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Found 280 results

  1. I am a divorced man who has met a new lovely lady and we get on superbly. I own my house outright and I live on my private occupational pension. My new lady lives on benefits and lives in a rented flat. I understand that I cannot stay with her more than two nights per week in order not to affect her benefits claims etc. OK I understand that and have no problem with it. I have only stayed in her flat for one night in seven months. However, I've heard that she cannot spend more then two nights per week with me in my private house without it affecting her benefit entitlements. Is that correct? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I always fill out the typical Ingeus template forms when doing a jobsearch at the Ingeus office, I fill in the job i've applied for and the website I have used but have never filled out the space where it asks the name of the company/agency the job belongs I've applied for is with. Today I was told in pretty harsh terms I had to start filling this out or it was a sanctionable offence. I record my jobs applied for on the Universal Jobmatch website and I have email evidence of all jobs applied for which I produce every time I sign on at the local job centre. Does Ingeus have a right to see which company/agency I am applying for when I produce this evidence each fortnight when I go to the job centre and can they send a sanction to the job centre for me not putting down which company/agency I am applying for work at? I'm applying and recording proof of at least ten jobs each day at home and when I'm on a "jobsearch" activity at the actual Ingeus office too. Their claim today is that this is for their "records" but surely the only people who have a right to know which company/agency my applications are for is the job centre adviser when I sign on each fortnight and whom I provide the evidence of job search to every time? Could anyone please provide any feedback or information? Thanks.
  3. nhs contracts? Hi all, i am now working in the nhs as part of the theatre department and in doing so signed the usual contract agreeing to working on calls, late shifts and weekends etc, the problem is that some staff are not taking part in this arrangement because of various reasons ( my cats scared of the dark or little johnny wets the bed) sanctioned by the managers and therefore the remaining staff are having to work extra shifts to compensate. My question is, are we all being treated equally and do we have any basis for taking action against the management. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  4. Is it best to send medical records to the DWP when applying for disability benefits rather than them trying to locate them themselves slow things down? The form is so complicated to fill out so will the medical records act as a substitute?
  5. Disability benefits should go to "really disabled people" not those "taking pills at home, who suffer from anxiety", a key Theresa May aide says. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39097019
  6. My sister has been refused benefits because they think - erroneously - she is earning 130 a week, when in fact she hasn't worked since January. They said they based their decision on her tax return (actress, self-employed). When she asks, that's all they say. She needs to see their detailed calculations and what in the tax return they used to arrive at this wrong conclusion. Can we ask for that? Thanks.
  7. LHadfil

    Benefits in Kind

    In following scenario: Employee is on work from home contract but is in office 3 days a week, staying overnight in between. Company arranges and pays for train travel to and from office, and the hotel. Am I right in saying that both are a benefit in kind as the office will still be classed as a 'permanent workplace'? and therefore employer will pay class 1A contributions on both via P11D? Will the employee incur any additional NI and/or PAYE expense? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi I hope someone can advise me please. My father sadly passed away and I'm about to receive about £12k inheritance money. my family and I receive working tax credits/child tax and housing benefit as we are on a low income. my partner rents a taxi and pays a lot of money out on the car rent /radio settle and fuel before he even starts to make a wage We are aware that our housing benefit will be reduced but we are thinking of buying a taxi to reduce our out goings on the car and make us better off financially and my partner wont have to work all the hours god sends to make ends meet. If we used £6000 of the money to buy a taxi would the council still reduce our benefit as though we still had £12k or would they calculate how much we earn with our own taxi. thanks for any replies
  9. I bought a house 10 years ago as an investment, put it on rent, not knowing that what appeared to be an the empty house next door being, was in fact tenanted by a family who came from a rough council estate, well known to the police. I put the house for rent 10 years ago, during this time the family next door have 1. Had a scrap metal business operating from their back garden, piling up metal against the fence, I fixed up to stop them tresspassing into my garden. 2. Used a air gun to break my window. 3. Cut down a massive 50ft high tree, which fell into my back garden, broke all my fences and damaged my house. (The Tenants said it just happened by the wind, when they were visible cut marks on the trunk on the tree) 4. Broke into my house from the back garden patio, ripped up the central heating, thrown the central heating into a field behind the back garden and stole the copper piping. When I asked if the saw what happened, they said 'we just heard sounds' 5. Broke my fences 6. They cut down the bushes in the front garden and now are tresspassing into my front garden as and when they please and swinging from the metal guard door, I've put to stop breaking into the house. Over the years, I've been in touch with the social services, council, police and nobody has helped me. The police told me the family is well known to the police and has history and the local PSCO is too scared to even go to the house. I asked the lady next door, who is always in bath robe most of the time, if she had the landlord details, but she said no. I must have spent £5k on the house after next door have damaged it. Countless men and youths go into/out the house daily, the lady is on benefits as well as the other over 18's, very rough family. At my wits ends now, I have tenants at the house, who want a stop to the tresspassing into the front garden, they asked me to put a fence up to stop the tresspassing that will costs over £300 and I'm worried what if the people next door break/damage the fence. The only people who have caused damaged are the people next door, nobody else is going to come specially to cause damage. Shall I get the landlords details on land registry and write him a letter, asking him to tell his tenants to stop walking into my front garden or shall I go see him in person? I want to say any future damage to the house, can I take the landlord to the smalls claim court for the damage his tenants have done or may due?
  10. Employers need to provide details for all Benefits in Kind READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/employers-need-to-provide-details-for-all-benefits-in-kind
  11. Could someone give me some advice my mortgage is outstanding around 30k and I have positive equity in my home. I am reaching near pension age and currently claiming ESA. If I decide to take out equity release to soley pay off my mortgage would my benefits be stopped. I am in a catch 22 situation what to do and am worried sick. I am under going cancer treatment and dont need this on top. As I would get one payout of say 30k from the scheme to solely pay to keep my house over my head would they stop my benefits. Or is it if they spread the 30K in instalments and treated as income if I was gong to spend it on OTHER things would they only stopped it because of this. REALLY NEED GOOD SOUND ADVICE PLEASE! I AM WORRIED SICK
  12. PIP assessments: 'Lack of trust' in benefits systems READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43058789
  13. Hello all my first post so be kind I am on ESA and DLA and also receive council tax benefit and housing benefit. My wife does not make a claim for any benefits in her own right I included her as you do . A relative of my wife who we had not spoken to for nearly 12 years or more has died but my wife has been told she will receive a share of the estate when it is sold and divided up. I am not mentioned in that the share at all. I need to know when I have to tell LHA and DWP about the money my wife receives as we have no idea of how much and - we have been told it could be many months before we receive any more information. Any help please -
  14. My friend's mum has recently died and he has been left a part share of her property along with his son - this is what is says in the Will but I can't understand it:- 'real and personal property or by codicil hereto otherwise specifically disposed of as Tenants in Common in equal shares' there is a mortgage on the property. My friend claims IB ESA and would like to move into his late mum's property, his son is ok with this. Obviously a new mortgage would have to be taken out by my friend's son. The question is, if my friend moves into his late mum's property with his son taking out a new mortgage, will this affect his IB ESA and will the DWP class it that he has equity in the property? I know he cannot claim Housing Benefit for the property when he moves into it, but would like some info that I could pass onto him. Thanks for any advice.
  15. Seems that these 'standardized' letters have been going out to all sorts of people for quite a while now - my father has just received one and he's about to turn 80 ! He's not in the best of health and it's causing much anxiety - would it have been sent to him by mistake ? The only 'benefit' paid to him by the DWP is his old age pension and surely they can't stop that for ANY reason ? He does receive Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support, but these are administered by the "Revenue & Benefits Dept" of his local council and periodically he is asked to provide details to them to maintain his entitlement. Any thoughts on this anyone - does he REALLY have to attend and provide details of his finances ?
  16. http://welfarecentral.org/index.php/forum-home/universal-credit/1325-dwp-admit-no-plans-how-to-migrate-legacy-benefits#5432 Want to know how you will be migrated from legacy benefits to UC, Do not bother asking the DWP, http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/444360/response/1080845/attach/html/2/FoI%204762%20reply.pdf.html
  17. Didn't see this anywhere so have posted, apologies if already done,. Needless to say, well, well, haven't they got themselves into a bit of a mess?!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42012116
  18. I would like to know what the clearing times are for payments made by the DWP. I have heard some benefits are 5 days and others are 3. is this true? I had a payment released on Wednesday by the DWP so I would reckon I would get that Tuesday, Unless someone can correct me. I think this kind of information would be helpful to people here, The DWP are worse than useless at letting people know information like that. I'm sure someone here will have some knowledge about the process and I like many others will be grateful for the info.
  19. I have mental health problems and alcohol misuse problems. I live with my mum and am soon moving into council supported accommodation for people with substance abuse issues. It's a rehab. I'm in the support group of esa and standard rate of pip. Do you think they'll take me of pip and put me into the wrag group for esa? It's just that I was only entitled to pip it because my mum cooks my food, washes my clothes, prompts me to take meds because I either forget or don't have motivation to take them, she washes clothes, tells me when i need to bathe etc... And also controls my money, pays bills. In supported living I will have to do this myself. I'm extremely worried they're going to take my pip away.
  20. Hi all ... Hope this is the right place to post this. Having lost everything in the recession I then suffered a major breakdown and now have Complex PTSD and fibromalgia amongst other illnesses which are all getting worse. After two years of being homeless myself and my partner were given a council flat. Our neighbours are the local drug dealers and generally bad things happen daily. I now won't go out of the flat at all. I have a pension which I could cash in in 18 months and I wanted to do this and buy a small cheap house. I currently get PIP and my partner gets carers allowance and we get income support which I apparently claim for us both. I don't really understand it all as the CAB sorted it out for us. If I did cash in my pension and buy a house would our income support stop. Also would this affect my state pension when I get to retirement age. Someone told me that we wouldn't be entitled to pension credits. Thanking you in advance for any advice you can give.
  21. Hi everyone I lost my job nearly 3 wks ago and not having much luck. I will need to start claiming. Last time I was on the dole was 12 yrs ago so I dont know how it goes these days. I will need rent help as well. Heres my problems though - Im not on thie electoral role and Ive got unpaid debt from 6 yrs ago. Pls dont judge at the time and still it was impossible. Low wages and temporary work. What I need is will those problems have any impact on me if I can claim or what I can. how wil my problems affect me. thanks for any comments
  22. Hi, Looking for some help and advice, my partner has been off work for the last 6+ months with a long term illness (Mental Health). Her employer has now stopped paying her SSP. We have made a successful claim for PIP and also now receive tax credits. We haven't received an SSP1 form from her employer but are they required to send one or do we need to request one? Also how can I find out if she is entitled to anything else? Thanks in advance for your help with this, its just unfamiliar territory and need help and guidance. Have a good day
  23. Stirling CAB publishes Plain English Guide to help sort out Benefits READ MORE AND DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE: http://stirlingcab.org.uk/
  24. Hi all and thanks for the help in advance. I returned back to the UK 3 or 4 months ago after travelling. I was on a working holiday in Australia for 1 and a half years, then travelling Asia (not working at all) for another year. After returning my Dad fell ill and is disabled. Therefore he began claiming PiP etc. He needs help and I have been caring for him. I made a new claim for carers allowance over 8 weeks ago. (still waiting for an answer) I have just attempted to make a claim for universal credit and after answering a question about being in the country for the last 2 years the website informed me I am not eligible for universal credit. I assume this was because I have been travelling. I then researched into carer's allowance and it says you can't claim carer's allowance if you have not been in the country the at least 2 of the last 3 years. Does this mean I have no rights to any benefits in the UK? I am a UK citizen and have lived here all my life and intend to stay. I have literally no money and my Dad needs round the clock care. What do I do? We are both living of his benefits which is only fit for 1 person. Can I claim jobseekers if my Dads condition improves? Thanks
  25. Had this sent to me by my disability advisor.... http://surveys.parkinsons.org.uk/s/bigbenefitssurvey/
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