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  1. I've gone through all the stuff they have sent me and they don't make it simple I have 3 different types of system which they have used to record my statements it's all there but not in an enjoyable reading format... still I think I have found £276 of charges + another £118 in interest and also a charge of I think £84 before they sold my account to Lowell but I'm going to need a volunteer I can email scans of all this to for double checking... any volunteers? there's too much sensitive data to obscure it all practically *sigh* I'll have to make a special trip to the library and spend an a
  2. Is classed as "Administration Charge" on the cheat sheet they included with my SAR request kirstyo is spot on with the "hard to decipher" bit it's almost avoidance by obfuscation... and some of the codes they use are helpfully not included in the sheet they send out I have just gone through mine and included anything with a separate date and a charge of exactly £12 Good luck kirstyo! PS: APR on mine is 44.9% but that was after August 2012
  3. Many thanks I have edited your template, one question though if my account is not closed? I'm quite happy for them to partly levy the cost towards the amount owed.
  4. Hi dx100uk, There's only one spreadhseet linked in your post? I have put in all 13 charges into CISheet v101.xls and it has calculated a total of £156.00 worth of charges plus compound interest of £89.52 (at 29.90%) a total of £245.52 over £100 more than the debt they are after... Is there a template for the preliminary letter?
  5. Hi Rebel11, I have scrutinised my email and the product on the website and I think the one I ordered was an earlier issue with only a front facing camera and it has different product code to the current in stock items which have both a rear and front facing camera even though both are 5th Generation Ipod Touch's
  6. Just been on the phone to PCWorld as the Ipod Touch we ordered on the 28th November has not arrived and I was told that they are awaiting stock and it's unlikely to be back in stock before christmas I have just seen that it is in stock at my local store and online and I am wondering if they are trying to worm there way out of selling it to me at the offered £100 price tag... What should I do? I felt pressured into opting for a refund as it's a Christmas present
  7. I have today received a package from Argos Card Services containing a reconstituted credit agreement, screen notes & statements for the life of the store card what should I do now? I'm going to go through and highlight all the charges and work out the total.
  8. For some reason I can't attach the pdf which is irritating... here's a dropbox link to the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cfoavg431syubcq/Lowell10-12-14_Redacted.pdf?dl=0
  9. So I'll admit I nearly fell off my chair when I read this and then did a happy dance round the flat a few times, what do you think? should I query whether they still intend to write to my credit file? I'm mighty glad this is the outcome but where does this leave my SAR? do you think I should now back out of the idea of claiming back the multitude of £12 fees? It's been submitted anyway so either way I should receive all the paperwork they have no doubt they'll find the bloody thing and come after it again Cheers, Carl
  10. I've been asked to become treasurer of a small local group of a UK Charity charity however it's been years since the treasurer has changed (the usual story been trying to give it up just as long as they've been treasurer) and so I'm online looking for the mandate forms to change things over but I've never done anything like this before and so I'm a bit stumped first question what is the difference between a Signatory and Non-Signatory? and secondly will I be credit checked and potentially refused due to recent late payments and non payments regarding two small debts (
  11. I recieved a letter from Moor Croft today stating that they are acting on behalf of Argos Ltd to reclaim my debt and that they have added £12 to the account as per the terms of my account I've still not recieved a copy of my agreement from them though... and they have definitely recieved and cashed the cheque
  12. It's been just over a week now and I haven't received any communication from the dental practice, should I send another letter? or phone them (I have a call recorder on my mobile)
  13. I'm not saying they were unhelpful because they didn't reprint my tickets (although that would of been nice) I was trying to be somewhat less rude than how I felt at the time of my previous post I cannot describe how up herself and self important this particular member of staff came across I've came to the conclusion fairly quickly after I started the conversation that she was enjoying every minute of it, however her manager was straight forward and pleasant. it took considerable self control not to tell that paticular member of staff that had they been on fire I wouldn't of p***** on th
  14. Well I have since spoken to the ticket office on the platform where the machine is located and they were less than helpful and told me that there was absolutely nothing they could or be willing to do and first great western who I have purchased the tickets through were only concerned that it said printed on their system and that if the ticket office could not do anything I would have to buy another ticket.
  15. reading around I think I'm screwed but... I was in a rush today and I was collecting some pre-booked Advanced Single tickets for a trip next week using one of the self service ticket machines at the station and I printed them all but had to run for the train I mistakenly thought they had all printed when I got on the train I noticed too late that only the outward single had been printed not the return single... I spoke to the train conductor (It's a small off shoot of a larger train network so has conductors) who said he would phone the previous stati
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