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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there I am about to start proceedings against somebody in the judiciary and by a quick search I have found this website https://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk/ . Before I delve headlong into it has anybody had dealings with this Investigations Office ? All replies answered.
  2. I be interested to know if people have had dealings with this company and what their experiences are. Thank you
  3. My wife bought an Acer PC from Currys and because it had an hdmi display port had to buy a TV to use with it. The salesman attempted to sell her an insurance/service contract with it which she refused. He then said he would give a COMPLIMENTARY months cover on a contract in case she had any problems connecting the two, by the way I am an IT professional hence the original declining of a contract. The item was paid for via a credit card and the amount verified by PIN was correct. A month later a charge of £6-50 appeared on her credit card which it transpires is for payment for insurance/service plan. Referring back to the now fading thermal receipt issued at the time there is an entry headed "Monthly Card Mandate" for £6-50. Above this are other entries of a debit followed by a credit for Customer Support Agreement. She never entered into any form of agreement with Currys and did not expect to find entries regarding "Monthly Card Mandates" on what was expected to be just a receipt for purchase of equipment and for which the total verified by PIN agreed with the purchase price of the equipment. Is this all totally legal? After an agreement has been refused and then a complimentary month offered is it right to expect to be tricked into further payments in this wat without any from of signed documents covering the agreement? All thought welcomed.
  4. Hello all, My husband recently started a new job in his 'friends'' company - he was to be doing sales. They verbally agreed a salary of £50K with commission/share holding as the company grew - he did think about it for a few weeks before leaving his job and starting this one. Now, the first three weeks he worked there he worked 105 hours , but his pay was £1685 - not as we were expecting, he didn't receive a pay slip . We complained - turns out that that month the 'cut off' for wages was 20/11 - he started on the 5/11 We had hoped that we would be paid on the 25/11, then told it was the 30th/11 - but this still wasn't enough money. We were given a random amount of money -£1408. This helped with Christmas. During this time dh discussed again the agreed salary and was told that he would now be on an hourly wage of £16 per hour - well when your average week is 67 hours that shouldn't be too bad should it? Anyway, come the 20/12/15 he submits his time sheets again - 256 hours at £16 per hour, minus an hour for lunch (?!) £4132 - In his payslip they have taken back in full the £1408. taxed him at £1000, added 10 hours and his Christmas half pay holiday that he hadn't even taken - this still doesn't add up and quite a lot is missing- take home £1705. Turns out that he wasn't taxed for the first two payments and the first moth they only paid him £12 per hour - the difference between the 12 and 16 is £703 . I don't think they should have taken the entire 1408 back, just the tax and NI on the amount . We have received a payment of an additional £400 supposedly for the difference between the £12 and £16. So, he queried again, turns out they work on a 28 day basis - where it takes up to two weeks to pay the worker, this means the cut off dates change every four weeks BUT they only make 12 payments a year (??) We are confused, they have messed up his pay, paid him for varying days at varying amounts, are making 12 not 13 payments a year, are paying holidays at half pay - not average full pay AND you don't get anything extra for working bank holidays including Christmas - which is just a nice thing to do. I have spent days doing spread sheets, tax calculations, adding up etc etc it sort of works but then it doesn't. How can you pay someone £380 for a holiday they haven't taken in the previous month? We will be down that money in January.# I don't know whether to speak to an accountant, a solicitor or the fraud office tbh Ut's driving me mad!! If any of you cn make sense of this please do. I can post spread sheets if you want as they don't show anything personal only numbers and random musings. The only contract was verbal and my husbands notes taken during the initial discussions - working this many hours makes it hard to apply for other jobs. Thanks for anything you can tease out of this tangled web of financial dodginess.
  5. Hi guys I have been in serious debt for about 3 years now. However I changed my life around after receiving some therapy and have been successfully managing dealings with the various credit card companies since day 1 of that 3 years. I have been using a government sponsored scheme to negotiate with the creditors to a)pay them reasonable amounts b)freeze the interest so I have some hope of getting out of this mess. I have had success with all the credit card companies with both of these points and even paid 2 (of the 5) full and final settlements with the help of my mother-in-law. They accepted 32% in both cases saving me a massive amount of worry. 2 of the remaining 3 I have agreements to pay them a token amount until May of this year (having rejected my F&F) but the third one, Opus , have just sold my debt without telling me to a DCA. I have never had any dealings with DCA's but reading some of your very helpful advice on other threads they don't seem a particularly pleasant bunch. I have no argument that the debt exists as I definitely owed Opus and was paying them an amount each month - and having spoken to Opus they say they have definitely sold the debt to the DCA. What I would like to know are your thoughts on whether I should just continue paying these people the same amount I was paying Opus (all I can afford) and whether I should offer them a F&F in my first dealings with them. I just want this to go away and I have this offer of help from my mother-in-law but only up to a maximum 32%. Also are they entitled to see my Income and Expenditure? It's worrying me tremendously. I should mention that I was diagnosed with a neurological terminal disease a few years ago (one of the reasons I got into so much trouble) and have serious mobility problems as a result. However in my own way I fully intend to be around for a while yet smiling all the way (as long as I can get rid of this debt!). My wife is long suffering and completely out of this world. A diamond. I would be really grateful for your thoughts. Cheers bathtime
  6. I booked online after seeing they offered the best price for the hotel I was looking at. When the final payment screen came there was an additional £7plus added for fees which I thought was very deceptive. I continued with the booking and after a few minutes found a better price so emailed them giving them the info. They say they will beat any advertised price as long as they are notified within 24 hours. Heard nothing back. Their offices are outside the UK. Biggest shock came after arriving at the hotel 10 days later-they knew nothing of the booking ! And the receptionist claimed they had done this a few times recently. Was found a room but unfortunately it was nothing as had expected. Be careful if using this company.
  7. Total Digital Solutions Limited were the subject of Administration and RSM Tenon Recovery were appointed joint Administrators on 1st August 2012. An immediate disposal of TDS was the business and assets was done by sale to Apogee Corporation Limited on the same day. TDS appear to have used Shire leasing for customer agreements. TDS core business was described as supply of latest technology,document,printy,copy,scan,and management services,and traded from premises in North West. I have been made aware that there are some business owners who are now questioning the validity of the contracts they entered into with TDS. I have seen evidence which shows that TDS mis sold an agreement,and when challenged,agreed to take over the remaining liability and continue the payments to Shire. For almost a year the business concerned made no payments and assumed that TDC as indicated in writing was paying. The dispute around the legitimacy of the agreement involved a number of things. 1.That the Customer was led to believe that the contract was only for 12 months which turned out to be 5 years. 2.That the customer was then offered a telecoms marketing package which comprised of bluetooth technology being provided outside his premises. Although a printer/copier was listed on the agreement,no printer was provided.When questioned about this the response was unacceptable. No mention of the bluetooth or associated services was made on the agreement 3.TDS applied a personal guarantee on the agreement,which the business man assures me he did not agree to or know about. The Business is now recieving telephone demands for arrears on 2 accounts from Shire. Shire have been informed of the situation,and in fact an email exists from when the arrangement was made by TDS to take over the account liability. When asked to provide these demands in writing,Shire said they had no need to do so and would be taking proceedings if he did not pay. Shire themselves are no strangers to controversy,and an internet search reveals that they were a party to previous regulatory investigations. Shire are holders of a number of Consumer Credit licences. If anyone has been affected by the TDS Administration and sale,please post details in this thread.
  8. I started back to work almost exactly two years ago, before I went back i tried to claim Jobseekers allowance as it was then, but, as I wasnt working in the test period, I was ineligable. So, this January, I received a letter from HRMC, stating that they know I have received in excess of £3k in Jobseekers Allowance and now I am going to be given the priviledge of paying the tax on it . Hang on a mo, I never received a penny, so I call them to clarify. Oh yes Miss Lula, we know you claimed, we just ESTIMATED how much you received. YOU DID WHAT?? you have computers don't you? Surely the computer that told you that I claimed, also told you that i didn't receive a penny? Err, No Miss Lula, our computers dont really talk to each other, we have to estimate. Me, incredulous. So you are allowed to MAKE IT ALL UP, and I have to prove that I have received it or not? That, it appears is the long and the short of it, but , my story doesnt stop there, oh no ! It takes them 5 weeks to respond to any letter, so, not being blessed with a great amount of patience I ring them this afternoon. Firstly, it took 15 minutes to get through to a "human" voice and then, he goes through my note and confirms that, yes, they received my letter and the letter THAT I HAD TO GET, from the Benefits Agency, confirming that I had received no benefits from them. So, I said to him, my tax code for 2013/14 is going to be 944L . Err no, Miss Lula it will be 943L For why? I ask, we have established that I owe you no money, why is my tax code stating that I owe you £1. Well Miss Lula, it is the way the computer reckons it, it rounds up or down. So, I say, this is the same computer that cannot talk to another computer within the great Behemoth is the Welfare State? Yes, he replies. No, say I. I do not owe you £1 and i would like my tax code to reflect this, i want the full 944L. Errrrrr, he says, i will have to pass this on to a supervisor. Thats fine by me says I , but I mean to have the proper tax coding and have it I will. I find it totally unacceptable that you can make up figures and them expect me to roll over meekly and pay it. Watch this space, I expect a letter soon, i will not be expecting anything other that my 944L bastards
  9. Found on Sky News' website this morning.... http://news.sky.com/story/1043410/payday-loan-sites-dirty-tricks-to-boost-traffic Sam
  10. Hello, how has other members dealings with drydenfairfax been please ? they have just written saying they have been instructed by Creation Finance ( Adams card ) to collect the debt, They have also informed me their client will only allow any payment plan to run 24 months, so i would need to re-pay £180.00 per month to clear the debt, this i cannot do, i can re-pay £50.00. They have said in that case the client will accept £50.00 'without predjudice' and at some time the 'most likely' take me to court, ccj me and get a charge against my property. any feedback on this would be great, as im really staring to worry about this all. R x
  11. Hi, I have been receiving letters & more recently, like everyday, phone calls to my private mobile phone, from 'CAPQUEST'. They say I owe 'them', x amount of money from a debt owed to a credit card company, yes, I owe the credit card company, but NOT 'CAPQUEST'. Now, can anyone help me here? Are 'CAPQUEST' breaking the OFT laws by constantly harassing me with calling my personal number? They ring up all hours of the day, asking my name and to 'answer security questions' which I refuse each time, HANG ON-YOU CALLED ME! Why should I answer 'security questions', when you rang me??? I have even stated they are breaking the OFT laws, but they keep ringing me. It's got to the point where I'm playing games with them, like putting them on hold while I go do something else (if you want to waste my time, I'll waste yours!) Also, I am making a note of each time they call as evidence of harassment. Has anyone else had dealings or can anyone offer me some advice on the OFT laws regarding this please because I've had enough now! Thanks guys...
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