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  1. I never have I thought given my illness got enough to fight with than playing fight games with them.... I am playing ball marking 6 months on my calendar and ensuring what I agreed to repay is paid... I have enough of a fight on with my health... . just asking if you play ball that they will play ball with you? I see many hide from it which I am not hence they go on to court but keeping what agreed upon will they keep off your back?
  2. Both credit cards.... mbna to pra group and Halifax to Cabot.... they balling ball and have been but worried in time they won't.....debt is over 8 years now
  3. I have 2 debts which have been sold on by the original creditors but still managed by debt collectors I have been upfront and informed them that I have a medical condition (cancer) and have been paying them token payments on the accounts for some time. I am just concerned that they just simply pull the plug on such arrangements which I keep updating them every six months about but I cant foresee this will change or improve. If I am paying EVERY month and on time to these debt collection agencies will they pounce on me in the near future. I just received today a statement from one of them and all sorts of stuff is running through my head. The debts are well over 8 years old and have paid what I can each month. Will they come back to me at some point that they need more than what I have got?
  4. It is income.....I am looking at ways at avoiding loosing my home. It would be that if I took it out that the mortgage HAD to be paid off straightaway with it. So out from Equity Company straight to mortgage company to pay the house off. No monies would be remaining in my bank account! I am just scared doing it meaning I have no money to live on. It is to keep a roof over my head. I know in the rules under equity release the monies MUST pay the mortgage company first.... I wouldn't get anything more that the value of the mortgage that is remaining.
  5. Could someone give me some advice my mortgage is outstanding around 30k and I have positive equity in my home. I am reaching near pension age and currently claiming ESA. If I decide to take out equity release to soley pay off my mortgage would my benefits be stopped. I am in a catch 22 situation what to do and am worried sick. I am under going cancer treatment and dont need this on top. As I would get one payout of say 30k from the scheme to solely pay to keep my house over my head would they stop my benefits. Or is it if they spread the 30K in instalments and treated as income if I was gong to spend it on OTHER things would they only stopped it because of this. REALLY NEED GOOD SOUND ADVICE PLEASE! I AM WORRIED SICK
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