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  1. Hi and thanks in advance. I have been absent from work for a while and have been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety the depression has been related to a previous diagnosis and treatment for cancer. I have made some strides mentally and feel that I am now in a position to return to work and have been advised by supporting organisations that I should be entitled to certain reasonable adjustments. I have formally requested certain adjustments from my employer but they have all but declined my request and seem to be following their sickness process which does provide som
  2. Hi Just received my credit file and after getting into a bad financial situation I have a total of 19 defaults on my credit file!, 11 are due to drop of this year and 3 next year the rest are around 2022, for the latter do you think my credit file will improve If I pay them of so they are marked as satisfied? or should I just wait, none of them are chasing me for payment at the minute Just edited to add one is for a mobile phone debt that I was paying for 2 years at £35 per month, it says I owe £550.00 now
  3. Hi, Hope I'm not breaking any rules here , And that I've posted in appropriate section and see past my bad punctuation and grammar . On 31/01/17 Kidderminster morrisons 7:10pm upon leaving store I was confronted by manager and two members of staff ,apparently they had reason to believe I had been stealing. Asked to view my bag. Shocked I gave the manager my bag he didn't even check items which I thought strange .next hands me bag back and then says I was caught shoplifting two three days ago and thrown out of store. Now I'm gob smacked. He confirms this again twice with female member of staf
  4. Hi I'm hoping you can help my sister with this quandary. She has some mortgage arrears for various reasons but they are now wanting to sort this issue out. A court hearing has been booked but her mortgage company have called and said they are willing to help and look at options. The arrears are around £5800. Going forward they can pay the contractual monthly payment plus an amount towards the arrears. The mortgage company say they will consider this but a i and e form must be completed. So I'm trying to help her work out what might be seen as a reasonable offer Their income is £
  5. I've been repaying my MBNA Credit Card account via Stepchange for some time now, and MBNA were happy with the amount I was paying and, in that respect, my account was up-to-date On the 19th August I received a latter that stated "We are writing to give you notice that we are ending your MBNA credit card agreement in accordance with Clause 18 of the terms and conditions. This will happen on 22/10/2016 The letter then goes on to say that if they sell the debt to a 3rd party, they will tell me "as soon as is reasonably possible" I get home today, 14th September, and my latest stat
  6. Hi all, Just the outline of the issue should be enough! Bought a car in March 2014 from a Nissan franchise. Noticed some rust which was fixed under the Nissan manufacturers paint warranty in August / September 2014. When this was repaired, I was assured that the metal would be treated to prevent repeat bubbling under the paint (I was asking whether a new tailgate would be fitted, but it was resprayed). Fast forward to now, I have noticed some bubbling under the paint in the same two places again, approximately 18 months after the repair. I believe that the manufacturer (as oppos
  7. Hi all, Is there any truth in the rumour (English law) that a court won't convict on the evidence of a sole witness ? Also, is there any truth in the rumour that witnesses must be independent - i.e. ruling out 3 close members of a family effectively being 3 witnesses rather than 1 ? Mike.
  8. Hi all , read quite a few of the robinson way threads on CAG and it seems it can be a minefield getting a full and final offer "wording" correct . My wife had a small repayment arrangement with RW but they took a repayment that was 4 times the agreed amount she cancelled the direct debit , many many phonecalls and letters from RW she received this letter .What would be a reasonable starting point offer be ? Total debt is just over £450. Thanks Andy.
  9. Apart from other upfront known fees and charges, Storage Fees are another issue, as in what is reasonable? They can add significantly more to a debt than the fees laid down in the Regulations. Here is an example of what Newlyn wanted to charge a third party whilst they had his car subject to Interpleader from another thread "We anticipate that the goods will sell for £1600.00 which is considered the value amount, with the addition of £40.00 per day storage charges. " If a sealed Court Order is not received within 48 hours of this email, the vehicle will be entered into public au
  10. Hi All, I've recently had an issue at work, and was wondering whether anyone could help me with it. I am going to take advice from other sources also. I have been employed less than two years. I have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (diarrhoea predominant) for a little over 4 years (and have had symptoms longer than that). I am currently going through investigations to determine the exact cause or alternative diagnosis for my symptoms. Day to day i'm on medication, and the current medication is working well, however I still occasionally have flare ups. These flareups can
  11. Hi Guys, my partner has received a notice for her details from the police for an alleged "action" in a car park used by mums picking up kids from pre-school. it states the Application is for the drivers details for alledged driving dangerously, carelessly or without consideration for other persons, contrary to sections 2 and 3 of the road traffic act 1988. They want the details of the driver on the date of the incident before they say anything else about the alleged offence. Their form is leading as if you fill it out it confirms you were driving (2 months ag
  12. Hi, I am looking for some advice on the action Lloyds made against my account. I am student and have had my £500 student overdraft facility removed. Reason being as they said, I have not used my account since late July this year. I am now on a study abroad course which means I am taking one year as part of my degree in the USA and return May 2015. I left UK August so I have not received some of their letters. However my mother now sends letters to my address in the USA and was only notified once that the overdraft was already removed. I also noticed my account was set to a graduate's acc
  13. Hey Guys, In December of last year; I bought a very expensive set of DJ equipment from an online retailer. The finance contract was executed in my father's name as he wanted to purchase half of it for me as a gift and I'd pay the other half of the monthly instalments. Anyway it was functioning great until June when it started developing intermittent audio and electronic faults in the middle of my gigs. I had investigated whether it may be a software problem for a couple of weeks and resolved that it would need to be sent back for repair under its warranty. So I arranged for it to be
  14. I'm just about to write a letter concerning a bed, but before I do, I am wondering about the 'reasonable' part of the SOGA. As it's down to opinion of what is reasonable, and I may be being unreasonable. So, if you bought an 'expensive' bed, and I mean £1,200, how long would you expect it to last?
  15. Hi, I have CCA'd AMEX re a very old card (had been paying token payments of £1 for over 4 years but can't really afford to pay all token payments as on IB so I stopped a few months ago) and I thought that I should CCA all of the CC's to buy myself some time. It was a formal request with £1 PO. Today I received a response, AMEX have returned the fee, and provided a copy of the app form, a bad and barely legible one, with a set of terms of when the card was started in 1999 (unsure if they are a true copy). They have referred me to look back at previous statements for balances
  16. I suffer a neurological condition for many years. I joined my current employer a little over a year ago, a change of job and on less hours, hoping that this would improve my condition (I previously did a 40 hour week). However, it has actually got worse and been diagnosed as a chronic condition. 6 months ago, I had to take 4 weeks off because of this. I had a phased return (but no other adjustments) but the condition quickly returned and I have been off for 3 months. In this time, I have been prescribed different medications which had severe (and known) side effects that also made me unf
  17. Hello all, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have just been sacked from a large public sector department employing many thousands of people. I have been working for my former employer for 20 years I was injured at work 13 months ago. I do qualify for DDA/equality act 10 July 2013 a reasonable adjustment was agreed by all concerned to keep me in employment, I could not return to my normal job, but I would be re graded/redeployed to an admin post elsewhere, within an hour of travelling for me. They very quickly offered me two roles that were both only 6 month temp contrac
  18. How likely I am to get disability element on top of my working tax credits, based on the tax office guide lines, I think I would be entitled to the disability element, but dont know what the tax office would think I work 16+ hours per week Due to my health, I am unable to work, 5 days per week, or any long shifts now, so I only work 4 days ,and 6.5 hrs I have a secure job, in asda, so for me to find a new job, I think I would have some difficulty in doing so My health is poor, due to slow heart rate, high cholestral, and angina, easily get tired, and exhuasted. Have bee
  19. I recently ordered a brochure via the Aquability's website contact form - short of telephoning them there is no other way of contacting them. A telephone number was a mandatory field on their web based contact form. I asked them not to telephone me in their 'message' box. The brochure arrived, but 2 days later, someone from Aquability telephoned me. I asked them why they had telephoned me, when I had asked them not to. I was told they had no record of this request and that, if I had not wanted to to telephoned, I should not have included my phone numb
  20. Hi Everyone, Not sure if my posting is in the right section. Having problems finding reasonably priced warranty companies to cover repairs for fridge, dishwasher etc. Had a less than great experience recently with Know How recently. Prices seemed very expensive for each item.
  21. If an employer is found liable for disability knowledge because the FHSO new of the disability but did not inform management (vicarious liability? )or undertake a risk assessment is the employer then by default liable for not making reasonable adjustments (obviously they did not as they claimed lack of knowledge of the disability).
  22. Hello all, I'm new here so I hope this is the correct forum for this... I got into some debt with Lloyds TSB Credit Card (demanding ex, long story). The debt was passed onto BSL that I've been paying for a number of years at £36/month Recently, I got a letter from CapQuest to say they'd taken over the debt (I also received and very fake looking letter from Lloyds TSB on the same day to say that it'd been passed over) Why would BSL pass my account over to CapQuest when I'd been paying it? So, I sent a letter requesting the original agreement to CapQuest (Using a templat
  23. Hi I am hoping someone can give me some advice please. I live in a leasehold property and pay ground rent of £10 every 6 months making a total of £20 a year. I received an letter from the Ground Rent agents stating that I was in arrears and despite several emails had not paid the last 2 instalments. I then discovered that they had sent me 2 emails, one for the 1st instalment and 1 for the more recent one. These emails had aoutomatically gone into my junk folder. I hold my hands up though that this is entirely my fault and that it is up to me to make sure bills are pai
  24. Ordered a kitchen sink online and in the confirmation email: Just out of curiosity I thought you were allowed a reasonable amount of time to inspect the goods?
  25. First hello to all and thanks in advance for any and all help given. Sorry it is a long post but it is a complicated problem. (At least I think it is) Outline: I have been disabled for a number of years now, 12 months ago (Jan 2012) I had an accident at work that left me in a condition where I could not work, now a year later on advice from my doctor I am in a position to return to work on a phased return. The company sent me to an independent doctor for evaluation and she agreed with my own doctor of phased return as did the company HR dept and the various other support se
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