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  1. Bit of a pain I know, but ignoring Npower's bills for a moment...are you able to start working out what energy you've consumed over the time period (meter readings you've taken/actual Npower reads you're fairly sure are correct)? Not always possible to do accurately, but if you start working out cost from units used and the tariff applicable at the time, too. This starts to build up an indication of what you might actually owe (ignoring back billing rules for the time being). Would also be handy if you put together a really simple list of when readings were taken or estimated, and by who and on what date. Then a perhaps a separate list of payments you've made and on which date. Lists like this can quickly be referred to by all concerned; not having to pick out stuff from paragraphs Good luck! It can be done!
  2. Npower pretty much ignored our request/demand for compensation as per the same criteria too. Next stage for us is court proceedings (once again), but you should probably exhaust all other avenues first. The Ombudsman is optional, but you might as well try it. Expect the worst, hope for the best where they are concerned. Try and get a better breakdown of your key complaints if you can - the above is very difficult to follow from an outsider's point of view. Nice concise bulleted lists of the key information, in chronological order really helps others provide constructive answers. Try cut out the waffle wherever possible
  3. This might be better in a different forum category as it's not directly related to a utility supplier. A mod should hopefully sort this for you. In the meantime double check your contract for any relevant clauses. Not terribly familiar with tenant/landlord related laws but if you could show financial loss that might be a cause for action. From what I recall, claiming for discomfort isn't particularly easy and probably not worth the hassle for just over a week in duration.
  4. The saga continues! Given the recent decision by Ofgem, particularly their order in regards to compensating the worst affected customers, we thought it would be worthwhile sending Npower a quick letter of complaint (unsurprisingly we don't trust Npower's advice that we 'don't need to do anything'). Per Npower's own publication on its website, they should be awarding at least £200 compensation based on the criteria. In the letter we briefly outlined Npower's unacceptable conduct, highlighted the fact that they have still failed to remove the incorrect credit file entries, and provided a bullet list of what actions we'd like to be taken. Amazingly this was a single A4 page. Npower responded a couple of days ago, via email and not return mail (once again). Here is their response: Will be dropping a rather terse response to what is, clearly, a bit of a fob-off from Npower's customer service department. Wonder if they have a bulk closure exercise for this too? Update to follow.
  5. Npower have made a press release regarding compensation for affected customers (past and present): http://www.npower.com/home/customer/index.htm#tab-4 [ATTACH=CONFIG]60637[/ATTACH]
  6. You'll probably find this exercise will exceed the value of your claim. Chances are it wouldn't be allowed as the costs are disproportionate; failing that it is unlikely you'd be allowed to recover it even if you won. It still wouldn't rule out the possibility you borrowed a device or asked a friend to do it, so it doesn't actually prove you didn't send it. My point is, the burden of proof lies with Halfords. If they want to make wild accusations that damage your character, they better be able to back them up.
  7. Pointless excercise, IMO. Unless the IP addresses match, it wouldn't prove it wasn't you, just as they couldn't prove it was you without some extremely intensive data forensics. They need to either substantiate the allegation they are making or retract it. It is defamatory in nature and they should know better.
  8. Looking at this objectively, try and see things from the judge's perspective on the day. Chances are they are not going to be 100% knowledgable with vehicle mechanics and will have to rely on the evidence presented to them on the day; whether from you, Halfords or an independent expert witness (if instructed). As much as you know you've been wronged (and Halfords are no doubt pretty aware of it), the judge is an outside party; the legal system is overburdened at the moment and as it stands it really could go either way. To have been offered pretty much the full amount prior to a hearing, you clearly have enough of a case that it worries Halfords. If nothing else, take pride in that. It is more justice than most receive. Is the prospect of an extra ~9% that you'll have to spend £x on, with what might be a 50% chance of winning really worth two months of preparation and stress? Only you can decide that. The experience of a court room on the day is certainly worth something, but choose your battles wisely
  9. Think that was our fault to be honest. We didn't lay out these costs clear enough in the claim so he was unable to make an award on that basis. You live and you learn
  10. Quite a serious allegation on their part. Not withstanding, the thing you need to consider is how likely you are to be awarded a sum greater than what they are offering you. If the answer is the same or less, take the money and have a less stressful start to 2016!
  11. Here we go. The judgement was split into two, but this one is more relevant to Npower's conduct. I have highlighted particular areas of interest (e.g. the judge's criticism of Npower). I'll try and find time to post parts of the other documents in due course (probably next week). Hope this is of use to someone!
  12. Sorry, the files were not the easiest to redact and time has been an issue this past month or so. Uploading the judgement shortly. Thanks for the kind words! Yes, it was bloody awful in some ways but incredibly satisfying to get a judgement in our favour (even if we didn't get a bunch of money from it).
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