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Found 22 results

  1. Hi everyone, I moved into a rented house June 2018. Recently I received my first water bill, and it shows me that my average use was around 600 litres of water a day. So the amount to pay is £186 (for 2 months - June and July!!)!! That is a complete nonsense - only two people live in the house, and we don't use water more, then anyone else - we never leave the taps open when not necessary, never take shower more than literally 3-4 minutes. But here comes this bill... Thames Water acknowledges that the amount of water consumption is really unusual . They sug
  2. I am in a DMP and have been since the beginning of this year. Natwest loan £4889 Natwest OD £1249 JD Williams £1749 Very £771 I have been self running a DMP and paying each £1 for 4 months. I am upping my payments from July to: Natwest loan £57 Natwest OD £15.37 JD Williams £20.65 Very £1 According to my noodle report Natwest have me at DM(4) for May, JD Williams has had me at DM(UC) since March and Very the following: Jan - DM(1) Feb - DM(1) Mar - AR(UC) Apr - AR(UC) May - AR(UC) With Very placing AR markers does that mean I'm unlikely to get
  3. Hi there folks. I'm in need of a bit of advice please. So i owe a lot of money to a lot of companies. Some are being paid monthly minimum and there's a few which are being dealt with by debt collectors ( Ive contacted them via letter asking to make token payments already) I regards to the several credit cards i have, i'm literally just paying the interest every month and the balance isn't going down. I cant to pay any more than that. I'm thinking of sending them all letters asking to freeze the interest and accept monthly payments of £10 ( which is around the same as the min mon
  4. Hi everyone, I have a couple of threads on here regarding various debts but I have been informed that I need a separate thread to deal with my payday loan issue. for the last 18 months myself and my husband who were both self employed have been in a bad way financially, mainly due to lack of work but also we both struggle with mental health issues which has made the situation ten times worse. Over this timescale we have had period of weeks where we have had no income and due to being threatened with eviction for non payment of rent and with no money for basic needs like food, we
  5. Stirling CAB publishes Plain English Guide to help sort out Benefits READ MORE AND DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE: http://stirlingcab.org.uk/
  6. Just looking for a home that was built in two days.A house not part of a skyscraper.And 90% more energy friendly and green.Affordable and if so slap them clean on the Brownfield sites now. There is urgent need,that is clear. I will find it.And add it later.90K and can be rented out or sold within weeks. Also will find out about Brownfield sites. Building more homes on brownfield land Consultation proposals https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/398745/Brownfield_Consultation_Paper.pdf And how many empty homes there are,not in use. And
  7. Hi all. A very kind family member has offered to lend nearly all my wife and I need for a deposit on a house. We all feel that some sort of agreement needs to be drawn up. Please can anyone offer any advice on this? Thank you.
  8. hi all after getting my latest credit report i think its time to try and sort it all out my debts total about £4000 probably a bit less i also have one ccj and have just recieved another one of the claim form things , other debts are still being paid because when i fell on a real bad patch with health and work they helped while some just refued to try any help . i know i should pay every single one of them but i cannot i thought i would ask some advice on where to start seeing if any of them are enforcable any help is appreciated
  9. Cutting a long story very short, bought a car in May 2016 for a few hundred pounds, have received a letter from Loans 2go saying vehicle was subject to security by the owner previous to the one we bought from and to contact L2Go. Called them this morning and asked to see copy of BOS and authorisation over the vehicle, they said they would release their clam for over three times what we bought the vehicle for. :-x the amount requested is laughably high, the vehicle would be worth maybe £200 at auction, the person on the other end of the line said we have 10 da
  10. Hi, I bought a microwave (Sharp) from Waitrose on 26th Feb this year. It has a fault whereby when you close the door sometimes the light doesn't go off and if you then press the top of the microwave it switches itself on (so potentially dangerous). I took it back to Waitrose on Friday. They informed me that as it was outside of the 30 days, they'd have to send it for repair. I wasn't overly happy as I would rather get a refund and get a different make, but I left it with them and they gave me a loan machine. Told me it would take 2-6 weeks. They have just phoned me to say
  11. Hi all, This is my first post on the consumer forum. The error that Vodafone is continuously failing to correct causes me great distress and badly affects my health. I have tried to sort this issue personally through Vodafone Customer Service making endless phone calls but it got nowhere. I was going to take the mortgage in March but Vodafone INCORRECTLY has placed a Default Account on my Credit Rating which prevents me from getting a mortgage. I have written formal complaint to Vodafone Customer Service that was posted to them on 14/10/2015 but the letter was never acknowle
  12. Hi after several years of depression and spiral debts I now want to sort out my pay day debts. I am currently with Pay plan but currently repayment will mean I am 80 before debt free. Looking for advice to get debts reduced due to irresponsible lending. I am not trying to get out of the debts just reduce interest they currently have charged Quick Quid after 8 roll overs borrowed £750 paid £269 Currently with Arc still owe £1107 Swift borrowed £150 now with CCM paid £72 still owe £265 pay day express after several rollovers borrowed 750 s
  13. Dear All, I am extremely unhappy with the way that Scottish Power have dealt with a complaint I had. My father lived in Scotland and my brother and I live 360 miles away in England. To cut a long story short, in 2012 my late father notified them that his meter was not working correctly from October 2012 to date, they were sending bills to him with the same meter numbers on . In September 2014, my father died and Scottish Power had still not changed the meter even though it was still showing the same readings as in 2012. My brother and I were left his pr
  14. could anybody help, i need a sort code and acc no. to set up a standing order to kandco so i can start paying off this debt. thank you in advance
  15. In late 2007 when our business failed we were left owing nearly £100,000 – partly on a business loan and business credit card, but a lot of it was in the form of personal (unsecured) loans and credit cards that we had mainly used to support the business. I was advised that bankruptcy was not a good option as I have a large personal debt that would not be eligible to include in a bankruptcy. CCCS were unable to help us even with the personal loans and credit cards as our income was insufficient to cover our living expenses – still had children at home then. I wrot
  16. Been trying to sort out my credit file. I have a £1600 overdraft from Natwest from my student days which I'm now paying off £100 a month payment plan, and it's automatically reduced by £100 each month. I have 2 defaults, one is from HSBC Litigations from January 2009 so it's due to drop off January 2015. Default balance is £439 and marked as SATISFIED. I rung them and asked about it and they said it should be marked as paid off, not sure if thats what the satisfied means. It's a massive red mark anyway. Another is with provident loans, for £350 from October
  17. I moved from Clapham to the Isle of Wight in Feb 2010. About 6 months ago I got a pile of letters forwarded from my old address via the Estate Agents who sold my house. These letters were from RLP about an incident in March 2012. The name on the letters is nothing like mine BUT the current owner of the house ( a male) was saying it was nothing to do with him as the addressee is female and there are no females living at the address. I returned all the letters to him and made it clear that if the address was being used its HIS problem and he needs to sort it out. ( however thankfu
  18. Hi there I have managed to get myself into another mess with some PDL I now have no job and had to leave before probably getting sacked. I took out two loans after I left one with Peachy one with wonga. Both due on 28th feb. I expected to get some money in to pay them back but this hasn't happened. I haven't approached wonga yet I will closer to the time as have dealt with them before. Peachy is £257 including one month interest. They started going on about extra charges and I told them where to stick it (nicely). Peachy are being difficult in that they initially
  19. I have just done an online money transfer to another Santander bank account (I am also with Santander) but I made a mistake with the sort code. The correct sort code should be 09-01-32 but I put 09-01-02 by mistake. The money has left my account but, obviously, not shown up in the intended account. I have had a look online to see if there are any banks that have the sort code 09-01-02 and can't see any but not sure what to do next. It's too late at the moment to ring the bank so I'm gonna do that first thing in the morning, but was just wondering if anyone
  20. Hi all, is there anywhere on here i can find the Acc number and sort code to pay a natwest loan by SO? cheers
  21. Hello Everyone After looking through the site for a long time and learning a lot I really wan to try and sort things out but get confused about the best action to take and which things i need to do and how so any help would be greatly appreciated, my credit file is a complete mess and i just want to get everything clear so i can try and get everything back in order. My file currently looks like this Candid Collections (Simply Be) Defaulted Current Balance £232 Credit Limit £125 Natwest Satisfactory Current Balance £496 Credit Limit £1000 Lowell Portfollio Ltd Defaulted Curre
  22. I need a way to repay my overdrafts which were previously interest and fee free and no longer are. I have a debt of £4k that I would like to repay, I can afford the repayments on almost any loan and can actually repay my overdraft back over a period of time but it will have cost far more than it would need to. I have looked at my credit file on checkmyfile which seems to show that I'm on 4* which from what I can work out can't be a bad thing. I do have an existing loan which totals about £19k at the moment which again I dont have any problems repaying. My
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