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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I'm on UC, the non-full service one. I'm single and living by myself. Received a letter 5 days ago from the DWP, Local Service Compliance department. It has FESL2Tv2 at the bottom right. It says: I'm latching on the fact it says "about some changes" rather than saying "about any changes". This seems to suggest they're referring to some definite changes they know about? Unless it's just poorly worded. Obviously there's some major changes happening due to the transition over the next 5 months from gateway UC to the full UC (the full version of UC will be implemented by Sep
  2. Feeling like I could do with some advice please. I have had 2 PPI's that HSBC have agreed to pay out on. I sent all the forms back on 16th Feb and was told that the offers were sent out to me that week. Nearly 7 weeks on and I have still had nothing in the post. I have been chasing weekly and have been promised calls back on 8 occasions. Can someone give me a direct email address of the head of complaints who deal with PPI at HSBC? With a husband who has been out of work for 8 months, this PPI payouts really will ease things for us and was hoping that they would have been in out accou
  3. Hi, and thank you in advance for any help and guidance on this matter. I requested a cca from Lowell regarding a debt of £9000 (which consists of mainly interest charges) from very catalogue. They eventually returned an in signed agreement that has discrepancies on. There appears to be 2 different dates they state the account was opened, one is 07/12/2008 and an alleged credit agreement with an electronic tick for my signature dated 29/06/2011 The total debt is for £9,000.38 Of which £6,434.63 is made up of interest. I am wondering what my next step is,
  4. Hi all, I claimed tax credits as my computer repair business is bringing in less and less each year due to increased used of smartphones and tablets. I got a letter from "B&C Compliance Operations HMRC" asking for proof that the business is serious and that I make a regular income and an intention to make profit, ect. Since this letter stated they do not accept electronic or USB/CD i was limited on what I could provide so I simply sent a couple of my most up-to-date flyers as well as my business website/email address. A few weeks later I get a response saying that they don't
  5. Dear all, I am 19 years old and was apprehended by security officials whilst leaving this department store a day ago. I know shoplifting is wrong, this is my first offence, and I want to keep it that way. They took me into a side room when they told me that this was due to shoplifting a month ago. One security guard said he remembered my face. When I asked if I could be shown the tape they said only the police could access that, and if I didn’t comply the police would be called and they would see/would be able to show me the tape. They asked me my details (n
  6. Northern Powerhouse department to close office in Sheffield and move 247 jobs to London Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/29/northern-powerhouse-department-to-close-office-in-sheffield-and-move-247-jobs-to-london-5651943/#ixzz3yiz1scce
  7. Hi I am new to forums so i apologise in advance if this is in the wrong forum. I had a call from a foreign gentleman called "philip" claiming to be from the complaints department of the Financial Conduct Authoruty stating that certain creditors (Santander Barclays and capital one) of mine had got together and complained to his department as I was in a debt management arrangement, gave an approximate value of debt owed and wasn't paying them enough to clear the debt quickly enough. While we do owe money to these creditors two out of the three are in my wife
  8. Hello. I have a long ongoing battle with EE which I have issued a small claims action for. To cut a long story short, I only got a response from them after calls, Emails, letters sent recorded, Email to CEO and finally an LBA. That worked and I got two letters from the correspondence department. The trouble was when I spoke to their head office switchboard the lady I spoke to was quite embarressed as she went through to the department with the two names that were on the letters, but came back and told me that no one of those names worked in that department! I have been search
  9. Hi I have 2 overpayments currently being reccovered from my ctc these are for 2011/12 I have being disputing and complaing etc since then. I have all my sars data with parts missing have wrote complaint about missing data also contacted my mp who contacted them. What i am wondering now I have majorityof call reccords and screen shots I feel it should go to offical error, however was wondering if i should await response from ministerial complaints or carry on and submit letter of official error.
  10. Can someone please help me? This morning my employer received a letter from Department of Work and Pensions stating they are seeking recovery of monies for me. They had a very old address I hadn't lived at in 4 years. So I call them and give them my reference, the lady at the end of the line, who is clearly miserable and hates her job tells me I owe 93.70 from Job seekers allowance. I have not claimed JSA since 2005 when I claimed for 2-3 months. (9 years ago!) But I know what this is about as soon as she says this. One day in 2005 when I went to sign on I was told the next sign o
  11. Need advise please on what I can do next with the issue I have with an insurance company, BDML which seems to have been taken over by Capita. Quick run through: I had house insurance with BDML in 2010/2011, for a year. When renewal came about I cancelled this policy as I was moving. Heard nothing from them, no sorry you are leaving or any acknowledgment for anything else. Didnt think anything of it until I noticed in the May/June when I was sorting out my 6 monthly accounts that money had been taken from my bank account from BDML. Immediately I contacted my bank
  12. Hi, I had car insurance 2 years ago with a company called Octagon Insurance, I did it online. when it came to renewal last year , I went somewhere else. Octagon in their infinite knowledge assumed i would renew with them anyway , so they sent me a renewal quote and promptly advised their financing arm - Creation.co.uk to deduct money from my account and set up a direct debit. I got my bank to refund the unauthorised DD, returned the insurance renewal sent by Octagon , but they have been chasing me for about £200 ever since then. I wrote to them to send me the ag
  13. At my place of work we were recently given a document called "code of conduct for healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in England". We were told that these guidelines apply to us. The link is below: http://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/component/docman/doc_download/2246-code-of-conduct-healthcare-support.html My concern is under section 1 called be accountable by making sure you can answer for your actions or omissions There is a statement which reads: 2. always behave and present yourself in a way that does not call into question your suitability to work
  14. Hi All, I need some advise please My brother took my season ticket and was stopped by a revenue officer on the train. He didn't want me to get into trouble and so gave my details, the officer took the name he gave and address but did not do any further checks and said he believed him but took the ticket and gave him a temporary ticket for the rest of his journey He told me what happened when he got home and said that he was really sorry and that my details were given and i can send my photocard and a letter to the prosecution department saying it was me travelling So i
  15. Hi, Having read through various other situations on this forum I have decided to write an apologetic and begging letter to FCC (I was caught with no ticket and gave a false address before giving them the correct one) and offer them an out of court settlement. I work with children and a court appearance would be disastrous. I have yet to receive any letter from them but I would like to write to them immediately as it is making me horribly anxious. I cannot find the address for the relevant department anywhere on the internet, can anybody help? Also, what is an appropriate amount to offer
  16. Hi, Does anyone have the address where I can write a letter to orange requesting late payment markers to be removed as a good will gesture? I remember I found the address on this site months ago and bookmarked it but cant seem to find it now. Or should I give them a ring first? Many thanks,
  17. I have had Fibromyalgia symptoms for 3 years and have recently been officially diagnosed,( previously treated for depression, vitamin d deficiency ) the fibromyalgia is probably because I have joint hypermobility syndrome (Ehlers Danlos type 3) and the years of over extending, long periods sitting and standing has exacerbated the condition. In 2010 I was moved to a ‘back office’ function, retaining my grade and pay. My health status did not improve but was not getting worse as I could pace myself; this was considered a reasonable adjustment. I have a rheumatologist and twice yearly OH
  18. PLEASE READ, I DO APOLOGIES FOR ANY SPELLING MISTAKES AND GRAMMAR ERROR, (not my strong point lol) have sent this to executive office of orange. I am writing this complaint as I am discussed with the way I have been treaded by orange for the first time in 9 years that I have been with orange. I have 4 phones on my account and have upgraded a number of times in that 4 years and this is the first time I have EVER heard about this fraud in my name. (the above details are not the fraud account) On Tuesday 29th May I called orange to upgrade my phone from the IPhone 4 to the IPhone
  19. Coming through your letterbox any day now http://www.socialscrutiny.org/formication/benefits_files/page4-1000-full.php
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