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  1. It seems that a large number of my messages have vanished from this thread. Also no private messaging is possible....... THANK YOU??!! BYEEEEEEEE
  2. It is the Second time you are having a go at me! I came to you for advice and help. Now Gold Members are having a go at me. I still have not received a response as to whether I have contract or, on expiration of `Letter of Intent, there would not be any. My aim was to esbalish as to whether by "just go in" I would be breaching a contract or not. Did I get an answer form you? No dears, I would not go in unless I was sure that I would not be breaching a contract, physically able or otherwise. Re. your comments re. my last issue with npower: Perhaps you note t
  3. Npower got resolved with legal assistance. Because of that, as I last wrote, I was legally advised as not to write details of the case to jeopardise it. We were dealing with npower, a resourceful giant. Did Cag expect me to write details of legal case? I wasn't aware of that! Anybody else who would like to have a go at me? I have received response by a number of people for whiich I am grateful, however to date I have not received response re. technical questions such as those I repeatedly asked. Has anyone responded to question of whether the expired Letter of i
  4. To reply to your first comment, indeed it does make a difference as to whether effectively there is a contract in place. That seems to have been overlooked. If legally there was, I would be forced to communicate with contractors only via a project manager. ON the other hand, there may not be a contract in place - based on expiration of Letter of Intent. There is a difference. The word "discredit" does have a significance despite having some embedded emotions as you put it. Should there be a contract, I would refer to their allegations as "breach of contract", othe
  5. Sorry I thought I had already answered those questions. Just to contractors I have paid around £30k. Two certificates and two invoices in a matter of 6 weeks. First certfificate (within 2 weeks) had accompaind builders' invoice of £12k for most of demolition. It showed percentages of work they had completed - of course inaccurately. Second certiifcate was of around £14k. This one was not sent with similar documentation. QS sent a general original valuations which did not show what was done. I made 5 attempts to get it but was confronted with bullying by QS.
  6. Thank you ever so much for your prompt response, I am most grateful. I will pay £30 for copy of JCT in the hope to understand those clauses. I seem to be a little naive!! Regarding the Letter of Intent: I don't think you asked to see a copy. You were kind enough to read the contract at the time I was under impression that there was a contract signed and sealed! In LOI, it says "should the 6 weeks duration be terminated before the set date, or contract be signed, it would have to be via instructions "given to you by us". I question the phrase here for follwoing reason
  7. The point is construction has not begun! Incomplete demolition has been carried out but according to their letter, they allege that they could not start wrok because we did not provide them with info they required. Of course allegations can be discredited through documents. Present situation is, as I now have found out: - there was a Letter of Intent to allow them work for 6 weeks, with starting day of 31/2. - They had to hand over to us many documents TWO weeks prior to signing the actual contract. They did not. _Had they done those, then if we approved and agr
  8. I have not!!! I have been struggling first with architects who were 5 months behind, then with this slot. Many emails, letters, searches on internet and attempts to find someone who could advise me have taken their toll. I started badly with very serious problem with my eye site, have been suffering and postponing operation because I have needed my eyes to handle this. Now I am going blind (seriously!) with all that work on papers and on the computer. I have had to plan, to update schedule of work for architects and QS who would'nt do it and were wasting time.
  9. Thank you very much for your kind response. The outcome I am seeking is to terminate!! It is to note that the last time they were at the site and we had a meeting was 15th March before they bolted up and disappeared. I have just found the letter of Intent, drawn by QS which sets out some rules and JCT terms ie Clause 5.1, 5.2 etc that I am not sure I understand. And as you say not possible to get hold of anyway. The contract was never signed. The 2 page LOI dated 3/1/17, as far as I understand: - "Authorised to spend upto £50k unless we authorise you for more
  10. have you reeived my uploaded contract? what do you think got your message thank you. Couldn't get rid of personal details sorry. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
  11. I have the contract in PDF format, how can I upload and send it????? How can i upload my contract to cag?
  12. Thank so much for your advice. I will scan the conteract tomorrow and upload it for you found one ref: " the articles of agreement and contract with contractor's design 2016 issued by the joint contracts tribunal" . I note that Adjudicator's nominators names by Employer or Contractors are left blank. If JCT is mentioned that what am I to do? - in case my scanner does not work! By the way, today I went to my house, they have even barricated me from acess to my mail - it's box is just behind their baricades - All my bills have been sitting there now for more than 2 weeks, is
  13. Thank you for your very useful advice. I have read the conteract. Technicall they were suposed to provide list of things within 2 weeks after acceptance of tender - they did not. No Plans, no schedules other than 26 weeks fixed. In addition they should have provided further technical on weekly basis which they did not. No weekly report or schedule. No warranty collaterla for sub-contractots. First problem started when the electrician, against terms of conteract was told by main contractor not to provide a plan,diagram, schedule, and the several quotes th
  14. Up to now, our QS, Project Controller and main contractors have been the source. I just found someone up north from Internet. I spoke to him and he said "rubbish"!! "you write to them, say you have H&S helmet & jacket, and you are going in. If they do not unbolt chains and barricades then you should call the police in". Too late, after nearly 10 days! Question remains however as this man can be here with me on 11th April the earliest in the capacity of an advisor and project manager at the meeting. He suggests to cancel tomorrow's get together because we might make
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