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  1. Some confusion cleared, Equita is stating the address they have on file is my new correct address. However the council has confirmed letters were sent to my previous address. I have contacted Equita to find out where they have got my new address from and they said the request only comes from the council. The council has argued they have not given the new address to them and they got it elsewhere. So the council has been sending all correspondence to my previous address while Equita found my new address somewhere. The contravention was issued on 11th may 2017 which at the time held my previous address. I moved to my new address on June 2017 which explains why I received no letters. Where can I go from here? Do I need to submit a Statutory Declaration Out of Time application?
  2. My vehicle was being impounded by the high court enforcement because of an unpaid contravention 34J Being in a bus lane. This was issued on 11/05/2017 and my vehicle was being impounded by Equita on 18/07/2018. Luckily I arrived to my car on time and after discussing with the officer I said I do not recall or ever heard of receiving a fine for being in a bus lane and if I did, I would always pay within 2 weeks. He checked the system and said 7 letters were sent over the period of 1 year, however I received NO letters! I am sure the address is correct where I am living, I trust everyone living in the house etc. I always receive all letters including the council, I have had PCN tickets from council before but for this particular fine nothing at all, how can this be? This forced me to pay £513 up front! The officer then giving all details needed and I was able to check the PCN online and now have the evidence of the contravention but no letters which is very strange! I will be calling council to see why letters haven't been sent but I can image they will just be saying "we have sent them" here is a video clip of the contravention that was not known to me until I caught the officer impounding my vehicle: vimeo.com/285471611 After viewing the footage I've accepted the contravention but not paying £513 as I have received no letters, what can I do about this and how could of this happened? I would be willing to go court if I fighting chance... do they not need to provide evidence for letters sent?! Plus can we not go in a bus lane to make a left turn? Thanks!
  3. Not exactly there was no money in the account since late July so I agreed to use the card regularly and put money in the account while abroad but only if they could reinstate the overdraft otherwise I would be paying off an unforeseen debt. They said no to this.
  4. Hi, I am looking for some advice on the action Lloyds made against my account. I am student and have had my £500 student overdraft facility removed. Reason being as they said, I have not used my account since late July this year. I am now on a study abroad course which means I am taking one year as part of my degree in the USA and return May 2015. I left UK August so I have not received some of their letters. However my mother now sends letters to my address in the USA and was only notified once that the overdraft was already removed. I also noticed my account was set to a graduate's account but I am still student. I phoned immediately and they said I will have my account set back to student once I send proof of letter. I have done so as well as letter of complaint. I said I have not received letters since August, I have not used my account recently as I had been using another account for travelling etc, I am not permitted to work here so there be no regular funds in the account however will use the account for regularly transactions but they didn't care and kept saying I breached their policies, they will not put me back to student and my account will be closed and have default on my credit report if I do not settle installments with them now. It all seems immediate.. can they be doing this?! Any advise thank you
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