthly budget sheet which proved that my circumstances have not changed. They responded that it was obvious that I could not afford to increase my level of repayments and said therefore they would take a charge against my property so that the debt would then be repayable in full if I ever sell or pass away. There was no mention of whether further interest or charges would be applied to the account. I answered that having just taken over the debt they were obliged to adhere to any agreement that was already in place and did not have the power to vary the terms and conditions. Their last letter to me said that the matter was not open to debate and that they intended to proceed with court action. Can they do this after the plan has been in place for around 8 years with no missed payments and no change in circumstance on my part?
  17. i had a mandatory reconsideration for backdating of my JSA, the decision maker decided in my favour so i will be paid 29 days im owed. I was told by about 7-8 advisors that if they changed the decision in my favour it could be actioned as a same day payment because i've been without for so long. i spoke to the benefit centre today and they have said even though it has been ruled in my favour they have to contact the job centre regarding "labour market laws" and that it will be around another week before i am paid anything. who is correct? its been about 6 weeks now and we've been living off about £20 or less a week to feed/keep warm etc myself and 2 kids under 7 so we're desperate for this money
  18. My disabled wife ordered a new car and it was agreed with the sales man and the sales manager that the car would have premium paint which would cost £450 extra however the salesman said if she signed the sales contract she would get the premium paint free of charge . A deposit was paid and a Contract was then signed by my wife and the sales manager which clearly stated the car was to have the premium paint . A few weeks later when she rang to inquire about a delivery date she was told by another salesman that the contract had been altered without her knowledge and the car was to be supplied in standard paint can they do this or is it breech of contract
  19. Hi Not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum apologies if not. Can a landlord of a property someone has moved out of contact utility companies and change the address on the accounts in the name of the old tenant even though the address they have given is wrong and nothing to do with the tenant? The address they have given was an old address that the estate agent had as a forwarding address some time ago, but the property has been sold and no longer relevant to the tenant. Also as the utilities have a new address, anything they send out will not be picked up by the post office redirection service so my friend (who this relates to) will not get her post?! And info anyone can provide would be greatly apprecited Thanks in advance Simon
  20. Hi there Just before May I went on to tesco's website to change my policy's address, I completed the form and sent it. Just after that I moved out because the landlord was selling the flat and it was urgent so I had to do this in a hurry. Tesco Bank Car Insurance apparently sent letters to the old address, knewing that I've changed the address with information that the thing that I did online was only a quote and that a change in premium will be made, 20 pounds more per month for changing the address and If I won't contact them within 21 days they have right to cancel the policy. I didn't have the letter and did not read them as I had no access to the old flat, so until few days ago I found that I was driving without insurance when I called them up and wanted to upgrade my breakdown cover . Apparently they sent me emails (which i have not received) and post.. I also found that from my old landlord that there was no letters from tesco.. All this just before my +1 year of ncd. The fact that they didn't call me or text me is disgusting (they had my number yet not tried to contact). So I had NO WAY of knowing about this.. I called them and they explained everything, and they said they can't do anything now since its too late, they canceled the policy.. So i asked them for proof of postage on the mails and emails and they said they don't have any proof... Is there anything then I can do or did they just screwed me up? p.s; they were still taking money out of my account so even that gave me an impression that everything is good. Thanks for any advice.. Ask more questions if you need to.
  21. Hi there, friend of mine has been dealing with cabot for a CC, she has ignored them for some time recently been receiving letters regarding going to court from their solicitors stating the amount court costs would be, she is not worried about that as she knows it will be statues barred very soon but she has just checked her file on Clear score and the amount has been increased by the amount of court costs described in their last letter. Can they do this, add the costs on to her cra file before it's even been to court? Many thanks.
  22. Hi! I need advice please, we have rented a bungalow from the same landlord for 15 years we originally rented the property through a letting agent paid a deposit & a months rent in advance. We needed to contact the landlord & the phone number he gave us was no longer in use so I contacted the letting agent for his new number & was told the landlord was dealing with his own property's & they no longer had his details. For 10 years we have had no contact with the landlord no phone number or address & all repairs to the property we have had to do ourselves last year alone we have spent around £800.00 on the property. The property is riddled with damp which we spent money on as well trying to rectify. Then out of the blue at the end of last year he turned up at our house just as we were carrying out the renovations, of course he was pleased, we got his new mobile number but he would not give an address we told him about the damp issue but he did nothing about it, the gas engineer who did the annual gas check said the gas fire had severe heat damage and needed replacing & he did nothing about that either. Then at the beginning of this year we had the chance to buy a bungalow from a friend and we jumped at the chance, I contacted our landlord at the end of March to tell him that we were moving out at the end of April he said we were making a big mistake at our age etc he didn't want us to leave. My husband asked what he was going to do with the property and he told him he was going to leave it empty until he decided. When we were clearing the house for the move we moved the wardrobes to take with us BUT underneath the robes we found white fungus growing on the carpet which had been eaten away by the fungus, now we knew where the smell was coming from, we could not take the wardrobes or anything else out of the bedrooms with us including the mattresses from the beds which were also covered in mold patches underneath so everything had to be dismantled and taken to the tip with a small trailer which we borrowed from a friend who uses it for his work & we could only borrow it every now & then, so instead of just moving furniture etc to our new home which would have been quick as we hired a removal van, we had tip runs which took ages to empty the house. Our rent was paid on the 1st of every month so I cancelled the direct debit for May as we moved to our new home on 22nd April, my husband took as few days off work for the move but as I said the tip runs took longer than expected & we had only just finished taking the stuff to the tip on the 9th of May & were going to go to the house to clean it on the 10th May & pick up two Virgin Media Boxes which have to be sent back to them or they are going to charge us £360.00. My husband went to the house to clean it yesterday & pick up the boxes and found the locks had been changed. Our next door neighbour said the landlord was kicking the door & had a bunch of keys in his hand trying them in the lock so she went outside to see what the commotion was & he said we had changed the locks which we haven't done she told him we were coming that day to clean up & would obviously have the keys (they are good friends) so he started hurling abuse at her and he went away and brought a locksmith with him. In hindsight we should have let him know what we were doing but we had a lot going on as when we moved into our new property the combi boiler packed up and we were without water or heating for over a week, I am disabled & was unable to contribute a lot with the move so it was all down to my husband & a friend. We have rung the mobile number he gave us & it is going straight to answer phone & my husband left messages saying we need to be able to get the Virgin Media Boxes but he is not replying to our messages. If we don't get the boxes Virgin will charge us £360.00 together with an early cancellation fee of £268.00 as they don't cover the area we have moved to or we would have stayed with them. I have not got that kind of money as I am a pensioner & it has all gone on buying the new property & buying new furniture to replace the ones that were rotten, I rang the police who's advice was to pay Virgin, so they are no help. Please can someone give me some advice? I am not bothered about getting the deposit back, I just want the boxes. Thank You!
  23. Recently I received a parking charge notice from "PCN Debt Recovery and Prosecution Service" on the 4th April for the offence of: "parking in an area restricted for permit holders without displaying a valid permit before 9:30 at Orpington Railway Station Car Park" as it was early in the winter morning and I had no way of knowing this detail due to it being dark outside. I believed that the initial charge of £90 was unreasonable and thus ignored the letter as I had read online that these types of private companies do not have the authority to cite Railway Byelaw 14. However, today I received another letter from "PPN Debt Recovery and Prosecution Service" (note the difference) for a parking penalty notice of £165 with the same offence and claim details. This does not correlate to the previous letter and I read that a parking penalty notice is a cause for concern. Can anyone confirm whether or not they have the ability to do this? Thanks One detail that I noticed was that the letter claims that "A "Notice to Owner" was sent to you as the registered owner/keeper/hirer of the vehicle because a Parking Penalty Notice (PPN) was issued to the vehicle above and to date the due payment has not been received" (the previous letter was a parking charge notice, not a parking penalty notice)
  24. Hi all, I used to frequent these forums years ago and was successful in getting money back from Nationwide who promptly closed my account (like they used to, dont know if it is still common practice) and helped others do the same. Around that time (2007) I sent a PPI request to B'Card, and they rejected my claim saying that I was not mis-sold PPI. Yesterday I received a letter acknowledging that they said that I wasn't missold PPI, but now saying that they have reviewed my case and agree that I was missold PPI. It says they will provide a refund, and they offer a refund of the premiums paid, as well as interest on the premiums paid, plus 8% statutory interest as compensation. They say they are unable to calculate because they cannot find any record of the premiums paid, so have worked it out as an average. They say that my PPI policy started on August 2000 and ended April 2001, and no ppi premiums were received after this date. (probably because I stopped paying - oops!) They have worked out that the total payable back to me is £210.67, based on £103 paid in premiums. I have several questions. 1) If I can't find my original documents (I've not even looked yet), can I send another SAR to get my statements and work out the correct amount myself? 2) When can I claim interest until? If they made a mistake in 2007, when they should have originally paid out, can I claim interest back until today? Or until 2007, when they originally said no? 4) Is it worth contacting a PPI claims company to look into this? 3) Should I just accept what they are offering and be done with it? (incidentally, it is £10 less than what I still owe on the account) Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Many Thanks
  25. The foreign exchange said they wont take it as it is ripped and the only option is to exchange it when I go back to Canada. Never been to Canada, unlikely I will ever go. Anyway to exchange it in Britain? Thanks
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