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  1. Hi All, I was living in Dubai for 8 years lost my job didn't get paid by them etc.. so i had to leave as i couldn't find another job. That was a year ago, since then i have received a couple of letters form IDR about my outstanding debts out there , 4 different banks totalling around 250 AED. I've replied to them by email explaining that i am unemployed on universal credit, no assets at all etc. I didn't tell them i am just starting a small buisness online. There reply was we will give you 30 days before they start with their collections. Any advice from anybody please who knows about what they can do like CCJs or min payments. would it be best just to go bankrupt and tell them that. Thanks very much.
  2. Hey. Newbie here.. Okay, Sorry this might be a long one as I don't want to miss anything out! So over the 26 years ive been alive I have got myself in a pickle; default city to be honest, mostly low-level everything combined is under 8k. I have just got a lump sum of money to pay off my debts to help recover my credit score so I can one day buy a house. Now checking my credit score I started going through one by one going to pay them off, I got to Lloyds and they have sold my 3 debts to two companies ( 1 is Credit Security LTD and 2 is Robbins way ), I have had these loans outstanding for 3 years or so and they have never contacted me ( got 2 letters from credit security but nothing from robins way ) i only found this out ringing up Lloyds, the default shows up on my credit file from Lloyds and that's it. Do I contact these people or not? I can't remove the Default either way so what should I do? and if I don't do anything that can happen, the amounts of these are £1525. £870.00 & £1800. This is where my second question comes in, my old phone contracts ( yes I was stupid ) have been sold to Lowell, now I never ever saw them as a threatening as they would send letter after letter and that's it nothing came of it for a few years ( back from 2014 2016 2017), stupidly when I decided to set up a DMP a year ago it classed as I made contact with them ( so resets the 6 year time frame ), now they have now left 3 defaults on my credit file, why is it under THEIR name and not orange etc like the Lloyds? I paid them £50.00 today and going to call up to pay a payment plan, I do have enough money to pay them all off today but is it worth it or just paying per month and keep some money aside? (it's 2400 altogether), now reflecting back on that should I of paid them or just ignore them as it would have got written off? Why have THEY put the default on my account instead of the business itself and not the other company that's taken over my Lloyds account? Why is my Credit file showing nothing of these other debt companies, if it is not on your credit report does it really matter? Sorry, I'm a little bit of a newbie at this! I know when default goes on your credit file it stays there for 6 years and there is nothing I can do about that.. right?
  3. I have a large amount of debts which I have been trying to tackle for a number of years. I am currently in an IVA with Payplan which is failing as I am currently employed in a private company who only pay SSP when you are off sick. Prior to arranging this IVA I informed Payplan that I have medical conditions which are a left clavicle joint injury which means I have a screw in my shoulder to hold my clavicle bone in place to my collarbone. I also have Sacroiliac joint injury on my right side which causes me pain and immobility especially when I am under stress, cold and exert myself too much through walking. Due to this I have been issued with a freedom pass as I have been informed that there is nothing they can do as the tissues have worn away from the joints. I also have a suppressed immune system which means I am susceptible to colds and flu’s I have been off sick from work on a number of occasions since starting the IVA, which was only started in April 2012 and could not pay the money into the plan due to my low salary therefore I have been informed that I am in arrears of £244.00. They have advised me that a Debt Management Plan maybe the best option due to the amount of debt which is around £56,000. I am concerned that due to that if I enter into any plans that I might end up in a similar situation of being unable to pay especially if I am off sick and only receiving SSP. I am not entitled to any benefits as I can work but encounter bouts of ill health from time to time and am currently seeking another position that does not operate the same sickness policy. Does anyone have any suggestions as I need to make a decision as soon as possible. Many thanks
  4. I think I have posted some information before on this but cant find the thread I had a old credit card debt from 1996. I defaulted in 2002 and ever since 2002 I have paid £10 per month to the company, ( no contact ever) In 2013 their bank details changed and so the payments bounced back In March 2014 I received a letter from Cabot stating they own the debt In October 2014 I have received my statement ( it does indeed look the debt was bought in 2014) Along with a arrears letter What I would like to know from esteemed gentlemen on this forum is Can they repost this information on my credit file? ( nothing to date) Will Cabot be aware that payments have only recently stopped so not statuted barred They cannot default me , as I was defaulted in 2002? is this true? the account was opened in 1996 , so will they have the credit agreement, ( bearing in mind it was a live account with the bank till just 8 months ago) Thank you all in advance
  5. Hi all My stepson aged 30 recently left the family home after living with us for over two years and moved in with his girlfriend. Although his mail came to our home, he was never on the electoral roll as residing here. Having cleared his room following his departure, we found a large quantity of unopened mail from creditors and a CCJ from a few months ago demanding he maintains his agreed £100 per month payments. Yesterday, a bailiff turned up at our home demanding £1,750 that my stepson has run up as a debt, but with whom I don't know. I told him that he moved out in November to an address I didn't know. The bailiff was adamant that the £1,750 had to paid there and then and said that if I couldn't pay it, then he would require access to our home to remove goods to that value. I told him that there was nothing of my stepson's in the house which the bailiff said was of no concern to him, and unless we could provide receipts for our property, then he considered it fair game to remove. Not wishing to see our house stripped of its contents, I paid the £1,750 and the bailiff went on his way. Had he gained entry, should I not have paid, would he have had the right to remove our belongings if we couldn't provide receipts? I'm sure this won't be the last visit, it seems my stepson owes a great deal of money to various companies and I'd like to know where my wife and I stand in readiness for the next anticipated call from the bailiffs. Thank you
  6. I am planning to settle all my debts with various creditors, but want to be sure that I go about it the right way, to ensure that my credit file shows the most accurate (if not the best) picture of my situation. Is there anything I need to obtain from various creditors apart from a letter confirming that the account has been settled? How long does it take before my credit file reflects these changes? Thanks, M P.S. Need advice on more thing, please: I have a CCJ entered against my name for school fees that weren't paid from many years ago. The CCJ was entered in 2013or 14 in my absence. I understand that the CCJ would be removed from my file after 6 years, but does it help my credit file if I make a full payment now? Or shall i just leave it as it is.
  7. Hi I have two ex Santander debts - £4k loan / £1400 cc which were in a Step Change DMP that ended in 2016. These debts are now being chased by Westcot. I received a letter for one of the debts on Saturday, and today Westcot have started calling me. I have not responded yet. I am aware of how aggressive Westcot are, Ive had previous dealings with them. The debts themselves are from around 2011. The letter from Westcot states they are looking for an 'affordable' payment plan. No mention of court has been stipulated yet. I really do not want to have to deal with Westcot again, as they made my life a misery last time. They have given me 10 days to respond. Would it be better to write to Santander instead? Or should I request that Westcot send me proof they can chase the debt? Many thanks in advance for any help. RJW
  8. Has anyone dealt with debt collectors and had success in reducing the interest / charges removed to pay for the actual debt. If you have I could really do with some help as have some bad old debts that just keep resurfacing and now need to face up to them and arrange to settle to become debt free. Any help would be really appreciated.
  9. Hello My judgment Creditor has destroyed the CCJ. Can this CCJ be renewed by Judgment Creditor? Thanks
  10. Hi Guys Sorry Ive been meaning to get to this but have just not had the time. I am looking for some help on some debts that i have, things are getting out of hand and i feel i can no longer manage them. I was looking at a DMP but one of the other guys on here said to set up a thread before i go down that route. I'll start off by listing the debts i have and with who and then see what you think. Creditors: Aqua Credit Card: 475 (25 in arrears) Barclaycard: 450 Capital One card: 450 DRS Ardent Credit: 375 Lending stream: 847 LLoyds Credit Card: 1200 LLoyds Overdraft: 1200 Lowell Financial: 3371 On Stride Financial: 1154 (this is increasing) Satsuma: 1033 (also increasing) Sunny: 403 Vanquis: 1100 Mr Lender: 1000 Moneybox: 200 SafetyNet: 750 Even typing this out makes me feel worse
  11. Hi all, Great to see some current posts in this thread. I to have had a letter from CLI re a Kuwait debt. This is one of many companies that have tried to connect with me that i have ignored. HOWEVER! They've chased me from moving house, and the latest letter says they are sending a debt collector around in 7 days. Is this just another scare tactic? This has been going on for years now.
  12. Hi All, Thank you for all your help over the many years - been a long journey but almost there. Now that I have the strength and knowledge (from here) to take on the financial system in this country, I'm now trying to help my elderly Dad fight back. My Dad was always in control of financial affairs in the past but for the last few years now has become less able to deal with the modern world and now he is showing early sign of dementia. It came as quite a shock to find out that he has 6 credit cards which are now leaving him with no pension to live on. It became noticeable last year when he was a victim of identity fraud. His bank account was cleared out twice and so he ended up with loads of penalty payment and a few defaults. I want to "put the brakes" on the charges and interest with all these companies and now feel I'm in a position to do so now that I have LPA (lasting power of attorney). My idea is to send these companies a letter saying that my sister and I are taking over financial affairs for Dad, enclose a copy of the LPA, and also start the ball rolling by asking for the original signed Credit Card Agreement. Some of my Dad's cards go back to the 80's I want to see if he has an agreement and if they don't at least put them on the back foot when I ask them to freeze his account so he can just work out a manageable payment plan. Should I do it this way or does anyone have a better idea? Best regards Fevr
  13. Hello, Long story short: I was employee of a company which buys stock in euros. Due to the referendum and the GBP drop, our margin has sank and after a short recovery the company went bust and we have all been made redundant. Because I’m a Spanish national living in the UK (7 years now), I could well stay here with the so called “settled status” but my landlord has already told that he won’t renew my tenancy in February because he assumes that all EU nationals will be illegal and he doesn’t want trouble with the government. To be honest I’m quite fed up with all this uncertainty, we simply don’t trust the government and we (as young couple with kids) have decided to leave the UK because we consider the situation is not going to get any better both socially and economically. 3 years ago I (despite having joint accounts, the debt is in my name only) have taken an unsecured loan and there is still £28K outstanding. The bank has approved it because our combined salary was quite high and we were both on permanent jobs and back in 2015 we were not even thinking in leaving the UK but the referendum has changed everything. My company was supposed to fund my leased car as part of the job conditions but it has never happened, so I’ve supported those costs as well. Now we have got about 1/3 of the loan on our account and we are going to use that money to set up a business in Spain with very low startup costs and a decent profit margin. But we still need the money to survive for the first few months and success is not guaranteed. So basically I will have to miss payments and it’s just a matter of time before I get a knock on my door in Spain as I will be registered as sole trader (probably easier to find). I have searched about enforcing debts throughout the EU but I get different results, and I’m a bit confused, basically I’ve got the following options: 1. I simply vanish to Spain without telling my bank; they will certainly send letters to my former UK address; they will apply for a CCJ so with this option I will be unable to use the statue barred option after 6 years. They will eventually find my address in Spain and send debt collection agents and eventually apply for a court order. If they find me I’m served. 2. I report change of address and let the bank know about my new address in Spain. But what they don’t know is that I will be staying temporarily with family, then getting my own place. So any letters will land on my family’s place. Now the bank cannot apply for a CCJ but they can well take me to court in Spain but that might turn into a costly and lengthy process for them (or not?). 3. As soon as land in Spain, I can send a letter to the bank explaining that due to unexpected circumstances I will not afford to pay anything for about 2 years, but hopefully I will be able to resume providing the business is successful. My concern is that they may not accept that and because I have now admitted that I’m in debt it is much easier for them to issue that sort of european payment order. 4. I declare myself bankrupt in the UK. I don’t have any assets in the UK but I will have low value assets (max £2000) in Spain which I need for my business. But I don’t know whether my assets are safe in Spain when declaring bankruptcy in the UK only. I don’t intend to return to the UK except for tourism purposes. Please note that I intend to pay the debt but not at an excessive interest rate. It will take some time for us to build up some savings and pay them. Also note that the bank in question has not got any branches in Spain. What do you consider to be the best option for me? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello I have several outstanding debts with payday loan companies and credit card companies which have now been assigned to DCA's apart from where mentioned details below. Drafty PDL- now being chased by Asset Collections £746.55 Sainsburys CC - Wescot £1039.97 wage day advance PDL £492.71 - Moorcroft Vanquis CC £566.68 - Moorcroft The money shop PDL £768.84 - BW Legal EE -phonebill £155.03 - Moorcroft Capital 1 CC £245.58 - Fredrickson/lowell Tesco CC £539.66 -moorcroft Very £897 no dca actiity Safetynet credit £503.89 PDL - Opos satsuma PDL £738.00 no dca activity halfax CC£1959.95 - Wescott western circle/cashfloat - £607.37 no dca activity Just under 10k by my reckoning, what would be the best route forward iva/dro or reduced settlement figures ? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have today received a CCJ claim from the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre, for a credit card that was held with HSBC a few years ago. The last statement I can find for the account is 2009, although the assignment to the DCA was later than that date. Having read through the forums for some advice (which is very handy and I'm very grateful for) I'm going to write to them tomorrow with a CPR31.14 requesting the agreement, default notice and the assignment. From people's past experiences, what are the chances of them providing this information? And do they have to provide the originals, or just legible copies of the originals? And am I correct in thinking the fee to enclose is £1? If they do provide the info as requested, and I have no other defence, I can't afford to pay them the amount they're requesting. I could offer to pay them a token amount every month or I could borrow a lump sum and make them an offer of a full and final settlement, although it would be much less than they're asking for. Either way would I still end up with a CCJ? Many thanks.
  16. Hi, I have managed to get myself into around £19k of debts with credit cards and am looking for advice. I would like to do my own DMP and am wondering if this would be possible? After paying my mortgage and other bills I am only left with around £120, to spilt between 6 creditors. These were all taken out after 2007. The highest is marbles which I owe £5100 and the rest are all around £3,000 and £2000. Any help would be welcome.
  17. Hi, I had a good number of credit card debts - the usual suspects: virgin, mbna, cap1 etc. They all dropped off my credit report a couple of years ago, so I now have what Halifax describe as an A1 rating I would like to remortgage. Should I be worried about a bank or building society that has one of my old credit card accounts in the business group using some sort of set-off mechanism to recover some of the monies I never paid. I'm thinking in particular about a deal I heard on the radio between Yorkshire (building society or bank - I can't remember) and Virgin. But am interested in the principes, too. Thank you.
  18. Hi Just received my credit file and after getting into a bad financial situation I have a total of 19 defaults on my credit file!, 11 are due to drop of this year and 3 next year the rest are around 2022, for the latter do you think my credit file will improve If I pay them of so they are marked as satisfied? or should I just wait, none of them are chasing me for payment at the minute Just edited to add one is for a mobile phone debt that I was paying for 2 years at £35 per month, it says I owe £550.00 now
  19. Hi there folks. I'm in need of a bit of advice please. So i owe a lot of money to a lot of companies. Some are being paid monthly minimum and there's a few which are being dealt with by debt collectors ( Ive contacted them via letter asking to make token payments already) I regards to the several credit cards i have, i'm literally just paying the interest every month and the balance isn't going down. I cant to pay any more than that. I'm thinking of sending them all letters asking to freeze the interest and accept monthly payments of £10 ( which is around the same as the min monthly payment anyway ) What are the chances of them accepting this? The companies in question are Capital one, barclaycard and vanquis. Many thanks, Amy.
  20. My daughter told of this site and how it had helped her over the years reclaim unfair charges and it has been extremely helpful to her over the years, I know she donated several times and so I decided to register myself. My daughter has suffered severe trauma over the last 12 months and I am very pleased to say that she is in a much better place now. I am trying to sort her finances out, she is unable to work presently and unsure at this time when she will be capable of working. I was considering writing to the companies she owed money to explain what's happened to her and ask if they would consider wiping the debt in her circumstances, especially at the moment as we have no idea when she is going to be able to return to work, its not likely to be any time soon as she is in therapy 3 days a week for at least the next 6 months. The debts are roughly as follows: Vanquis £650 (paying £1 a month) Three Mobile £121 Lowell Financial £1200 Welcome Finance (Secured) £18K (paying £10 a month) Santander Loan (Unsecured) £9K (no payments made since 2010) HSBC £1500 Robinson Way (Barclaycard) £950 Creditlink account recovery solutions £94.76 My husband and I are old age pensioners and we cannot afford to pay these debts but I know all these letters that come through only add to her stress and depression as they do! We would love to be able to pay this off but we are financially just not able to. She has a mortgage which she is in arrears with although I am dealing with and they are understanding, there is no equity in the house but the mortagge payment is so low at £429 a month (interest only) we want her to keep this as renting would be of more cost to her. I am not sure if it is possible for anyone to advise us if it is worth writing to these debters with her situation and seeing if they might consider wiping these debts. Many thanks A worried GrannyMargaret.
  21. Hi, I have 2 loans with welcome. 1 was for a car where I was well ripped off, and the other for a cash loan. There is no HP. My cash loan was for 2000 and is a fixed sum loan agreement. and to date I have paid back £3839.63. Aktiv kapital want £450.85. The total amount payable on my credit agreement is £3950.64. I CCA them a few weeks ago and got my original document. Never knew I was paying that much. also got a copy of all payments made since stay of loan in Sept 2007. Interest was added monthly until 05/05/2010 when went to step change. Then frozen. Only 1 fee of £20 for direct debit cancellation in may 2008. I want rid of this debt, feel I've paid enough, or in my calculations only now owe £111.01 minus any extra charges. What can I do. My next post will be about my car. AKTIV KAPITAL have not supplied my payments made but my balance is still £6163.23 Been paying this since January 2008. Went to step change in may 2010. I've looked closely at my credit agreement and there is shortfall extra insurance that I didn't ask for, and a whole array of confusing figures. The amount of credit for the goods was 7950. I've been conned and want to sort this out as lost my job, (but am fighting in employment tribunal) and need to clear up my debts as got loads of them totaling 15k. Please help
  22. Hi All... I hope you can help... I'll try to make this as short as possible. I was a victim of the financial crash.. the business I was in suffered massively and as a result, in 2010, my income reduced by almost 90%. I made arrangements with all my creditors when I could see this on the horizon (totalling around £100k) which have been in place ever since. The arrangements reflected my reduced earnings and most reduced to around 10% of the normal payment with the interest frozen. Most of my creditors subsequently registered defaults against me.. some quite soon after the start of the problems, some a few years later... which, now we are 8 years down the line, is great... a lot have dropped off my credit file and a few have only a short time to go until they do... BUT... i have 2 creditors, Nothern Rock (as was) and Nat west Bank, who refuse to register a default.. they just show late payments every month even though I am thousands in arrears and show as 6+ on my credit reports.. My question is, should they have registered defaults many years ago or can they effectively keep on punishing me, which will ultimately be, for the rest of my life, for an event out of my control? My business will never return to its former glory so I will never be in a position to clear these two debts in full. If I had declared myself bankrupt when the crap hit the fan, this would have been done and dusted many years ago and I would be pretty much back to normal but because I chose to do (what I thought) was the right thing and keep paying my creditors. Would the FOS agree that defaults should have been registered all those years ago or can nat west and Northern Rock keep causing me problems (and they are now becoming quite significant as I need to be credit checked for my work and for business accounts) Any help gratefully accepted Thanks H
  23. Hi Please, can you help me? I got into terrible debt many years ago. Abbey tried to repossess my house after a court hearing, but I sold it in time for not much profit. I had loans and credit cards outstanding and I got a CCJ for one of my credit cards who charged me a lot of PPI. It is seven years down the line and my Experian credit score shows clear. What I want to know is, can I reclaim PPI on all my mortgages and loans and credit cards from over the years? I know my CCJ is still enforceable, but this card was the main offender. Thanks
  24. This is asking for advice ten years ago I was taken very ill and had to give up working have undergone ten years of major surgery and hospital treatment my wife working part time to look after me . rightly or wrongly and I know in hindsight wrongly before I was admitted to hospital I was fully aware I would be unable to keep up with my outstanding debt repayments . contacted a debt management company to handle my debts as I was fully aware that within weeks I would not be in any position to deal with it and thinking that being honest and facing up to this that I would not be able to deal with this along with trying to take pressure from my wife we both signed agreement for the debt management company to act on our behalf and at no time without hiding from any liability. Just in the last few months I have been well enough to relook at what we had done and now realise what a huge mistake I made as after all these years after paying thousands of pounds I have only reduced the by hundreds yet I was paying for PPi and other payment protection schemes on all the accounts yet a few years the same management firm offered a PPI repayment plan although they stated that some of the debt was covered and they reclaimed refund all that happened was it reduced the debt and I ended up with another debt for their fees which was added on to the monthly repayment plan and according to them now it will take another 89 years to repay what we owe by which we shall both be dead Yet when looking through old paper work in the last few weeks due to my health improving I found a credit statement from one of my debt companies stating that they had accepted the monthly repayment of one pound per month but where changing a payment options plan of sixteen pounds and this was three years after I first entered in to this debt management plan. I have within the last few days asked the debt management firm if they had details of copies my original credit agreements and as they acted on our behalf could they forward them to me or ask for them which I was informed they did not and would not be able to obtain them surely how can they undertake a debt management plan without the agreements . I am fully aware now that I have been been ripped off by the debt management firm and by the credit firms and now believe honesty does not pay by admitting my indebtedness trusting somebody to deal with it has now cost my wife's health and I will never recover my my illness . I feel there must be a solution but it seems far to late to do anything now as I accepted the debts by handing every over to a debt management firm as I was not in position to deal with it due my health so any help would be very gratefully
  25. Good Evening All, I have been reading through these forums for a while and decided to make an account after seeing how helpful everyone is in the hopes of extracting some valuable information from yourselves. I'm 27 and got myself into some trouble when I was around 18/19, borrowed too much money until I couldn't afford to keep up repayments and then buried my head in the sand ignored everything for a year or so and then decided I'd sort it out. Lowell had purchased my debts from numerous different companies and I had around 7 different defaulted accounts with them. I now have two left having paid off five of the others, I have paid them all in full and they now show as a Closed Account "Satisfied" on my credit file. The two remaining accounts are now at the following amounts (approx.) - £2700 (Default Opened: 13th March 2010) - £1500 (Default Opened: 2nd July 2010) Every single month the account is marked as "Default" on my file and is in the "Closed" section of Clearscore on the Accounts section. I have just been reading up on settlements with Lowell (just Googled it this evening) and came across a term "statute barred" and am wondering if anyone could give me any advice on whether this would effect my situation or not? Or if anything else does? I'm truly clueless ! I am now in the position where I can probably pull together a settlement figure but again I have absolutely no clue on where to start with this, is there a procedure to follow or do I just ask them what they'd accept? Is it that simple? I'm frightened of being ripped off by them after reading up on them, can I just ring and pay? Should I have email communication of everything first? If someone could point me in the right direction or give any advice I'd be really grateful. Also, do defaults dating back to 2010 as mine do(as closed accounts) hold much weight on my credit file? I have read so many different answers in the past! I'm going to save for a house after this debt is cleared and if anyone has any advice regarding that then that'd be great! Kind Regards Pat
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