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  1. If 4 staff have a permanent or temporary medical exemption (from the GP / occupational health) to doing part of a job (manual handling - staff are 3 female and 1 male) BUT the one male is told he has to do this part of the job (but the other 3 females not) is this an example of a breach of the equality act 2010? If it is what can be done? If it is not a breach what can be done?
  2. HI all, Its a long time since I have been on the forum however can you give me advice please. I have a car loan with Barclays Bank. I have never missed a payment. I was made redundant in July and when I received my redundancy pay I called Barclays and asked if I could pay off a lump sum and then reduce the monthly payment.i.e pay off 50% of the loan and keep the term the same. I was told I could pay lump sum but it would not reduce the payment only the term. I think this is unfair. I have now excercised my right to terminate the agreement and the money I was going to pay them I have used to buy another car with no finance. The car is going back and they want me to take it to Manheim centre nearest is Bristol or they will collect but charge £150. Manheim is not open on weekends which means I will lose a days work. I have been told that they should have allowed me to reduce my payment as I was acting responsible/ I have had a row with them but am I right. Any help appreciated and am I in the correct thread X
  3. Hi guys, I used to be a lodger at someone’s house and he handed me a letter yesterday (100817) in my name dated 1 May 2017 titled NHS dental treatment charges - penalty charge. I went for a check up at a dentist on 4 March and they are claiming that I ticked the box for HC2 exemption for free NHS treatment (unsure – just wanted it over with as I was in agony at the time with toothache) It lists the payment as £53.90 treatment charge £100 penalty charge It also states on the back that if you are included in an award for Universal Credit (UC) and you had no earnings for the last complete assessment period of £435 or less then the NHS will cover the cost I have just ring UC and they told me my claim was closed on 170717. I have asked them to send me this as a letter (again landlord’s address) and they told me they would in 2nd class post. However I have no idea about the amount of earnings in the assessment period. Can someone clarify that if I did earn over £435 then I would be liable? I am wondering whether I should get involved with this at all. The person I lived with is extremely unreliable and for all I know this penalty may have increased or I have received further letters in my name there. I no longer require dental treatment and have moved on from this now. Please advise whether I should contact them? I do not want to dodge the system but I have moved away from the city and even getting mail from him is difficult now Thanks LP
  4. Hi My name is Khadija I have been recently been informed by my dentist due to two missed appointments they have now terminated my dental care. The latest appointment I take full blame as I got the dates mixed up, however my first missed appointment this year was due to an accident I had that made it unable for me to attend. I called to explain why I could not attend and they understood and informed that my first missed appointment will not go against me. I have spoken to the Dental manager who has been looking into the matter and today I recieved an email without a detailed explanation that I now have to look for an alternative dental care. They also sent me a letter stating that within accordance to NHS regulations the surgury can now stop my treatment. I have checked the NHS website and the decision to stop any treatment is the sole decision of the surgry andnot the NHS. Being a patient at my surgury I do not recall ever being informed or having a copy of the surgury's policies. It seems so unfair to me that being with them for 5 years and having all my children at the same surgury the decision to stop my care is very irrational and hasty. Is there anyway I could pursue this further please because it I feel the dentist is more concerned about their numbers as opposed to my health. Please advice and thank you so much
  5. Guest

    NHS dentist root canal treatment

    hi nhs info says 'root canal work' is re band 2, yet some dentists put it in band 3? nhs helpline seems inconclusive, seemingly siding with the dentists re band 3 if deemed 'complex'. what band should it be in? anyone any experience re this? etc
  6. I am waiting on surgery and it has been over 6 months and the hospital have said that my surgery date is not even on the horizon. I asked if I am covered on the 18 week rule and they said yes but that they are not meeting that target. Am I right that I can insist that they pay for me to have the surgery privately?
  7. A little history first. Wife diagnosed with Diverticulitus over 25 years ago she is now just coming up to age 65. Had a really bad episode late December 2013. Went to GP first day open in January 2014. Saw Consultant at hospital jan 2014. Had MRI scan,saw consultant who stated it was now Complicated Diverticulitus plus a Hernia and surgery was required. Appointment with Surgeon who confirmed diagnosis and reffered wife to Stoma nurse. 27 Aug 2014 Sigmond Colostomy surgery by key hole was done ( This was past there own target of 18 weeks and took me ringing the surgeons secretary on a more than weekly basis to get anywhere.) Wife came to after op and no stoma. Surgeon stated he had been able to remove part of the bowel and reconnect with the other part of the bowel. Great!!!! We then had to wait till the 03Feb 2015 for the Hernia op this took even more chasing and it is quite soul destroying to see your wife in agony and myself having to push the hernia back into the abdomen. After the hernia op we thought great job done however my wife remained in pain which we put down to the hernia op as it had become so large and we in our naivety thought the area was taking a long time to recover. Last wednesday my wife collapsed with intense Bowel pain and I had to get an ambulance for her she was admitted had chest and abdomen x-rays and eventual an MRI the diagnosis is complicated diverticulitis and another hernia higher up in the bowel which would require more surgery and a stoma bag fitting. My wife was asked when her colostomy had been done as there is no Disc or notes on the op in her file. also told that not all of her diseased bowel had been removed. She was treated with morpine and intravenous anti-biotics we were told they would not operate at this time because of the infection and inflammation. She is at home now but hardly dares to eat anything and we are back where we were two years ago through no fault of our own. No doubt we start the merry go round again, do they now have another 18 weeks to fob us off too which they cannot keep to anyway. Why were we not told that the original op left a problem still in existence. That would have enabled us to at least go back to the Gp or hospital with the problem . Follow up appointments after surgery are a thing of the past all they are interested in is discharging you.
  8. Hi, I could do with a little help as new to this. I am working for a large car parts firm delivering parts, I suffer from sleep apnea which is a disability, one of my work mates which I thought was a mate told the manager how tired I looked and swerved the van, so immediately I was send home with no explaination and no proof of the allegation. I am off sick with stress due to all this, my disability is controlled by a CPAP machine and I am perfectly fine to drive and have never had an accident, I feel as though I am being discriminated against and that no one believes me which is awful. Any advice would be greatful, thanks in advance, also forgot to mention that I pointed out that other drivers have had accidents, quite badly some of them, my reply was "but they don't have sleep apnea" which means I am being treated differently to everyone else
  9. I have been detained under section 44 with what I believe is ehlers-danlos-syndrome and wrongly being interpted as mental illness- they want to do tests but the problem is there is no one in Scotland really ualified to diagnose it . I am already physically much worse which in turn is being interpted as yet more mental issues and can barely type or talk to communicate as well. From http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ehlers-danlos-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/260562/UK_Strategy_for_Rare_ Can any one tell me what criteria allows drs with no previous -or very little to fairly assess a rare disease with high rate of misdiagnosis instead of allowing them to get referred or go pvt ? ( esp in the highlands were there is 0) If its possible for someone detained under section 44 to seek help privately for assessment if the resources req to rule out a condition are unvailable in scotland esp if there is proof / reason to doubt a mental illness ? thanks mike
  10. Registered at a new Dentist after practise was recommended, ( scared of dentists ) I pay for treatments as in full time employment. when I visited the dentist I filled in the questionnaire, and stated treatments under the NHS cost.... One question on the new applicant page is treatment required straight away, to which I ticked YES and gave brief outline of problem, was given appointment for 5 days away, although they could see I was in a lot of pain and could hardly talk, went to doctors next morning to get pain killers and antibiotics, waited the five days until appointment day, sat in dentist chair explained pain etc, dentist said can remove tooth but would be classed as emergency treatment under private charge, or could make another appointment for following week, where would be charged NHS costing... due to extreme pain I asked for tooth to be taken out straight away, I do have a plate hence a tooth had to be added, to replace the one taken out, the dentist said this could be done, under the NHS costing but would take two weeks to get done, or within 3 days if I paid privately, I opted for straight away, as needed plate back, to attend work, eat properly etc etc I collect the plate Tuesday after my hygienist appointment, which I know I pay for myself, Question I have is I feel I was somewhat pressured in paying private costs instead of having to wait for nhs treatment that the dentist deemed an emergency at the time. I know they are Bands within the NHS charging, a tooth removal and a tooth adding to a plate would come under band two £50.50, my very 1st visit to this dentist cost £60 for tooth removal, and £60 for a tooth to be added to my plate. Already I'm having dough's about this dentist, and feel that treatment under NHS costing's are been delayed, and same treatment offered instantly or within days if prepared to pay privately. I will attend appointment Tuesday, as have to collect my partial plate, just that something is niggling inside me, that I have been somewhat cash cowed just because I needed treatment straight away ? Surely if dentist classed treatment as emergency it should have been carried straight away under nhs banding, not only by paying private cost. kinda feel I was taken advantage of, while needing emergency treatment, either pay private charge for instant treatment, or wait in pain for week and pay nhs charge. thoughts.............................baffled.................
  11. Over 5 years ago my mother suffered a brain injury which rendered her unable to manage her own affairs. As you can imagine this was a very traumatic and heartbreaking time for us. As there was no Power of Attorney in place (we were due to put this in place and had discussed it with my mother), I was appointed as a Deputy by the Court of Protection to look after my mother's financial affairs. All very stressful and could have been avoided. My mother has a number of accounts with several different banks and building societies. Whilst it was an onerous task, most banks were helpful and sympathetic although admittedly many were ignorant of my role and what it was supposed to empower me to do. Santander have consistently been a nightmare to deal with, the type of issues I have faced: 1. Having to go into branch(es) to undertake simple tasks. 2. Having to be treated like a fraudster every time I try to undertake a simple task. 3. Having to explain what a Deputy is, only for the staff to look at me as if I am trying to defraud them and being humiliated and having requests refused. 4. Having internet banking disabled surreptitiously by a branch manager who thought I was a fraudster because they did not understand my role. 5. Spending hours on the telephone to undertake simple tasks (changing standing orders etc) because no one could authorise the actions I wanted to undertake (and am legally permitted to undertake). 6. Having online transactions blocked and cards disabled regularly. 7. Receiving letters addressed to my mother each time we tried to do an online transaction for her - asking if the transactions were legitimate. 8. Having to constantly re-explain my role and why it was not appropriate for them to keep trying to contact my mother etc etc... just so we could change her care home fee contribution! This is just a small sample of what has been a longstanding nightmare. It got to the stage that we avoided dealing with Santander because it was too time consuming and stressful. Ultimately I ended up paying for things myself as I was constantly worried that they would again stop a card or disable access or cause other issues. After the most recent problems, I again made a complaint and it appears now that they have resolved some of the problems (I now have internet banking back after 3 years without it, I now have a cheque book, I also have a debit card that works at the moment). The misinformation continues (the cheque book was supposed to be in my name as Deputy for, but came in my mother's name. I have been told to sign cheques in a few different styles. I am yet to test a cheque). I have received an apology letter from Santander and have been offered a small financial gesture from Santander for the 5 years of grief. I don't know whether to accept the gesture or, pass the complaint to the ombudsman. Has anyone else had issues of this nature? I'd appreciate any opinions on this. Thank you.
  12. Hi I have recently joined an NHS dental practice and have had an initial examination at a cost of £18.50, on the day a second appointment was made to have a filling done the following week the next day I realised that I couldn't make that appointment due to other commitments and rang to re-arrange for around two weeks afterwards, at which point I was told I could but it would be classed as a second treatment and that I would be charged £50.50, I'm unsure if the receptionist understood fully what I was getting at and so I have asked them to clarify what they mean in writing. The letter I intend to send tomorrow please feel free to point out any errors... Document dental surgery staff member referred to me too: http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/DentalServices/4717.aspx
  13. Can anybody clarify whether any of the following incidents would be seen as medical negligence and can any claims be made if they are? Had an annual check up in a specialist centre, reported to the doctor that some palpitations had occurred. He noted only one occurrence but there was one long one and several shorter occurrences which he was told about. Information was only partially recorded Had a 24 hour monitor but didn't receive results so thought everything was OK. Regular annual check 12 months later and was taken straight into hospital as an emergency but there was no record on the notes of any monitor or any results. The results had been lost and only added to the notes after a second urgent hospital admission for the same thing which was over 12 months after the test had been done. Discharged after the first in patient experience and sent a follow up appointment but was sent to see the wrong consultant who had nothing to do with the problem so a complaint was made through PALS. They were difficult to contact at times. They promised a final response within the timeframe but it was received 2 months later and was just full of apologies and promises that procedures would change. Surgery is necessary but this could have been done over 12 months ago if the notes had been properly written up and no idea whether this delay has caused any more damage. Do patients who have long term problems and who need procedures have any right to any sort of claim for the stress and distress caused by bungling doctors and admin staff? Any information would be appreciated
  14. Had a VERY upsetting afternoon. I suffer from Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease. Quite common but only been diagnosed a short time and still trying to get medication correct. I was a Carer for my mum for 10 years but I have now lost my home due to her having to go into a home. I am currently with friends and on benefits. I have many problems which I won't go into here. Because of this, last Jan or Feb, by luck I spoke to someone at HSBC about excessive charges which some got refunded and others didn't. He set a plan in place whereby, because of my long term situation, they were not to charge me overdraft charges. I had to phone every 3 months to reset the plan as they could only do it at 3 months at a time. This seemed to go well until one girl raked me over the coals asking me many questions about my expenditure and that she wanted me to cut out my spending. A few weeks later I got sent a new debit card. I knew nothing about the old one being lost, as I thought so phoned the bank. To cut a long story short she had, unbeknownst to me, cancelled my debit card which was contactless and sent me a non-contactless one and on further investigation had cut my spending limit per day from £100,000 to £10,000. Now I can't afford to spend either but the customer adviser told me to complain. I did and they apologised and gave me £50 compensation for the trouble. EDIT forgot to say here, I was "punished" for being poor by having the contactless thing taken away - I couldn't really care less but it's the principle. So, re-setting the plan with the bank worked well til today. It took 2 1/2 hours of them asking me very invasive questions about things I had purchased upon my account, wanting to know what was wrong with me and when I would be working again and making me feel like I was lying and probably a criminal. "You bought something from Amazon, what was that for?" Do I have to go through this discriminatory behaviour every time I renew this plan? They tell me I do because for some reason they don't want to look at incoming and outgoing and see my position hasn't changed. I am not a wimp but this has left me very upset and distressed. What can I do and who should I contact please?
  15. The price of NHS prescriptions is to rise by 20p in April and again next year. NHS dental charges will also increase by up to £5 from 1 April. In a statement, Health Minister Norman Lamb said the increases were justified given the increasing demands on the NHS, with spending on medicines alone almost doubling since 2000. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have scrapped all prescription charges. Around 90% of prescriptions in England are currently dispensed free of charge. There are exemptions for people on low incomes, children and the over 60s. The current prescription charge is £7.85. Dental charges will also increase. As of April 2014, the charge payable for a band one course of treatment will increase by 50p from £18 to £18.50. The dental charge for a band 2 course of treatment will increase by £1.50 from £49 to £50.50. The charge for a band 3 course of treatment will increase by £5 from £214 to £219. The cost of prescription prepayment certificates - 'season tickets' that can be bought to cover prescription costs for three or 12 months - will remain unchanged at £29.10 and £104, respectively. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-26529262
  16. I have a 13 year old crossbread who I love dearly. on the outer ankle area of his left front leg he has what looks to me like an injury which has become infected. We took him to the vets yesterday, not had to bother taking him to the vets much as he is a really healthy dog so dont really have a relationship with a vet as such and I am quite upset and concerned by her diagnosis. Upon looking at the wound, which to be fair is quite grotesque, she immediately said that it is a huge mass and a tumour and needs to be surgically removed and that is what the foul smell coming from him was. This last point made my husband cross as the fould smell was his breath due to him licking this infection/abscess and annoyed him that she couldnt tell the difference. She cleaned the wound, gave him a lampshade to stop him licking it as this is making it worse, and some antibiotics and pain relief. She also quoted surgery at £650-£700. I told her that due to his age and cost I was unsure if this is something we would want to do and she just told me that we had to hope that it would heal then. Also that it could take weeks or months to fully heal. I feel in limbo as we have no idea what not operating would mean, it seems to us that she has implied we put him to sleep, but he is not in pain and apart from this is very health. We are following the treatment, cleaning 2 x daily and his meds, but after already paying £77 to her am a bit wary about taking him back on Monday as tbh I dont have much faith in her. Does anyone know if a person not on benefits could get help with a vets bill or would I be screwed???
  17. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of making a claim for unfair treatment under the FSA Conduct of Business Sourcebook - COBS. I think that I have a valid claim against Halifax but I was just wondering if there were any POC's around. I did start to write my POC using BCOBS until I realised that only applied to bank accounts & that any claim for a credit card needed to be made using COBS. I know that I have to make the claim for breach of contract under COBS laying out the reasons why I have been treated unfairly. I intend to make reference to The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 s.5 as well as possibly Consumer Credit Act s.140A. The unfair treatment includes increasing the card rate to almost 30% immediately after being informed that my fixed term contract had ended & that I was at that point unemployed, offering to freeze interest in writing & then refusing, offering again to freeze interest & then taking no action, refusing to accept that I have a dispute over charges, ignoring letters even those sent special delivery to named directors, issuing defective default notices, constant & provable harassment by phone from Halifax & it's DCA's despite being informed that the account is in dispute. I feel that they have manipulated my situation to make themselves extra cash knowing that being unemployed that I would be unable to repay the complete balance. They have treated me unfairly because they chosen a route which favours their own interests over mine & have failed to abide by the Lending code on the fair treatment of customers in financial difficulty. Breaching COBS rules 6 & 8 at least. The part I have a problem with is what I should request the court to rule. Rather than a monetary sum I have been led to believe that it would be best to ask the court to simply rule on the breach of COBS & possibly that I have a claim for unfairness under Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 s.5 as well as possibly Consumer Credit Act s.140A. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how to word this section of the POC correctly & also since it's not a monetary claim what the cost is likely to be. Any input would be most appreciated as I want to get this filed & stick it to them as soon as possible, at least then they might begin to take the dispute a little more seriously than they currently are. Thanks in advance.
  18. I have rare illness / disease that is not easily diagnosed nor accepted as existing by the majority of GPs in the uk ( although it is recognised / has a charity etc ), is there any way then it is possible to find out the number of patients a doctor has - or is currently treating for a specific illness or disease ? ( I like in pretty small town so this is why Im asking ) thanks, mike
  19. Hi All I am looking for a little advice. To cut a very long story short,,, My fiancee has been suffering with daily migraines for the past 3 or 4 years, (along with the severe depression and anxiety possibly brought on by this),,,Has just received yet another admission at a hospital!! YAY you may say!!! BUT,, This original appointment with this particular specialist was carried out, back in NOV 2012! Below is a basic sequence of events... 12/11/12 saw Consultant 'B' when he advised of DHE treatment due to intensity (rebound headaches) 10/01/13 saw Consultant 'A' who knew nothing about what was happening and said he would find out whats going on During this time we asked Doctor 'C' to chase it up as I was constantly leaving messages. 28/03/13 nothing 03/13 saw Dr 'C' who received a letter from the hospital detailing what had been said at appointment on 12/11/12. This letter advised that the visit to the clinic was 31/01/13??? 15/04/13 still nothing 04-05/13 Got call from secretary after I called to ask about complaint procedure, and was told by her that I would receive a call back during the following week,, (Never did) 02/05/13 Was told by secretary that consultant 'B' had told her to put Fiancee on waiting list as Urgent 02/05/13 Dr 'C' wrote to hospital, after receving letter from Consultant 'B' to say Fiancee was going on the waiting list to be seen as soon as possible (We thought that we already were?). The letter also stated that if she doesn't get seen soon, Consultant 'B' will meet with her in the interim. It was agreed between Dr 'C' and Fiancee that there was no point going to appointment at the end of May as this SHOULD have been a follow up, and as no treatment had been given, there was nothing to follow up! 03/05/13 Got letter stating that the appointment for the end of May had been cancelled and rescheduled for October. 17/5/13 Told Dr 'C' about cancelled appointment who was not happy and drafted a letter to Consultant 'B' there and then. 05/13 got letter giving admission date 22/05 End of May, I got through to secretary who told me that Fiancee had admission date set for 22/05 and the letter was sent out 24/04/12? This does not quite fit in with actual events. This also said that you had to confirm attendance within three days of the receipt of the letter, or the appointment will be given to someone else. Which if this was the case, the appoinment would have already been given away? Also when I spoke to the secretary at the around this time she would have told me that we had an admission, but, instead, she said Fiancee was going on waiting list. 22/23 No beds, 24th,,, due to bank holiday weekend, Admissions advised that a Consultant said, because it was bank holiday weekend there was no point going in. this was then cancelled and rebooked for 02/06 02/06 Could not go due to dry socket,, was told to call when pain stopped but didnt know who to call, said (Maybe outpatients?) 1st week July got call from admissions to book the date for the 10th July! 10/07/13 No beds 11/07/13 No beds Now is this me expecting too much of our health system or is this time to complain? Could anyone tell me the best course of action? Many Thanks Fred
  20. My wife has been waiting for surgery since January 2013. She is in and out of hospital like a yoyo. There have been 4 cancelled admissions into Kings hospital, London since Jan, all at the last minute with the excuse that there are no beds. Now she has been offered a date in another hospital that is more likely to have beds. The trouble is that it is 300+ miles away in Liverpool!! Is this normal? If it is do they not realise the cost implication to the patient and the family? She went for a CT scan and bloods a few weeks ago. It took a 12 hour round trip, a night in a hotel all for 1 hour in hospital. She is to go again for a pre-assessment for the surgery, another 12 hours and hotel for a 30minn appointment! Each trip costs us approx. £200 in fuel, hotel and meals. We can't claim the fuel cost from the hospital because I go with her and they say she doesn't need a carer and because we make a break away out of it. If she went up by train on her own she would get the expense back.
  21. Hi, At age 12 I was diagnosed with ADHD and have been treated with stimulants ever since. Because I was on them for so long, my system got used to them and recently I was moved to a MUCH stronger medication which is a restricted substance too. Despite having had a long history of high Blood Pressure, my GP REFUSES to carry on this ADHD treatment (or any) as the BP takes precedence (in her eyes). Luckily I have a week's worth left so i can pretty much keep a clear mind open, think straight and logically for the next week. I asked her NOT to remove me from the medication, and instead treat my high BP like she would any one else. She refused. I explained that WITHOUT my medication, I am unable to focus, I get badly forgetful, my motivation goes down the drain, I won't be able to do my work (I run some companies), and eventually spiral back down into the pit I was in several years ago when I wasn't being treated. She still refused. Surely I have the right to disagree with what she says? What REALLY concerns me is that not being on ANY medication for my ADHD will affect my companies, start me drinking again (which stopped when I went back on medication), end up with the spin-offs of ADHD again i.e. depression, anxiety and various anti-social disorders. The ADHD specialist which prescribed me this new load of treatment said if the high BP continues, then we are unable to help you any more. I don't give a flying **** about my BP, it's nice to be human again, work positively and be productive... Can ANYONE point me in the right direction as to where I can find out my rights... I'm an inch away from having a panic attack that my entire life will be pulled out from under my feet
  22. Hi everyone, I am new to this and really hope someone can help. I am self representing because I live mainly abroad and this would cause a problem to most lawyers/trainees/volunteers. On my ET1 I ticked the Age Discrimination box, simply because I could not see any other options that applied, but proceeded to state that I believed I had been discriminated against due to Age and/or Part-time hours. The Respondent replied on the ET3 that there was no jurisdiction because I had not listed and dated the alleged discrimination incidents and that those mentioned predated my ET1. The ET has now sent a list of orders which include one for me to provide a schedule of every act of discrimination, harassment, victimisation and disadvantaging work practices, plus comparators if I intend to rely on them, with dates, who did or said what to whom and where. This has confused me because I am not sure why the judge has included all these categories and how they apply to my case. I am hoping someone can help me as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. This is the brief summary of the story: -Until Dec 2009 full-time senior manager. -Dec 2009 Part-time hours requested and granted. Relocated abroad with husband. Started making monthly trips back to UK to work 4 consecutive days a month. -Within months of becoming part-time, one to one meetings stopped, email communications stopped, everyone in the unit relocated but me, I had to e-mail or phone my manager to offer her an update each month, she was more and more dismissive and sharp with me on the phone as if I bothered her by contacting her, I would not be informed of junior members of the team starting and leaving even though I liaised with the team as part of my role, I felt alienated, left out and humiliated, listening to other departments senior colleagues jesting about why I was the only senior team member away from the management team, but did not complain as I didn't want to suffer the consequences of that action. -Mid 2010 my financial situation took a turn for the worse, my husband had to return to the UK for work, I asked if I could increase my hours but this was denied due 'lack of funds'. -Mid 2011 I discovered a new senior manager appointment, same area of expertise, full time position, younger person, less experienced and qualified had been offered the job 'via the back door', I wasn't told about the vacancy coming up or being due to be advertised (standard practice but not policy) -Nov 2012 I was told my job was in the latest redundancy pool and given 30 days consultation notice, the consultation paper stated clearly that 2/3 of my duties had been reallocated to other staff in 2010 (?) and the remaining 1/3 was going to be reallocated to someone else. -Dec 2012 I submitted a grievance when I discovered that someone younger and on a much lower grade had just started and that she was going to take over some of my duties. My grievance stated that I felt the redundancy had been engineered and that I had been discriminated against due to age and/or part-time status (making me redundant cost them a miserly sum despite my high salary as I was extremely part-time and just 4 months away form the age at which they would have had to make up my pension benefits shortfall). The grievance was declined as it 'referred largely to redundancy'. -Jan 2013 Compulsory redundancy advised. 3 months notice given. -Feb 2013 ET1 submitted in a hurry after reading about the time limits. Redundancy appeal also submitted. -April 2013 Internal appeal heard. Redundancy going ahead. Paid up to 30/04 plus redundancy pay. No income now until I reach minimum pension benefits age (in 4 months I am entitled to a much-reduced early pension at age 50). My question is, how do I compile the schedule requested in the order? Are there elements of harassment and/or victimisation I had not considered before? Part-time discrimination doesn't show anywhere on the ET1, is it a protected act? How do I insert it in the schedule? I cannot find any help with this in the copious ET guides and advice forums on the internet...Please assist if you can.
  23. hi all, sadly i am looking at entering a DRO. I have sought advice from CAB and CCS, but have had conflicting info re creditor payments I lost my job due to ill health about 18 months ago and defaulted on my debts that were not DD and let the DD ones be paid - both have said this isnt an issue as its making payments above and beyond that matter 11 months ago i was lucky enough to be offered another job and i felt like i was back on track. My debts were still high but i had hope i could manage them. I had an accident and my car was wrote off so now use my dads car (he had a stroke and cannot drive) I pay insurance, fuel, MOT and service costs but its still his car on the understanding when (if) he can drive again i give it back. Car is worth 2k but its not mine so doesnt come into it. if he isnt given the ok to drive I will either purchase it from him or return it. He wont know for 12-15 months if he can drive so i can use it for at least the next year. My sticking point is my Mum recently offered to , and did, pay 2 of my cc's off for me (3k. These were the only debts she thought i had) CAB states its pref treatment of creditors but CCCS state its my mums money and she can do with it as she sees fit. As i haven't paid it myself it isnt in any way preferential treatment of creditors. The money was paid from my mums card not mine so i can prove it wasnt my money Opinions please? My debt currently stands at 14k so i need to move quite quickly as anymore charges etc could tip it over the 15k mark
  24. This is my first time posting so please bear with me. For over two years now I have been harangued by MBNA to the point of making me so ill on two occasions I had to recieve counselling help from a friend,a retired psychiatric nurse. It started when I noticed that overlimit charges had been put on my credit card account by MBNA for the previous three months. I know I am useless dealing with post etc but that is part of my illness and has to be put up with. I also saw that they had reduced my credit limit to £10,600 (not completely sure of figure as am on a friends computer and not at home as I have not been able to get a good mobile internet signal for days now) I had been using the card for small amounts,aware I was near my limit but unaware they had reduced it. I rang them and complained.They agreed to refund the charges.They said they had been unable to contact me by landline months previously to discuss my account. I asked them why having reduced the limit,they had allowed me to carry on using the card.They said it was to prevent me from being embarassed in shops. I asked them why on earth they had not written to me and they were unable to give a satisfactory answer. The next thing was that a few months (I think) later I saw that my interest rate had been hiked up to what appeared to be a rather large figure and my payments (by Direct debit ) which had been £197 per month were approaching £250. I rang them to complain and was told I had had a letter about this. I had not recieved any communications about this. A check on this site revealed I should have been given the opportunity to reject the rise and continue paying the amount off at the old rate.I also saw that others had found themselves in this position and had probably objected more loudly that me and been put back onto their old rate. I rang them again and stressed that I had never received a letter giving me the opportunity to reject the rate increase but they said nothing could be done. I complained in writing,but after investigating the complaint they decided they had done nothing wrong. I wrote to the Ombudsman and complained again that I had not been given the opportunity to reject the rate increase and also told them of the earlier episode of overlimit charges. Months later I received a phone call from the ombudmans service and was advised that they had suggested that MBNA pay me £100 in compensation for allowing me to overspend and then putting charges on,but,in the next breath they said MBNA had got back to them and had quoted an obscure bit of small print which allowed them to do this so they had refused to pay what the ombudman had asked them to. In relation to the interest rate hike they said MBNA had agreed as a gesture of goodwill to put my interest rate back to what it was,but had refused to credit me with the extra amounts I had paid over and above my original rate,money which I had really struggled to find. If I did not accept their offer the case would be put on a waiting list to go before an actual ombudsman. I asked them to do this. I think it was nearly a year later when the final decision arrived,from a female ombudsman who by the tone of the letter which I started to read was pro MBNA as she seemed to me to be very unprofessional in saying that MBNA's earler offer was in her opinion more than she would have suggested (or words to that effect) and seemed more peeved I had not accepted the offer,causing her work I came to the conclusion that what people had said on this site about the Ombudmans service was true. At some point (all papers are at home) I had written for a copy of the agreement with MBNA which duly arrived within the 14 day period.I have a feeling this was much earlier as after I had got it MBNA sent me another interest rate increase letter,whilst the complaint about me not getting the first one was still at the Ombudsman.I remember advising the ombudsmans service about this. I of course declined the rise. Also after this the payments from my bank started to fluctuate wildly between £220 and £270 a month and despite two phone calls and two excuses of computer error which would sort itself out,they never did so I struck the middle line of the figures and changed to a monthly standing order of £250. They managed to put charges on this for not getting there on time,so I amended the date. I must confess I have not fully read the final letter from the ombudsman so I do not know what the decision was . MBNA's latest thing with me was to apply the new rules for new borrowers to my account meaning I had to repay a percentage plus interest making the demands around £350 a month. I objected to this but only got standard proforma letters back. I told them I could not afford these payments,and in desperation told them I was reducing my standing order to £200 a month,still more than I was originally paying and was saving up to take them to court,and that if a Judge agreed that I had been treated fairly then I would accept it. I was notified last friday they have sold the debt to Link. There was also a period when they were ringing up to eight times a day from two diferent phone numbers but to a friends phone I had called them on once..and foolishly given them the number "" just in case we are cut off and have to ring you back"".They did not ask if it was my number of course and I wish I hadnt given it to them. My intention was to save a bit of money up and ask on this site if I had a case to take them to court..but now they have sold the debt on I am not sure of the position. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction please. I have never defaulted on any payments whatsoever and have always paid on time by direct debit.(except as above with S.O.) Thanks..hope I have not rambled on too much
  25. 22 months ago I approached my bank for a loan to purchase a new car. While my credit rating was 'fair', I had no outstanding debt and no defaults. In fact I hadn't had any credit for 8 years or more simply as I didn't need it. Hence the 'fair' rating as my bank account was the only item on my credit file. I had my account with Lloyds for about 8 years and in that time my bank account was kept in good order, not straying over limit and very rarely using an overdraft facility. I earned a reasonable wage of c40k. The guy in the branch stated that I was eligible for a loan up to 16k and so will filled out an application for a 10k loan. The loan was declined. When I enquired as to why I was informed that there was a marker on my account stopping any loan. I queried this as the guy had said I was eligible for up to 16k and so he contacted the lending team who simply refused to give any reason and just said that they would not loan me anything. They didn't even perform a credit check. As I was about to start a new job, I would no longer be commuting into London to work and so would need a car in order to do the new job. Knowing that I had insufficient credit history I knew that I'd struggle with some of the hire purchase companies and so really needed to access money to buy a car immediately. The solution offered to me by the bank was that I look for a cheaper/older car and that they could offer me up to £3500 via an overdraft facility. I queried this and said that I would rather enter a loan agreement with them for £3500 but was told that they would not allow any lending on a loan agreement, only via an overdraft facility. That there was a marker on my account, that they were unwilling to explain, that meant i could not get a loan, but that they could offer an overdraft. Obviously overdrafts are not regulated in the same way as loans and I knew I was being 'done' here but had little option but to take the overdraft; knowing that I'd find it difficult to pay this down in the same way I would have a loan given that there would be no structured payments. 22 months later and they are now trying to offer me a loan. In fact they are saying that I have guaranteed acceptance for their loan and should take it to clear my overdraft.They have been doing this since I wrote to them stating how unfair the whole practice is about 10 months ago. I've sorted the lack of credit history since that time and now have an 'Excellent' credit rating. However, I really do feel as though I've been treated badly and unfairly by Lloyds. They were prepared to lend £3500 by overdraft but not by a proper loan. Do I have any recourse under the BCOBS and unfair treatment process? Any thoughts/advice welcomed. Thanks...
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