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  1. I moved from Economy Energy just over a month ago , and was expecting a rebate of around £250, I know it is protected and secure , but how long should I expect to wait for my money to be refunded now they have ceased trading
  2. Another small supplier has gone bust - Our Power - who were backed by the Scottish Government to the tune of £6m. 38000 customers are now looking for a new home.
  3. I invest money for trading in this company after they will call me 5 times after they never receive my call and not reply on whatsapp. I've worst experience during this session. Still, they not refund my money. Kindly Help me for this issue.
  4. Ok, 1st post on here so bare with me.... Bought a car in mid Feb this year for 3.5k, 6weeks later an engine mount fails and the dealer tries to fob off with "I'll get it fixed for you at trade cost". I use my right to reject and compose a letter to demand it repaired under the CRA. At this point I find out that the dealer xxx motor company, is actually xxxx body repairs (I won't name and shame as we are still in dispute). The sales invoice hadn't included this info and I wasn't made aware at time of sale. If I'd known I was buying from a body repair shop I wouldn't have bought
  5. i received a letter this morning from a claims management company stating that i could claim back over £2000 + interest for a mis-sold PPI on a mortgage i took out some time ago. the mortgage was with crystal clear home loans, who, according to the letter ceased trading some time ago, making the claim more complicated than dealing with a high street bank as the broker is out of business. luckily they want to want to help take the stress (and a percentage no doubt) out of the claim for me. What do i need to do to start the ball rolling? i have no dates, it was around
  6. Animal medicines seizure notice: Aquatic Chemicals Ltd (trading as Technical Aquatic Products (TAP)) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/animal-medicines-seizure-notice-aquatic-chemicals-ltd-trading-as-technical-aquatic-products-tap
  7. Bogus Police and Trading Standards Officers in Kent READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bogus-police-and-trading-standards-officers-in-kent
  8. Here is one for the Consumer Action Group and for the mods. Can you provide a proper link to the following legal case for all future reference just like a SARS request, or is that too difficult? Its the well known case of Lisa Ferguson v British Gas Trading Ltd, a must read for all. http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2009/46.html
  9. Diamond Shortbreak Holidays READ MORE HERE: https://abta.com/news-and-views/news/diamond-shortbreak-holidays
  10. I purchase a car on 29th Sept 2016 from a garage in Surrey. The car is a "lemon" when I went on the companies house to see where to send my letter of complaint under the Consumer Credit Act 1985 I found that it was dissolved in Nov 2016. I downloaded the DS01 form and found that it had been signed and dated 22 August 2016. It means that the garage sold me a car when it should not have been trading under that name. Am I right ? They may have got away with me claiming my money back from their Limited Company but has the director been acting according to the Law ?
  11. http://www.spanglefish.com/sugarandspicetheshop/index.asp?pageid=609834 I ordered wool from the above web site, have before and had no problems, contacted them via their FB page as I had not received the wool and got this reply...... Sugar & Spice Yarns Chat conversation start 09:41 Hi, I ordered some yarn from you on the 27th December can you please tell me if its been posted out please? Hi i don`t do the yarn anymore sorry and haven`t received any orders since last summer. O ordered from the website This person isn't receiving messages from you at the moment.
  12. years ago when my child was a toddler she was in nursery, due to severe ill health and also a botch up with my then husbands student grant we ended up in a situation where we needed to pull the toddler out of nursery for financial reasons. The nursery were a nightmare about it and insisted we paid full fees for a term afterwards plus the term we were already in. I agreed to do this in payments but they insisted they get a court order in place anyhow. Due to a massive change in circumstances and severe ill health I have been paying around £10 per month for the la
  13. I was left with no option by my bank RBS but to submit a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman in my dispute with them. The dispute relates to Personal Guarantees for my former business which ceased trading last year and is now formally dissolved. The Adjudicator is claiming they can't consider the case as I am neither a 'consumer' as the finance is considered to have been 'acting for purposes within my trade, business, craft or profession.' nor a 'micro enterprise' as the business 'isn't capable of being represented and it can't raise a complaint'. They've used a court case BlueFin
  14. I have just found out my debt management firm is no longer trading saw this: RMR Financial Services Ltd, formerly trading as Compass Debt Counsellors, has stopped trading and no longer offers debt management services. The firm’s interim permission from the FCA, which firms must have if they wish to offer debt management services, lapsed on 8 March 2016. AARBS Ltd (insolvency practitioners) is holding a meeting of the firm’s creditors on 30 March 2016. RMR’s bank accounts have been frozen. This means that the firm will not be requesting direct debits from clients’ accounts and standin
  15. I have been starting up stock trading with an expert mentor whose made millions doing it. I clocked up some loses £20k and despite some success loses are increasing. When at £20k he told me "I guarantee you will get that back", in a message (we are in contact continuously). I'm guessing this would not be sufficient to pursue legal means to recover loses should it become an issue? If its possible at all, what would be required for a guarantee written in a message to be legally enforceable? Can I have an example of such a message in this context? Thanks!
  16. My son bought a music book as a gift from a Music Store that is a small chain of shops operating in the midlands and north-west. It was a gift but the recipient unfortunately already had that item. He returned the product within five days unopened with a receipt in the original packaging and asked for a full refund, as the item was clearly re-saleable. To his astonishment and despair, the manager of the shop made him feel like a criminal by suggesting that he could have simply bought the book to photocopy the music and return it. No refund was offered, no exchange, no credit note, nothing
  17. hi, any advice on clarifying a small matter would be helpful. we bought a bed for our son from an online store. the bed was hardly used as was in spare room just before the one year warranty it broke. they sent him a part to fix it but it broke again, same fault as before . he got in touch with the retailer and after some back and fourth they have said not their problem and have given us the manufacturers details. are they right or should the retailer sort this out as we believe the bed is not fit for purpose any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Effective from 16:00 Wednesday 10th December 2014, Microcredit Limited have Ceased Trading as a Payday Loan Company. [ATTACH=CONFIG]54808[/ATTACH]
  19. For information, they no longer seem to belong to an ATA. Although One Parking Ltd still have logos on the website. http://www.theipc.info/#!aos-members/cv75 http://www.britishparking.co.uk/Approved-Operators
  20. hi, just noticed this article about minicredit http://www.google.info/forums/showthread.php?47704-Micro-Lend-Uk-Credit-Licence Was doing a bit of research as I have an FOS complaint against them for irrresponsible lending. Have got recent emails from the lovely Kristale. Has anyone got a loan from them recently? What happens my claim if they go out of business?
  21. I would like to bring to everyone's attention what I believe is an unfair trading by Railways ( no specific company ). To commute from Croydon (zone-5) to Canary Wharf (zone-2), daily office going passengers have to travel via London Bridge (Zone-1), because the direct connectivity between Croydon and Canary Wharf is poor. The direct connectivity from Croydon to London Bridge is the only re-course for passengers but they have to shell out extra £1020.00 per annum as London Bridge is in Zone-1. £1020.00 /annum is a huge amount by any standard, Someone buying a zone5-
  22. Hi Today I received notification from equifax that my account had changed. Below is what has been added. I have never heard anything from this company for nearly 6 years. In fact the address they have put default on I moved from in Nov 2008. I genuinely don't remember this loan but it's not to say I didn't take it out. Do I have to start the process with a SAR ? Many thanks skop
  23. Hello, I was recently forced into unemployment. I currently receive child tax credit for my daughter and jobseekers allowance. I intend to go self employed as I start work for 12 hours a week next week as a counsellor, I am paid as a consultant. I may only invoice for 12 hours but will probably put in about 20 a week. My question is if I tell tax credits that I do 20 hours a week will I receive working tax credit? I can only really prove that I do 12 but know I will put in alot more. I also know that as a single dad I need to work 16 hours a week to claim wtc. How much proof do they need? I'm
  24. im going to keep this brief: I purchased a car of ebay trader having being told i was getting full recon engine, new turbo and six months warranty since buying car i have had lots of trouble of which dealer was aware of from 2nd of purchse. It started with bad oil leak turned out it where engine had been fitted wrong lots of bolts also damaged fitting engine also the engine is not a full recon just old block with original parts added and there is no warranty with garage plus more issues appeared with car. I have followed consumer rights info 14 day letter responded dont care if i g
  25. They have changed their registered name that Cash4Phones were trading under C4P Trading Limited to Yemonia LIMITED and moved from EC2 to W2 (although their C4P Trading Limited site shows this as the registered company name and not Yemoniaicon LIMITED as showing on webcheck on the companies house site http://www.cash4phones.co.uk/corporate/contact-us.aspx). I have been waiting since 11th of October to be paid £132.40 and they are now ignoring my emails and no one picks up their phone. Had started small claims court:mad2: Proceeding but cannot enforce judgement as
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