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  1. Hi I am now a pensioner and not very good with computers . My problem being - late return of year ending WTC form. I had a letter from HMRC that I had failed to return the form (which I had) . I then contacted hmrc by phone and explained and apologised that at the time I should have filled in the form I had been in hospital where I was diagnosed with cancer , he was very polite and sympathetic and told me not to worry and ignore the letter as I had until January to complete and return it . This is where I do get really confused although he did say something with ref
  2. I have a long running dispute with HMRC about alleged overpayment of WTC which they have failed to answer. Today received letters from LCS Leeds making growling noises. I presume that I should tell them to F.O and that I will only communicate with HMRC and they have nom authority to be involved? Thank you
  3. Hi everyone. I'm just after the best advice as to how to deal with Rossendales. Naturally I haven't and will not speak to them on the phone. They are claiming I owe a WTC overpayment of £139.07 from 2014. This would have been from the time when I was self-employed. I can just about remember getting some derisory amount of a couple of quid a week from way back. Could this be it? Anyway, I thought I would 'test the water' so to speak with them and wrote back asking if the debt had been assigned to them, knowing full well that HMRC doesn't assign debts. They came back with two lette
  4. Hello everyone! I've tried to research this on my own so many times, but I'm unable to find a clear answer to this. I'm a EEA national who is about to start a full-time business from home. As my business will be just starting, probably I won't met the earning thresold to be automatically seen as a self-employed in order to claim WTC. Any of you is getting WTC being an EEA national but earning less than 155 weekly pounds? Please note I meet the criteria of age and working hours before replying. Your help is appreciated!
  5. im posting this on behalf of my sister inlaw . she and i have both tried talking to hmrc what a nasty we dont care attitude they have . she recently (few weeks ago )saw a £24.80 per week drop in tax credits , phoned them and they said wait for a letter to arrive and then phone the number onit and they will explain . letter comes and low and behold ,same number idiots. any she rand them yesterday and they are calculating that by 05/04/2016 her earning will be £10700 £6.79 ph on a constant 30 hour week . her last wage slip dated 28/02/2016 states her total earnings to be £
  6. Hi all I have a couple of question about mine and my partners WTC claim as we are new to claim WTC. My partner works 33 hours a week at NMW and I worked 15 hrs a week but my contract came to an end at the end of November, we have been claiming WTC since April. I have checked entitled to website and says we are still entitled to the same amount of WTC. Questions are do I need to inform the HMRC of the change of income even though they won't be a change in amount received or can I just wait till the renewal forms in April? Is they any negative effects of not informing them and wai
  7. Hi All, My head is all of the place at the moment due to letters from HMRC's Tax Credit Office. I will give you some background info. I have been claiming WTC, CTC and Housing Benefit since 2012 due to low income. I had been working just a few hours here and there. TBH, I deliberately kept the hours down as the total benefits outweighed any potential income. The " Benefit Trap" so to speak. Last year, I decided to go down the Self - Assessment route and contacted HMRC and was issued with an UTR. I have kept my official earnings at around 10K,so not to earn too much.
  8. Can someone please help with this. I and my husband have received letters from pcs saying we owe £1007 in overpayment. We haven't had wtc for a few years and don't believe we owe anything. What do u suggest? Friends have said to ignore it because if we respond we are admitting we owe it. I'm at a loss as to what to do I hope you can help me please. I am on disability pip payments at moment and this is causing me to have panic attacks
  9. Hello all During the tax years of 2010 and 2011, I claimed Working Tax Credit as I was self-employed, on a low income and worked the required amount of hours. Last year HMRC decided to review my case, and as I was not being paid an hourly rate, and being paid a lump sum per invoice, I was no longer entitled to WTC, even though I could easily show I was working the required number of hours weekly. I did not have the stomach, nor the time, to keep arguing the toss with them so allowed my WTC to stop. Just yesterday a bill from HMRC for just shy of £5,000 landed on my mat, ask
  10. I hope this is the right place to find answers to our questions. My partner is on DLA and I am on working tax credits (self employed working 36 hours a week). My partners mother died November 2014 and left everything to my partner and his brother. It is mainly the house (with alot of equity taken off). My partner is the executor and when the house is sold the eventual proceeds will be split between him and his brother. Sounds great, but, we are in the middle of the long process of the changes with the benefits regarding my partners ESA and DLA. And I have just received the form to r
  11. Hello I need some help regarding the above for my daughter-in-law. Facts first; Seperated from my son Claims ESA Support Group CB DLA Low Rate Care & Mobility Working and child tax credits Two children, 1 of which receives higher rate care and low mobility Registered as self employed - working 18 hours permitted work for £20 per week, cannot earn more than that due to ESA rules. Please do not judge, I am stating the facts as they exist and please note, DIL has been allowed to claim these benefits for a number of years but has recently found out that WTC rules du
  12. Hi folks After an eventful year (Last) of going between 3 jobs (First part time, second and third full time) and benefits, I am once again in a 34.75 hour per week job. (One thatis liekly to last this time) Trying to get my head around the whole WTC thing. Do you claim for the previous year etc?
  13. Hi Just a quick question. My husband has been awarded PIP at high rate on both care and motorbility. Am I right in thinking this makes no difference to working tax credits as he doesn't work? I work 24 hours per week and get £3 per week WTC but wondered if PIP effected this. Thanks
  14. Back in 2006 tax credits lost our claim and we had to wait 4 months for them to sort it out... So after lots of phone calls and letters we got it back dated for the whole 4 months... Now they just sent a load giros which amounted to around £3000... Before we cashed them we rang to make sure they were the right amounts and they were ok to cash... They confirmed that yes it was the missed payments and under payments.. Fast forward to now... Letter from Tax credits claiming a overpayment on WTC for £450... After much head serching i pinned the amount to the giros.... Also got a letter from
  15. I recently advised HMRC that the initial award of WTC had changed in that the (then) Guaranteed Pension Credit had ceased Rather surprised that as I presume this is counted as an element of income that the overall amount of WTC should be reduced Couldn't get a satisfactory answer from HMRC over the phone I would have thought that as an income sum had been removed there would (could ) have been a proportionate increase to WTC? Any thoughts or ideas please? My status is over 65 (So State pension, plus small occupational pension)working approx. 20 hours per week married, b
  16. Hi all, I'm sure I'll get better advice here than from HMCS online who of course take up to five days to answer an email. A friend wants to sue a builder who damaged her property while working on a neighbour's house. I won't bore you with the whole story but it's been dragging on for nine months. She is very hard up, works and gets Working Tax Credits. I thought she would qualify for a fee remission, but apparently not. The online advice brochure says that you qualify if you receive a number of different benefits including Universal Credit, but there is no mention of WTC.
  17. I received a letter from HMRC today containing a Notice To pay for an overpayment of working tax credit for the period ending 28/11/2012. It's not a huge amount, less than £100, but, I have been out of work and claiming JSA since the start of November 2012. I am 100% certain that I advised them of the change in circumstances at the time, and was advised that my WtC payments would continue for one month/28 days after I stopped working. I tried to contact someone today, but was advised their computers are down for updates and will not be available until monday. My concerns are that my only sourc
  18. I hope this is in the right section. It is a question about debt rather than WTC so I think it is. I would appreciate any advice. I was on working tax credits for three years but received a letter half-way through the third year telling me I had been overpaid. The reason they gave was that they didn't believe I was self-employed and wanted the money back for that tax year and the one before. I think their decision was based on incorrect records and probably orders from above to claw back as much money from people as they can. Evidence of their poor records was that I was
  19. Last year Feb 2011 I ceased work altogether. WTC's were paid up to March 2011 (4 week run on). Sent all of the details of income to them in July 2011 (2010/11). I then noticed that they had not included the disability element so appealed against the final award letter in Sept 2011. I then received £800 paid straight into the bank which I presumed was the disability element money that I was owed for 2010/11. A few weeks later followed a letter that said that my 2011/12 award was provisional and this payment represents April 2011 - Sept 2011. uhhh - I'm not entitled to this
  20. tfp

    WTC New Claim

    Hi all. Starting my own enterprise. Looking to go full steam ahead and do things properly. Fed up with the lack of help from JCP and so I have a WTC claim form to complete. Do I sign off before sending in the claim form or afterwards? Also, just how long between HMRC getting my form and my first payment? Shoulda done this weeks ago! Thanks.
  21. I moved banks, because of the charges and when I was on benefits last year, they would not refund the charges. However I used to get WTC, but I reported to them in April that I had only earned about three quarters of what I had been earning, because of illness. They paid me a good lump sum of money, and I have discovered that it has been paid into the old a/c, which I can't get it out of, because I am in dispute with them about the overdraft and charges, and have been discussing this with them. Can HMRC request this money back, I phoned them and gave them my new banking details, but they
  22. Hi, thought I would come back to this forum for advice because everyone was so helpful in the past. Basically I am in reciept of working tax credit and getting the disability element of this as well. I have been recieving this since roughly last august. However with renewals due very soon, will I continue to recieve this or will it be stopped? I'm not sure what the qualifying conditions would be even though I have read through these they don't make a great deal of sense. What or who makes the decision to review or stop this part of WTC? I know that one of the reasons I got in back in augu
  23. I received a letter back in February saying that I have been chosen for a review of my WTC and CTC.(Suspecting a neighbour played a large part in that but that's beside the point). I work self employed as a cleaner and the period that they asked for the information for was from 6th November to 6th February. I duly sent off all my invoices, receipts, bank statements, car registration documents (why!!), car insurance (why!!!) etc etc. Yesterday I received a letter from them saying that I only work 14 hours per week and they are backdating this to April 2012 and therefore I owe them £3
  24. Hi there, I am looking for some advice, I have just started work again after a long period (years) of claiming IB/ESA and DLA. I also was receiving CTC. I have phoned the HMRC and I qualify for the disabled element of WTC due to DLA award. I have also notified DLA of a change in circumstances. My question is - if when DLA get back to me - and they say I am no longer entitled to DLA - obviously this will stop the disabled element. Can I then claim because of time spent on ESA? Can't I just do that now? I received DLA for mental health issues - which have not entirely gone - b
  25. Please can someone advise if I am entitled to the disabilty element of tax credits if esa has been in place for one month or do I have to wait until next year.
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