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  1. Thanks dx, I did have a quick read on Gator's thread (the one thread below this) and that's what concerned me, I agree it's much better for me to suggest the 'do it yourself' with my help route. I will have a chat with my friend. I also though that he might benefit from a Ring doorbell. Thanks again to you and Andy for all your advice.
  2. Thank you so much Andy, I am so happy, I'm going to call my friend now and tell him. Can I please just ask one quick question, if you use a Debt Management Plan with one of the free organisations, am I correct in thinking that they come to an agreement with the creditors on your behalf and the debtor pays Step Change a monthly amount which they split on a pro rata basis between the creditors. But what happens after 6 years have passed and the debt is still outstanding, is it then written off, or is the debtor expected to continue making payments every month until they die (if they haven't died before)? I am sure that under the limitations act a debt is written off if there has been no acknowledgement or payment of the debt, so am confused as to how a payment plan would work as surely if it's not written off, I can't see any advantage in using a debt management system as it will surely extend the debt. I going to call my friend now, thank you so very much Andy.
  3. Thanks Andy I'm doing the letters now. I popped into see him today to find him crying, he showed me his phone, Nationwide had tried to call him 5 times in less than an hour. Thank goodness I blocked their number, so much for a formal complain being put in by McKenzie. The family have him from lunchtime to day until tomorrow evening. This is wearing me out and I feel so sad for the man. Nationwide are relentless. The letters will for by Recorded Delivery on Monday. Nationwide are calling back on Tuesday, how do I advise him to play for time - any suggestions are welcomed. Again, thanks for all yours and everyones help.
  4. Thanks so much Andy and everyone who has supported this thread. I will look for the Barclaycard thread after this post. So Nationwide made another 4 calls and we noted the times all within the hour. Then the expected Nationwide call came through. The phone was on loadspeaker and I had a notepad ready to write prompts down for this gent. I'm not sure if they use an Indian call center, but the man was pleasant enough asking about what money the gent gets each month, he gets PIP and IB ESA. So my friend told the caller that his family cannot support him anymore and that the offer to consolidate and repay the unrealistic £285 per month. With me prompting he said 'if you want to make me bankrupt it will save me £680 as I don't own a car or house' - I was impressed. In the end I took over the call with the gent's permission and have asked them to send my friend an 'authority for me to act on his behalf' which they are going to do, I also said about all these harassment phone calls and the caller took the number and said he would raise a complaint (if anyone still believes in the tooth fairy). The caller said he will call back on Tuesday after he has spoken to his team members and other departments. I am now going to send out your file letter section 78 request for the credit cards and 77 for the loan. Can I please ask Andy what does put them on Notice mean? Sorry for all the questions. Now to CAG library. Oh and Barclaycard have not yet had a missed payment so should he wait untiil 18.10.19. to a send Section 78 letter to them. One last thing, he received an email from Barclaycard last week which I don't understand saying:- We need to let you know about some changes we’re making to your terms and conditions from 25 November 2019. • The three key changes are numbered below and outlined in the Summary of Key Changes leaflet • Some minor changes that may or may not affect you are also detailed in the Summary of Key Changes leaflet • To make the full T&Cs easier to follow and understand, we’ve reordered some of the clauses and simplified a few words, these changes have no legal impact and are not detailed in the Summary of Key Changes leaflet All of the changes above are in the updated copy of your terms and conditions. Here are the three most important changes: 1) Changes to transaction fees Due to new regulations, the cash transaction fees we charge will be the same in the UK and abroad. From 25 November 2019, we’re introducing ‘cash fees’ on non-sterling cash transactions at 2.99% (there is a minimum fee of £2.99, except on gaming transactions, where there is no minimum fee). We’ll no longer charge any ‘non-sterling transaction fees’ on cash transactions made in foreign currencies.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the advice, well he's waiting for the dreaded phone call today. They tried a total of 8 times yesterday, 4 calls between 4.02pm, 4.13pm, 4.19pm and 4.30pm. Just checked his phone and they've just called again. I blocked their number yesterday, however, today they are going to be calling on another number from another department. I told the gent to tell them he is seeking debt advice and to put everything on hold until the end of November. He's due to have a shoulder replacement in January and will need a lot of care which his family are going to give. I'm not sure he should go bankrupt next year as he is getting really upset, crying and the first payment was only missed yesterday. I will update you later today. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks again Andyorch, a breakdown and email was sent to Nationwide CEO himself offering £285 per month with the help of family, Nationwide said 'no'. It has only just started, so no defaults and Barclaycard are not aware yet although they will also get an email of offer. I've blocked his phone and so far today there have been 8 missed calls despite the fact they called yesterday and said they would call back tomorrow. Today is the first day of the missed payment, so very early stages. The two creditors have made so much compounded interest over the years and still the old boy is trying to pay by going without, but his family are putting their foot down now and saying they aren't paying anymore than what they have offered, in fact, they have took that offer off the table. Will wait for their phone call tomorrow, I will try to be with him for part of the day to see what they have to say, but I think enough is enough now. The family helped him open another high street bank, cancelled all monies going into his account and they are now being paid into the new account, and cancelled all Direct Debits and set them up in the new account so Nationwide can't 'self help'. Thanks for all your advise, it's much appreciated especially when this gentleman suffers in agony every day of his life and the worry of this debt is getting to him. I will support him as much as I can and will come back and report updates if that's ok.
  7. Dear Andyorch, thank you so much for breaking it down for me, now I understand. I will talk to the elderly gent and explain to him. It may be that neither of the creditors will go for a CCJ but just want to be able to explain all the options. Debt is horrible, he's out of his mind with worry, I hope if a bailiff does turn up that they don't visit his neighbour's house as he lives in a very small cul de sac where everyone know everyone. Nationwide have been offered a very substantial monthly amount, but they still want more, well when I heard about it, I said about not acknowledging the debt anymore as they won't accept the offer. Nationwide are calling him again tomorrow on one of their other numbers, not sure what he should say to them. Finally, if he receives a Summons, should he acknowledge it and I know his income and expenditure is in deficit as his family have been helping, should he put NIL offer, or just ignore the Summons. Sorry for all the questions and thank you so much for all your help.
  8. Thank you Andyorch for your reply. I am so sorry but I don't understand your answer ;-(( I am worried if the creditor/s could apply for the bailiff to enter his property. He won't answer the door to anyone, but I'm worried the court could give permission to force entry - can the court give the creditor that amount of power for civil debts?. The possible CCJ I cannot get to grips with. I think what you are saying that if there is a CCJ the debt never ends as the creditor can return back to court to enforce it. Is this the same for a Debt Collection Agency who may have bought the debt. Sorry I sound really stupid but could you please explain it to me again.
  9. I'm not sure which forum this post should go on, so admin please move if necessary. I am helping an elderly disabled friend who has about £30K unsecured civil debt, 2 credit cards Nationwide & Barclaycard, Nationwide loan and overdraft. Nationwide are changing their authorised overdraft charges to 39.9% on 11.11.19. yet unauthorised overdrafts are going to be free. The same thing is going to happen with all high street banks, but Nationwide are charging the most APR. Anyway my friend is in receipt of PIP & I.B. ESA. He has no assets and was considering bankruptcy. He has no assets, doesn't own a home, council property, no car, up to date with all priority outgoings. I have called Nationwide with him consenting and they will not accept a 60 month repayment consilidation loan for their debts of £285 per month at their lowest rate of 2.5% APR to which they said 'no' and have done nothing but keep pestering him on his mobile. I have blocked their number as they called 5 times in half an hour. They have said they will be calling back on Friday and want a proposal. I want to know if Nationwide or Barclaycard send him a County Court Summons he will definitely have no available income as his family are helping him out financially, but can't continue to do so due to the increasing debts and the new APR. If the Summons shows a Nil offer and he gets a CCJ put against his name, after 6 years will Nationwide and Barclaycard still be able to enforce the debts. I read that if a CCJ is in place, the creditor can enforce the debt long after the 6 years have passed and the limitation act does not apply to the 6 years - is this correct? I think for his own sanity he should ignore these greedy creditors who have had £1,000's out of him over the years, but not sure about the CCJ as I always thought that if you had no contact with a creditor for 6 years that the debt fell off your credit file along with any CCJ and defaults, although the debt is still owed, it is no longer enforceable. Also can a Bailiff get a Warrant to enter his property for civil debts once a CCJ has been registered. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  10. @Bazooka Boo - Many thanks for answering my question so that I now fully understand it. @dx100uk - So what if I've been on CAG since 2008, no one knows everything not even you!! I find you dragging up posts that are 6 years old very distressing as those posts relate to when I was still married to my abusive ex husband. You have the audacity to tell me that I 'should already know these things' I have come onto this Debt forum to ask for advice in 2018 on information which I have only just found out. I find your attitude appalling as a Site Manager, if you have been reading my previous posts you will see that I am a single parent caring for 3 children, 2 of whom are disabled and in addition to that I care for my very sick mother, therefore, pardon me if I have forgotten posts that are 6 years old and hardly relevant to my current question. Trouble with this site is that you get 'Site Managers' who can be abrupt or derail your posts, whilst other Site Manager and Cager's offer fantastic advise. So thanks to all you helpful people who have always provided me with brilliant advice and support, however, I will never post on any of CAG's forums again, so delete me if you so wish.
  11. Thanks once again for answering my question dx100uk. So just to clarify it will become statute barred in 2019 despite the fact he made payments in 2015. Thank you so much.
  12. Thanks for your kind response dx100uk. Can I just get this straight please, that at the birthday of the default which was placed on credit file in 2013, in 2019 the credit file will be cleared? Even though payments were made 2 years later in 2015 starting the clock ticking again. Can you just please clarify 6 years after default or 6 years after last payment made? Thankfully I have no creditors and no other debt. I am worried that Noddle will share the info I have entered to look at my account. I only moved 4 months ago, am on the electoral register, have a bank account. Am wondering if Lloyds will start sending letters to me now. If so, any advice on what I should do? Answers to these questions are very much appreciated and I cannot thank you all enough.
  13. Hi, I wonder if people could give me advice please. In 2009 my (then husband) and I took out a joint loan with the then Lloyds TSB, in early 2013 my husband up and left me with his 3 children (2 of which are disabled) and we have had no contact since, he doesn't even want to see his children. Prior to his leaving he said 'you look after the kids and I will pay the joint loan off'. This was my only debt. Fast forward 5 years, I decided to take a look at my credit report which shows that I have a financial connection with my now ex husband and an outstanding balance of just over £9,000. He paid nothing in 2013 or 2014, but made a few payments in 2015 the last being September 2015. During these few months he paid off £400 and has paid nothing since. He has moved address several times and changed his phone number, although he remains in the same job (we have a joint friend who has supplied me with this info). He has paid nothing since Sept 2015. I noticed Lloyds changed their name from Lloyds TSB whom the joint loan was taken out with to Lloyds. Also they placed a Default Notice on the Credit File dated May 2013. Please don't advise me to contact my ex husband as he is extremely violent and unstable and he frightens me to death. I have my hands full caring for his 3 children he abandoned and he broke his promise to clear this debt providing he never had to take responsibility for his 3 kids. I have a couple of questions please:- 1. As he made a few payments during 2015, can Lloyds issue another Default Notice? 2. Does the fact Lloyds TSB have changed their name to Lloyds make any difference to the debt? 3. As my ex husband has made a few payments in 2015, will that start the Statute of Limitations Act 6 year clock start ticking again for ME? 4. My ex husband may start re-paying Lloyds again and will that start the clock ticking for me again? 5. I also wondered as probably the debt has been sold to different DCA's if they have made sneaky payments to keep the 6 year clock ticking. 6. I feel trapped as I wanted to think about taking out a new mortgage (I'm currently in private rented accommodation) and re-starting my life again, however, with this £9,000 debt still outstanding I am thinking that if I purchase a home for me and my children, can Lloyds come after me and worse case scenario place a Charging Order on my property.
  14. Thank you very much Antone for taking the time and trouble to answer all of my questions, it is very much appreciated.
  15. There is nothing wrong with the calculator but I have asked specific questions in posts 16, 17 & 18 that are not relevant to the calculator.
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