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  1. Hi, I have an employment tribunal hearing on Monday. I worked with respondent for 4.5 years. resigned because of 4.5 years of harassment, bullying, race discrimination. Faced numerous ageist comments from one of employees during first year. Denied promotion opportunities, put through capability assessment in 2015 which lasted for 7-8 months despite GP advise against it. It affected my mental and physical health a lot. Denied smallest of 'work from home' request when contractors and some of permanent employees could use it at will and sometimes for 3 months. T
  2. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been to County court with a service provider as they have gone against the Equality Act 2010. I'm just about to send 'letter before action' Thanks
  3. Hi all, I was dismissed by my employer for misuse of a corporate credit card. I had used it to help with cash flow for moving expenses since my employer wanted me to relocate and the costs were having a drain on my finances. At the same time I was going through a stressful time at home with the break-up of my marriage. When I used the card I didn't realise it was considered personal use, since in my mind I was moving for work, and I was eventually dismissed for it. I've been seeing my GP for over a year with stress and anxiety and I think my decision to use the card was
  4. my grnaddaughter was to do work experiace at a doctors surgery but her placement there was refused by her school becuse she is white and they had decided that all such placements would only be available to black pupils. Now the law states that you cant discriminate against any ethnic group but then there is a get out that syas if a particular characteristic or group is under represented you can discriminate. As she wants to be a doctor and has the brains to pass her exams this placement would have been ideal and necessary to get into med school (try applying without such experience and so
  5. I received a written warning at work without any hearing or evidence or disciplinary meeting... just the warning based on what some colleagues said. I raised a grievance as I felt this warning discriminated against me as I work in an all male team, I felt the complaint wouldn't have been raised if I was a male on the team. I also feel that the process would have been dealt with differently if I was a male on the team. They then dismissed me 2 weeks later after I submitted my written grievance. I'm trying to get an understanding of whether disciplinary action can actually be discri
  6. My contract states that I will not receive any money in exchange for any hours worked over my contracted hours, except at the Company's discretion from time to time. Over the summer, I worked as an engineer/manager on-site, alongside 30 other employees (labourers) who all raked in approximately 15 hours a week of overtime paid at x1.5 their normal rate. I counted up all the hours we did and calculated that, had I been paid overtime at a x1.5 rate too, my employer would have paid me £4,000 in the span of those 4 months. I don't think there is a law that will require my employer to rei
  7. Hi, New to the forum, so please be gentle - I'm not in a good place at the moment. It has taken me days to pluck the courage to seek help on this. This is a little long, but I'll do my best to be brief. Started new job role in September 2016, after being made redundant from a role I loved. In the December 2016 I started experiencing increased anxiety and OCD issues, visited GP and was placed on a waiting list for a mental health referral. After a telephone consultation with Mental Health Unit I was deemed low risk - I work, wash myself and generally 'function' like a normal pers
  8. Hi everybody. I'm a new user to [edited] but after plenty of mistreatment and unfair bosses surrounding me in the past I decided to join up. In he past I have spoken about issues in previous jobs to Acas but to no avail. I now have issues in my current job. The issues are varied, most directly affect me but one doesn't. To begin, I shall introduce the setting. I am currently away for 8 weeks (currently in week 3) in Norway for my job (I'm a stocktaker). There are 5 teams of 10 people out here - my current team has 9 people from one district (that all work together back home) plu
  9. Dear all, I unfortunately suffer from chronic depressive illness and have done so for many years with the condition significantly worsening over the past few years. In the year 2011 I had been subject to police investigation. I attended a police interview on a voluntary basis. Due to my debilitating depression I had an appropriate adult also attend this interview who I understand was a social worker at that time. The social worker, without my explicit consent, went on to record the details of the alleged criminal charges I faced on the NHS Trust’s IT system and within my
  10. If a pub bars a person for making calls to the police and threatening suicide - would it be indirect discrimination to ban them (disability/mental health is a protective characteristic) Or could pub argue the fella was drunk and they were banning him for that. Would a ban for such an incident be disproprtionate?
  11. Hi, I am with a work program provider Ingeus who asked me to apply for a job with a local agency, this job was an immediate start and the induction was to commence within the week. A member of staff with Ingeus took my details and then said as we want a cross section may I ask your age please ? 2 weeks later I have heard nothing, I have mentioned it but they just brush aside saying they never took anyone on which I find strange. How would I go finding out if indeed my age was a factor, is asking the question about my age discrimination regardless and if so who do I take my com
  12. Hi all, I am considering starting an action against the DWP/Jobcentre in a County Court. A brief synopsis is as follows: I claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and am in the Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG). I am required to take part in a "work-related interview" every six months. At my last "interview" my work coach offered to conduct the "work-related interview" over the phone instead of in person. However, when I asked the Jobcentre staff to fulfil this offer recently they simply refused. I asked for the Jobcentre to make a reasonable adjustment in this respe
  13. Hi, I am currently on ESA Support Group and also have an award for DLA which doesn't technically need to be renewed until over five years from now. I have the right to buy and could buy my current home for about 35k. I have some savings and may also be able to borrow some money from relatives to add to my deposit. I cannot find a single lender that's willing to lend me any money toward this on a secured basis whatsoever. Iroonically they all seem to be falling over themselves to lend me money on credit cards on an unsecured basis but not enough to buy the property. It seem
  14. This morning the dreaded brown envelope arrived on the door mat inviting me to begin the process of converting from DLA to PIP. Long time users of the forum may remember the fun and games involved in converting my IB to ESA, so will guess that I'm less than ecstatic about this, but I knew this day would arrive eventually and so have prepared as thoroughly as I can. Step 1 is make the actual claim. DWP know, or should know, that I don't do phones and have known this for at least 10 years, so I'm less than happy to get a letter demanding that I phone them though obviously realising it's a s
  15. My daughter came home from work yesterday in a pretty bad mood, what had upset her was her line manager telling her she had to stay at her computer/desk other than at lunch time. What annoyed my daughter is that the 'smokers' are allowed a 15 minute break morning and afternoon but non smokers are not allowed this break and must not leave their desks...she said she has even thought of taking up smoking so she can have a break! Is this discrimination and is there anything she can do...other than find another job( which she is doing) Plus do not workers who's primary work is on com
  16. Hello, I'm new to the forum and would like advice and / or to hear from anyone else who has gone through similar to myself, or even legal help/advice. I have been suffering sex discrimination in the form of harassment for quite some time now, its been protracted but constant over the last 3 years since I became a part time worker in a team of all male colleagues. I work in male dominated environment of construction and as the only female , part time worker in the team I feel harassed and victimised. Now, the harassment and discrimination does not come from my male counterparts but f
  17. Help desperatly needed, sorry this will be a long one. and I cant put in specific details. Hubby has a disability dx 5 years ago that is covered by the equality act, he has been employed by same company for 18 years, no more time off than any other employee and less than some! He was doing his job perfectly ok and the only adaption he has was that he worked a fixed shift, and the other 2 guys sorted out the other shifts between what they preferred. Earlier in the year the company literally decided they didn't want him to go to the new plant that was due to open and set about fabrica
  18. Long but i would appreciate some answers, im so sick of these people and their treatment against me, so i beg you help if you can. I lived in one of their properties after coming out from a woman refuge for 4 years with no problems, however my ex boyfriend found me and kept harassing me. I was living in Brent (lets say) and on my report from the police and national DV workers it CLEARLY stated i cannot be re housed in Brent. However i was re housed in Brent, i took this property as i was TOLD if i refused it i will be kicked off the management transfer list as im o
  19. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has had the same experience or has any information on what to do about this. At the start of my college course I informed them that I had epilepsy. I needed a few days off because of it and then I received an email in October from my tutor telling me I had been removed from the course. I hadn't been offered a chance to explain or offered any student support services before, or offered any reasonable adjustments. I was told I might be able to get back onto the course if I was able to supply a letter from a doctor stating I would not have
  20. Hi, I am thinking about making a grievance about my line manager for a failure to make reasonable adjustments under the equality act. I don't want to get into details about it but does anyone have any advice for composing a settlement agreement or advice about entering those discussions? Is it worth on my grievance mentioning that unlawful discrimination is gross misconduct what will their reaction be to this would a business investigate or start a disciplinary process for a key manager? As they have admitted to failing to make reasonable adjustments I'm not sure if I have this in w
  21. It seems you can't lawfully have religious beliefs any longer. Now you must put whatever anyone wants you to put on a cake or you end up in court. Why must someone 'have' to believe in same sex marriage, it's wrong.
  22. http://no1forum.co.uk/showthread.php?1693-Freedom-undermined
  23. Hi, I urgently need advice with regard to my Resignation Letter and what it should say. My maternity leave officially ended on 31st March. As the tribunal was set for Tuesday 7th April, I did not want to resign before the hearing. I am happy to say, after 18 months of upset, financial hardship and my poor mother's relentless efforts to get justice for me, I won my case for Pregnancy Discrimination and Victimization outright on Tuesday (7th April) After announcing the verdict, the Judge told me that, now, I must resign immediately and make a further claim for
  24. Hi, Last year I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and it transpires that I've had this condition since childhood. I'm now taking Methylphenidate, which has given me a bit more focus with detailed finances and small print etc. The effects throughout life have been subtle but profound, and very destructive in a number of ways; though I masked it somewhat due to being quite intelligent in other areas. One of the effects was (and still is) a difficulty working with figures and managing finances; it takes me about 4 times as long as a 'normal' person to deal with spreadsh
  25. Hi. I'm looking for some advice regarding my WTC. Currently I work 24 hours and receive £5 per week WTC which stops me from claiming free school meals for my 3 daughters. In September this year I'll be reducing my hours by 5 per week to allow me to drive my 2 youngest daughters to school so have been told I will loose my WTC which is no problem as it will allow me to receive free school meals. In February this year my husband was awarded the enhanced rate in both care and mobility of PIP which means we qualify for the severe disability premium of WTC. The council has
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