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  1. Hi, it's my first time posting here. My Landlord is a corporate company that rents out hundreds of flats. After two years of being a good tenant and always paying on time, my (now ex) partner stole money from me and I fell into two months rent arrears. My Landlord was not willing to agree to a payment arrangement and instead served me with a Section 8 Notice and a Section 21 Notice. Both those notices have now expired. They seem to have ditched the Section 8 entirely, but I just received the court paperwork for the Section 21 Accelerated Possession. Now, the Issue Date stamped on the court paperwork is 11th June. But the postmark on the envelope it came in is 22nd June, and it only arrived in today's post. It says I have to send in my Defence "within 14 days". Does that mean within 14 days of the Issue Date? Or within 14 days of them actually posting it/me receiving it? The Landlord's told a few lies on the form. They claim they issued me with a How To Rent booklet and an Electricity Safety Certificate on a specific date. It's not true at all - they never provided these things. And the date they've claimed they issued these items on I was not even their tenant and they'd never heard of me. Further, the Landlord had finally entered into a verbal agreement with me to let me stay as long as I started clearing the arrears (which I've been doing). Then the court paperwork arrived out of the blue. The Landlord's now denying they offered to let me stay. This leaves me with something like 14 days to find a new place to live, pack up and vacate. I am 7.5 months pregnant, ill with PTSD (due to the domestic abuse) and I have no spare cash for a deposit for a new place. Is it worth filing a defence? I've tried calling the court but they don't pick up their phone, ever. I've no idea what to do. I'm terrified I will lose my baby if the stress doesn't stop.
  2. I have a summons to appear at magistrates court on the 2nd May relating to a case innappropriate for the single justice proceedure. I have a prostate and bowel condition which has flared up and means that I constantly and unexpectedly need the WC. Does anyone know if I can get an adjournment ? and the proceedure needed
  3. Ok Just start with some background. for the past two years 2014 & 2015 i have had relapses of prolapsed disks causing me to have long absences , after the last absence it was agreed that i would be covered under the disability act (or whatever its called now) also after i had my injections i had to have physio which the occupational health provided so i got back to work a lot quicker than if i had waited for the nhs . Now on to this year i had to be signed of sick because my shoulder had frozen i cannot lift anything of with with one arm , doctor has put me on pain killers and on the list for physio for the shoulder which will allow me to return to worl . When it was diagnosed i told my line manager to refer me to OH because the waiting list was 3 months and they could get me seen a lot earlier like last time , then when i spoke to them again after i was given another fitness note and again they saud they would . Also the reason i need the referral is that they could arrange to gety me back to work in a different area not doing the repetitive actions which aggrevate it while i am waiting for physio or sending me to their physio . The problem is when i go back i know i will face a meeting about my absence but i cannot afford to pay to go privte to jump the list also I cannot go back to full duties because even the gp said i would see you within a week again . So where do i go from here. I am unable to go to OH without the referral but without Oh i can see me being signed off until i get the phsio from the NHS
  4. Hi, I am looking for any help in this situation my wife finds herself in please. First my wife has worked for a local authority for nearly 38yrs, part of this period she was not included in the pension fund due to her working part time therefore she does not qualify under the 85 year rule, she is 58yrs. Last year my wife fell at work breaking her femur requiring a rod implant then she fell in hospital (I know), this time she broke wrist badly requiring an op and manipulation. She has been of work for a year and as cook in a unit will not be able work there for a long time if ever. She applied for ill health retirement at any level as this would be more than the reduced early retirement she would be entitled to. I have had to retire due to health issues and income is very tight. My wife was put through the Occupational Health system and it appears that these registered doctors will not sign of anyone(this is one of my queries has anyone been successful?), she did appeal no success. I have looked at these rules and it appears though it is helpful for a occ. hlth. doctor to sign agreement it is not required as the final decision should be with the Authority and Human Resources, but the Authorities use this lack of signature to consent to any retirement. Union, tried them they say appeal but in my opinion they have been destroyed and struggle to exsist. I would like to know if any has been successful in getting ill health retirement and has anyone any appeal. Many thanks
  5. Hi all Background My 12 year old son has a condition called Sinusitis. This is where he has severe Head aches, in the morning, gradually decreasing through out the day. He has been off since late January. He has been for a M R I scan to check his brain, all came back clear. So now it has been referred too County, Missing Education and Child Employment department. We have a meeting scheduled,on May 9th. 1- Has anyone been through one of these meetings and can Offer advise. 2- I have been informed that at the start of the meeting, We will be cautioned, 3- Do I have to accept this caution, ( I assume this is a caution the Police use ) 4- Would it be prudent to Record the meeting, either covertly or in the open. I would appreciate any advise as I have a feeling we will be stitched up. all I want is a resolution, and help for my son. Leakie
  6. Sickness benefits claimants won't have to go through reassessments to keep their payments if they suffer from chronic illnesses. http://news.sky.com/story/reassessments-scrapped-for-chronically-ill-benefits-claimants-10600519
  7. I've called in sick at 10:30 this morning to work for a shift starting at 2. Had a reply about an hour ago (that I've only just seen) saying they've got cover for the first 2 hours of my 9 hour shift. They've got no one to do it, and I'm just to tell the other person what to do with regards to work, but I'll still be expected to work with the customers. What do I do?? When I drove home last night from the shift I also tried to call out for I was not 100% safe on the roads, and had 2 bad moments. And I wasn't as bad yesterday as I feel today. I just... there's so few of us at the moment that are trained. More and more pressure is falling on a select few, while others seem to get away with all sorts. The rota is always a mess, if you've got a spare hour you're expected to be on call and available to go in at a moments notice for when other people are sick... but only for a select few.
  8. This is reported tday. David Cameron should have been statesmanlike. Instead he was partisan. His remark to Tory MPs that 'you should not be walking through the lobbies (i.e voting) with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers' was unworthy of a British Prime Minister. BTW I think a militant exchange. One quote made it was idiotic and crass to say that. It demeans the reality of war. The insult not just aimed at JC but anybody who expresses doubt about the wisdom of bombing Syria. It applies to John Baron, a former British army officer who served in Northern Ireland when terrorism was at it's height. Mr Baron warned that in proposing this action, Britain risked repeating the errors of the past,and was setting out on a 'tragic and misguided path once more'. The office of labour MP Stella Creasy who was undecided ahead of the vote, was yesterday surrounded by a gang of thugs, forcing Ms Creasy to leave the Commons Chamber repeatedly to check that her staff were safe. Polls last night suggested around half of all British voters are opposed to the military adventure in Syria. If true, David Cameron just damned more than 20 million of his fellow citizens as 'terrorist sympathisers' on the basis they have not been convinced by his sales pitch? For that matter, the Prime Minister's remarks would also apply to the Daily Mail which warned last week that David Cameron has not yet convincingly made the case for war. Indeed, the epithet 'terrorist sympathiser' might also be applied to the many experts who are entirely unconvinced by David Cameron's claim that there are 70,000 moderate Syrians ready and willing to join the fight against IS on the ground.
  9. I have been detained under section 44 with what I believe is ehlers-danlos-syndrome and wrongly being interpted as mental illness- they want to do tests but the problem is there is no one in Scotland really ualified to diagnose it . I am already physically much worse which in turn is being interpted as yet more mental issues and can barely type or talk to communicate as well. From http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ehlers-danlos-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/260562/UK_Strategy_for_Rare_ Can any one tell me what criteria allows drs with no previous -or very little to fairly assess a rare disease with high rate of misdiagnosis instead of allowing them to get referred or go pvt ? ( esp in the highlands were there is 0) If its possible for someone detained under section 44 to seek help privately for assessment if the resources req to rule out a condition are unvailable in scotland esp if there is proof / reason to doubt a mental illness ? thanks mike
  10. I am due in Court later this week for a repossession Hearing, I have filed a defence and so now it is going to take a day for the hearing to take place. I currently have laryngitis and literally just have a `squeak` as a voice, am I able to geta Doctors note to not attend Court and if I don`t attend, after having given a Doctors note, what will happen please? I am defending myself so would need to do a great deal of talking, which of course is going to be near impossible, please help because added to my illness, this is making me really stressed Thank you.
  11. Hi, I am currently taking someone to court over an ebay dispute. The date is this Thursday the 8th. I am however too ill to attend and have been told by my doctor that I need complete bed rest for the next 7 days (serious pregnancy complications) and the court is a good 2 hour drive away. Is it too late to get the hearing adjourned? The doctor said he would be able to supply a letter if needs be. Thanks
  12. I work in a supermarket and its a very cold place. I have been diagnosed with asthma when I was 13 which the symptoms subsidised at early adulthood. I was diagnosed again just two years ago aged 31. Both annual asthma checks have stated that it's getting worse I work on the checkouts which are both by the chillers and doors to outside. Customers chatting with each other outside the store keeps the doors opened. Can't tell them to move as that's rude.The cold atmosphere makes my chest feel tight and I wheeze now and again. I do not suffer from tight chest outside work. I have mentioned this to management but not interested. Going to work to feel unwell is not good. I wear a thermal t-shirt under my uniform and its not making any improvements. I take a puff on my brown inhaler, the preventer before work and carry the blue inhaler, the reliever when I need it. Outside work, I never carry inhalers on me. Seriously worried that I will get an asthma attack at work. What am I going to be like in the winter when the store gets colder? Even I had a customer that said her chest feels tight when she shops there. I did not mention my problems to her. What should I do? There are no opportunities to transfer to other stores near me. They are warmer as colleagues from other stores do mention how cold my workplace is. If I do change jobs, I will lose out on two fewer weeks annual leave as I get 6 weeks and paying for extra fuel, buses etc plus staff discount which I saved £360-400 a year in saving. Something needs to be done before someone gets ill.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on IHR. I've worked for my employer for 6 and a half years. In November I was involved in a motorbike accident that wasn't my fault. At the time of the accident I discolated my shoulder,snapped 3 of my rotator cuffs from the bone,moved my bicep and bicep tendon and was told later by the surgeon that I also damaged a bunch of tendons in my shoulder. Ive been off work since the accident,as I lost the use of my shoulder and could only lift my arm about 2 inches from hanging down at my side. Over the months I've been going through physio an MRI then finally surgery. After the operation the surgeon told me,with the amount of damage done to my shoulder I should never have been left so long to get operated on. And because of this my rotator cuffs had shriveled up so much he couldn't reconect them the normal way,he had to try a fairly new procedure and attach the rotator cuffs to the bone with cadaver skin. To cut a long storey short,the operation was 7 weeks ago,had my arm imobilised,now started physio again,still can't use or move my arm.Been told I might not get it back. I asked the surgeon if he thought I'd be able to go back to my job again at some point,to which he said he thinks I'll struggle,and didn't seem to have much hope at all. My work offered me IHR, a years wage, which I said no to.Then at the next meeting I had with my boss,he was going through the options for me and mentioned the IHR again,but this time it was three quarters of a year wages, and OH was going to phone me to assess my condition. I don't know what to do with this,When I asked the surgeon for his opinion about going back to work,it wasn't a yes I will be able to but there again it wasn't a no. When HO called, I answered all there questions without lying about anything but at the same time, I didn't volinteer any information about the details of my injury or operation,as far as they're concerned,accident,operation,heal back to work. So they advised my work that I'm not in the postion for IHR and I'll be back at some point. My question are, with me trying to hang on to my job and not declaring everything, if in 6 weeks or whatever down the line it turns out I'm not getting my arm back and I can't work will I be offered a IHR payment again? will the amount be the same? My employer gives it's employees 6 months full pay then 6 months half pay when on the sick, I'm at the end of the full pay, If I get to a point where I've only got a month or so left of half pay will any offers made by them be less, cause they've only got a month or so left to pay me before they've no more wages obligation? Should I tell the work/HO everything about my injury and risk lossing my job just now,even when the surgeon didn't give me a definate answer. I had more questions but I've wrote so much I can't remember what they where other than, If my arm gets better but not great and my employer offers me some other position in the company,will it be in the same office I'm in, or can they offer me a position anywhere and if doesn't suit for whatever reason just fire me. Any advice on this or anything I might have missed reguarding IHR would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Fangy.
  14. My mate was suppose to go on this course last week and was ill but phoned in to say he was ill and the guy said he COULD lose his benefits?! Surely that is not right to punish him he IS ill! He is a panic as we speak so I need some advice on what to say to him? I've never been ill so I wouldn't know what to say... thank u
  15. Hello I was supposed to sign on yesterday however I was laid out with a full blown migraine I got my mum to ring up for me however she could not get through to the actual jobcentre after many attempts of ringing the 0845 number If I was to go in and ask for the JSA28 form tomorrow would that prevent me from being sanctioned? Will it be okay that I did not make contact on the day? Cheers, Mike
  16. Here goes: I bought a cavachon puppy off a registered breeder online a week ago, the breeder seemed very genuine, we had lots of phone conversations etc.. anyway, i picked up the pup from the breeders house along with some other bits for the pup including paperwork. When i got the pup it had already had its first vaccination and been checked over by a vet, when i took the pup to have its 2nd vaccination 2 days ago my vet told me my pup has a grade 5 and close to grade 6 heart murmur now grade 6 is the worst it gets! and my puppy unfortunately wont live very long my vet also advised it should of been picked up by the vet when giving the first vaccination. I have been referred to a cardiologist for tests/scans to determine the exact cause which can cost me around £800 and to operate will cost in the thousands, but i am very attached to the puppy already! having spoken to the insurance they are reluctant to pay out as they claim it must have been spotted at the first vaccination and its classed as a pr existing condition!. Is there anything i can do about being sold this puppy? i have been in touch with the breeder who refused to give us her vets details and now she has disconnected her phone and her neighbors have said they haven't seen her in a few days, its really frustrating and i really don't know what to do!!
  17. Hi I have just been awarded partial ill health retirement backdated to end August 2013. I have now received a letter saying my employment will be terminated from the same date and I would receive any outstanding holiday pay.When I queried why I would not receive any notice pay and why there was no notification of my contract being terminated I was told that as I had requested to be considered for ill health retirement, I had effectively handed in my notice and would not be entitled to notice pay. I have been with this employer for 21 years. I would appreciate feedback as I have lost trust in my employer. If it's right then that's ok but I'm not convinced. Thanks
  18. Hi guys My little lads just caught chicken poxs from nursery, my misses can get the time off tomorrow but Friday she has important meetings all day, my question is if i phoned my HR and told them i wasnt coming in on Friday as my little lads contracted chicken poxs can they discipline me for having the day off to care for him as nursery wont allow him to attend
  19. My car turbo just blow up. I took the car to the local garage and was advised that the engine is fine after the turbo was removed and will need to just pay for the turbo replacement so it is economically to proceed with it. After replacement was done the garage called to say that the change was done but the problem has escaladed now and it is an engine problem and this is non economical to do it because it would cost at least 3k. They said that they would like me to pay for the turbo and take the car for a part exchange post it on ebay as engine in need of attention. Do I pay for something that is non functional and was wrong advised on the course of action?
  20. Hi I have recently been signed off for a month and it could be longer I have a terminal illness and although I was off sick a long time ago (3yrs) been ok ever since. Employed for nearly 6 yrs, no pension Ha Ha but will not return to current job for 1 yr although could get a driver, or work in the office so not an unreasonable adjustment in my opinion. Anyway the question is what would be a normal time span before the co make noises about getting rid of me? and what would be the normal process, given that company has always been reasonable and are a fairly large employer?
  21. Ok so I have been on JSA since January this year. However I am due to sign however I have come down with a awful stomach bug and have been vomiting for the last few hours and I know for a fact I wont make it to my appt. My voice has gone because I have been throwing up too much and I can barely speak. I've never missed an apt nor have I had any problems so whats the procedure now. I don't want to attend and end up being sick, plus ive become quite weak and have been sleeping constantly for a whole day. I may even get my mother to phone in because I just can't talk at the moment so hopefully they can relay the info to her and my mother to me so I know what I have to do nxt but can anyone give me a heads up? Will I get my payment later? And can I just call my local office instead of going through the main one which sometimes takes about 45mins to get an answer.
  22. Hi fellow caggers, It looks like I could have been given duff advice by my union rep and shafted by management I was ill health retired with lump sum although I am appealing for immediate pension. At the only meeting that I had last year with the rep and regional manager I was told that I would have to accept the lump sum deal and then appeal for immediate pension at a later date. I said that I really did not want the money hanging around in my bank which I was unable use and could the company keep it untill the appeal. The whole charade has been strung out and I don't seem to be getting any further. After taking some advice by someone in the know, it appears that in the terms of the ill health retirement agreement that that I could have carried on being employed till the appeal had been heard. Having been paid lump sum (which I can't touch cos they may want it back if appeal is successful) I have been living on the basic ESA contribution rate and am suffering financial hardship as I am unable to clim income support cos there's too much in my bank. It was never brought to my attention that I could have forgon the lump sum. There are so many discrepencies in how I was dismissed that the union have admitted that the rep got it wrong. Also it is clear that my former company have not conducted the procedure correctly either. As such I feel that I have been miss represented. What direction do I take now. Should I contact my home insurance, fortunately I have legal protection on my policy. Management and union have gone very quiet now. Has anyone else been in this predicament Lola xx
  23. My girlfriend works for a care agency, and recently she was off sick for one day. She followed correct company procedure, but now they are claiming she didn't, and have taken £100 out of her week wage because she missed five clients. The company don't charge the service users £20 per hour and they were able to find cover for the hours she wasn't able to work. Now she is under investigation. Is any of this fair or is there something a miss here? I will try and provide as much information as you require; I hope you are able to help.
  24. I have a question, what is the grounds for you to be medically retired on the grounds of ill health. I am currently employed however I have a medical condition called sacroiliac joint injury of which the characteristics are: Pain on the right of my lower back. The pain ranges from an ache to a sharp pain which restricts my movement to the point where I cannot leave the house. If I leave the house, I walk for around 5 mins then experience pain in my back and legs and struggle to return home. Experience difficulty turning over in bed, struggle to put on shoes and socks and sometime get pain when getting in and out of cars. Have stiffness in the lower back when getting up after sitting for long periods and when getting up from bed in the morning. Have difficulty climbing stairs and have been advised to avoid stairs and take the lift whenever possible. This condition have now become worse since coming back from holiday into the cold which was -2 degrees at the time. My symptoms was extreme pain in both legs and my feet however I managed to go to work for over a week. However I have now been off work since 13th December due to the extreme pain in my back and legs and have been told by my GP that it now appears that my condition has worsened and I have have a pinched nerve in my back which he feels has been exacerbated by the cold weather. Although I am feeling a bit better through taking three types of medication and trying to do some gentle exercise, I am fearful that my work place will take a negative view of yet another bout of sickness. I have been told that I have had 99 days sickness since I have been with the company and I have been there 20 months. However when I initally started I was off for 5 weeks due to being injured during training. (I also have a screw in my clavicle and was injured during physical training). I have injured my shoulder twice since being in work amounting to 6 weeks off. I have also been off with my back on two occasions lasting from one to two weeks, this is the third occasion. The other times have been colds and flu and sinusitus. (As I work in a private mental health hospital they discourage staff from coming in when they are unwell, however as we do not recieve company sick pay, many staff work whilst being sick)! My company have already been advised that my back and shoulder fall under the DDA 1996. I am concerned that my company may take the view that I am unable to work and consider dismissal due to my record of sickness or even feel that I should be medically retirement. What is the implications of this as I do not want to be medically retired or even loose my job as I am only 44. Any advice. :-(
  25. My brother has been diagnosed with an agressive form of lung cancer, the doctor said that there is no cure but depending on how he responds to treatment he is looking at between 3 months to 3yrs left. My brother has a mortgage on his flat and wants to transfer it to my son and his fiance. How would we go about this and would there be problems regarding costs for end of life care and inheritance tax etc.? I hope that my brother would move in with me if it came to that but he is quite independent. How could my brother be financially protected if he went into remission and lived longer/:?:
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