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  1. ive had both sides of them , the update of details and the accusations , 1 for working when they followed my wife for 2 weeks all over in the car ,when her sister needed dropping off at work , and the too much money one ,savings of over £6000 ,which i don't have but my own family started that as a rumor when things went belly up when my mum died . rip im a natural born panicker and did worry every time . none of them turned out to be anything . the one where they were following our car around was the funniest when we mentioned the wreckless driving of the 4x4 . woman got up and left instantly no papers signed nothing .
  2. sure it was hollow /hollowman .but i only use 1 email address the one i have had for over 10 years and the system doesnt recognize it . i did contact admin on front page but no response
  3. hi . I was already a member on here with previous posts but my email pass isnt recognised . im currently on esa without an assesment , i have been on it some time before it was even esa (forgot what it was) my doctor advised me to try to claim pip due to the multiple illnesses and problems i have with mobility and the other one (care bit ) excuse me i have a terrible memory her words were under no circumstances do you go out alone or bath alone and for gods sake keep away from the kitchen (lovely doc but has emmigrated to warmer climate now) i have had 3 major heart attacks in 2 years (44 years old now) , have heart disease , familial hypercholesterolemia, epilepsy (tonic clonic and complex partial ) unstable angina , and severe asthma . all within just over 2 years , plus ongoing sciatica due to herniated disks in lower back (had injections but wont operate due to heart problems) also have limited mobility in right leg from a 100ft fall some years ago that left me with 7 breaks in 1 leg and about an inch movement in my right ankle at most . ive tried to read some of the reports about the underhand tactics they use to down play your health and what you are capable of doing . im on 19 different medications a day ,that total 1200 tablets a month . over 500 of these are for pain alone . as one of my main pain relievers had to be stopped due to no1 side effect being heart failure . im not expecting the world but had little proof to supply as my last esa assement was in late due to been in hospital so my wife posted all the original letters which they have not sent back even though requested. (saying that i read they dont even consider these) they dont consider pain relief either (but 2 of my pain relievers are 30mg codiene 8x day and 8 diazepam a day .) i have loads of mini seizures a day most of which i dont even know ive had ,observed by other people . cannot walk far always have to use a crutch and can be out of breath by the time i get to the loo .2x5 stairs with landing in between , i have unstable angina and can have an attack just laid watching tv , my last heart attack was as they said brought on by a grand mal seizure ,in which i literally was absolutely terrified incase i have another linked event. im under 3 heart specialists and 2 neurologists all at 3 different hospitals . meds dont work for the seizures and i have no prior warning of one large one or the many clusters i have a day . can anyone suggest how i approach this home visit . plus i know esa and pip are unrelated but surely they collaberate findings . so if you get a low pip score i guess you will soon get a new esa assesment through the post . im not that worried ,its more the injustice they do and i hear they treat you like your dumb whilst all the time are plotting there little outcome against you . thanks for listening and any advice welcome meeting is friday morn , but sometimes i have severe insomnia 48 awake + then other times i can sleep 18+ hours and nothing can wake me , no idea wether its the meds or the head thats gone tbh.
  4. Well its been over 2 months since mum passed away . The family members have not spoken to me at all except for in one heated argument .when my sister accused me of stealing mums bank book on the day she died i was fuming and threatened her with police and legal intervention from a solicitor. I then received a nasty text from my brother which i phoned and had it out with him .only for him to tell me he had taken the bank book and my sister already knew this. He had also changed the door locks on the house incase I had a key for the property. The house thing I believe has backfired on them as if any repairs where needed the council had my name and number for contact . I received an unexpected visit from a tenancy officer asking me what was happening to the house and why hadn't the keys been handed in So I told him the truth about it all . He wasnt very pleased and asked me for my sister's number which I willing gave him. He replied with i guarantee that they won't get it . I think that might be true as my nephew (another one who won't speak) lived next door to mum and he is now moving and iI believe my sister is moving just a few doors away from where she is living now. As for the bank account I have no idea Wether or not my sister and brother have emptied it or not..I have the few possessions that Iwanted which consists of a few trinkets and a few old family pictures. We have not spoken a word to the family since the 9th Feb which was mums birthday when I was "allowed" to take some flowers upto the house , I am sore about the whole thing I've been told nothing at all. I don't even know when mums ashes are been put in the plot . its the things like that ,that are eating away at my mind .Not mums money as anything i might or most llikely won't receive was going to be given to my children. As me and mum where the closest in the family and that is what she wanted she said it numerous times .me and my with were the ones who were with her through 5 years of cancer and ill health .The other family members only seemed to pop out of the woodwork it the last 6 months .
  5. Thank you all for your support and help , I just hope I be as helpful to another forum member at some time .
  6. im posting this on behalf of my sister inlaw . she and i have both tried talking to hmrc what a nasty we dont care attitude they have . she recently (few weeks ago )saw a £24.80 per week drop in tax credits , phoned them and they said wait for a letter to arrive and then phone the number onit and they will explain . letter comes and low and behold ,same number idiots. any she rand them yesterday and they are calculating that by 05/04/2016 her earning will be £10700 £6.79 ph on a constant 30 hour week . her last wage slip dated 28/02/2016 states her total earnings to be £8002.54 to that date for the year . so out came the calculator and a rough estimate to the date they gave 05/04/2016 adds upto £9198.54 total earnings for the year . so how can they start taking an over payment for 05/04/2015 to 05/04/2016 of over £700 ? they said they base it on earning from previous years of 2013 to 2014 . the system sucks . so now she is £24.80 worse off a week. reducing her tax credits to £44.64 per week until 10/06/2016. she is a single parent who works ,pays full council rent ,gets no discount,full council tax -25% single person discount and has a 13year old child . some how i couldnt get it throiugh to the lady that how can you take an overpayment that hasn't actually occured yet ? based on the fact that in 2013-2014 she use to work 40 hrs per week . is there some way to appeal against this ? as she struggles as it is now . i see her point , whats the use in working if single parents etc are better off on benefits . go to work get punished . is there any help she can get either in tax credits ,appealing againt housing costs to offset an overpayment that has not happened yet .
  7. well compliance officer called again with 2 allegations , 1 i was working at a garage again as the first complaint only a few months ago . no garage name no pics etc nothing . said she remembers calling years ago , the next allegation was a belter said she had reason to believe we had a vast amount of money on the property . i now know this is family related due to mum's death only last month . as i got accused of taking her building society book , i had ,had enough by monday phoned my sister and told her what i thought about it , my brother then sent me a really nasty text , so knowing i wasn't blocked i phoned him up argued with him and then out of the blue he says " i no you dont have the bank book as i took it the day mum died" i was fuming literally . today spoke to the woman said about the family fued ongoing she was at the time taking paperwork out of a folder , she quickly put the paperwork away and just said thats it nothing to do with us . never had to sign anything etc . my wife asked what happens next and she just said , just let us know if you get any inheritance over the 6k threshold . they could follow me to the end of the world and back daily and i still wouldnt be working in a garage so i know its all lies . just wondering is this the end or is there any more investigation ,maybe with the complantant? im so depressed over mum dying then been accused of theft then this
  8. thank you for the above information i will contact the building society on monday ,i do not have proof of mums death ,not even seen the death certificate but the building society staff knew her personally . ii now need advice on the council house she lived in as now my sister wants to take possesion of it even though mum was sole tenant no one has lived with her in the house for at least 10 years , but my sister knows the local ex coucillor who seems to think she can get the house via 'request to assign tenancy' i think they are going to say my sister was mums carer even though it was very very obvious the only thing she cares about is herself . ive benn informed this through the ex councillors daughter ,who also quoted for financial gain its been done (in the fact my sister would sell the house ,she herself doesnt have the money to buy it ,but my brother owns a succesful buisness and does have the funds ) plus if the % per year is applied my mum lived in the house for 41 years so the house would be pennies . makes you realise that you know who you family and freinds really are when this type of thing happens . truth be told i have more freinds on this forum that i have in my own town. money is greed to them . think im getting bitter in my old age (43)
  9. thanks for the support , il let wednesday come and go , with the rough time ive had in the last month or so whatever their reason is i doubt it could be any worse with what ive been through lately . could be something could just be the fact our daughter is now 18 , even though we dont get anyhing for her except child benefit (£20) which ever one it is ,it may be to check that . it could be the funny sided fact that my sister takes her sister to work as her car was off the road for a few months and as explained we had been noticed that we were been followed . thing is there twins ,not identical but alot alike , maybe just miss identification . np there she lives across the road so she can just call over if its something like that . i now have family issues (siblings) so need to find the legal (financial) and housing sections . as there's something a miss and ive literally been kicked out of the family so to speak , as i believe in moral values where as they believe in £££ signs
  10. Good point not sure . Should seem clearer on the day .
  11. well its me again (had login problems and password couldnt be recovered so had to make a new sign up) on friday the 28th january i recieved yet another letter from the dwp stating : we are reviewing your benefit claim . is this another way of saying a compliance officer is visiting you ? asks for proof of id , post office, or bank account statements,most recent work slips (on esa support) isa statements etc. there calling out on the 10th feb. its already been a lousy start to the year and seems to be gradually getting worse . mum passed away on the 8th jan , family brothers,sister stopped talking to me completely (thats a mystery) . been pushed out of anything to do with funeral. had mild heart attack plus a grandmal fit in my mums home day she passed away . Now this , wife also got followed by a very obvious 4x4 range rover while taking her sister to work a few weeks back . what next can i complain ,its like a personal vendetta letter is basically saying that its important that we tell them of changes as we could have to pay money back . different story last time when they hadent paid us for our eldest daughter for 2 years ,but could only pay us back 1 years money . this letter to me is just a reworded compliance letter ,but why me/us again ? we keep our selves to ourselves dont go out socialising farest we go is the local tesco and thats too much for my mind to tackle at best . cant i complain about this ?
  12. All i wish for is a nice headstone to be placed there as she is buried with her mother and father as she was an only child . God rest her soul she beat cancer as such , as pneumonia was the main cause of her death .
  13. my sister and 2 brothers will benefit from it as there is no chance they will sign for probate ,that's there whole idea . They're not daft and will have covered all bases . I wish mum had left nothing at all . Maybe the family would actually speak to one another .
  14. Thank you for the replies and help . Mum didn't own her own house it was council rented for over 40 years . The estate before funeral funds was approx 22k . Not a massive amount by no means at all . But when the subject came up about the savings account and the fact that the building society book was missing . My sister swiftly swept the whole matter under the carpet so to speak . Her words were something like there wasn't really anything in her account . Except on Xmas day when I think mum knew she didn't have much time left showed me the building society book and current balance . For me I wish she had wrote a Will and donated to a worth while charity . I know if I apply for probate then it will cause he'll on earth for me . The fact is no family members like me as they always said I reminded them of dad . Can someone who is not direct family apply for probate ?
  15. Thank you for the reply . No will was ever made mum kept saying she was going to but never did . The executor would then I believe fall on her oldest child who is my sister . Funding for the funeral has come out of mums savings . This I discussed with the person at the building society . She did say it would go to probate but after reading it seems someone has to apply for this . So at the minute my sister seems to be holding all the cards . As she did when the funeral was arranged , everyone but me had Input into the matter except me . I wasn't told a thing and when I tried to call by landline my calls were ignored . No one wanted to know for the last 4 years when she was undergoing numerous treatment, scans etc for 4 different cancers. Mum was amazing but direct with people I can only imagine how discusted she would be at this time
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