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  1. I am so stressed at the moment because Barclays have pulled a real good'un from their bag if crap. An old customer accidentally sent us £6000 by bank transfer on Wednesday morning, rang us up to explain and asked if we could get it back to him. Stupid us rang Barclays and told them what had happened and to return it back to the account it came from because it wasn't our money. After an hour on the phone, a reversal was done on the payment. Next morning, another £6000 gets removed out of the account. No warning, nothing. Several long calls to call centres abroad (around 4hrs
  2. Investigation leads to shutdown of ‘asset recovery’ company that recovered no assets READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/investigation-leads-to-shutdown-of-asset-recovery-company-that-recovered-no-assets
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help with this I am at my wits end! Barclays have closed my account and say they are investigating due to breach of terms, however there is £6500 in the account which I can't get access to or transfer to another account. They won't tell me anything and say I cannot complain because I closed the account even though I didn't! Background: Last year I did some work as a subcontractor for a company and my wages after CIS deductions were paid into my Barclays current account, after talks with them we agreed that I take over the full jobs (proj
  4. Opened: Feb 2018 Investigation into Iresa and its compliance with its obligations under its gas and electricity supply licences READ MORE HERE: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-iresa-and-its-compliance-its-obligations-under-its-gas-and-electricity-supply-licences-slcs-14-233-234-25c-slc-0-october-2017-275-278-2716-and-chsr-2008
  5. I am writing this on behalf of someone else. Where i use the words me i or us means the person involved. Not me. I was employed as a mobile with a well known security company. My main job was to respond to alarms and deal with them. When i started my job off i was told that i was on a gauranteed 24 hour contract (weekly). I was not given any paperwork apart from some paperwork to show how and what i should be doing. I was told be my manager that i would recieve my contract in the post during the next 4-6 weeks. I also emailed my manager and he confirmed that i h
  6. Submit your evidence to assist Carillion investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/submit-your-evidence-to-assist-carillion-investigation
  7. BHS investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bhs-investigation
  8. Opened: Feb 2018 Investigation into Ovo and its compliance with its obligations under the gas and electricity supply licences READ MORE HERE: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-ovo-and-its-compliance-its-obligations-under-gas-and-electricity-supply-licences-standard-licence-conditions-31a-and-25c-slc-0-october-2017
  9. Charity removed and trustees disqualified following terrorism investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-removed-and-trustees-disqualified-following-terrorism-investigation
  10. CMA opens SSE Retail/Npower merger investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-opens-sse-retailnpower-merger-investigation
  11. Hi everyone I’m just desperate for a bit of advise I got a letter last week stating we have links to you and mr x who is the father of my 2 eldest children and ex husband we have been separated now since 2005 but never divorced mainly due to my religion and neither of us have been in a real relationship with other people we have a disabled son and we are very amicable he helps out with our eldest a lot and is very close with him. I pay all of the bills in my name we have a joint mortgage on the house and house insurance together he lives around the road in his m
  12. Hi all, I'm after some advice... I claim wftc as a single person - my husband passed away 3 years ago. When he passed away my husband had his own business of which we were both directors and our acountant filed our annual tax returns etc. After my husband died (he had a pub) i had to change the pub in to my nme in order to keep it going - pubco insisted. I set up a new limited company of which i was the sole director and informed hmrc of the change. Sadly, i found it very difficult to manage after my husband died and hit some pretty rough financial times and decided to
  13. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/debate-on-the-armed-forces-and-investigation-and-prosecution-of-historical-cases
  14. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to establish whether my solicitor has acted negligent by not following the pre-action protocol in respect of a Disrepair claim which has now been settled, after 6 years of my local council denying liability under the OLA 1957. I had an accident during the period where liability was being disputed but my solicitor is claiming that he did not have the funds to pursue a PI claim but never advised me on this, and on checking the pre action protocol under Disrepair claim there is reference that would suggest that in any event, a claim for PI aris
  15. Found this on the Mail where people are being hit with default CCJ even for a penny they know nothing about until the bailiff knocks or they are refused credit. It seems Crapita AKA parking Eye are getting default CCJ on alleged debts of a penny, as in o 0.01p. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3784421/Stranger-s-40-parking-ticket-cost-family-new-home.html
  16. firstly,im not sure ive posted in the correct part of the forum apologies if im in the wrong place. at the start of july i found 2-3 large pieces of plastic inside my brownies i ordered,the pieces were picked up and sent away for an investigation which i was told would take 4-6 weeks. im now on week 11 and no resolution on this. ive called constantly and been promised around 10 call backs from both the area manager and the area mangers boss and i am still waiting for those weeks later. i emailed what i thought was their ceos office about 2-3 weeks ago and had no reply either
  17. 2yrs ago my x partner had a problem with them say that she owed £3k as an overpayment,what i will say is watch what you get on appeal with evidence !! it ended up costing us a small amount which i think they should repay for getting replacement Divorce papers i mean who keeps them after 25yrs! anyway there basis was house i was there and i owned a house which i had a £65k mortgage on that basic but not implying i was living in and renting to her, basic the do a credit check and low and behold who ever owns that property you may be renting shows the purchase price,it took getting a copy from t
  18. I received a letter today saying that I have been overpaid by £2400 for 2015 as I had been claiming for child DLA element when I did not receive it. The DLA had stopped and I did write to tell them but heard nothing back - they kept paying the amount so I thought maybe they were paying it from previous years and wouldn't be paying it unless I was entitled. The letter states that they have stopped my tax credits and that they will decide and notify me on what will happen next - either penalty or criminal conviction. I'm worried sick - any advice on what I do ne
  19. Hi there, Fantastic Forum. Keep up the good work. A while ago my friend has been accused of benefit fraud. She has sent in an appeal at the moment, and she is waiting for them to get back to her. I have helped her by reading posts on the forum, and following some of the advice being given on here. But now I am stuck and don’t know what to do now. Like I said she is waiting for her appeal, but now the housing association are getting tough on her. They are demanding the rent that has gathered up due to her housing benefit being stopped months ago. She has been paying her wate
  20. Hello, I'm new here and looking for help if possible. I was claiming tax credits as part of a couple with my husband until June 2015 when he left the family home. We had decided to separate with a view to divorcing and had put the house on the market, as soon as he actually moved out I rang tax credits to inform them. I should point out here that my husband DID NOT WORK and had not been working at any point during the claim period (one of the reasons for our separation). I was the sole earner and continued to be when he left. He never paid me any maintenance
  21. Hi All, I am a new member and so pleased to have found this site, to be able to ask my questions. I will try and keep it brief, my h received a letter inviting him to attend an interview under caution, this has not taken place yet, but it is imminent. He does have a medical condition and has proof of it, he was claiming ESA and the lower rate of PIP, this is only a relative new claim, always told them that I was working full time, no council tax benefit or housing benefit claimed for. He was on the benefit for 5 months, he started to feel
  22. Hi can you help me? Sometime ago I parked briefly in a pay and display car park owned by corporate services I didn't have the correct amount of change on me so I popped into a shop to get some. By the time I returned I had received a ticket. I ignored the letter they sent me & I have now received a demand for payment from a debt collecting agency for £160.00. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.
  23. Hi All, I have just signed up here after reading numerous threads i am hoping for some(any) advice on my situation. Which i think i should warn that it may be upsetting for some readers with possible triggers, i do apologize but i want to put as much information here as i can.. I am sorry if i ramble here there's a lot to get down, it really will be a short novel I am being investigated for Housing Benefit and Council tax benefit(along with single person discount) fraud from what i assume is June 2011 til present day. I have my IUC for the 7th of April at my local town hall. The inv
  24. As many sufferers of the BES practice and the investigation by Ofgem, they published a report yesterday.(18/ 12/ 2015) http://tinyurl.com/qcabj4j
  25. Hi i would be really grateful if anyone can help or advise my situation, i feel absolutely sick and i cant stop shaking.. Please dont judge me I got a letter today from tax credits saying they believe another adult is living with me and they need documents from 6th april 2015 - 30th June 2015.. I Have been living with my partner since january, he is the dad to my 2 sons and i am so ashamed for not telling tax credits that he is living with me..he doesn't work or he is not on any benefits at all..i work but im on maternity leave at the minute..what should i do? I feel physically sick
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