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Found 26 results

  1. New code of conduct for artificial intelligence (AI) systems used by the NHS READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-code-of-conduct-for-artificial-intelligence-ai-systems-used-by-the-nhs
  2. Hello Not sure if this is the right platform for this I am sure someone will advise. My daughter works for an employer whereby she is sometimes required to go offsite and use premises to conduct specific types of interviews etc. This could be a church hall a leisure centre even a cafe virtually anywhere they can get a seat. After some rumblings about health and safety each employee has been sent out a form to complete. It is a full health and safety questionnaire regarding the places they visit. for example here are just a few questions on the form that my daughter is being asked to complete, there are many many more questions. Please bear in mind that she has no Health and Safety training or any associated qualification. "Does the area to be occupied by us appear to be in a reasonable state of repair and without obvious health & safety hazards? Are there adequate fire arrangements for the site, including: means of escape from the areas that you intend to occupy, in case of an emergency? all exits clear of obstructions? adequate signage on fire exit routes? clear fire evacuation arrangements, including Fire Action notices and Fire Wardens where necessary? Are there adequate security arrangements, such as CCTV, panic alarms, security personnel etc.? Is there adequate connectivity on site? She has then to sign the form and return it to her employer. To me, these assessments should be conducted by a fully qualified H&S officer prior to any scheduled visits by employees but like my daughter many others are visiting these places on a daily basis and have been for some time now. Anyone give me some advice on this matter, is this the norm or is it bordering on the illegal.
  3. Hi I have a council tax bill outstanding that has been passed to Marstons. They wrote to me about it and the amount seemed wrong I disputed it with the council. Once that had been settled, I have tried continuously to get in touch with Marstons probably for about 4 weeks, and each time been on hold for at least 30 minutes. I finally got through on Friday and was told my account had been passed to a bailiff and I would have to speak to him. I rang the man who was rude, aggressive and abrupt. I offered to make two payments (the debt is £1000) as I couldn't afford to pay it one go. He said OK but he would still attend my property and add £235 to the arrears. I asked why as I had just offered to pay him and he said because he could. I said very calmly that no one would be in and we wouldn't open the door anyway he started shouting that that was it, I couldn't pay in two payments any longer and he would 'see me Monday'. I once again asked for an explanation as to why he wouldn't accept my payment offer and he shouted 'goodbye' and put the phone down! I tried calling Marstons back but once again couldn't get through I emailed and complained about his conduct and offered to phone and pay via the office. The bailiff has since attended twice and put letters through the door, but I will not ring him again to be shouted at thank you. I have also emailed the council to offer payment directly and as you'd expect they said I have to deal with Marstons. Obviously he's attended so they can add money on and I will not pay the £235. Just wanted to check where I stand legally? If neither the council or Marstons will accept my payment offer, what am I actually meant to do!?
  4. Hi there I am about to start proceedings against somebody in the judiciary and by a quick search I have found this website https://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk/ . Before I delve headlong into it has anybody had dealings with this Investigations Office ? All replies answered.
  5. Hello. I have been in an exhausting situation regarding my home which is a bedsit in a small block of council flats. It involves antisocial behaviour which led to threats being made against me by someone with a violent and abusive track record and who has been known to police since he was a teenaged boy. I've heard him scream insane threats at his girlfriend both in person and over the phone, absolutely at the top of his lungs. I even asked three women's refuge organisations for advice on this, and have logged details with the police. I have been signed sick for a long time with mental health issues, but not any that cause me to fail to understand events or to misinterpret anything. I also have a degree and am a published writer. I am very mentally capable but exhausted by both my condition and by the events of the last eighteen months. After the threats I fled my home initially intending to, being both exhausted and having lost hope that the council would assist me properly - countless emails were sent to the housing officer, between a third and half of them never replied to. The police were useless and don't even seem to have CAD (or CAB?) reference numbers. I declined to have DAT equipment installed because of a rational fear of reprisals, a fear rendered legitimate by the eventual threats, a point that even today the council staff weirdly seem not to understand. I calmed down a bit and then was contacted by police who talked me into returning to my home town saying the matter would be resolved. This was four months ago and I have been battling the council since. I navigated a three stage complaints procedure and had my complaint dismissed. The arguments they made are false and seem almost psychotic in their evasion of facts, for example they do not address how two other tenants had complained and backed me up, one of them later either intimidated into silence or too dispirited to go on. I mean, this neighbour and I had never even spoken until we talked about the noise and the neglected dogs. I told them about ten days ago that I would then approach the Ombudsman. I think this has put the wind up them. Over the summer I sold belongings to go to the next county to stay in cheap hotels and try and switch the situation off while the dispute and then the complaints procedure went on. I have slept outside a couple of times during this period due to lack of money - I was partly trying to see if I could bear full homelessness if that's where this might all lead. I know I can't now. The first time I went away I had to as following the threats I had a strong pain in my heart lasting a week and feared a heart attack. The break helped a bit and over the summer three breaks away have bought me time and helped partially restore me to pursue this matter, but I am still pretty exhausted. I have repeatedly felt due to lack of hope and a dispirited feeling given the council staff's poor conduct. I mean, this DAT recorder nonsense - they are asking me to risk assault and to do their job and the police's job. It needs to be established that in cases of violent tenants that the DAT method cannot be what dictates procedure. It seems almost designed to make the person complaining to give up, aware of the potential for reprisal. I believe this is deliberate. Worse still, 'comically' enough the tenant was evicted a week ago, for a relatively trivial reason. He was using the car park to do up cars to sell on with his friends. This seems to have mattered more to the council than the distress he has caused me, two adjacent neighbours, the tenant's own dogs, constantly neglected and abandoned in a tiny bedsit, and the tenant's own girlfriend. This eviction has happened either four or I'd say eighteen months too late for me. Worse, I learn that he now lives in the street where the flats are situated. I argue that I am endangered further by the clumsy eviction. I know from the threatening approach made to me that the tenant will resent his eviction and those he imagines played a part in it, and I know from his manner that he does not have the self-awareness to accept that his eviction is his fault. He seems extremely arrogant and used to people doing as he tells them to. He told his girlfriend over the phone that she could not leave her mother's home until he had money and could be present. To give context to this, he assaulted a man outside the flats who he believed was involved with his girlfriend. He is a violently controlling person. He is a perpetrator of domestic abuse. I have been told today in a meeting with the housing officer and a colleague that I have until Friday to decide whether to return to the flat. After that I will lose Housing Benefit. When I said that I still intend to approach the Ombudsman the housing officer's colleague, who seemed to be from higher up, suggested that that could cause me problems, but she could not elaborate on this. I feel she had been briefed to try and halt the complaint and that she was trying to exploit my vulnerable condition. It seemed like she backed out of saying anything explicit because she knew there was nothing she could legally and truthfully say. Or otherwise she had hoped merely to make me anxious about an unspecified consequence. I have sent three emails since the meeting today to share thoughts on what was said, and I have said that I don't think the deadline is fair. I have said the priority is my welfare and that as the belated eviction proves my eighteen month complaint that they are in a weak position. Three months ago they said there were no other homes for me to be moved to. They also didn't tell me what another county's housing adviser told me, that my council can provide financial support to move to private accommodation, including to another county, as I've seriously considered a move there, partly for my own safety. Today they tell me there are flats where I could be rehoused, though in anxiety-causing areas, including a block where there was a murder two years ago - very appetising. It seems to me that the threat of the Ombudsman and my tenacity and perhaps a belated but unexpressed acknowledgement behind closed doors of wrongdoing towards me have very belatedly caused the staff to spring into action, albeit action characterised by further comical incompetence and dishonesty. As they didn't tell me today, I've asked by email late this afternoon if they knew the tenant now lives in the street where the flats are. I feel like the question is a waste of breath because they are taking nothing on board but just swatting my complaints away and trying to browbeat me into accepting a dangerous return to the flat and with absolutely no acknowledgement of the danger. That tenant's friend stabbed someone outside the flats earlier this year. I ran up £1800 of debt after the threats keeping myself alive and under a roof, and then sold belongings, some of sentimental value connected to a deceased relative, and I have told these two people today that aside from the stress I've been caused for eighteen months (in fact three years because the same thing happened with the previous tenant in the same flat in 2011) I am due recompense for what I've lost and the debt which its protracted period of inaction caused. There was some pretence at seeming to help me today, and they say they will fit a panic alarm in my flat and also a door handle on the inside of the building's door so that if I am pursued I can pull the door closed if I can escape, given that the problem tenant is no more than forty or so metres away - currently there is none and it just fastens with a magnet. They say they'll arrange an interview with the CAB for me, but really if they set this three day deadline all that advice comes too late. It seems like utter chaos really. I know from experience that many of the CAB staff do not have command of the material - only last year someone junior was assisting me regarding an ATOS assessment in which the assessor lied, leading to temporary loss of benefit, later instated. I had anxiously waited for that CAB appointment thinking it might give me much needed empowerment but it was an utter mess. I just feel like the council have made a threat and that I don't know my rights, but that they cannot be what the council's threat imply they are. Where do I stand? I need to think quickly, depending on how the staff react to my emails this evening and my request to have the ridiculous deadline moved. It's not right that they've made things such a cram is it? It seems disgusting and unethical - they are acting as if I am the one at fault. Additionally can anyone here tell me the extent of the assistance I can get from my council to move? It was suggested by the adviser at the other county that is help with moving - presumably the van costs - deposit and a period of rent till Housing Benefit takes over. My fear of and the likelihood of an assault, possibly fatal and possible by a group of people, due to the actual prior behaviour of this tenant and his friends, is strong enough that leaving town might be best. I would appreciate all feedback. Thanks.
  6. Debt management firms We have written to debt management firms recently. This follows an increase in customers with debt management plans being transferred between firms. In a letter to firms, we reminded them of their responsibilities when buying or selling customers' contracts or contact details. In particular, the letter emphasised the need for firms, which are considering selling on their customers, to advise the FCA of this at an early stage. A copy of the letter is available on our website.
  7. http://www.csa-uk.com/assets/documents/compliance-and-guidance/code_of_practice.pdf
  8. The Financial Conduct Authority has taken over from the OFT. You can find all you want to know about Debt Collection Guidance, etc HERE Also in the CAG Library HERE
  9. Hi I am new to forums so i apologise in advance if this is in the wrong forum. I had a call from a foreign gentleman called "philip" claiming to be from the complaints department of the Financial Conduct Authoruty stating that certain creditors (Santander Barclays and capital one) of mine had got together and complained to his department as I was in a debt management arrangement, gave an approximate value of debt owed and wasn't paying them enough to clear the debt quickly enough. While we do owe money to these creditors two out of the three are in my wifes name. I told him that i didn't believe he was from that orginisation and put the phone down on him. I got a phone call back immediately from him which he was more threatening. I advised him to send me details in writing. and that i would not deal with him. He said that he had this recorded and would send Bailiffs round. 1)I believe this to be a [problem] 2) Has anyone else had this type of Cold Phone Call 3) i dont believe that these companies who we have got agreements to pay back would "club" together to make a complaint. Any suggestions would be gratefully received
  10. 'The (mill) wheels... grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.' I noticed the thread HFO/OFT Minded to Revoke thread had its last post eight months ago, so I'm putting this in a new thread - I hope admin will move it if they see fit. With help from many CAGgers, specifically DonkeyB (good luck in the Rugby World Cup:oops:) we were part of a process that ended in a thorough, days' long interview with the OFT to do with being hounded by HFO using draconian and humiliating practices on a debt we didn't owe them. We were asked but due to ill health were unable to be witnesses. It gives me great pleasure to share the mucho satisfactory letter received today: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Sir/Madam HFO Services Limited, Roxburghe (UK) Limited, HFO Capital Limited and Alasdair Turnbull ('The Appellants') v The Financial Conduct Authority Further to our recent correspondence, I write to update you on developments in the above proceedings. Following settlement discussions, the Appellants have agreed to exit the consumer credit market and to write off any outstanding consumer credit debts which they own. The FCA has agreed to the quashing of the determination made by the Office of Trading on 27 January 2014. It follows that the Tribunal proceedings have concluded and therefore there will not be a Tribunal hearing in this atter. A statement reflecting this outcome will be published on our website soon. We are grateful to you for all your assistance in this matter. ============================================ Alice in Limboland! It couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Thank you again for all your help.
  11. Hello all, I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable people could help me out with an issue I’m having regarding a previous place of employment please? (I removed potentially identifying details here) After three months I had a successful appraisal and was actually given a pay rise and a permanent contract… and then I was fired a couple of weeks later. Out of the blue. No disciplinary, no discussion, nothing. I was called out of the office one morning by a feared manager, who dragged me into a spare office with the HR lady (a long story, she was hired it seems to find any way at all for existing staff to be punished) They told me they were giving me four weeks’ notice and I had to leave the building immediately. When I asked why, she told me ‘I don’t have to give you a reason why, you’ve not been here long enough. It’s your conduct that’s the problem.’ I asked her to define her reasons; she was literally shaking with anger, and told me again she didn’t have to tell me why. I remained calm (which seemed to infuriate her further), while she fumed and the HR woman smirked. They then escorted me back into the office, and I was shocked to see it had been emptied of all the staff! It was so overly dramatic. They stood over me as I packed my things, and escorted me off the premises as though I’d committed some terrible crime. Of course, after this event I went straight to the jobcentre for advice to be told that as I’d been there for less than a year I had no rights (but they were very eager to get me onto their trial of universal credit!). My phone blew up with calls and texts from my colleagues completely baffled as to what had happened, telling me they’d all been told to go to the upstairs office and then told that I’d been ‘let go’. No reasons were given to them. They were left very scared it could happen to them too. Thankfully, I had been looking for another job in the evenings and had secured a new one that I started a few weeks later (the job that fired me had no idea about this as I was not using them for references, and I hadn’t shared this information with anyone else), otherwise it would have left me in a terribly difficult position of having to explain why I’d been fired for ‘conduct issues’ when I didn’t even know what they were myself! Couple this with my previous disability (which they were fully aware of when they employed me), and they would have made finding a new job incredibly difficult for me (as well as forcing me back onto benefits). They paid me the four weeks of notice and outstanding holiday pay (I’m sure they’ve taxed me far too much but that’s beside the point). I’ve now scrubbed that job from my CV and have been very happily in my new position for a few months. I’m still in contact with most of my previous colleagues who have been filling me in on continued issues in my absence. SO, to finally get to the point, I believe that there is little I can do about the way I was treated there due to the length of time I was employed by them, but is there anything I can do for my colleagues that remain? Can I report them somewhere? What would I even report them for? Even though I’ve moved on, I’m occasionally gripped by anxiety for what could have happened to me if I didn’t have another job to go to. I’m angry, of course, but more concerned for those I’ve left behind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, I hope it made sense.
  12. OK so it's not that new, but I haven't seen it posted up yet. They came into force on 26th August 2013. Some of the main points: Full standards of conduct can be found here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/new-standards-conduct-suppliers-domestic-consumers
  13. Hello, This is my first time using this forum, I hope that I am posting this question in the right section. My name is Luis, I come from Portugal and have been here for over 7 years. I was made redundant from my last job where I was over 3 years, I have found another job but it is in an insurance company and I was told that it requires a credit check. Here in the UK I have checked with Experian and Equifax and there are no issues, no missed payments, no debt of any kind and no fines. My criminal record is also clean both here and Portugal. However a few years ago I did have CCJ's in Portugal, will this show and affect my chances of getting this job? The CCJs were a few years ago, this was a credit card and a bank loan but the company that I owe money to has gone into liquidation so I am not making any more payments as they don't exist anymore. In August I was in Portugal, went to see a lawyer and he said that there was nothing I could do, he also said that after 6 years the CCJs would be deleted from the credit reference agency in Portugal. How is this likely to affect the chances of me getting this job? Thank you very much for your help on this matter. Luis
  14. Ofgem Investigation into npower and its compliance with Standards of Conduct (Standard Licence Condition 25C), Standard Licence Condition 27 (provision of final bills), and the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 Publication Date: 19th June 2014 Company being Investigated: npower Ofgem are investigating whether RWE npower is complying with the Standards of Conduct (SOC) (SLC 25C) of its gas and electricity supply licence and with the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 (‘Complaints Handling Regulations’). On 4 July 2014 the scope of the investigation was widened to include SLC 27.17 and 27.18, in relation to final bills. More info: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publ...complaints-handling-standards-regulations-2008 New Standards of Conduct: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publ...clearer-fairer-energy-market
  15. Investigation into Scottish Power’s compliance with Standards of Conduct (SLC 25C), SLC 27 (provision of final bills), and the Gas and Electricity (CCHS) Regulations 2008. Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-scottish-power%E2%80%99s-compliance-standards-conduct-slc-25c-slc-27-provision-final-bills-and-gas-and-electricity-cchs-regulations-2008
  16. I am embarrassed to raise this as it involves such a small amount but I suffer from MH issues and threats tend to have an exaggerated effect on me! In brief: 1. I am a lessee with a share of freehold in our block of flats. I applied for some company records for which the statutory payment was £5. I authorized our managing agent to pay this and any postage to the company secretary from a surplus on my service charge account. I got no answer. 2. I was subsequently advised by the company secretary the total inc. postage was £6.17 and asked for a cheque payable to himself personally. To avoid any confusion I therefore electronically sent that additional amount to my service charge account and authorized the agent again to transfer the amount to the company's client account. No response. 3. I advised the company secretary that it would not be appropriate to pay him personally as the fee was payable to the company, the Companies Act set out that this was the case and any out of pocket expenses he should get from the company, not me. 4. After obtaining some very unpleasant emails, I re-stated my position the money was due to the company but offered to pay the company by cheque or electronic payment if he provided the payee and (for electronic payment) sort code/account number details. He continued to demand payment. 5. By this time the matter was getting to me psychologically. I therefore wrote to the chairman of the company (with whom I have recently had arguments about whether the company was properly run - so he is not exactly on my side) asking whether payment could be made personally to the company secretary. He said yes. 6. I issued a cheque to the company secretary personally. 7. He has just written back returning the cheque and now demanding payment to the company threatening legal action if I do not pay promptly. I have offered to pay if the payee or other details are provided as requested on 9/9/14. There has been no response. 8. I believe the company and company secretary have behaved totally unreasonably. Payment is still available from the service charge account for which it would be easy to arrange transfer. I have bent over backwards to arrange payment. I believe the threat of court action is intended to cause harassment actuated by personal malice because I raised difficult issues with the company and also brought a motion to replace the company secretary. 9. Do I have a defence if a court claim is issued? Can I get it dismissed on grounds of payment made or other unreasonable conduct? Any advice would be welcome as I feel the company officers (who should be acting in the interests of all the owners of the block) are abusing their position and the resources of the company. Unfortunately a lot of the owners are non-resident, so it is difficult to hold them to account.
  17. Hi all im looking for some help please. i have been off work sick for 7 weeks due to deppression and panic attacks.I was considering going back this weekend as i do not earn enough to get ssp and i dont earn enough to pay national insurance so cannot get any help there work had been paying me company sivk pay but im only entitled to 5 wks which i have had i was fine with going back as my docter wanted me to have a trail period i was all set to return when i find out that the whole of my department know i was off for deppression and have added that this is cause im suicidle i now feel a compleye freak and it has caused me to have a panic attack no one but my manager and supervisor knew i was off sick for this reason and i have told no one surley this is private info that should not be shared ? .I just dont know what to do know can anyone help please?
  18. The Financial Conduct Authority have already managed to show great incompetence and lack of awareness of legal requirements by breaching the Data Protection Act and sharing personal information with a third party without consent. If they have any integrity they should hold themselves to the same standards they hold others and pay a mutli-million pound fine. This isn't just some woolly vague principle they have breached that can be interpreted retrospectively. It's a clear law that most people are aware of. Shame on you FCA.
  19. Hi, and thanks for looking in. Capquest recently bought an old credit card account from Lloyds. In the last few weeks I’ve received the attached 3 letters from Capquest, CQ 3 is a pre action conduct letter. I would be very grateful if someone could advise me how to respond to that letter. Background: It is for a Lloyds credit card opened 2002. Balance £12K. Last payment or acknowledgement 2008 although Lloyds say 2009. When Wescot were trying to collect they said in a letter that Lloyds had informed them that they don’t have an agreement. Same with Iqor Many thanks in advance
  20. taken from this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/surveillance-camera-code-of-conduct-comes-into-force New guidance in place over police and local authority use of CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Public authority use of surveillance cameras will be subject to a new code of practice published by the Home Office today. The code will set out new guidelines for CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), encourage transparency in their use and ensure public bodies such as local authorities and the police consider whether they are proportionate before erecting new cameras. It follows Andrew Rennison’s appointment as the first Surveillance Camera Commissioner last year. The commissioner’s role is to encourage all operators to comply with the code, review how the code is used in practice and provide advice and information about it. Surveillance by consent The principle of surveillance by consent is at the heart of the new legislation – meaning the public can be confident cameras are not there to spy on them but to protect them. Minister for Criminal Information Lord Taylor of Holbeach said: "CCTV and ANPR are crucial tools for cutting crime and protecting the public, but for too long we have seen these systems grow without proper oversight". "Through this code - and with an independent commissioner - there will be a framework in place for the first time that helps police and local authorities in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour, while reassuring the public that cameras in public places are used proportionately and effectively". The surveillance camera code of practice, which has been laid before Parliament for approval, is part of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. Here is the New Surveillance Camera Code of Practice its in PDF:
  21. At my place of work we were recently given a document called "code of conduct for healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in England". We were told that these guidelines apply to us. The link is below: http://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/component/docman/doc_download/2246-code-of-conduct-healthcare-support.html My concern is under section 1 called be accountable by making sure you can answer for your actions or omissions There is a statement which reads: 2. always behave and present yourself in a way that does not call into question your suitability to work in a health and social care environment. For me what type of offences, committed outside of work, could be deemed to make you unsuitable? I'm happy that things like theft, assault and the other obvious things which would preclude you from working with vulnerable people BUT I see this as a very broad spectrum of things that could be used as an easy way to dismiss a member of staff who has committed an offence. For example, a person who does not pay a parking ticket. Are they unsuitable? Where do you draw the line here? This is a very worrying way to threaten staff.
  22. Hi, Working in the creative industry, I recently decided to become a freelancer using an umbrella company. I have been offered a one month assignment by a recruitment agency. However they require me to sign a conduct regulations 2003 opt out form Can anyone explain what this is? Not sure if it´s just some bureaucracy or something I truly should worry about? Advice is very welcome! Thanks, Mia
  23. I think the following article may be of interest to all those CAG's who are interested in HSBC's penalty in the United States. This is from Forbes magazine which is a pro-business pro-capitalism publication: http://www.forbes.com/sites/halahtouryalai/2012/12/12/final-thought-on-hsbc-settlement-how-much-bad-behavior-will-we-tolerate/
  24. Obviously they had to change it due to a significant number of DCA's being in breach of CPUTR2008. Lowells Head Of Compliance - Sarah De Tute (who is also President Of The CSA) probably instigated this as they rarely complied with the old code..... - http://www.csa-uk.com/media/editor/file/CSA%20Code%20of%20Practice%281%29.pdf Certainly they omitted the points they had no hope of complying with namely a) Conduct its business lawfully, comply with all relevant UK legislation, regulation and judicial decisions and trade fairly and responsibly. Comply with debt collection Guidance as Published by the Office of Fair Trading b) Adhere to all relevant requirements under the Consumer Credit Act 2006 and any other relevant legislation.
  25. Hi there, I served a Prohibitive Conduct Questionnaire to my employers for discrimination and harassment regarding my disability prior to us locking horns at a tribunal(I'm confident I'll win, I have some great evidence!). They have come back to ask if I have any issues with them supplying the response in email form. It sounds a straight forward request that I would usually accept without question but they are being a little trixy so I'm just checking first! Any advice, as always, is appreciated.
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