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  1. Thanks dx, I don’t want to sound ‘greedy’, but the length of time they have been playing with my credit score is excessive.
  2. Hmmm, difficult one. I don’t see that it should take 56 days to correct their error, and of course that is additional time on my credit report. They are saying they sent a default notice in November 2011, which is still later than it should have been - I think. I think £100 is a bit ‘light’ given the length of time they have been trashing my credit status, (it’s the only black mark I have), but it’s better than nothing. ps. At least they got my name right this time.
  3. ICO report done just after I last posted, confirmation of receipt given by ICO. Today, i’ve received a letter from NatWest confirming my complaint is valid, which they will correct within 56 days. They’re also sending a cheque by separate cover, in the sum of £100. Thoughts please?
  4. Sorry, quick question: I’ve just noticed that the letter just received from Natwest is addressed to my maiden name, despite my being married for 11 years and indeed the letters I have written to them are always signed in my married name. Could there be any significance?
  5. Thanks dx, i’ll do it today. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Sorry, I only glanced at the letter, i’d Had one before and thought it was the same i’ve read it properly and actually, they’re simply telling me that they will contact me again, or after 8 weeks, i can go to the financial ombudsman, and inviting me to contact them. They’ve enclosed a ‘complaint handling leaflet. Should I just wait for them to get back to me within the 4 weeks they’ve said? That’ll teach me to read my mail properly.
  7. So, here we are, that bit between Xmas and NY, where we fill our time sorting things out. I’ve finally had a response from NatWest, outside of the time limit, and it’s their standard “we’re sorry you’re not happy with our service but in order to investigate your complaint we need information...”, i’m sure you know the one. My question is: do I respond to them, or do I go straight to the ICO now? ps, they’re still marking my credit file
  8. Thanks dx, I always feel better about sending these type of letters once someone else has cast their eyes over them. I shall deal with it immediately. 8 years!!!! Sigh.....
  9. TheUnknownStuntsman. Did you have any success with your PPI claim? I to had a loan with NatWest, and they couldn't find the CCA, I have no idea whether there was PPI or not. The Debt is now statute barred. Originally, on principle, I didn't even consider trying to claim PPI, however, as they are still being difficult, I'm now considering it. Just wondered if you had any success.
  10. Having now checked all my files, I see that it's worse than I thought. This account was actually put into dispute in 2009, with the last payment being made in October of that year. I have prepared the following letter, and would appreciate if someone could advise if it is ok. I don't want to leave myself open to any more possibly grief from NatWest. "I write in connection with the information on my credit files relating to the above loan account. This account was disputed in November 2009 when you failed to provide a copy of the consumer credit agreement. There ha
  11. I have had a look at the ICO website, and under their 'report a concern', the first step is to write to the organisation. Given Natwest's behaviour already, do I definitely need to do this, or is that only if I submit an online report. I couldn't see an address I should write to. Ah, just found page 2 of this thread..... I write to Natwest, i assume setting out their error of 7 years of late payment markers, and now a default. Do I do a 'correct this, or else' type of letter? Sorry, but I'm useless at letters. Something like this? And what is the 'regula
  12. Thanks dx, it’s a good reminder for me. Are they just being difficult and trying to drag this out for as long as possible? If it’s just the case of hanging on for another month or two, i’ll do that, but it seems terribly wrong. Thanks Renegadeimp. Is there a letter template in existence that will help me please?
  13. Hope someone can advise me. 7 years ago, I put a NatWest loan account into dispute, as they couldn’t produce a copy of the agreement. Since then, they have been marking my credit account with ‘late payment’. I made the mistake of responding to one of their letters 6 years ago, although all I did was send a copy of the letter sent 7 years ago. Last month, I received a letter and statement, the letter saying (in short) “due to my circumstances, they would not be chasing the debt...” and the statement shows a credit for the balance, and “account closed”. I’ve jus
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