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  1. Hi Peepz Firstly, new to this forum so Hello to all. I need some help & advise. I had my daughter tablet, a nexus 7 2nd gen 32gb covered for accidental damage for the past 4 years. Last week she put on the side of the bath to use the toilet and it fell into the bath which her mom had just ran for her, She is only 6. It caused the tablet to become water damaged, nowhere on the knowhow's policy does it state anything about water damage. What is more annoying is that it is called whatever happens & they state "mishaps & accidents do happen" but when I u
  2. Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate some help with a claim form that I received this week. Name of the Claimant ? CABOT FINANCIAL (UK) LIMITED Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to. 05 JAN 2017 Date of issue 05 Jan + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = 23 Jan + 14 days to submit defence = 6 Feb (33 days in total) - Correct Think these dates are correct. What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? Please type out their particulars of claim
  3. Hello, I am completely clueless and dealing with other stressful situations on top of a collision a couple of days ago. Other party's fault and my car is not worth fixing. I was asked to send in photos of car for evaluation purposes. Other party's insurance company offered to settle the case too. What do i have to look out for? I've read something about paying out premium. I have no idea what that is and I don't have time to deal with this as there are other very urgent pressing matters in my life. I was told something on the phone about my premium and no claims bon
  4. Hello Was hoping for some insight or advice on my situation. I've just checked my credit report and have found two sets of "beneficiary trace enquiries" made by Erudio Customer Management Ltd. The first ones were in mid-march against my current and previous address. Then again two months later in May, also against my current and previous address. I have read up and found out Erudio bought the old style students loans. I do have two of these. One from 1997 and then another for 1999 which has been treated as a separate account by the
  5. Hi, I received a letter last week for a ' Local Compliance Telephone Interview'. The call will take place in just over 2 weeks. The letter says the telephone interview has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. On the back it says i need my bank statements at hand and any savings or pensions (which i don't have!). I rang the women who will be doing the interview to change my mobile number as it was wrong, i asked her what the interview was for as i had never heard of it. She said "its just to check your getting / on the
  6. Hello all I get ESA CB Support group and recently posted my ESA50 reassesment. I am worried that if I am asked to attend or even if I manage to get a F2F at my home and due to my Bowel issues I am unable to attend or even if its at my house and I am stuck in the bathroom and I am unable to answer the door and he or she leaves. Now what happens then? I know they will send me a letter and asks me for good reason I did not attend, but then what if the same thing happens again if they make a new appointment? and again? Will they eventually end my ESA claim? and then would I have t
  7. Hi Could someone tell me what happens when one of two business partners dies? My friend's husband (I'll refer to him as K) died in May and he was in business with his sister, running a café. The partnership was not a formal one - ie no agreements were signed (I know - WHY?!) but K did pay a sum to his sister to "buy in" to the business. K died intestate (again WHY?!). As you might imagine, this is causing a whole host of problems for my friend and I'm trying to help her unpick the knots. My friend believes that her husband's 1/2 share of the business is part of his estate (
  8. Hi, I have a Tomlin order against myself. It was "agreed" literally just before a trial in the small claims track. The court itself had lost an application I had made, despite having the receipts to confirm delivery. As a result, my witness statement was potentially ruled inadmissible. I had started the claim for non-payment of an invoice for work I carried out. They put in a defence and counterclaim, which itself was late and I got a default judgement against them. They managed to get my default judgement set aside, by some fluke, even though they took two weeks to apply, didn't at
  9. Hi, My OH has been informed that for 11 months now she has been overpaid via her work, coming to about £1200. She has been working extra days to pay back the overpayment but was wondering what happens to the extra Tax that she paid on this amount, and if she can claim it back how she goes about doing this? Thanks JJ
  10. I've done some reading but it's hard finding the answer. Since private companies can't fine you, what realistically happens if you just ignore them? Do they have any mechanism for forcing payment? I understand they could sue under contract law, but what are the odds of that?
  11. Dear all, I got caught in Primark shoplifting yesterday. I don't condone my actions obviously and I'm sorry for what I've done. Now my question is what happens next? I was brought to a back office where my bags were searched and I cooperated as much as I could. The guy in the office gave me a piece of paper to fill in my details e.g. name, school, address. I was not told to sign anything. After I filled in my details he insisted I call someone to have my address verified if not he would have to involve the person. My friend managed to verify my address and he told me I was free to
  12. I hope someone can help with the below. This is all new to me and it's making me very stressed! I was involved in an accident a month ago. This is my version of events. I drove down a slip road then joined a dual carriageway. Shortly after this I overtook the car in front. I checked mirrors and it was safe to change lanes. As I was moving into the lane I felt a collision take place. Looked in my rear view mirror and saw a car behind me. They have damage to their front passenger side wing (small car). I had a scuff on my rear driver side alloy (I have a 4x4) but no actual da
  13. my mum recently passed away this month with cancer , but a few months before this a family fued began and really really honestly i have no idea why . at the time of the fued i was away on holiday with my wife and children . when we returned home all our numbers where barred by family ,plus any social media sites . my children ignored by my brother ,sister and nephew etc . as to the point my mother passed away on the 8th of january , not long before this she had christmas dinner at my house ,with me and my family (wife kids) and told me she didnt have long left . she also at this point
  14. We all know that after six years any default on your Credit File is (or should be) automatically removed irrespective of whether or not there is a balance owing. If after six years the default is in fact removed from you Credit File as it should be, but you are still paying an agreed sum back every month, what would happen if you stopped paying this? Can the creditor issue another Default as there is not one showing? Can the creditor use legal action against you, considering there is no Default showing? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, I just learnt that the Legal Service Commission was closed on 01 April 2013, so what happens to the Statue Charge they had put on my property. They have not demanded anything from me in past, but I made some payments in July 2012. Does the debt move to new Legal Aid Agency? Or could the charge be removed from the Land Registry? Any information regarding this will be much appreciated.
  16. after having received a CCJ even though i believe the debt to be statued barred (thats a whole nother thread) i looked up my credit record on experian and check my file. Im a little confused, it seems some accounts that i have not made payments on for at least 2 years up to 4 years are not showing as defaulted. Now am i right when i say i thought any account should be marked as defaulted on a credit file 6 months after last payment made or acknowledgement of debt. Why have the creditors not defaulted them, Im guessing its so they cant say the debt is statued
  17. Please help.. [with ref to a thread of multiple debts here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?256212-Credit-Card-defaults-since-2005-now-got-SD!!&p=3412047#post3412047 ..been quiet for a long time and then out of the blue today a hand delivered letter a Statutory Demand.. ..it was taken to my daughters house.. ..apparently they have been sending letters there every week as she has the same initals as me. ...she has just ben binning them thinking they were junk mail but today the guy knocked their door and my son in law didn't know who th
  18. Hi there, I had a Barclaycard I thought had been defaulted with the CRAs back in 2009 due to a Notice of Default I had received. Barclaycard actually added late payment markers '6' for over two years before closing the account and selling on to Cabot. I have spoken with Barclaycard and I think they are going to agree to a retrospective default. However, I am arguing this should have been in May/June 09 when they first send Default notices and applying default sums to the account. They are saying Oct 09 is when their records showed the account was regarded as a defaulted accou
  19. Can anyone please advise what happens when a claimant dies and they have a vehicle paid for by the higher rate of mobility on the scheme? Obviously, the vehicle has to be returned but I would like to know the timeframe in which it should be returned. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, I did some mystery shopping a few years ago, so declared myself as 'self-employed'. I didn't think I had to do a tax return for 13-14 as I didn't actually do any mystery shopping, that year so I was hit with a 100 pound fine. No tax was owed. I'm a student who could really do without this, I'm not even a proper 'self-employed' person! I appealed and it was rejected. On my letter, it says there is a 5 percent penalty on an unpaid payment 30 days, 6 months and 12 months after the due date. So if I didn't pay the penalty for 12 months, is it correct that I would owe around 115 pounds? What
  21. I live in a council house and have a secured tenancy. I'm a single parent with one child, the other 2 have left home. When my youngest is 18 can I have her put on my tenancy agreement, in case anything ever happened to me, she wouldn't be homeless? or is that illegal?
  22. Hello, this is my first ever post!!!! I am looking to clarify some information i have heard please if anyone can help. I got into and am still in a big financial mess due to long term ill health and not being able to work. I had 13 credit cards and 4 bank accounts that all defaulted about 2 years ago. They are with all the main institutions... Halifax, RBS, MBNA , Barclaycard, HSBC etc. I have standing orders set up paying them all £1 per month, as advised by the debt charities i spoke to. All have frozen interest and charges, and have not sold on the debt due to my ill health. Thi
  23. A subject that we receive a huge number of enquiries about concerns a credit card (or debit card) 'chargeback' and whether bailiff enforcement may recommence. A year ago I started a thread on this subject which has received 6,000 views and given the new legislation (that came into effect on 6th April) it would be wise to update the information with a new thread. Again, from the enquiries that we receive, a lot of people are encouraged to make a 'chargeback' request following information on various websites. The following is taken from one particular FMoTL website: As can be s
  24. I am due in Court later this week for a repossession Hearing, I have filed a defence and so now it is going to take a day for the hearing to take place. I currently have laryngitis and literally just have a `squeak` as a voice, am I able to geta Doctors note to not attend Court and if I don`t attend, after having given a Doctors note, what will happen please? I am defending myself so would need to do a great deal of talking, which of course is going to be near impossible, please help because added to my illness, this is making me really stressed Thank you.
  25. Not quite sure where to put my question since I have been searching the net for an answer, but here goes:- I have a charging order (or a restriction since the house in joint owned), which was put upon by a landlord whose building i was leasing for business. So its a private individual who has put a charge on my house. Now my question is what happens to that charging order if the landlord dies? Do I still have to pay the debt to get the charging order off the land Registry? Does one of his family member get the ownership of the charging order? Any actual facts to my questi
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