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  1. Hi Andy Yep, that's the page but the link for 'Letter before action' is not directed to the 'Letter'..!
  2. Hi I have been reading the following thread forum thread 353395 - Letter-to-send-if-you-are-being-charged-bank-fees-whilst-on-benefits (Will not allow link) and have been trying to locate the initial letter sent to the bank, before action However there is a link at the first comment at the top of the page yet it simply goes to the forums titles and no letter I wonder if anyone can help at all as i wanted to send to my bank to see if i could stop monthly overdraft fees occurring which because i seem to be in overdraft most of the time, i always receive at least £33 in fees every month from their £1 per day overdraft fee and is quite a chunk from my ESA payments i receive Any general advice will also be greatly appreciated Many thanks for your time Regards
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