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  1. ive had both sides of them , the update of details and the accusations , 1 for working when they followed my wife for 2 weeks all over in the car ,when her sister needed dropping off at work , and the too much money one ,savings of over £6000 ,which i don't have but my own family started that as a rumor when things went belly up when my mum died . rip im a natural born panicker and did worry every time . none of them turned out to be anything . the one where they were following our car around was the funniest when we mentioned the wreckless driving of the 4x4 . woman got up and left instant
  2. sure it was hollow /hollowman .but i only use 1 email address the one i have had for over 10 years and the system doesnt recognize it . i did contact admin on front page but no response
  3. hi . I was already a member on here with previous posts but my email pass isnt recognised . im currently on esa without an assesment , i have been on it some time before it was even esa (forgot what it was) my doctor advised me to try to claim pip due to the multiple illnesses and problems i have with mobility and the other one (care bit ) excuse me i have a terrible memory her words were under no circumstances do you go out alone or bath alone and for gods sake keep away from the kitchen (lovely doc but has emmigrated to warmer climate now) i have had 3 major heart
  4. Well its been over 2 months since mum passed away . The family members have not spoken to me at all except for in one heated argument .when my sister accused me of stealing mums bank book on the day she died i was fuming and threatened her with police and legal intervention from a solicitor. I then received a nasty text from my brother which i phoned and had it out with him .only for him to tell me he had taken the bank book and my sister already knew this. He had also changed the door locks on the house incase I had a key for the property. The house thing I believe has backfired on
  5. Thank you all for your support and help , I just hope I be as helpful to another forum member at some time .
  6. im posting this on behalf of my sister inlaw . she and i have both tried talking to hmrc what a nasty we dont care attitude they have . she recently (few weeks ago )saw a £24.80 per week drop in tax credits , phoned them and they said wait for a letter to arrive and then phone the number onit and they will explain . letter comes and low and behold ,same number idiots. any she rand them yesterday and they are calculating that by 05/04/2016 her earning will be £10700 £6.79 ph on a constant 30 hour week . her last wage slip dated 28/02/2016 states her total earnings to be £
  7. well compliance officer called again with 2 allegations , 1 i was working at a garage again as the first complaint only a few months ago . no garage name no pics etc nothing . said she remembers calling years ago , the next allegation was a belter said she had reason to believe we had a vast amount of money on the property . i now know this is family related due to mum's death only last month . as i got accused of taking her building society book , i had ,had enough by monday phoned my sister and told her what i thought about it , my brother then sen
  8. thank you for the above information i will contact the building society on monday ,i do not have proof of mums death ,not even seen the death certificate but the building society staff knew her personally . ii now need advice on the council house she lived in as now my sister wants to take possesion of it even though mum was sole tenant no one has lived with her in the house for at least 10 years , but my sister knows the local ex coucillor who seems to think she can get the house via 'request to assign tenancy' i think they are going to say my sister was mums carer even though it wa
  9. thanks for the support , il let wednesday come and go , with the rough time ive had in the last month or so whatever their reason is i doubt it could be any worse with what ive been through lately . could be something could just be the fact our daughter is now 18 , even though we dont get anyhing for her except child benefit (£20) which ever one it is ,it may be to check that . it could be the funny sided fact that my sister takes her sister to work as her car was off the road for a few months and as explained we had been noticed that we were been followed .
  10. Good point not sure . Should seem clearer on the day .
  11. well its me again (had login problems and password couldnt be recovered so had to make a new sign up) on friday the 28th january i recieved yet another letter from the dwp stating : we are reviewing your benefit claim . is this another way of saying a compliance officer is visiting you ? asks for proof of id , post office, or bank account statements,most recent work slips (on esa support) isa statements etc. there calling out on the 10th feb. its already been a lousy start to the year and seems to be gradually getting worse . mum passed away on the 8th jan , family brothers,sister st
  12. All i wish for is a nice headstone to be placed there as she is buried with her mother and father as she was an only child . God rest her soul she beat cancer as such , as pneumonia was the main cause of her death .
  13. my sister and 2 brothers will benefit from it as there is no chance they will sign for probate ,that's there whole idea . They're not daft and will have covered all bases . I wish mum had left nothing at all . Maybe the family would actually speak to one another .
  14. Thank you for the replies and help . Mum didn't own her own house it was council rented for over 40 years . The estate before funeral funds was approx 22k . Not a massive amount by no means at all . But when the subject came up about the savings account and the fact that the building society book was missing . My sister swiftly swept the whole matter under the carpet so to speak . Her words were something like there wasn't really anything in her account . Except on Xmas day when I think mum knew she didn't have much time left showed me the building so
  15. Thank you for the reply . No will was ever made mum kept saying she was going to but never did . The executor would then I believe fall on her oldest child who is my sister . Funding for the funeral has come out of mums savings . This I discussed with the person at the building society . She did say it would go to probate but after reading it seems someone has to apply for this . So at the minute my sister seems to be holding all the cards . As she did when the funeral was arranged , everyone but me had Input into the matter except me . I wasn't told a thing and when I tried to call b
  16. my mum recently passed away this month with cancer , but a few months before this a family fued began and really really honestly i have no idea why . at the time of the fued i was away on holiday with my wife and children . when we returned home all our numbers where barred by family ,plus any social media sites . my children ignored by my brother ,sister and nephew etc . as to the point my mother passed away on the 8th of january , not long before this she had christmas dinner at my house ,with me and my family (wife kids) and told me she didnt have long left . she also at this point
  17. well jonathan (complaince officers name ) came out to see me wasn't here very long at all , said they had received a malicious phone call that i was working ,he then asked if i knew anyone who would report such an allegation . i said yes there is a couple of neighbours who some time ago a freind of mine upset (which he did ) . asked if we had any bank accounts etc i said only isa which you know about . and that we are withdrawing the money to buy a car as our old one is buggered . he replied with "its always the neighbours" then jotted a few things down and asked me to sign it stating that i
  18. thanks for all the replies , they support both sides of the dwp ideas of compliance interviews , only up until 4pm to wait tommorow then at least we will know why the visit . ive read alot of views on this some good but more negatives than positives across the board . gonna take a few extra tablets to help me sleep some as last night i was still awake at over 4 am .
  19. me and my wife have been sat all day me racking our brains to why they would be visiting us , ive had to take extra meds to try and keep myself calm, just impossible to do. i have no idea at all what its about and yes i am panicking ,the post above is correct as they send a letter out and you seem to have to fill in the blanks . there also very nosey ,not that i have anything to hide ,but seem very judgemental if you have a nice clean house etc . i suppose its like them saying well as your on benefits you should be living like a tramp . we have no savings left as we h
  20. I have a compliance officer visiting on thursday .no idea why and as far as i know no reason for one . basic standard letter ,no mention of circumstances etc . my wife has known for a few weeks and hidden the letter ,she only showed me it today ,i understand why as i am a natural born panicker . im already scared to my wits end and ive only known about the letter around 2 hours max, i dont know what ive supposedly done wrong ? but its like your already guilty before they even speak to you . my wife hasen't told me for the simple reason i suffer from epilepsy and alrea
  21. no dla pip or anything , just the normal ,what i would call child benefits . the one that gets paid in with esa benefit etc .not the seperate child benefit of £20 for first child then around £13 for any others.
  22. wife had to phone inland revenue today as they cancelled our oldest childs, child benefit thinking that she would be finishing college this term. my wife sorted that out as she is on her 3rd year this coming term , then the woman said ,that we havent been claiming child tax for her for 2 years ,i thought something was wrong around two years ago but then my health got alot worse and it was forgotton about. the woman said that she has passed it on and we should get it back dated 12 months . are we better off phoning ourselves ,no idea who we phone tbh . and confirming this .
  23. my wife helps all the time ,has quit her part time job to help more . i cant and dont go out alone anywhere ,the siezures happen with no warning and at anytime . neurologist says could be tia's and he is trying to get further than the cardiologists are doing with treament . i have lots of evidence , appointment letters ,copies of letters sent between hospitals ,departments and doctors, i get a copy sent of everything sent . most if not all is relevant most have wrote in there description as me as a young disabled gentleman. i feel sorry for people with worse conditions than i have
  24. is there anyone to help or anywhere i can get help to complete a pip application. ive been on long term sick /esa over a period of over 10 years , the last 2 years have got even worse . i had a ftf esa assesment around christmas and have still not heard back even though esa is still been paid . in the last 2 years i have gone through been partly diagnosed with epilepsy even though im still having my meds changed frequently and have just been invited for a 5day stay in hospital for more tests (i have a phobia with hospital stays) suffered a massive heart attack last apr
  25. my sister in law worked for nearly 2 years at a local convenience store ,most of the time as manageress . 2 weeks ago the owner came in and said he had sold the lease to someone else and gave everyone 2 weeks notice . except my sis in law , he offered her a job at one of the other shops they own, today she did her last shift at the current shop . he has offered her 2 shifts (16 hrs) a week at another local shop and maybe more shifts at one further afield . But he has told her he has to finish her like the rest of the staff ,or they could take him to a tribunal and she would have to work f
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