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Found 23 results

  1. Ok, 1st post on here so bare with me.... Bought a car in mid Feb this year for 3.5k, 6weeks later an engine mount fails and the dealer tries to fob off with "I'll get it fixed for you at trade cost". I use my right to reject and compose a letter to demand it repaired under the CRA. At this point I find out that the dealer xxx motor company, is actually xxxx body repairs (I won't name and shame as we are still in dispute). The sales invoice hadn't included this info and I wasn't made aware at time of sale. If I'd known I was buying from a body repair shop I wouldn't have bought
  2. Bogus Police and Trading Standards Officers in Kent READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bogus-police-and-trading-standards-officers-in-kent
  3. New tougher electrical safety standards to protect private tenants READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-tougher-electrical-safety-standards-to-protect-private-tenants
  4. Hi all, Looking for some advice regarding a parking charge received in an NCP car park for having an expired ticket. I park there every weekday for work, I pay for 2 hours as I'm in the office usually for about an hour before heading out again, but on this day I was delayed leaving and returned 20 minutes after it had expired to find one of their lovely bogus charges. I received the ticket stuck to my windscreen, with the time of year and seemingly countless work and personal life issues I didn't get round to writing an appeal. The Notice to Keeper arrived in du
  5. Hi, I just received a PCN for Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited on Cricklewood Lane. This junction box doesn't cover the whole intersection. Does this comply with the standard? I've attached a video showing this box junction and my car entering it (Silver Car) video.zip
  6. My son bought a music book as a gift from a Music Store that is a small chain of shops operating in the midlands and north-west. It was a gift but the recipient unfortunately already had that item. He returned the product within five days unopened with a receipt in the original packaging and asked for a full refund, as the item was clearly re-saleable. To his astonishment and despair, the manager of the shop made him feel like a criminal by suggesting that he could have simply bought the book to photocopy the music and return it. No refund was offered, no exchange, no credit note, nothing
  7. The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 was introduced on 6th April 2014 and to coincide with this regulation, the Ministry of Justice updated the previous National Standards. It must be stressed here that although the National Standards arenot legally binding, the government’s intention is that they are intended to be used by all enforcement agents, the enforcement companies that employ them, and the creditor (in most cases the local authority or HMCTS) who use their services. A link to the Taking Control of Goods: National Standards 2014 can be read here and listed below are
  8. This may be of some use to consumers when dealing with complaints made to their energy suppliers: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2008/1898/contents/made
  9. OK so it's not that new, but I haven't seen it posted up yet. They came into force on 26th August 2013. Some of the main points: Full standards of conduct can be found here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/new-standards-conduct-suppliers-domestic-consumers
  10. Ofgem Investigation into npower and its compliance with Standards of Conduct (Standard Licence Condition 25C), Standard Licence Condition 27 (provision of final bills), and the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 Publication Date: 19th June 2014 Company being Investigated: npower Ofgem are investigating whether RWE npower is complying with the Standards of Conduct (SOC) (SLC 25C) of its gas and electricity supply licence and with the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 (‘Complaints Handling R
  11. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding provision of heating in Scotland. I am renting a private accommodation and, as per usual, agent seems not to care, even though has been informed (emailed twice, now I am intending to send them a formal letter) the heating does not work properly. I have no boiler and only electric heating in the whole flat. Problems: 1) the radiator in the living room does not operate, tried all the switches that there are and it will not budge. (There is a small, fixed electric fireplace in the living room but it is only on/of
  12. Has anyone else noticed the MOJ link to the 'new' National Standards cannot be found on the MOJ site anymore: http://aka.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/enforcement-officers/taking-control-of-goods-national-standards.pdf They can be found here (third link down): https://www.gov.uk/search?q=bailiffs Is there a reason for this, or is it just a technical blip?
  13. Investigation into Scottish Power’s compliance with Standards of Conduct (SLC 25C), SLC 27 (provision of final bills), and the Gas and Electricity (CCHS) Regulations 2008. Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-scottish-power%E2%80%99s-compliance-standards-conduct-slc-25c-slc-27-provision-final-bills-and-gas-and-electricity-cchs-regulations-2008
  14. im going to keep this brief: I purchased a car of ebay trader having being told i was getting full recon engine, new turbo and six months warranty since buying car i have had lots of trouble of which dealer was aware of from 2nd of purchse. It started with bad oil leak turned out it where engine had been fitted wrong lots of bolts also damaged fitting engine also the engine is not a full recon just old block with original parts added and there is no warranty with garage plus more issues appeared with car. I have followed consumer rights info 14 day letter responded dont care if i g
  15. I want to make a formal complaint about the bag of rubbish I bought from CSL Sofas. Which do you think is the best organisation to complain to?
  16. Earlier this year we received a speculative invoice masquerading as a parking ticket from Smart Parking. I simply wrote to Smart Parking explaining the legal position and they immediately cancelled the invoice. Given what I've read here and the document they sent I thought I would pursue the matter through my local Trading Standards. Having passed the matter through Consumer Direct, I heard precisely nothing. I had to ask twice to even get a TS reference number. I eventually made a complaint which was fobbed off. I have posted the level 2 complaint I made below and I have set out the
  17. The former head of the business lobby group the CBI, Sir Richard Lambert, is to lead a new organisation monitoring standards in the UK banking industry. Sir Richard has been appointed by the banks but will act independently of them and not lobby on their behalf. He will consult government, regulators, banks and consumer groups to develop the new body. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24170812 The collapse of bankers' self esteem There is something a bit odd perhaps about the banks setting up a new body to ensure that their people are following
  18. Can anyone be reported to trading standards or is it LTD company's only, what about PLC's or self employed people
  19. Hi....... I would be grateful if anyone can offer me some advice on the following: I have been an ebay member for 6 years as a private buyer/seller and in fact only ever sold a few items. On 1/12/2012 i purchased a Ralph Lauren shirt.I was'nt too keen on it and resold it on ebay last week. The new buyer took the shirt to House Of Fraser who apparently advised him it was a fake and he's now taking the shirt to his local Trading Standards office. Obviously i was unaware it was not authentic and purchased it myself from another ebay seller.I cant claim back payment from the o
  20. Hi All, I have a big problem and would need some advice. I started working in this store some 7 months ago as a supervisor. Recently, I was working on my whole day shifts and stocking up the store as usual when my colleague called me out to tell me someone wanted to buy fireworks. I asked which one she wanted and went to the back to get it. I asked her if she had an ID and she said 'NO'. She though did look like a familiar face and decided to sell it to her as she was a regular and she might have come with her ID before. Minutes after she left the trading standards walked in and ser
  21. Trading Standards Bridgend Trading standards aims to ensure that fair-trading is carried out in Bridgend County Borough so that consumers can purchase goods and services with confidence in the knowledge that they are safe, correctly priced and accurately described Bridgend Trading Standards Service offers a comprehensive consumer advice service that has been awarded the Community Legal Services (CLS) Qua
  22. Hello forum I hope somebody here can be of some help to me, let me begin. I paid a company i found on the internet a deposit of £101 to start work on a new website for my business including designing a company logo, letterheads, business cards. Initially communication was very good and i was happy to proceed with this company doing the work i needed. The owner told me that there card machines were not working so i couldn't pay by card, i naively offered to make a bank transfer to get the work started. Over 3 months later i haven't had any of the work we agreed on and the owner is no longe
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