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  1. It was very helpful as some people were driving 20 miles to do pointless office work. Now they are no longer risking themselves or their families needlessly. Sometimes you have to confront people.
  2. I work directly for the council and the job i normally do is 98% with clients and 2% on a computer. We do not have laptops. We cannot work from home as the work we do is with clients mainly out in the community.
  3. After the manager was confronted they said it was voluntary (if you wanted to go in). The website was quoted and they claimed to know nothing about it. I then suggested that as they were a manager they should be aware of the council's policy.
  4. the question is going to be asked this week by another member of staff. The things you asked are not the work being undertaken. It's very difficult to say everything without identifying the whole situation but thanks for your quick replies.
  5. Staff are being asked to go to work to complete admin tasks for a small amount of hours a week. The employer's website says clearly "staff are not to go into buildings unless the work is essential". The work being asked is to check an update client files. These are reviewed on a revolving basis. Does this constitute essential work? I asked my union but they said "in these challenging times do what you are asked".
  6. I recently worked a shift for the agency and got normal rate plus a pound. I'ts quite friendly where i do the work and they told me they are getting charged double rate for Bank Holidays. The manager also showed me the invoice so i know they are telling the truth. I have worked BH before for the agency and got double hourly rate. If they are charging double should i be getting double? Thanks in advance.
  7. I am in a union but last time a left them a message they called me 3 weeks later. By that point i had the answer from HR!
  8. Thank you for replying. My question is how do you tackle this? 3 people treated one way and the male differently.
  9. If 4 staff have a permanent or temporary medical exemption (from the GP / occupational health) to doing part of a job (manual handling - staff are 3 female and 1 male) BUT the one male is told he has to do this part of the job (but the other 3 females not) is this an example of a breach of the equality act 2010? If it is what can be done? If it is not a breach what can be done?
  10. Thanks for your replies. Her hourly wage is supposed to be £10 per hour plus holiday. I have calculated she is on £8.92 per hour plus £1.08 rolled up holiday. I got my sums wrong and she is £48 a week short (if she accepted rolled up leave).
  11. She's tried talking to her friend but she does not know anything about employment law. Her friend (who works there on over double the wage) was told the wage was XX.XX an hour but did not say whether holiday was or was not included in that figure. Her contract says she has to give a week's notice, if she wants to leave. My wife should have either queried this when she was given the contract or shown it to me. In this part of the country employment is so poor she's grateful to have a job.
  12. My wife is getting over NMW. The payslips show her hourly rate but no mention of holiday pay. Her contract does clearly show her hourly rate includes 12.07% holiday pay. Thank you for your replies so far.
  13. I'm asking about holiday pay for my wife. She has a zero hours contract and today she has shown me her contract. The job was given to her by a friend. She was told the hourly rate was X amount (by the friend). The contract say the hourly rate is X amount (what she thought it was) but this also includes any holiday entitlement (12.07% of the hourly wage she is getting an hour). So if she has a week off she does not get paid anything for that week. She is working 40 hours a week and this oversight is costing her £5000 a year. She expects to be there for the best part of a year to complete a specific job. How does she resolve this? She wants this private company to offer her a permanent contract but i think if she raises questions she will not get this offer. She has been there for 14 weeks so far. I know "rolled up" contracts are illegal (according to the .gov.uk website). I look forward to any help.
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