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  1. If 4 staff have a permanent or temporary medical exemption (from the GP / occupational health) to doing part of a job (manual handling - staff are 3 female and 1 male) BUT the one male is told he has to do this part of the job (but the other 3 females not) is this an example of a breach of the equality act 2010? If it is what can be done? If it is not a breach what can be done?
  2. HI all, Its a long time since I have been on the forum however can you give me advice please. I have a car loan with Barclays Bank. I have never missed a payment. I was made redundant in July and when I received my redundancy pay I called Barclays and asked if I could pay off a lump sum and then reduce the monthly payment.i.e pay off 50% of the loan and keep the term the same. I was told I could pay lump sum but it would not reduce the payment only the term. I think this is unfair. I have now excercised my right to terminate the agreement and the money I was going to pa
  3. Hi guys, I used to be a lodger at someone’s house and he handed me a letter yesterday (100817) in my name dated 1 May 2017 titled NHS dental treatment charges - penalty charge. I went for a check up at a dentist on 4 March and they are claiming that I ticked the box for HC2 exemption for free NHS treatment (unsure – just wanted it over with as I was in agony at the time with toothache) It lists the payment as £53.90 treatment charge £100 penalty charge It also states on the back that if you are included in an award for Universal Credit (UC) and you had no earnings for t
  4. Hi My name is Khadija I have been recently been informed by my dentist due to two missed appointments they have now terminated my dental care. The latest appointment I take full blame as I got the dates mixed up, however my first missed appointment this year was due to an accident I had that made it unable for me to attend. I called to explain why I could not attend and they understood and informed that my first missed appointment will not go against me. I have spoken to the Dental manager who has been looking into the matter and today I recieved an email without a detailed
  5. hi nhs info says 'root canal work' is re band 2, yet some dentists put it in band 3? nhs helpline seems inconclusive, seemingly siding with the dentists re band 3 if deemed 'complex'. what band should it be in? anyone any experience re this? etc
  6. I am waiting on surgery and it has been over 6 months and the hospital have said that my surgery date is not even on the horizon. I asked if I am covered on the 18 week rule and they said yes but that they are not meeting that target. Am I right that I can insist that they pay for me to have the surgery privately?
  7. A little history first. Wife diagnosed with Diverticulitus over 25 years ago she is now just coming up to age 65. Had a really bad episode late December 2013. Went to GP first day open in January 2014. Saw Consultant at hospital jan 2014. Had MRI scan,saw consultant who stated it was now Complicated Diverticulitus plus a Hernia and surgery was required. Appointment with Surgeon who confirmed diagnosis and reffered wife to Stoma nurse. 27 Aug 2014 Sigmond Colostomy surgery by key hole was done ( This was past there own target of 18 weeks and too
  8. Hi, I could do with a little help as new to this. I am working for a large car parts firm delivering parts, I suffer from sleep apnea which is a disability, one of my work mates which I thought was a mate told the manager how tired I looked and swerved the van, so immediately I was send home with no explaination and no proof of the allegation. I am off sick with stress due to all this, my disability is controlled by a CPAP machine and I am perfectly fine to drive and have never had an accident, I feel as though I am being discriminated against and that no one believes me which is awful. Any ad
  9. I have been detained under section 44 with what I believe is ehlers-danlos-syndrome and wrongly being interpted as mental illness- they want to do tests but the problem is there is no one in Scotland really ualified to diagnose it . I am already physically much worse which in turn is being interpted as yet more mental issues and can barely type or talk to communicate as well. From http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ehlers-danlos-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/260562/UK_Strategy_for_Rare_ Can any
  10. Registered at a new Dentist after practise was recommended, ( scared of dentists ) I pay for treatments as in full time employment. when I visited the dentist I filled in the questionnaire, and stated treatments under the NHS cost.... One question on the new applicant page is treatment required straight away, to which I ticked YES and gave brief outline of problem, was given appointment for 5 days away, although they could see I was in a lot of pain and could hardly talk, went to doctors next morning to get pain killers and antibiotics, waited the five days until appointment day, sat in de
  11. Over 5 years ago my mother suffered a brain injury which rendered her unable to manage her own affairs. As you can imagine this was a very traumatic and heartbreaking time for us. As there was no Power of Attorney in place (we were due to put this in place and had discussed it with my mother), I was appointed as a Deputy by the Court of Protection to look after my mother's financial affairs. All very stressful and could have been avoided. My mother has a number of accounts with several different banks and building societies. Whilst it was an onerous task, most banks were helpful and
  12. Hi I have recently joined an NHS dental practice and have had an initial examination at a cost of £18.50 on the day a second appointment was made to have a filling done the following week the next day I realised that I couldn't make that appointment due to other commitments and so rang to re-arrange for around two weeks afterwards at which point I was told I could but it would be classed as a second treatment and that I would be charged £50.50 I'm unsure if the receptionist understood fully what I was getting at and so I have asked them to clarify what they mean in writing. The letter I i
  13. Can anybody clarify whether any of the following incidents would be seen as medical negligence and can any claims be made if they are? Had an annual check up in a specialist centre, reported to the doctor that some palpitations had occurred. He noted only one occurrence but there was one long one and several shorter occurrences which he was told about. Information was only partially recorded Had a 24 hour monitor but didn't receive results so thought everything was OK. Regular annual check 12 months later and was taken straight into hospital as an emergency but there was no recor
  14. Had a VERY upsetting afternoon. I suffer from Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease. Quite common but only been diagnosed a short time and still trying to get medication correct. I was a Carer for my mum for 10 years but I have now lost my home due to her having to go into a home. I am currently with friends and on benefits. I have many problems which I won't go into here. Because of this, last Jan or Feb, by luck I spoke to someone at HSBC about excessive charges which some got refunded and others didn't. He set a plan in place whereby, because of my long term situation, they were
  15. Im currently being treated through the NHS for a meniscus repair . So far I've had 2 operations, steroid injections,gel injections and hours of physio. Luckily, I have a protected payments scheme through my employer which means, now the sick pay has ran out, I get a substance payment through the pension scheme. Im currently looking at a termination due to sick time off. I'm caught in a catch 22, the NHS wont sign me off till the knee stops swelling, my employer wont allow me back till I'm 100%. There's no other jobs to be had which can accommodate me and I will only be able to do my old rol
  16. The price of NHS prescriptions is to rise by 20p in April and again next year. NHS dental charges will also increase by up to £5 from 1 April. In a statement, Health Minister Norman Lamb said the increases were justified given the increasing demands on the NHS, with spending on medicines alone almost doubling since 2000. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have scrapped all prescription charges. Around 90% of prescriptions in England are currently dispensed free of charge. There are exemptions for people on low incomes
  17. I have a 13 year old crossbread who I love dearly. on the outer ankle area of his left front leg he has what looks to me like an injury which has become infected. We took him to the vets yesterday, not had to bother taking him to the vets much as he is a really healthy dog so dont really have a relationship with a vet as such and I am quite upset and concerned by her diagnosis. Upon looking at the wound, which to be fair is quite grotesque, she immediately said that it is a huge mass and a tumour and needs to be surgically removed and that is what the foul smell coming from him was.
  18. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of making a claim for unfair treatment under the FSA Conduct of Business Sourcebook - COBS. I think that I have a valid claim against Halifax but I was just wondering if there were any POC's around. I did start to write my POC using BCOBS until I realised that only applied to bank accounts & that any claim for a credit card needed to be made using COBS. I know that I have to make the claim for breach of contract under COBS laying out the reasons why I have been treated unfairly. I intend to make reference to The Unfair Ter
  19. I have rare illness / disease that is not easily diagnosed nor accepted as existing by the majority of GPs in the uk ( although it is recognised / has a charity etc ), is there any way then it is possible to find out the number of patients a doctor has - or is currently treating for a specific illness or disease ? ( I like in pretty small town so this is why Im asking ) thanks, mike
  20. Regulator reminds homeowners of their responsibilities in paying off capital, but wants fair treatment from lenders Homeowners with interest-only mortgages who do not have enough money to pay them off when they mature have been warned it is ultimately their responsibility to find a way to clear their loan. However, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) added that it expected mortgage lenders to treat these customers fairly and not "exploit" those in difficulty by, for example, demanding they pay a higher rate of interest than other customers. Repossession of a property s
  21. Evidence of "misconduct" among banks has been uncovered in a Government adviser's report. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has been handed a dossier which its author says reveal banks’ “disturbing patterns of behaviour” towards small and medium-sized businesses. Government adviser Lawrence Tomlinson, who produced the research, said he had “exposed activity which flies in the face of the Government’s growth agenda”. Activities which “impede lending” include alleged malpractice in banks’ restructuring divisions. Mr Tomlinson accused banks of loading punitive charges on struggling compa
  22. Hi All I am looking for a little advice. To cut a very long story short,,, My fiancee has been suffering with daily migraines for the past 3 or 4 years, (along with the severe depression and anxiety possibly brought on by this),,,Has just received yet another admission at a hospital!! YAY you may say!!! BUT,, This original appointment with this particular specialist was carried out, back in NOV 2012! Below is a basic sequence of events... 12/11/12 saw Consultant 'B' when he advised of DHE treatment due to intensity (rebound headaches) 10/01/13
  23. My wife has been waiting for surgery since January 2013. She is in and out of hospital like a yoyo. There have been 4 cancelled admissions into Kings hospital, London since Jan, all at the last minute with the excuse that there are no beds. Now she has been offered a date in another hospital that is more likely to have beds. The trouble is that it is 300+ miles away in Liverpool!! Is this normal? If it is do they not realise the cost implication to the patient and the family? She went for a CT scan and bloods a few weeks ago. It took a 12 hour round trip, a night in a hotel a
  24. Hi, At age 12 I was diagnosed with ADHD and have been treated with stimulants ever since. Because I was on them for so long, my system got used to them and recently I was moved to a MUCH stronger medication which is a restricted substance too. Despite having had a long history of high Blood Pressure, my GP REFUSES to carry on this ADHD treatment (or any) as the BP takes precedence (in her eyes). Luckily I have a week's worth left so i can pretty much keep a clear mind open, think straight and logically for the next week. I asked her NOT to remove me from the medication, and
  25. Hi everyone, I am new to this and really hope someone can help. I am self representing because I live mainly abroad and this would cause a problem to most lawyers/trainees/volunteers. On my ET1 I ticked the Age Discrimination box, simply because I could not see any other options that applied, but proceeded to state that I believed I had been discriminated against due to Age and/or Part-time hours. The Respondent replied on the ET3 that there was no jurisdiction because I had not listed and dated the alleged discrimination incidents and that those mentioned predated my ET1. The ET h
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