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  1. Hi I have now replied to hmrc with ref to - "could not complete the form or reply earlier due to exceptional circumstances" as advised , with letters of support from both my GP , and the specialist who is treating my "C" , thanks for the advice AND concern , much appreciated , I will log on when I receive the reply . regards 29.
  2. Hi , with reference to the alleged "overpayment" , having spoken with someone as said from HMRC debt recovery department , who informed me that I could make an appeal or , leave things as they are because as now both me and my wife both being retired pensioners , our income is "to low" to make any re-payment , the only setback being that we would receive correspondence from them every so often , and should reply informing them that our circumstances "haven't changed. Can this be true ???? , should I go down this line or make an appeal ???.
  3. Hi and thanks , I contacted as said a few days a go and explained that I could not pay and explained the circumstances and if forced to do so would take the overpayment to the grave , the agent asked me did I have any other form of income apart from pensions I told her no which is the case , she replied something like , "WELL YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH INCOME TO REPAY , AND YOU WILL RECEIVE LETTERS IN THE FUTURE TO WHICH I SHOULD CONTACT AND REPLY MY CIRCUMSTANCES HAVEN'T CHANGED" , need this sorting because I do not want to leave my wife of 47 years with any debt. PS sorry abut the capitals.
  4. Hi I am now a pensioner and not very good with computers . My problem being - late return of year ending WTC form. I had a letter from HMRC that I had failed to return the form (which I had) . I then contacted hmrc by phone and explained and apologised that at the time I should have filled in the form I had been in hospital where I was diagnosed with cancer , he was very polite and sympathetic and told me not to worry and ignore the letter as I had until January to complete and return it . This is where I do get really confused although he did say something with reference to the letter and I cant remember what he said , one of the side effects of cancer is memory loss (not my words) anyone professional within that area will confirm . I then (again dates unknown) firstly receive from HMRC a letter stating an underpayment of around £153 , and a couple of days later another letter stating I owed the full payment that we had received for the 2016/17 year . I contacted the "debt recovery" number on the letter and explained all the above , which the agent informed myself that there was nothing she could do but I would be sent an "appeals" form which I have received . Could someone please advise regards roy. Hi Just to clarify so as not to confuse , I retired at the end of the 2016/17 financial year = April.
  5. Hi I claim working tax credits 1 am 64 yrs old and work only 30 hours a week , because I suffer rather badly from DVT's had 3 and the last one was a "Pulmonary Embolism" the PE being 2015 because of which I HAD to have 13 weeks away from work and in complete rest . Not my choice though I was particularily ill , 5 out of 6 people do not survive this illness , so my consultant would not take any chances . I am self-employed and I do have an accountant/book keeper , would the time I had away from work affect my claim . regards 29.
  6. Cheers debtfget have downloaded and will use whenever i need to sincere regards 29.
  7. Hi can i ask just the one question ?.I have been through the motion's with RBS over a credit card ,which they now admit is unenforceable because and i quote they have "misplaced" the cca, the question is can they pass the debt on knowingly that it is unenforceable.I ask as i have just recieved a letter from a company known as regal credit asking for full and final payment. regards 29
  8. Hi PGH Thanks for your quick reply , at the time of the admittance of the non cca they hte RBS said that they would be putting the debt onto and i quote the "blacklist" I CONTACTED THEM AND TOLD THEM NOT TO , BUT ARE YOU SAYING THIS NOW COULD BE THE CASE?. 29
  9. I recently won a case against the RBS over a credit card .Seems that they had mis-laid the agreement .Over the last couple of weeks 2 different companies have tried to contact myself by way of my answerphone on checking on the names they are both debt collectors but from totally different parts of the UK.Is this part of what is known as above?. regard's 29lithy
  10. Cheers mate is that a staffie you have there
  11. hi and thanks i am not A1 with computers how can i download with thanks 29
  12. Could anyone advise me where i can obtain a copy of a cca request many thanks 29
  13. Hi I Am Not At That Stage Just Yet Recieved My Application Form After A Cca Request And Now They Are Upto Putting The Frighteners On Stage "love It". Has Anyone Dealt With A Person Whose First Name Initial Might Crop Up In The Word Kitty-katty, I Just Love Insulting This Excuse For A Person. It Is Because Of Her I Decided To Have A Go Back And When My Case Is Settled,as I Am Now Challenging 2 Bank Loans With Ppi I Will Inform The Bank And Triton How Much This Wormy Little Creep Has Cost Them.
  14. Hi All Has Anyone On These Pages Dealt With Triton Dca, I Have Been Led To Believe That They Are Part Of The Rbs. I Am Dealing With Them At The Moment With The Help From These Pages . I Just Love Thier Phone Calls.
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