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  1. Hey. Newbie here.. Okay, Sorry this might be a long one as I don't want to miss anything out! So over the 26 years ive been alive I have got myself in a pickle; default city to be honest, mostly low-level everything combined is under 8k. I have just got a lump sum of money to pay off my debts to help recover my credit score so I can one day buy a house. Now checking my credit score I started going through one by one going to pay them off, I got to Lloyds and they have sold my 3 debts to two companies ( 1 is Credit Security LTD and 2 is Robbins way ), I have had these loans outstanding for 3 years or so and they have never contacted me ( got 2 letters from credit security but nothing from robins way ) i only found this out ringing up Lloyds, the default shows up on my credit file from Lloyds and that's it. Do I contact these people or not? I can't remove the Default either way so what should I do? and if I don't do anything that can happen, the amounts of these are £1525. £870.00 & £1800. This is where my second question comes in, my old phone contracts ( yes I was stupid ) have been sold to Lowell, now I never ever saw them as a threatening as they would send letter after letter and that's it nothing came of it for a few years ( back from 2014 2016 2017), stupidly when I decided to set up a DMP a year ago it classed as I made contact with them ( so resets the 6 year time frame ), now they have now left 3 defaults on my credit file, why is it under THEIR name and not orange etc like the Lloyds? I paid them £50.00 today and going to call up to pay a payment plan, I do have enough money to pay them all off today but is it worth it or just paying per month and keep some money aside? (it's 2400 altogether), now reflecting back on that should I of paid them or just ignore them as it would have got written off? Why have THEY put the default on my account instead of the business itself and not the other company that's taken over my Lloyds account? Why is my Credit file showing nothing of these other debt companies, if it is not on your credit report does it really matter? Sorry, I'm a little bit of a newbie at this! I know when default goes on your credit file it stays there for 6 years and there is nothing I can do about that.. right?
  2. Whilst parking for my case against WY Parking (which I won), I return to my car with a PCN attached (FML) I paid (confirmed money has left my bank account also) using my debit card - The ticket machine gave 2 tickets (both saying DISPLAY THIS WAY UP ON DASHBOARD). I took the ticket showing my parking fee more clearly to claim for costs.. Still displayed the counterpart though. I am still within my appeal timescale: Just want to confirm what I should write where it says "Why do you think you should not have been given a ticket" Tickets.pdf PCN.pdf Manchester Council Pictures.pdf
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help and guidance please. In August 2017 i received an out of the blue phone call from a debt collection agency. They advised that they were acting on behalf of Bristol City Council (BCC) and they had been instructed to recover several hundred pounds in relation to three unpaid Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). I advised the caller that i had never had a PCN in my life and in the event i did, i would have certainly taken care of it by now. I asked the caller to confirm the vehicle details and it transpires that the vehicle is my daughter's. I purchased the vehicle for her, as she didn't have any credit history to purchase it. I handed the keys over to her and haven't looked back since. We moved a few years back and when i moved i didn't think to notify the DVLA for my daughters' vehicle, only mine and my wife's. Needless to say, the PCN apparently got sent to my old address, as this is where my daughter's vehicle was still registered in my name. The debt management company wanted several hundred pounds, and this wasn't fair. I disputed the PCNs with the Traffic Enforcement Centre and my case was upheld. All the money i had paid to date was refunded to me and the matter was returned from the Court back to Bristol City Council, so that they could deal with it. I should point out that the vehicle is now in my daughter's name and i advised all parties that i have never driven the vehicle and don't keep it overnight. i was only ever registered in my name to purchase it for my daughter . Bristol City Council have now re-issued the PCNs to me and want me to pay the full price of the PCN. I have appealed this stating i should be eligible for a 50% reduction, as i would have been if i had actually received them through the post. Do i have to pay the full amount, even though i have never received the PCNs and not had an opportunity to pay them within the 14 days. Also, when i appealed to the TEC i initially didn't hear anything for weeks. I spoke to them and they said they were waiting for Bristol City Council to consider the appeal. Apparently they should have responded within 19 days, but they took a lot longer. Are the PCNs enforceable, can i appeal and ask that they are reduced to 50% and can i go to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal as they were late in considering my appeal? As a lay person, any help would be very much appreciated
  4. I purchased a built in coffee machine in May 2013 from Appliance City. I am going to find out how I paid for the item in the next couple of days-hopefully on my credit card. It had an initial problem but this was sorted promptly. The item came with a two year warranty. The machine started giving problems in February 2015 whilst still under warranty. This started a series of various faults and at least 8 visits (possibly more!) over an 18 month period ,from a variety of technicians sent direct from Miele who manufactured the item. The last visit was Autumn 2016 and at that point I told Miele I did not want the machine as it was far too troublesome. Miele said that they would apply a further years warranty which I agreed to. The machine then broke down again December just gone and was out of warranty at that stage so now Miele want to charge for a repair and will only offer a 20% on any parts needed. I then turned to Appliance City from whom I purchased the machine and it was the same story from them. I purchased the machine as Miele had a good reputation for longevity and trouble free running of their products. Can anyone clarify how I might get a result on this? Ideally I would like my money back or a new machine from Appliance City. If this machine had run trouble free for four years then I would not have minded so much paying for a repair but the machine has been a nightmare for breakdowns over a prolonged period and I suspect it has a few inherent faults that Miele won't admit to. I intend to get some sort of satisfaction from this as I am not at all happy with either Miele or Appliance City. Currently I have asked Appliance City to look at the matter again and if the are a member of any trade association that would handle an independent appeal. All advice on this matter is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, I received a parking ticket last week in Manchester, I am not too sure why but have an idea and wanted to run it by you. I was viewing two properties parked on street for an hour. The first house had 10 parking bays outside it, all were full, I went 20 metres round the corner, parked up and went back to the bays to the nearest ticket machine and bought an hour. I came back 50 minutes later to a ticketed car. I have been on the MCC Parking site and appealed it as I am not sure why, there was no full explanation save for "Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket or voucher". I had a ticket, it was clearly displayed and even had the correct reg. number on it. HOWEVER... I am a bit concerned that the ticket I paid for has NCP on it and it is the council fining me. There was nothing that I noticed (not to say there was nothing) that warned that the two parking areas were owned by two different "companies" and that one is not valid on the other. The online details shows a number of photos including one of the "Pay at machine" road sign pointing to the opposite direction to where I paid for my ticket - the one I went to however was nearer and in the same road as opposed to the one it was pointing to. If this is the actual problem, is this really wrong and should I just pay the £25 now whilst I get 50% "discount"? Also, is this a usual problem that many others come across? I have never heard of it before and therefore not considered checking which machine is correct. Annoyingly, I paid by far a higher amount for "parking" with NCP that with MCC! Appreciate your help! Scan_20161013 (2).pdf
  6. Just starting a thread on Electric Cars. I have noticed a Taxi Firm in my town has gone fully Electric. Can you believe this news. As i looked around Great Britain to see what was going on other towns have done the same. Just a quick look around but sure i read that cost of electric v fuel was roughly 1500.00 Electric per year v 7500.00 for fuel a saving of 6,000 pounds.This was a Taxi and i will have to find the article again. Also that batteries are improving and most motorway service stations have recharging points now. Better put a couple of articles on as i have not looked at Electric Cars before. Electric cars could rule the road in just over 10 years say motor industry experts Sales of the vehicles are surging so fast the market looks set to meet government forecasts for the end of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/motoring/electric-cars-could-rule-road-8305609 How the all-electric Leaf is becoming a favourite of taxi drivers http://nissaninsider.co.uk/how-the-all-electric-leaf-is-becoming-a-favourite-of-taxi-drivers/ One dramatic chart shows why electric cars are about to become mainstream http://www.techinsider.io/electric-vehicle-battery-cost-decreases-2016-3 Taxi Built In Britain known to us as a Bomber,well was when i last used one about 20 years ago. Metrocab Electric London Taxi- Made two years ago so probably technology has moved on much more since then. Another reason to switch to EV...there are plans for electric cars to drive in bus lanes http://bit.ly/292fWiL Electric cars are so refined and quiet, you can record a song in one. Here’s how Cerys Matthews and her band did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNfyVHbn3xE Have you got a electric car. Sounds like you are saving a few bob if you have.
  7. last night got caught out by Sheffield City Council for Stopping where prohibited ( on a red route or clearway ). Which in I'll openly hold my hands up no argument there as in my rush to get parked up and get to the match I stupidly failed to see the bloody big No Stopping sign practically next to where I parked up might I add. However I'm a little miffed off with the whole Do as I Say Not as I Do attitude of Sheffield City Council when I looked at the photos online from the PCN, directly parked behind me is Sheffield Councils Civil Enforcement car. I get that they are doing their job however they are also breaking the rules I mean they have done exactly the same thing what I have done. Shouldn't them selves be penalised for this. Unfortunately I don't have the reg for their vehicle however the Enforcement Officer was kind enough to leave his details. I am going to complain about this but is there any way of finding out if anything has been done from Sheffield City Councils end once I have complained i.e. they have paid there own fine or the officer has been fined, for all I know the email will prob get sent to the trash bin. Any advice is much appreciated.
  8. Hi there I am hoping someone can help. I got in from work on Tuesday evening, after going to the gym and found a letter on my door matt from a bailiff company threatening to seize my goods for non payment of council tax. It was an enforcement notice and referred to a liability order. This was the first I knew that my direct debit payments to the council had not gone through (i've checked now and they were returned). I did not receive any letters or liability orders in the post either. Surely I should receive some kind of notification before the council involve bailiffs!? For the two months missed payments it amounts to about £350.00. The bailiff company have added on a further £300 in fees/ attendance charges. Is there anything i can do, these charges seem punitive and i'm more than happy to pay the council tax arrears but not these excessive fees.
  9. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/12017438/City-worker-charged-3700-for-parking-in-central-London-for-six-hours.html I would hope he received more than just a refund.
  10. Let us imagine.I hear many things. In my day,when you bought a house you did it up over time and that was that. Looked for a cheap house perhaps a little run down and bought it. Then spent many years saving a little and spending on your home. But i hear whispers,ok cannot be proved and i have not the time to delve to deep. Many landlords may have contacts and when a cheap house comes up puff,it is bought as quick as that. The first time buyers have no chance.Does this happen,perhaps you can tell me. I am not in a big town but i spoke to one landlord who had one hundred properties. And another who together with a few others connected to estate agents had 400 properties. Rents for some of these properties make me laugh,and because these are so high i have heard some landlords get ripped off,take anybody who says they will pay the rent. Instead of lowering it a touch and getting decent tenants. When finally many weeks later and the house is wrecked,just brush it off. Has many properties so perhaps expected. And if what i have heard is true,word gets passed round and the same happens again. And one is doing this over and over again.Now this part i can not understand at all. Maybe he is just stupid. So many will hopefully read between the lines of this short thread and say what you think of modern day living. And first time buyers and landlords in general.And tenants and rents that many must find it is hard to pay. And if first time buyers who deserve their chance in their local towns and cities are losing out through underhand practices this should be sorted by some sort of law,or changes to how houses are sold.Do you think this is reasonable. What can be done. Something seems to be building. Do you know strange things that are going on in your town,city. I will be very interested on what you will say i hope of your experiences in your place you call home. If renting for six months perhaps.You never know. Some places i believe in France have 10 year leases.At least you would feel secure. And am i imaging how run down the outside of many tenanted properties are. Inside maybe ok,or maybe not. But outsides that many you see are clearly not maintained. Not the gardens the properties themselves. Do councils have to check these out when let. Have a team to check this ,the property is in fair shape for letting out. Independant people.And teams. Things need improving. But that is my view,and expect some reaction. I feel some thumping at the door. Come on in and introduce yourself.
  11. Afternoon all, first post on here. Need some help really. Didn't pay council tax because I'm a 24 year old child. Didn't set up a payment plan with Birmingham city council quick enough, so went to equita, did set up a plan with them which I thought was by direct debit. Apparently not, as I didn't pay them 7 days ago they've sent a bailiff out to my house today who put a notice after taking control of goods on my car. However this car is on finance, the reg they've written is wrong and on all correspondence they've called me Lexxx my names Lxxx. Anyway, have tried calling bailiff multiple times to let them know that where I rent is rented fully furnished and that the car is on finance so they don't turn up again tomorrow and try and charge me for them and their tow truck. Which I'm guessing they will %100 do. I've rang 5 times,eft a voicemail asking them to call me back and have sent a text informing them. If they do bring a truck tomorrow would they still be able to charge me for it? What do I do and how do I go about getting them to set up a reasonable repayment plan? My original debt was £668.94 Today they added on a compliance stage fee: £75 and an enforcement stage fee: £225
  12. I have received a Parking Ticket from City of London for parking a plated truck partially in a suspended bay (one of five suspended) whilst loading. The only indications the bays were suspended were a parking meter further up the road with a cover on it and the dual purpose pay and display signs C.O.L use which fold down to say the bay is suspended. I visited the same location the following week at the same time and the covered meter was totally obscured by builders from the building site for whom the suspension was for (I have a photo of this). I appealed on the basis of De Minimis as I was only partially parked in one of the suspended bays and it had no affect on the builders as they had suspended the bays prior to them needing them as they were going to fence the bays off a few days later when they would start receiving deliveries. The informal appeal was declined. I'm looking to make a formal appeal and I believe I can use the fact that the authority did not properly take my appeal into account as one of the basis of my appeal. Could anyone confirm the best terminology to use for this? I'm also looking to appeal as the Dft Signs manual states the cover for the parking meter must only contain the words "No Waiting" it specifically states it must not state "No Parking" and "No Loading" which as you can see the meter cover contains the prohibited wording. In addition the word "No" exceeds by a long way the maximum letter size as given in the Signs Manual. I've noticed that the suspension signs are not on the DfT approved suspension sign list http://www.dft.gov.uk/traffic-auths/?search=parking+suspension It's not amazingly clear from the Signs Manual whether or not the suspension signs are required in addition to the meter cover in the signs manual. Could anyone confirm whether this is the case? Campbell V Camden mentions that a Pay & Display bay can be suspended with a meter cover with no signs, the meter & cover were around 5 meters away from where I parked. The case also mentions the addition words "No Parking" & "No unloading" and that the TMO requires a compliant sign to be displayed This is the TMO https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/services/transport-and-streets/parking/traffic-reports/Documents/TMO-Parking-Places.pdf I have other photos eg of where the truck was parked if these help. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, I have been issued a PCN for parking on a street round the corner from my home on Thursday while I went to pick up my lunch. (See photos below). The place I am parked previously used to have a yellow line all the way across the gate, now there are terminations to the single yellow either side of the gate. There is no sign on the gate saying parking is not allowed there. On what grounds have I been issued the PCN? How, as a motorist, am I to recognise this as a place where parking is not allowed? I assume it is to do with the dropped kerb perhaps? I have emailed the council asking and got the statement: "Yellow lines are enforceable from the centre of the carriageway to the back of the footway/start of the private land, any pavement, grass verses etc being classed as part of the public highway". I don't understand how this statement relates to where I was parked. Regards, Chris [ATTACH=CONFIG]56317[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56318[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56319[/ATTACH]
  14. On Sunday 21 December 2014, I visited friends in Leeds. I parked, as suggested by my friend, in the courtyard of the block of flats in which he lives (ie private land). On returning to the car (roughly 60 to 90 minutes later), I found a note stuck to the windscreen. The note was a reasonable facsimile of a parking ticket - a yellow and black plasstic envelope containing a form headed "Penalty Charge Notice" - but issued by a private firm (City Permits) on private land. I admit that the car was parked on private land without authorisation, but there was plenty of space as there were very few cars there at the time and, in my judgement, no obstruction or damage was caused. The form states, "The penalty charge of £85 is payable within 28 days of this notice. A discounted sum of £60 wil be accepted in settlement of the charge if received within 14 days fromm the date of issues (sic)." There are the usual threats of tracking me down through the DVLA and court action if the charge remains unpaid. A slight complication is the fact that the car was on hire from a local car hire company with whom I would like to keep a good relationship. Advice as to how to deal with this, would be very much appreciiated.
  15. City Link customers are being urged to collect parcels from depots on Monday. The firm also said parcel depots would "remain open for a short period of time" to enable customers and intended recipients to collect their parcels. Sky saying one million parcels still at their depots. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30621884
  16. About 1430 hours today, Monday 22 December 2014, a Glasgow City Council bin lorry was travelling north on Queen Street when it appeared to strike pedestrians outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) before continuing to travel towards George Square, when it crashed at the Millennium Hotel on Queen Street at George Square. Read More Here: http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2014/december/264461 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/11308468/Glasgow-bin-lorry-crash-live.html Very sad news especially at this time of year. I would like to wish those injured a speedy recovery and my heart goes out to those that sadly lost loved ones condolences.
  17. A London banker who regularly avoided buying a train ticket on his commute to the City has been banned from working in the financial services industry. BlackRock director Jonathan Paul Burrows was caught by inspectors at Cannon Street station last year and admitted to avoiding the £21.50 fare from Stonegate in East Sussex. In total, Mr Burrows is believed to have dodged £42,550 in fares. The City watchdog said he "demonstrated a lack of honesty and integrity". "Mr Burrows has admitted that, on a number of occasions, he deliberately and knowingly failed to purchase a valid ticket to cover his entire journey," the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said. "As Mr Burrows held a senior position within the financial services industry and was an approved person, he should have been a role model for others and his conduct has fallen short of the standard expected for someone in his position," the organisation added. Mr Burrows boarded trains at Stonegate in East Sussex, where there are no ticket barriers Mr Burrows avoided paying the full fare by boarding the London-bound train at Stonegate - a rural station with no barriers - without purchasing a ticket. On arriving in London, he went through the barriers at Cannon Street Station using an Oyster travel card, incurring a maximum fare of £7.20. 'I was foolish' Mr Burrows, who is now banned for life from working in any regulated financial industries, has since paid back the £42,550, plus £450 in legal costs. Reacting to the FCA's decision, he said: "I have always recognised that what I did was foolish. I have apologised to all concerned and reiterate that apology publicly." However he added that "the size of the settlement [with Southeastern] could be said to have led to a distorted perception of the scale of my wrongdoing". "While I respect the FCA's decision today, I also regret it, coming as it did after a 20-year career in the City that was without blemish. "I recognise that the FCA has on its plate more profound wrongdoing than mine in the financial services sector, and I am sorry that my case has taken up its time at this critical juncture for the future of the City and its reputation."
  18. I have had the experience from hell over the last week and a half in trying to get an electrical item delivered which i sold on ebay. Things started going wrong from the off, booked courier through myparceldelivery.com, which was city link, took a day off work to wait at my fathers address for the pickup the idea being easier to collect from my fathers address no stairs etc and 30kg item. They didnt turn up , spoke to myparcel live chat who apologised said driver turned up and spoke to me and i had arranged alternative transport lol. (at this point i must have been mad to continue).live chat man continued to say they could arrange alternative pickup in 2 days from ups which i declined, instead my father kindly drove the oven to the nearest depot, since this point there have been 5 failed deliveries to the receiver the last being where the receiver was told the package had been badly damaged, he said he would still like to check if they could redeliver, he was expecting delivery the next day, of course they didnt turn up. I rang myparcel to find out what was going on, same live chat man said he would call me the next day when he had contacted the delivery depot to find out what was happening. 5 oclock the next day nothing heard so i ring him, to be told they still havent got back to him ' extremely unusual for them not to respondl' bla bla bla, at this point i just want my oven back wherever it is and it is friday 5.30, i somehow get through the automated city link customer service line to speak to someone after half an hour, she said from her records item damaged delivery to be returned to me etc, she said she would ring the depot to find out what damage was at my request, after 10 minutes or so it turns out they cant find it in their storeroom ! so it is down as lost. i would be very thankful for some advice on how i should proceed, i sold it for 500 pounds, didnt insure it etc, am i likely to be compensated if it turns up damaged or it is actually lost? myparceldelivery should be ringing me tomorrow but probably wont
  19. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2713784/Unmasked-City-high-flier-Jonathan-Burrows-dodged-43-000-rail-fares-paid-3-days.html
  20. Hi Need some help, been into Sheffield today got ticket (local authority) for parking longer than permitted. On looking at ticket the attendant has wrote served on the 22/06/13. I would like advice on if I can challenge this ticket, as he has put the wrong date on which it was served. Thanks, Geocyper
  21. Hi All, First post, I've done a bit of searching around and found similar issues but nothing quite the same... so please bear with me as this whole thing is quite complicated... hopeing someone can help. Basically, in October 2006 I moved into a flat with my cousin (that sounded dodgy... er, separate rooms !!). We were both full time students at the time, I was at University, and she was at College, and went on to University the following year (same course, so I believe it is classed as a 'continuation' or something similar). Anyway, she moved out in January 2007, and I moved out in March/April 2007 (can't quite remember which). A couple of months ago, I got a letter from a DCA advising that GCC had instructed them to recover £854.13 from me Obviously, I phoned them to query this - they told me it was for the property that I had lived at above, for CT year 2007/2008. I advised them I did not live there at that time, and told them to send it back to GCC as an error, and thought nothing more of it. I gave them my mobile number (stupid, I know) to call me back and let me know it was sorted. Never heard a word back from them. In June, I received another letter giving me 14 days to pay before they would take legal action. I hit the roof at this one Phoned them up again and asked them what they were playing at... "oh the council say it's up to you to prove you didn't live there". Hit the roof again, told them I'd sort it with the council and to send it back to them again. With that I spoke to some snotty woman at GCC, told her I didn't live there and explained the circumstances of moving out so quickly (see details below). I was told that it was up to me to prove I didn't live there ! I also made it clear that even if i had lived there, I was a FT student so wouldn't have been liable anyway. "Prove it" was the response. So, I drove to East Dunbartonshire Council HQ in Kirkintilloch, spoke to possibly the most helpful council official I have ever dealt with, explained the problem, and asked her to give me a copy of the CT exemption form I submitted to them in 2007... she went and got my file, and gave me it in less than 5 minutes ! Armed with this, I then went down to Glasgow City Councils office next to George Square... took a number and sat in line to speak to someone about it. In contrast, the woman I was met with here, was the most hostile, abrupt, and downright rude person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Told her "I didn't live there", "prove it" was the reply. Gave over my student exemption form from 2007 showing my parents address "Oh, this doesn't prove you didn't live here, you can live in 2 places at once" (?????) At that point she says "Oh, we have this form already anyway, it's not your student status that's the problem, it's your cousin, her college course ended in April 2007 so we're charging you full CT from April-October 2007 (when the lease ran out)." At this point, I explained the circumstances regarding moving out (again, see below), and just got met with "Prove it" after every sentence I made the point, that surely it's up to them to prove I DID live there given the mountain of evidence I can supply that suggests I did not - bank statements, pay slips, etc etc, all showing my address changed sometime between March & April 2007. They then made this suggestion: "The easiest way to make this go away" is to get a copy of your cousins student exemption for the following academic year, so 2007-2008. Now, she never bothered with this, as when she moved back to her parents she got no CT discount anyway as there was more than 1 non-eligible adult living there.... however, we have since got a CT form from EDC, sent it to her Uni, and they have returned it, filled in for that academic year. Apparently this is not acceptable to GCC. So, I have now lost the plot entirely, and told them to take me to court. I'm actually looking forward to it I think... as far as I am concerned, I owe them nothing. I have plenty of documentary evidence that I had moved elsewhere, yet they continue to say I need to (somehow??) prove I did not live at that address, at that time. Now, i'm no lawyer, but if I remember correctly, they can't demand I try to prove a negative... It's up to them to prove I DID live there ? Since then, I've had the DCA phoning me on my mobile several times a day... at first I was telling them I wasn't liable and that they should speak to the council, then I got fed up with them and told them to stop phoning me, put it in writing etc, now I just dont answer the phone to them. I have also now had a letter saying they intend to instruct sherrif officers to arrest my wages and freeze my bank accounts It's hit the roof time again. Surely in order to do this, they need to actually take me to court first Anyways, I think I really do need some help now, because I'm obviously dealing with a brick wall and I may just be getting in over my head. One last thing, in December 2008 I changed my surname (legally), I have my amended birth certificate. They are still wirtng to and addressing me as my old name. Does this matter ? Any thoughts much appreciated (again, see below for further detail). Thanks, Chris. Shortly after moving in, there were serious problems with the flat, flooding, being the main thing - Barrat had managed to build a block of flats that wasn't watertight. Muppets ! We then started receiving letters from the landlords finance company, GMAC (initially addressed to him), stating that he hadn't paid a penny towards his mortgage (found this out later when I started opening his mail). I tried for several weeks to get hold of the LL, to no avail. Now, technically, I was renting from his company (ironically, a plumbing company), rather than him directly.... so I checked companies house... the company was put into administration a few weeks after I signed the lease. A recorded delivery letter I sent to him stating that if the problems weren't sorted I was terminating the lease, was returned to me undelivered marked "property boarded up." I still have a copy of the letter, but have chucked the returned envelope away. What I was told by the letting agent (and Barrat), on the quiet, was that Barratt had given this guy 50k cash back on each of the flats that he'd purchased (so at least 100k), and that he'd then put his company into administration and disappeared. They were also trying to get hold of him. The flooding issue then started affecting neighbours properties, so we had no option really but to let Barrat Homes come into the flat and do remedial works to stop the flooding - both for our sakes, and the sakes of the neighbours below. They had to effectively remove the whole wall and rebuild it - something about the damp course/vents being installed the wrong way round, so directing water inwards (the rebuilding of the internal wall never got done). So we were now living in a damp, draughty building site with no internal walls, the landlord had vanished, his company was in administration, and his mortgage company were threatening repossession (I'd started opening his mail at this point). My cousin, who suffers from asthma moved out either right at the end of December or the very start of January as the dampness and draughts were causing her health problems. I had assumed I was going to lose my £1000 deposit, so I couldn't afford to just upsticks and move out... so I held on a little longer. One moring I was woken up by an estate agent who had keys and had let himself into the flat "to survey it". I then started receiving notices "to the occupier" telling me that the flat was being repossessed, got the notice to quit etc etc etc, and then got a notice saying sheriffs officers were coming to reposess the property, change locks etc etc.... so I eventually gave up trying to contact the LL, and moved back to my dads house as I couldn't afford to move elsewhere. I had kept a hold of all of the documents etc, the repossession notice, lease, returned mail, rent receipts etc etc... until I had a clean out about a year ago - figured I wouldn't be needing any of that stuff ! Even after explaining all of this to GCC, one of the the things they said is that my lease was from October to October, so I was liable for that full period. Now, it was a Short Assured Tenancy... I'm pretty sure those have a 6 month break-clause that can be exercised - but the point I've been making to them is that the lease was terminated 'by frustration'. Hope someone can give me some advice regarding all of this. Thanks for listening
  22. I stupidly bought this game online from EA games here is the list of problems 1 you must have a broadband connection at all times to ea game servers to play even in single player mode, that's if you can sign onto a working server, as them seem to have only 12 for the entire world to play on. 2 if you don't have a internet connection then you carnt play the game at all! and I don’t believe all those TV adverts have even mentioned that fact, so if you want children t play this game then you must give them unrestricted online access 3 when in a year or two EA bring out a replacement game they will turn off the servers and your $£40 game will now be a useless icon on your screen, unlike older games which you can continue to enjoy for years. when I tried to get a refund because the game is not fit for propos and false advertising, I was warned that if I continue to complain as I am unable to have a refund as they state its in the terms and conditions, I would have my origin account cancelled thus losing over £300 worth of games I have bought from them so they are in fact stating you don’t own any software that you buy on origin you just paid to rent them from ea. if you were looking at buying this game don’t, there is a online petitions signed by over 47 thousand users in just over 48 hours to have this drm system removed or EA give everybody full refunds https://www.change.org/petitions/electronic-arts-inc-remove-always-online-drm-from-simcity-and-future-games?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=permissions_dialog_false
  23. Hi i am in debt to aberdeen city council for non payment of rent because we just could not afford it. We also got hit with about a thousand pounds of overpaid rent and council tax because they lost a leeter we handed in a year ago about my earnings.They already take ten pounds off our benefits to pay that arrears but we just went in and tried to make an agreement to try and payoff arrears but the court person we talked to said its still getting logged in court because after we pay our rent, which is now an extra ten pound because they are taking 10 off our benefits which we then have to make up again whatis left of what we said we can afford to pay is only about a pound odd, but they will not accept anything less than five pounds a week before they make an agreement. Can they do that or are they stopping us from paying things off just to get more money. Please help.
  24. This is to do with the Bedroom Tax but more importantly the Discretionary Housing Payment allocation to councils. From The Evening Times this is the link: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/city-demands-answers-over-bedroom-tax-cash-134331n.21946342 Where the article mentions COSLA they are the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and their link is: http://www.cosla.gov.uk/ if you want more information on them.
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