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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Hope I'm not breaking any rules here , And that I've posted in appropriate section and see past my bad punctuation and grammar . On 31/01/17 Kidderminster morrisons 7:10pm upon leaving store I was confronted by manager and two members of staff ,apparently they had reason to believe I had been stealing. Asked to view my bag. Shocked I gave the manager my bag he didn't even check items which I thought strange .next hands me bag back and then says I was caught shoplifting two three days ago and thrown out of store. Now I'm gob smacked. He confirms this again twice with female member of staff right in front of me .couldn't believe what I was hearing .I said I hadn't been here for about 3weeks, Couldn't believe what I was hearing .I said I hadn't been here for about 3weeks and very mistaken .Again in front of me staff confimed was me .He wasn't intrested .I said would you like me to get crb .he said that's not proof,could just mean haven't been caught yet .wow unbelievable. I ask would he like to see receipts next he says I'm barred .my self my family and friends are disgusted !!2nd part, when I got home , I phoned asking for other member of staff present , and again to tell the manager how wrong he was and I'm taking this further head office number and something has to be done about this ..he said he would look into this .I said yiu have my number now ,would you phone me back his reply you can phone back !and put me through to someone else at Kidderminster store who was lovely on phone with who I told events too .. Morrisons if I had been shoplifting why not call police there and then as surely you would have CCTV .why would a manger ban a loyal customer of years by just going on staff members word ,when I'm completely innocent ? What happened to checking a customers bag seeing receipt and then sincerely apologising .. I had a reply from there fb page ie: Morrison's Hi Alan, I am very sorry to hear that please could you PM us with your contact details so I can look into this? Thanks - Harriet LikeMore · Yesterday at 08:17 Alan Morrison Hello Harriet, as you can imagine very embarrising, but the humiliation of the experience isn't going to go away in a hurry. And I have sent a pm , I'm on lunch break so you should be able to catch me free.Alan And then in private messaging Alan Morrison Hello Harriet, Im on a lunch break right now so please phone me as soon as you have chance Alan Yesterday at 12:08 Morrisons Hi Alan, I have investigated this with the store Manager who has advised that you were already banned from the store due to breach of security they said admittedly you where not caught shop lifting last night however you was banned from the store already. If you would like to speak to the store Manager about this let me know and I will arrange for them to contact you. Thanks - Harriet Yesterday at 12:47 Alan Morrison Hello Harriet , this is my point I haven't been in store for weeks who ever they thought they had thrown out days previously .I assure you was not me ... I woukd like to view or at least get them to view cctv .... How would you feel .. If you went into you're local store then asked to show you hadn't been shop lifting ..and then be told you had been banned days before ..and thrown out when you haven't even visited there in weeks ? I'm not happy with this out come at all Yesterday at 22:22 Alan Morrison Morning Harriet, I've never been banned from a store in my life, I never breached any security I hadn't been in store for about three weeks is it possible for manager to review CCTV eveidence of what ever date of incident I'm at work till after 5 so I'll be free then if manager would call .thank you Alan Today at 08:12 Morrisons Good Afternoon Alan. After my colleague has spoken with the Manager who said you have not been caught shoplifting recently, in the last few weeks, however you have breach security on previous occasions. This is down to the Store Managers discretion and you would have to speak directly with them about this - Cam And now I'm stumped don't know what to do about this I'm looking for a way to resolve this matter and not be branded and barred from morrisons and an apology is this to much to ask
  2. Universal Credit and families: questions and answers from a document issued in February 2015.. If you are a family and maybe wanting to claim Universal Credit (UC) you could find many of your questions answered in the attachment, this was gathered from here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/universal-credit-and-families-questions-and-answers One of the questions asked is "Q. Will I/we both have to look for work? "A" When you make a Universal Credit claim and have children, you will need to nominate a lead carer. What is expected of the lead carer in return for getting Universal Credit will be based on the age of the youngest child in the house, as well as other circumstances. If you are a lone parent, you will automatically be the lead carer". The answer is on pages 6-7 and so on. Again many links to follow so you can get all the required information to assist you and your claim. Child care questions can be seen as well, due to the new Tax free Child Care see (TfCC) Q2 page 9 and so on I hope this can assist those looking to ask about UC and TfCC later this year. For more information on the Childcare Payments Act see here http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2014/28/contents/enacted
  3. This is to do with the Bedroom Tax but more importantly the Discretionary Housing Payment allocation to councils. From The Evening Times this is the link: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/city-demands-answers-over-bedroom-tax-cash-134331n.21946342 Where the article mentions COSLA they are the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and their link is: http://www.cosla.gov.uk/ if you want more information on them.
  4. I have a Comet Gift Card, is this still valid? The Administrators are currently considering the position in relation to gift cards and gift vouchers and at this stage they cannot be used to pay for items. The Administrators are reviewing this position urgently. As a result no further gift cards or gift vouchers will be issued to customers. I have fully paid/ part paid for Goods which have not been delivered as yet. Will I still receive my Goods? Provided your order has been paid for in full and the item is currently in stock at one of the distribution centres or is already in process of being delivered by the Home Delivery Platforms, it is intended that existing orders/deliveries will be delivered and installed as normal. Where the item for an existing order is not currently in stock, this delivery cannot now be made. New orders or payments for home delivery are not being accepted at this time. I bought an item on line to collect in store, will I still receive it? Provided your order has been paid for in full and the item is currently in stock at one of the distribution centres or is already in process of being delivered by the Home Delivery Platforms, it is intended that existing orders/deliveries will be delivered and installed as normal. Where the item for an existing order is not currently in stock, this delivery cannot now be made. New orders or payments for home delivery are not being accepted at this time. I ordered goods but did not pay any deposit, will they still be delivered? Any goods ordered but not paid for prior to Administration will not be delivered. Therefore, you should visit your local store and make arrangements to buy the item from the store. My TV/laptop have been sent to Comet for repair, will they still be repaired and returned? The repair operations are continuing and we will seek to complete the repair and return the item. I bought an extended warranty with my goods a few weeks ago, will this still be honoured? ExtraCare Service Plans and Extended Warranties are provided by a third party (The Warranty Group) and is unaffected by the Administration of Comet Group Limited. In the event that Comet is unable to continue repairs The Warranty Group will appoint a new repair agent to ensure continuity of repair service for ExtraCare and Extended Warranty customers. An item I bought from Comet has become faulty, who do I contact? You should contact the Comet Customer Support Centre on 0844 800 95 95 and select option 3 and follow the voice prompts which will direct you to the relevant repair agent. I've had an item delivered that was "dead on arrival"? You will need to contact the manufacturer direct to arrange an inspection and/or exchange. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any refunds. I bought an item two weeks ago and now dont want it, can I return it for a refund? We are not able to provide any refunds. I've had goods delivered and they are damaged. What do I do? We are not able to provide a refund of this product as the payment was made to Comet Group Limited prior to it entering Administration. I bought goods on a credit agreement, is this still valid? Yes, credit agreements are unaffected. Can I cancel my credit agreement and return the goods to Comet? Unfortunately you will not able to return the goods to Comet. Credit arrangements are managed by Santander who can be contacted via the Comet Customer Support Centre on 0844 800 95 95, option 4. I need a spare part for my item (e.g. vacuum cleaner), where can I obtain it from? We stock some essential accessories like vacuum bags and filters in store. However if you require a spare part then please contact RepairCare on 0844 5577888. If I buy a product from you now, will you still deliver it and install it for me? Providers of a delivery service are available at the store, but we are no longer able to offer an installation services. If I buy a new Cooker/Fridge, will you collect my old one? At this time we are not taking new orders for doing deliveries, installations and collections so alternative arrangements should be made. If I buy an Ex Display item from your store, will it have a warranty with it? All products will be sold with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty should be registered once the item is purchased. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase in case the manufacturer needs to inspect it. If I buy an item from you, and it becomes faulty, who will I be able to speak to about it if you close down? All products will be sold with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty should be registered once the item is purchased. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase in case the manufacturer needs to inspect it. Comet Group Ltd In Administration
  5. This is my first post so please be gentle with me. Dh was- we believe- unfairly dismissed from his job. It's a long story which I will post tomorrow, however as we now have just over 1 week to submit the ET1 form and the CAB-who said they would check the form through for us- haven't returned our e-mails for 2 weeks I am now feeling very much on our own. The union so far have been rubbish but we are hoping for help in the future when the national rep gets the paperwork. The thing that is bothering me at the moment is- As Dh is rubbish when dealing with this sort of thing, so far his company have walked all over him(kind of, give them enough rope.....). If he puts me on his ET1 as his representative and the union say they will help him after they have read his paperwork following a second appeal(I know) can we change this later? Help please.
  6. Hi All I'm sorry! This is a long story! I'm really looking for some answers/guidance on the following: 10 years ago when I was 15 my Dad died after suffering with an illness for 3 very long years. I am the second eldest of 6 children and for years I have been wanting to get answers from the NHS regarding my Dad's care. Now I'm that bit older and wiser I would like to see if there is anything I can do. Over these 3 years my Dad declined drastically and would get crippling daily pain 'attacks' that would last hours. We believed his illness may have either been a muscular or cardio vascular disease. Towards the end he had lost quite a lot of weight and had blotches on his skin in the areas where he felt the most pain. These looked like deep bruising. I would spend a lot of time with him helping to apply pressure to certain parts of his body during these 'attacks' to help ease the pain. Once the pain was so intense he burst a blood vessel in his nose and blood was everywhere.(Sorry to be so open here but I want to paint the right picture). My Dad was constantly trying to get appointments with his GP and when he did he would send him for tests that took ages to attend due to waiting lists etc. The tests he did have proved nothing and were totally useless. Back and forth my Dad went to A+E when his pain was so severe and all they were able to do is give him basic drugs and wait until the pain subsided for a bit then we would go home and back to square one again and again. Then on a day in September 2002 we found my Dad dead in the living room(he was sleeping downstairs as easier then climbing the stairs and he tried to avoid waking us when an 'attack' came on). My Dad went through 2 post-mortems and it took over 2 weeks to put him to rest. At the coroners hearing his death was ruled as inconclusive and even the GP admitted that he thought my Dad's illness was in his head!!! (I personally feel something underhand has happened here but can't be 100% sure at this point in time). We have a lot of the documents and information from appointments etc still and my Dad's samples in storage on ice. What makes the situation worse is that a few months into my Dad's illness he was trying to finish a job(he was previously a carpenter and wanted to try and complete the job he was on and he did not work again after this)but unfortunately he did not know the 'person' he was doing the job for was dodgy. When it came to my Dad going around there to get his pay at the end of the job the 'person' offered him large bags of drugs as payment, naturally my Dad was not happy about this and it ended up that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed someone get shot and killed. My Dad naturally gave his statement to the police and when it came to the murderers court hearing my Dad requested that his statement was withdrawn for the safety of his family as the culprit was more 'connected' then we originally thought. The DC's on the case went against my Dad's wishes and put his statement forward anyway resulting in us having 12 hours to be moved by the witness protection programme-WWP up north. We were provided with a transit van that we could only fill once and £2.000 to set up a new home. We were not allowed to speak to any other family members or close friends and had to live a new life with a different sirname.(I dont mind sharing this now as my Dad's death has probably eliminated any threat to us.) How this ties in is that my Dad had already had appointments etc and notes with GP before the WPP move and his medical history was not passed on so he had to start again from scratch with the worst GP I have known. So here I am 10 years later with a Son of my own, 3 younger sisters, 1 younger and 1 older brother wanting to find out what went wrong. Most importantly we now live not knowing what my Dad died of and if this could be hereditary and passed down to any of us. This undiagnosis during my fathers illness caused us so much worry and stress, Dad was unable to work and claimed benefits to get us by. Even with the benefits he received due to there being no diagnosis it was virtually impossible to get Disabilty/Sickness benefit and with a family of 2 adults and 6 children JSA and child maintenance doesn't go far at all!! I need to get all my information together and in order to take this forward and I will do it. If I fail to get anywhere at least I know I've tried. I know the NHS has failed my Dad and our family and also the WPP is partially to blame but I will look into that at a later stage. My questions are as follows; What would you do? How would you do it? Again sorry for the length of this post and thank you for taking the time to read.
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