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  1. When everything, including equities and loans are paid my partner and brother should recieve around £30 thousand pounds each. Well over the 16 thousand disregarded on benefits for savings. We were hoping to pay the remaining 10 thousand pounds owed on our mortgage and a few other debts. But we have no idea how that would impact on everything else i.e DLA and tax credits. I really hate all of this, my partner can't work because of disability, I had to go self employed because I am 61 years old and there is no other work around here, we are trying so hard to stay out of debt and keep a mortgage
  2. Hello Honeybee Thank you for the quick response. Probate has been granted and the house has, just last week, been sold. Obviously it will be a few weeks before any monies will be paid to my partner and brother. In the meantime I am more worried about our benefits and re assessments, and how to deal with them. Will opening an executors account help in anyway? The solicitor has dealt with everything so far, but he is dealing with everything regarding the estate, we are having to deal with everything else. Not a nice position to be in especially when you are having to deal with social as wel
  3. I hope this is the right place to find answers to our questions. My partner is on DLA and I am on working tax credits (self employed working 36 hours a week). My partners mother died November 2014 and left everything to my partner and his brother. It is mainly the house (with alot of equity taken off). My partner is the executor and when the house is sold the eventual proceeds will be split between him and his brother. Sounds great, but, we are in the middle of the long process of the changes with the benefits regarding my partners ESA and DLA. And I have just received the form to r
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