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  1. Is the new GDPR SAR template suitable for a medical records request from a GP without any specific alterations? Thanks.
  2. My energy supplier is Eon Energy. They have been very aggressive to try to provide me a smart meter. They come and visit me and want to talk to me but they never make an appointment. They call me all the time. I am most upset that they also decided to get in touch with my psychiatrist. I have no idea how they even know the name of this person and the contact details. Needless to say that I am horrified. I have sent Eon Energy a SAR request but no reply at all. I have contacted them by sending them letters and complaining about their behaviour but no reply. I have chatted with them online and I got the transcripts. All Eon Energy wants to do is to talk to me. But I don't like talking. I feel that my privacy has been violated. I don't think Eon Energy needs to contact any medical professional and get my medical records so that they could provide me a smart meter. I don't think I even need a smart meter. How would I handle this matter? Information Commissioner's Office? Energy Ombudsman? Or something else?
  3. I need some advice. My partner had an operation a week ago on his foot which went well however when they put a back slab (plaster) on his calf to support his foot, they did not put it on properly and he ended up having a deep chemical burn from the plaster. After the operation, he continually told the nurses that he felt that his calf was burning but was told, it is part of the surgery. The nurses did not bother to check his calf. As a result of this, he now needs a skin graft due to chemical burns from the plaster and the burns being so deep. I tried to contact the hospital who did the surgery which is private but the surgery was paid for by the NHS, however they do not has a Patient Advice and Liaison Service and the only way to complain is to email youropinionmatters or another email which is used for feedback mainly. We were advised by the two hospitals that he now had to attend for treatment, to take the matter further as the hospital that did the surgery were negligent. Recently the Consultant that carried out the operation called and stated that he had received notification of what had happened to him and was not aware of the burning. He asked when the burning started and my partner stated straight after surgery and he informed nurses continually. The Consultant said that no-one brought it to his attention and even when he asked if my partner was ok for discharge, the nurses said yes. My partner has a pre-scheduled appointment with him coming up and he said he would like to discuss what happened with him. I am guessing that he does not wish us to go through the medical negligence route that we were advised to take but as we have never been through this before I would like advice on next steps. Help anyone please.
  4. I have an as yet diagnosed medical issue which limits my capacity to work, I cant get benefits yet but may only be able to work on a reduced basis going forward. I have £34k of credit card debt and £8k of other debt and can no longer service it - does anyone know the new medical criteria they have talked about for debt forgiveness please? Thank you
  5. My brother has worked as a car valeter for a firm for seven years. His firm has now made him and one other member of staff have a medical. Both these have diabetes. Neither of them wanted or felt they needed to have a medical and be singled out. The firm said it was regarding getting cheaper car insurance. The other person works as an accountant and never drives for the firm at all. Is this legal to force members of staff to have to undergo a medical they don't want to undergo.
  6. my friend cancelled his JSA claim today and has appointment booked with his ingeus advisor tomorrow, he has asked me if he can still get sanctioned for not attending as he is switching from JSA to ESA? sorry to keep going on but he keeps asking me.
  7. It's obvious that the government is making it so difficult with benefits they are hoping that everyone will just give up claiming but I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or head butt the wall with this situation and just wondering if anyone has had similar problems because apparently the people in front and behind me in the cashiers queue had the same issue!! Had a medical appointment in London yesterday for my ongoing vertigo issue and am on UC at the moment (although haven't received anything as yet due to my last pay packet back in July!). However I can't remember where but someone told me as I am on UC I could claim back my travel expenses. The UC helpline (term used loosely) advised me that I could claim through the JCP but on contacting my Work Coach (again term used loosely) she advised me I couldn't claim through them but I could claim direct with the NHS. I called the NHS and that was correct but I had to take my proof of purchase, appointment letter and UC Reward Letter to the cashier at the hospital. Obviously I know unlike JSA where you get a letter stating you are receiving JSA you don't get the same thing with UC because the Council were complaining about that when I claimed Council Tax Benefit and the girl at the Council said it was all a bit of a shambles. So I called the UC helpline again and after half an hour trying to explain to an automated message that all I wanted was advice from and advisor I finally got through. The advisor told me that the statement on the dashboard was all I needed although all 4 pages of it seemed excessive and somewhat personal considering it states that I was awarded a massive UC total of £0 due to my wage the previous month of £xyz!! Queued for 25 minutes at the cashier’s desk at the hospital with all the documents and finally when I got to the window she wouldn't approve it stating that she needed a JSA Award Letter. I politely explained that in my part of the country and more than likely most of it by now including London there is no such thing as JSA and award letters anymore, (I may be wrong) and that the UC Office had said this statement would suffice. She wasn't for turning though and kept pointing to a clearly out of date note on the wall stating a JSA Award letter was required. I tried my best to keep calm and explained again that all is done online now and this is it, all I can offer. Eventually she took my number and said her supervisor would ring on Monday but keep my train tickets, which is fortunate I got a receipt because the machine eats the tickets once used!! As I left the guy behind said "Well we are buggered as well then" as he held up his UC Statement print out. When I got home I called the UC Helpline but was told they didn't deal with travel and I had to speak to my work coach and could only offer me an appointment next Wednesday!! I asked for a phone appointment because it seems a bit pointless taking up a walk in just for one question! I said that the previous UC advisor had informed me that a UC Statement would be ok but was curtly told that the UC advisor couldn't advise on that so didn't know why they had! I then rang the number for my Job Centre and went through merely to a switchboard who told me that my JCP was closed on Fridays. So we search for work for 35 hours a week and they work 4 days?!?! She however told me that the JCP can't help on that so I should contact UC Helpline!! I replied that the UC Helpline say they don't deal with that the JCP does and she said they didn't know why they advised me of that as they were wrong. After telling her I suspect she may be getting a few more calls from others with the same query I gave up at that point!!! So has anyone had any luck with claiming expenses of any kind with merely a UC Statement?! It seems impossible. The hospital say they need a letter that doesn't exist anymore, UC say it's down to the JCP to advise and the JCP say it's down to UC credit to advise. A system clearly created by a buffoon with no brain, sense or intelligence!!
  8. I will do my best to ask my question without making it too complicated. I have 14 separate diagnosis. I live currently in the home I raised my children in, which was recently transferred from the council to a housing association. All my children have left home. I have carers coming in to help with personal care and domestic tasks and taking me out into the community, i.e. shopping, coffee out, for 7 hrs per week, the remainder of the time I am at home, in doors and extremely lonely. It is having a real impact on some of my diagnosis. I have a friend that is returning from outside the UK after 14 years and they are hoping to return to their home town in Yorkshire. I live in the south east and I would like to be able to share a 2 bedroom flat or house with him in Yorkshire for companionship. There is no relationship other than friends between myself and this person who happens to be male. We have known each other for 33 years. At home I feel as if I am just waiting for the inevitable....I have social services involvement but what I want to know is this....Is it possible to move to Yorkshire and move in with a friend that would for my benefit reduce the amount of care I would require, reduce and potentially stop some conditions from occurring and have a normal happy life as much as possible, without being accused as him being my partner? Thanks
  9. my doctor will be sent a form from the DVLA to fill in re my medical fitness to drive. In the past 3, 4 or 5 months my mental health has been excellent no problems. BUT earlier this year like 7 months ago I (voluntarily) admitted myself to a psychiatric ward and was there for 3 weeks. I know the doctor will have a question to answer along the lines of "has the person been admitted to a hospital in the past 12 months for psychiatric treatement?" Does this mean I won't be allowed to drive until a year has passed since my admission date, even though I have been fine in recent months? Or does it depend on each circumstance? I'm worried about this, I need my driving licence and my life is on hold until I get it back.
  10. Any legal guys here need help In January I needed to be fitted with a pacemaker. My surgeon told me that I must inform the DVLA but to also tell them that I had fully recovered due to the procedure and me bionic heart. Soon after I told them by phone and they said I would get a questionnaire to fill in. The facts ----- Due to the questionnaire not being returned in time my driving license has been revoked. Following a telephone call today I was informed that My license will not be reinstated even though they have the said questionnaire in their possession. I have informed them that it will cause severe hardship and distress to me as a registered disabled person who needs a vehicle at all times. Even asking them what I should do they said to go to the post office and apply for a driving license. I told them that I couldn't because I am on my own and can't get there because of my disability. Not their problem basically! They did not get the questionnaire in time but can't tell me what law/guidelines they have in place and what grounds there are to have the license reinstated even temporarily until the whole thing is investigated. It is actually a paper exercise for their records because when I rang them the medical condition did not exist. You can legally drive with a pacemaker all you have to do is inform the DVLA. I also asked them how they can impose a punishment as harsh as revoking a license of a disabled person who is deemed fit to drive and why they can't come to a compromise now that they have the questionnaire. They told me that the time limit is 14 days from the date they send me the letter and I told them that I got the letter today dated 16/03/2018 informing me that it had been revoked?? I asked them how they could impose a time limit on something that they cannot prove I got never mind got late like the letter i got today? Does anyone know how I can fight this? Can they impose what is deemed a punishment on a time limit that is instigated on a letter that they cannot prove was received by me on time? Common sense would dictate that it be reinstated on a temporary basis now that the information has been received and is, in fact, a paper exercise. I cannot find anything in writing on the net stating when the time limit is imposed? Should it not be sent recorded if there is a punishment attached? Like they have the form but won't do anything because it was late and the letter i got today informing that my license was revoked was dated 16th March hence why I rang them??? PLZ Help
  11. Hi everyone, Is there anyone else having trouble trying to get their license back and you just keep waiting and waiting and getting fobbed off with excuses when you phone the medical dept at DVLA. A quick summary of my case is on the 2nd Dec 2014 i had a freak accident in my HGV, in that I was going one way and another HGV coming towards me when both wing mirrors touched, usually not a problem, but this time the other guy's just smashed and mine came around and hit the side window and smashed the window, then the mirror detached itself and flew in through the cab hitting me at the side of the neck and then flicking up and hitting the side of my head. Luckily I seen it about to happen and was braking at the time of impact and my co-driver leaned over and pulled the handbrake on. I now believe I could have suffered a lot worse injuries. Ambulance came and carted me off to hospital with neck brace and back brace. At this stage I thought I had broke my neck. At hospital they did the works, scans etc and after 10 mins the doctor came to me and took off the braces etc and said nothing broken. He then returned a couple of mins later and said I had a bleed to the brain and we are keeping you in for observation. 2days later I 'm allowed home having no meds or anything just my pulse and blood pressure checked. I had a very sore head for about 6 weeks and was told by my GP not to drive as the hospital had said that they had informed DVLA and I had inform DVLA myself. So did paperwork and waited and was just about ready to go back to driving duties when DVLA on the 28th FEB 2015 revoked my license for 6 months, reason was that I had suffered a Serious Traumatic Brain Injury,(there is only one box on the DVLA web site for head injuries). So that brought it up to the 28th August 2015, thinking that should be able to at least get my car license back then, due to having to get myself medical evidence to get my HGV back. Well after many call calls and letters etc finally got the evidence in OCT 2015 and sent everything off to DVLA. Many phone calls later and on occasions nearly shouting down the phone etc, and being fobbed off with excuses, last week somebody told something near the truth in that my case was sent the the DVLA doctors on the 28th Nov 2015, but they are currently running about 17-18 weeks behind. That just about summed up DVLA. My personal view is that yes I got a whack on the head, but the only people that made it something serious when really it was minor was DVLA and they are still being pains. :mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2:
  12. Aquilon Medical Nebulisers: people urged to stop use immediately READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/aquilon-medical-nebulisers-people-urged-to-stop-use-immediately
  13. Told today I have failed my ESA medical all benefits stopped and told to reapply for JSA. I am 61 suffer with depression, border line personality disorder, high blood pressure (MH problems documented by a psychiatrist). At my medical my MH was not really considered. I was asked if I was violent and how did my depression anxiety affect me. I was told today I failed because I did not seem panicky or sweating (I took my coat off on one of the coldest days at the medical because I was sweating) the examiner even commented on how cold it was) I said it felt tropial to me, none of this mentioned. I have asked for a reconsideration, so awaiting paperwork, what can I do in the meantime. If I appy for JSA I have been told my new benefit will be UC, (I was sort of told to wait before I apply to see if my reconsideration is successful, because if it is I will stay on ESA and money lost will be backdated). I am scared to death, I have no family so no help with money, I was receiving SMI so that will stop, what is my best action. Any help as I really do not know where to turn I am totally alone in this.
  14. As there are so many people with different medical conditions especially those that are advised to carry a Medical Alert with them CAG thought this would be of use to our users. Please bear in mind that Team at CAG has spent some time designing this Medical Alert Wallet card Template for your use completely FREE. Before Printing please check your printer settings: Page Scaling / Handling / Sizing Setting Ensure your printer is NOT set to - "Expand to fill Printable Area" (If you leave it on this it will print out as an A4 Page which you dont want) Ensure the Page Scaling / Handling / Setting is set to - NONE / Acutal Size (Check your printer properties before printing as each printers settings are different) To Fill in Form To fill in the Form rather that trying to fill it in upside down just go to your PDF Programs VIEW setting and simply "Rotate Page Clockwise" until it is at the correct level and complete. To SAVE your completed PDF WARNING DO NOT just click SAVE otherwise you will save a Blank PDF and lose all the information you have just typed do the following: 1. Click on FILE and select SAVE AS 2. Select where you want to save PDF 3. Importantly Rename the PDF from original name 4. Click Done You have just saved your information in that PDF. Remember to save your work before closing and to keep it regularly updated. Medical Alert Wallet Card Template with Form Fields ----------.pdf
  15. I had my ESA stopped which is now pending an appeal, I have had to do a joint claim to claim UC, what a nightmare this has been. My original claim was from the the 23rd June and they have in therefore paid me four weeks instead of five, 23/06/17 - 22/07/17 that will be paid on 29/07/17. so in other words they are paying me four weeks but not paying me until the 5th week but not paying for the 5th week. As I have come straight over from ESA the seven day waiting period and as I understand it cannot be used by the DWP so why has a week been deducted and why if my claim started on the 23/06/17 and payable on 22/07/17 not reaching my account until a week later? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and as per norm why do they make the simple things not so simple,.
  16. Hi everyone!!! Hoping some of you might be able to help. Will try and keep this to the point as I know there are other posts that I have spent a long time reading but everyone's situation is different. I have been convicted of DD twice now and on the first time I served 14 months with doing the DD course. Second time was 2 years later and was given a ban of 4 years, 150 hours community service, thinking skills and another programme. I have now served half my ban and have hired a specialist motoring solicitor and a barrister (not cheap) to hopefully get my license back early. Due to go to court on the 8th September 2017. I know I am just taking a chance but have to try. As I will be classed as a HRO I will be required to do the medical and know as I have had an alcohol problem in the past things might not be quite as they should due to the amounts I used to consume. in theory if I am granted my license back by the time I do my medical I should be totally abstinent for about 9-10 weeks, does anyone know if this would be enough or if you have any thoughts or comments regarding the process? Just looking for help please, no hated comments, know I have done wrong (partly wasn't my fault) but yes I was driving. Been the worst time of my life and looking to get back on track to find employment and by knowing I will never go back to the way things were. Thank you all for reading my post! Best Regards,
  17. Hi Members, I have come back to this forum as I’ve been given some great advice a few years ago. Unfortunately for all the wrong reasons i now require some expert minds, over the next few days this story will unfold but for the mean time I would like to ask a question. My current contract states that quote: 8. OTHER BENEFITS You shall be entitled to participate in the Company's private medical insurance scheme subject to: a. the terms of that scheme, as amended from time to time; b. the rules or insurance policy of the relevant insurance provider, as amended from time to time; and c. you and your family (only children under the age of 18 years) satisfying the normal underwriting requirements of the relevant insurance provider and the premium being at a rate which the Company considers reasonable. I have found out My company have not been paying for any medical healthcare, are they breaking any employment law by doing this? I have come to understanding this as a fellow employee told me of a discussion he had with the FD, the FD told him to find a quote. However, I have not been informed of this since my contract started back in January. Thanks Guys
  18. Does anyone know anything about medical negligence? My family is at the beginning of a possible negligence case. My brother was taken by ambulance to hospital because he was taken very ill with a violent headache and vomiting. He was kept in the A&E department overnight and diagnosed with migraine. No CT scan was given. Only blood test and pain killers. Even though it was obvious he was very ill, we were called to take him home. I argued with the staff he wasn't fit to go. However I was told he has been cleared to leave. So he has to leave. He was unable to walk to the car park. He couldn't even manage to negotiate from the chair to a wheelchair. He was in a very confused state. He was violently sick throughout the journey and collapsed as soon as he got out of the cab. I called his GP who told me to call another ambulance. This time he was taken to a different hospital. A CT scan found he had suffered a stroke. Result is he has lost almost all of his eyesight. And has been left with weakness down his left side. I made a complaint to the hospital and have just received the completed investigation report. It clearly states mistakes were made and guidelines were not followed. I am awaiting direction from a solicitor as to what can be done. Has anyone any experience with things like this? How hard was it? I have been told it is selfish to think of making a negligence claim against the NHS because of the state it's in. However my brother's life has been left in shreds. This is not something he is going to be able to recover from and put behind him. Sadly for him, this is now his life. We hear often how time matters where strokes are concerned. And many vital hours were lost while he was sitting in A&E untreated. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  19. nowlo everyone, I was hoping you'd be able to give me some advice on my current situation. I really want to keep on top of things. Total debt as follows: EDF Electric £200.04 Southern Water £57.22 Veolia Water £52.86 Priority Debt Total £310.12 Natwest Loan £2,505.78 Natwest Credit Card £1,686.25 Natwest Overdraft £500.00 Vanquis Credit Card £2,181.18 Orange Mobile £69.86 Orange Broadband £23.87 Creditor Debt Total £6,966.94 Total Debt £7,277.06 In July I was made redundant, along with everyone where I worked. previous to this I'd struggled with illness since summer the previous year, and had varying periods of time off work. Within this time I fell behind on repayments. I tried to speak to my creditors at this time, but they were having none of it. I contacted them again upon becoming redundant. I was behind on utilities, and used the little redundancy money I received (£600 goodwill payment) to bring them up to date. I still have £200 left on electric, but all the rest are sorted. I contacted CCCS for advice. After this I called my creditors to come to some arrangement while I'm looking for new employment. One creditor is Natwest, for my credit card, or shall I say Triton debt management. At the time I was awaiting confirmation of JSA, housing benefit etc and had no income. They accepted a monthly £1 token payment. End of last month they constantly kept calling me, I answered to shut them up. They told me the first agreement wasn't valid as I had no income and therefore it shouldn't of been made. Said the person that called me was 'new' (like that's MY problem) . I was forced into doing an income/expenditure there and then. Somehow they figured I could afford £7.99 a month . I couldn't, but felt really forced. I agreed. Since then I did a proper inc/exp for myself, and down to bear minimums for outgoings I'm still -£8.99 minus a month. I wrote a letter, which I sent recorded with an enclosed copy of my inc/exp saying I cannot afford the repayment agreed, and as of 5th Sept I will be making a £1 token payment, via postal order for the next 3 months (on 5th of every month), when I will review my financial situation (and could freeze interest). I also did the same for my other creditor, Vanquis, or rather Impact collections. Swhat I'd like to know is, was this right thing to do? What are the chances of them freezing my interest? Vanquis had my debit card details on file and tried to apply for the £10 I agreed previously from my bank. It bounced, as I had no funds . They would have received my letter a long time before that payment was applied for. I'm worried they can keep applying for this amount. How can I stop them? What rights do I now have? Can they take me to court? I'm using my PPI for the Natwest loan. So that's covered. Any help appreciated. Further to what I mentioned above... I have struggled for years with health problems, but especially since 2007. I've fought back repeatedly. My job before last I lost because of my health, I tried so very hard to keep it, but in the end they let me go. It was heartbreaking. Thus, in this period I got into arrears with my creditors. It took me a whole year (this was during the recession) of applying for hundreds of jobs to finally get a new one. I got my repayments to creditors back on track and things were going fairly well. Then mid-last year my health once again worsened. I can't even explain the absolute hell I had to go through with GPs/NHS just to get referred for treatment. I sat through work in agony day after day, through tears sometimes. Then to make matters worse, I slipped on ice walking home from work a week before Christmas last year. My then partner fell on top of me . I tore just about every ligament in and around my knee area. Once again I had to fight for treatment, admins 'lost' my appointments and all sorts of total rubbish. Now my leg gives way constantly, as there is nothing holding it together. I'm on a waiting list for surgery, it's almost a year come this December since I had the accident. This has left me battling the existing illness(es) plus a cruddy knee that constantly gives out and hurts. Subsequently I started to miss a lot of work, and got further into debt. Then in June the company I worked for felt the strain of the competition in the industry they were in, and decided to effectively 'can' the business, making myself and all the other 3 employees redundant (including my partner, whom I worked with). At the same time my partner of two years left me (in fact I found out he'd cheated on me). I did my crying, then dusted myself off and 'got on with it'... now around to present day. I've applied for countless jobs. Had eight interviews, three with same company, two with another. The feedback is always positive, they like me, but I'm never quite what they want/need. Then there's the ever head-banging responses to applications of 'over-qualified' or 'under-qualified'. I'm stuck in some weird limbo! I've got to the point where I have to take stock of my whole life and think what I need to do realistically. I have the following debt: EDF Electric £200.04 Southern Water £57.22 Veolia Water £52.86 Natwest Loan £2,505.78 Natwest Credit Card £1,686.25 Natwest Overdraft £500.00 Vanquis Credit Card £2,181.18 Orange Mobile £69.86 Orange Broadband £23.87 Total Debt £7,277.06 I have set-up token payments to creditors and payment arrangements with priority debts. I'm in receipt of JSA, housing/council tax benefit. I've been selling anything not nailed down and looking for any ways to make extra cash. My minimum outgoings for living are £830. This doesn't include travel, hairdressing or entertainment. This is the bear bones living costs. I've tried to cut down on everything possible. My groceries/household stuff is down to £90 a month (and trying to reduce further) . I've swapped electric/gas to lower cost dual fuel with another company. The only area that I could possibly cut in the future is my mobile/broadband . I have a deal with Orange for broadband (£10), line rental/inclusive anytime calls (£23) and £23 for my mobile. I'm contracted for my phone until at lest next April, so I can't get out of paying until then. I've tried to find somewhere cheaper to live (£450pcm at present), but being on the 'DSS' with a dog, regardless of gleaming references, I've had repeated nos. Plus, I have no deposit. So no saving to be made on housing. I'd have to get a job at minimum £17k annual to cover my bear living expenses, with little to nothing left for creditors with no prospect of that changing for what could be years, because of my health, if at all. It's quite apparent that finding work is no walk in the park right now either, so I'm going to have to take what I can get, no matter for how little. All I'd have to offer is a couple pounds to each creditor, while they refuse to stop adding interest, which is largely the reason my debt has escalated to such a high amount. The debt will increase, my credit score will get worse, I'll be getting more stressed, with no sign of being able to pay off my debt... after much thought I'm seriously wondering whether I should consider a DRO (Debt Relief Order) . It's hard for me to come to that conclusion, because I believe it's my responsibility to pay back what I owe. However, I can't see how I will be able to pay it back, my credit is already effected, and will continue to be even if I make token payments, right? given all the aforementioned would a DRO be best? What's the pros and cons? I'&d be so grateful for others thoughts. Hello, are you still there? Ha-ha! I'm so sorry this was so long. I'm just so worried. I've tried so hard to keep on top of things, it's heartbreaking to reach this point. I'm awake at 3 a.m. worrying for goodness sake!
  20. Hi, Last year in May I badly hurt my ankle. It was massively swollen and bruised (I can upload a picture if required). I had damaged my right ligaments in the past and had gone to the hospital and been told just to rest it for a few days. With this in mind, I did not go to hospital for 4 days assuming it was just ligament damage. However, after 4 days the pain was much greater than previous + was much more swollen and bruised. I decided I would go to hospital. Note, I was able to limp on it, but not put much weight at all on it. I went to Accident and Emergency and because it had been 4 days, I was subjected to 'Triage' and a Nurse gave me a lookover. I told her I believed I had fractured it as well as ligament damage. She claimed because I could put some weight on it, it was very unlikely to be a fracture and decided that I did not need an X-Ray. She advised me to go home and rest it. Over the next few months my ankle was in agony daily, I struggled to put proper weight on it for about 4 months and could not do any sport for 7 months. Even after this, I could not properly participate in sports and stopped after a few weeks. I still had pain in the ankle (even when lying still and sleeping, it would be sore after walking for 5 minutes etc) After 11 months of pain, I decided to go private to get the issue fixed. I was given a procedure to repair the ligaments and during this procedure, there was 5mm of bone snapped off in my ankle (the fracture I had suspected). Now, if I had been given the X-Ray when I went to A&E this fracture would have been spotted and I could have received the correct treatment at the time and would not have had to have a year of agony and being unable to enjoy sports. Does anyone think that I have a case? This is my ankle at the time I went to hospital I'm not sure the photo has worked, I do not have enough posts to post a link to it either. Hopefully this has attached now Ankle.pdf
  21. Good morning, A friend of mine has a personal injury case against a bus company after driver took wrong route and hit a bollard whilst reversing to get back on route. - Bus company have admitted liability. The solicitor (well legal executive) acting for my friend requested a rheumatologist assess my friend because she suffers from a condition called hypermobile ehlers-danlos syndrome (hEDS) which causes constant debilitating pain and can cause small injuries or trauma to last for ages Anyway, this "expert" appeared not to know too much about her condition and has referred to out of date materials when talking about the hEDS, and also fibromyalgia, calling the fibro "neuropsychiatric not rheumatic" He has focused on the childhood depression and previous work problems (bullying but not mentioned this is why she left) and my friend feels like he is focusing on irrelevant issues and wonders if she can disagree to this being put in. The whole report practically makes her look mentally unstable, even though depression and anxiety are a symptom of hEDS from a very young age. I have helped her find current criteria on both hEDS, fibro, and also widespread chronic pain, which she also dx with at same time but not mentioned once in his report. Her solicitor is harder than a slippery pig to get hold of and my friend is looking to change representation, but I think she really needs to address this report before making any decision. So, my question is this please experts, Does the medical report need to include this information about her past job and depression which she feels doesn't really have a bearing on her case because she is claiming for the pain and inconvenience she has suffered since the accident. I have said that in my opinion it would need to be added because she has since had to leave her job. But I have promised to help her so will try to find out for sure. I know the info I have written is scanty, but this is the best I can do without disclosing too much. Many thanks guys.
  22. Hi, Looking for some advice. I had a medical assessment now I got 0 points. I understand I can claim JSA and do a mandatory reconsideration, however the JSA claim online states you must not have received ESA within 1 calendar month? So, must I wait 1 whole month before applying? Thanks.
  23. Hello all I get ESA CB Support group and recently posted my ESA50 reassesment. I am worried that if I am asked to attend or even if I manage to get a F2F at my home and due to my Bowel issues I am unable to attend or even if its at my house and I am stuck in the bathroom and I am unable to answer the door and he or she leaves. Now what happens then? I know they will send me a letter and asks me for good reason I did not attend, but then what if the same thing happens again if they make a new appointment? and again? Will they eventually end my ESA claim? and then would I have to appeal to have my ESA reinstated? and if I win my appeal to have my ESA reinstated would I immediately be requested to attend another ESA assessment? OK well if that doesnt happen what if I was being assessed and was unable to continue after even a few seconds, would the assessor class that as non attendance? or how would that work? and how would I appeal if this happened and I was removed from ESA? what would be the process? Thanks all in advance"
  24. good evening. I look after my mum and she had a medical this past week and my question is for if she fails her medical and am caring for even though she has PIP and she is on ESA I think it is also am I still Entitled to be her carer and still be my job and still get my Carer Allowance if they had sense when looking at her issues and problems that she will never be fit for work and she won't get any better simple as that. if anyone can respond to my question would be great thanks.
  25. Hi, I am new here and hope to find somebody who can help me. I had an EU driving licence which expired last month. when I applied for the UK driving licence I had to declare a medical condition which I had six year ago but that it is no longer something I suffer from, infact I have been off medication for a couple of years and I am not under the supervision of any doctors. the NHS consultant I saw for driving licence wrote a letter summarising the history of the problem and attesting that I met all the criteria for fitness to drive, and discharged me with no further appointments or care required. After 5 weeks since I applied for the UK license the DVLA had received the medical questionnaire and the letter from the consultant (which starts by saying "I see no reason why she should not drive a vehicle), and have said that my case has been referred to a DVLA doctor who has to check that my condition meets the criteria above. and that this is not going to happen before January next year, which seems like a very long time to not have a license. I have tried to get more information but they are just rude, robotic call centre people who wind you up, and repeat that they have to deal with cases from all the UK. I wanted to try the complaint procedure or possibly to look at getting professional legal advice. I can't understand why when an NHS specialist consultant has written to the DVLA to say I can drive, it should have to go to their doctor who can't respond until January. I can drive under the law section 88 road traffic act 1988 but I do not feel confident without the driving licence. plus I cannot go to visit family abroad with my baby as is illegal there going around without driving licence with you. has anyone had any similar experiences? any advice would be much appreciated. thanks
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