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Found 24 results

  1. I received ANOTHER Ordinary cause action yesterday. ( am in the middle of defending an Ordinary cause from Y+K already) This time from Nolans, on behalf of Cabot who have bought the debt from Opus (haven't heard of them until now) who were assigned this card from Citi. And along this 'chain of command' I've not had any notice of assignment etc... I'll be defending this one too, in the same way, but quick question - it is nearly 5 years since I had dealings with Citi, and Nolans states in their letter/writ that ALL correspondence must go thru them. I will need to SAR and CCA for this card, and I know that the SAR usually goes to the initial lender, but in this case, as they seemed so insistent that all correspondence go thru them, should I just SAR Nolans??
  2. Hi All. I was going to resurrect the old thread just for the latest judgement, this is an appeal which confirms the view that the coa emanates from the default notice date of course. I know this is an old thread, but there has recently been a test case which proves the point that a COA is in fact the date of the 87DN. Therefore it should be considered as such when calculating the COA and the subsequent barr date. It ties up the large thread nicely https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2019/12.html Critically, section 87(1) does not provide merely that a default notice is necessary before the commencement of proceedings to recover everything outstanding under the regulated agreement. It provides that there is no right to treat the agreement as at an end or to make a demand for accelerated payment of outstanding amounts. That is not a "procedural" precondition. It qualifies the substantive legal rights of the creditor. The contractual precondition in clause 8f of the Agreement ("Subject to us sending any notice required … by law) must have the same meaning and legal effect. His Honour Judge Madge, on the other hand, held that the effect of CCA s.87 was that the cause of action only arose after the time specified in the default notice for remedying the default. As said this is the first date that enforcement can start, All. or most points are covered on the judgement and agree with what Sequency or I said at the time. I shall not be discussing this further, it has all been said, unless I see someone being mis-advised.
  3. Got stopped by 4 traffic police cars (that were on a roundabout) they checked insurance and driving license which was all good ! Then started looking around the car and said 3 tyres were rubbing as the car is lowered but not excessive (can send pictures on request) They told me they didn't know if it was legal or not so they took pictures to send away to be examined. they also threatened to take my car away from me but in the end they let me drive away. also the accident happened on 27th of june and I received the letter on 12 of july. does it matter that they sent the letter out later than the 14 day period ? thanks
  4. I work for a supermarket working 35 hours a week, where I wear non-slip work issued shoes. Flooring is concrete tiles. Other supermarkets in the area of the same company have smoother floors. I've been off sick since the 22nd May with a very painful lower leg, just above the ankle bone. I couldn't walk on it and put on some weight on it. From scans, it has been confirmed I have a stress fracture, on the end of the tibia. Been put into a cast for 4 weeks, then a walking boot cast for 4-6 weeks after that. I don't do any sporting activities outside work. These work issued shoes are the most uncomfortable shoes ever. Other colleagues say similar things. I work 8 hour shifts and by I have done 3-3.5 hours, my feet are crippling me. Earlier this year, I did ask a HR colleague, who doesn't work there anymore (so no comeback), could I have some new shoes and she asked, how long I had them and I said 15-18 months and she said that that's too early to replace them. I don't have issues with my own shoes which I wear outside work. I have also put in insoles into my work shoes and needed the bigger size as it made my feet tight in them. My job involves a great deal of standing and walking. I had a look at the colleague intranet, which we have access at home and they state that we are not allowed to wear our own non-slip/safety shoe. They provide just one type and they presume everyone's feet are the same. That is not the case. I'm a member of an union, so I will get in touch with the rep later this week as on holiday til Wednesday. I am worried that once I return to work, I will be forced into wearing those horrible shoes and risking my health even more - plus I'm more prone to getting further stress fractures. I am thinking, should I change jobs as my job has somewhat contributed towards my injury. Then some potential new employers may not want to know about someone who has had at least 3 months on the sick very recently. If its my work issued shoes that caused the injury, would that then be classed as a workplace injury? During my last 2-3 weeks, before I was off sick, I have asked supervisors that I needed to sit down, more times than in the past. I cannot sit down on my job all the time. There is always at least one colleague off sick with some sort of leg, foot or back problem from standing/walking too much in these shoes and on the flooring. I am the first one in my store to have a stress fracture on the leg. Apart from speaking to my rep, is there anything I need to do?
  5. Ok, new here, so please go easy.... First off after reading some threads here today, i feel ive left this a bit long, but any advice is appreciated and will be taken on board. In December I received a Summary Court Summons for £3006.64. For unpaid shop direct handled by capquest. My Return date is 18th January (this is next week i know, so not a lot of time to decide what i'm gonna do) The original account with shop direct was 2010, and it was passed to capquest in 2012. I'm happy to admit full liability and offer to set up a repayment plan. BUT, if i recall at the time, I was barely able to make minimum repayments, yet they kept increasing my credit limit. Can I dispute the claim and try to reclaim some charges/interest to reduce my final figure?? This is my first full day off work in a few weeks, and no kids at home, means I finally have the time needed to get my response in. Again I'm sure i've done this all wrong, but just need some quick advice due to my circumstance...
  6. Wonder if BiliffCos and DCA;s will suffer on this one? EU GDPR on data processing regs might make it difficult where a debt and associated data is being passed around freely, also implications for Credit Reference Agencies, and Marketing companies as Data Subject must give explicit consent for the data processing From the article link below: http://www.idgconnect.com/abstract/24102/from-insular-us-firms-spammy-marketers-who-gdpr-hit-hardest ‘Privacy by design’, ‘access rights’ and ‘breach notification’ “One of the changes due to be implemented in GDPR is the explicit recognition of the concepts of ‘privacy by design’ or ‘privacy by default’. Businesses will now find themselves subject to a specific obligation to consider data privacy at the initial design stages of a project as well as throughout the lifecycle of the relevant data processing. Overlay the current privacy requirements in individual countries and you have a whole new box of worms. “Under GDPR individuals will have the right to obtain confirmation that their data is being processed and have access to their data. GDPR clarifies that the reason for allowing individuals to access their personal data is so that they can verify the lawfulness of processing. This in itself will pose huge challenges for organisations with the whole process of giving access to data subject and providing proof of legitimate processing. “This will incur the highest fines stipulated in any legislation. Organisations are notoriously bad at detecting breaches and the average, only 20%, are detected by organisations themselves, the rest are notified by third parties.” Rashmi Knowles, Chief Security Architect EMEA at RSA
  7. Hi all. I got into more than £50k of debt a few years ago and ended up in dire financial trouble. I read up on these debts using a site called ****** and used their three letters method to deal with the banks, credit card companies and DCAs. A couple of weeks ago I received a writ from my local Sheriff Court as seen in the photos: I'll be honest, I'm terrified now. I get limited legal cover through my work i spoke with a solicitor. He was decidedly unimpressed with the letters and advised me to do a trust deed. He says Cabot are a big company and will definitely have the assignment, they wouldn't have spent money on the legal costs to begin with if they didn't have them. He did help me with a skeletal defence for court: I have set a meeting for tomorrow to start to arrange the trust deed. My honest feeling is that Cabot have nothing, but I would be risking my house if i was wrong. And I have no real basis to believe they don't have what they need. I have never received any letters from Cabot before the writ. No notice of assignment or even a demand for payment. I have had other DCA's for this account but they stopped responding after the three letters. I immediately sent Cabot the three letters by recorded delivery but they have never responded. The last day for making adjustments to the writ or defences is 11th November. i have a bit of breathing space but I'm really worried. Any help will be much appreciated. Ps the letters are like this:
  8. Ebay has decided in its wisdom to allow a link through advert for Ocean Finance in every UK listing. In the name of making a small amount of money they have done something that will cause insult to every catholic and moslem customer by forcing each seller to display an advert for a company that under the doctrines held by both religious groups is promoting ursury and forbidden. As this covers more than half of the world's population I really hope they have thought this one through as I cant see the benefit of upsetting that many people and breaking the law in many countries from as near as Italy and as far away as Indonesia and South America. Well done thy good and faithful servant (Matt 25.21)
  9. Fines for misusing bus lanes are overtaking parking tickets as the main cause of complaints from drivers, according to the AA. The motoring group said thousands of drivers were being "entrapped" by worn road markings and poor signage. A junction in Lambeth, south London generated the highest number of fines, totalling over £6m, the AA claimed. Lucrative rat traps' Edmund King, AA president, said: "Whilst we support the use of bus lanes in the right places, functioning at the right times, we are totally opposed to 'entrapment' cameras on poorly designed or poorly signed bus lane junctions. "If thousands of drivers are getting tickets at the same junction then something is wrong and that junction or bus lane should be reviewed. "We fear that too many local highway authorities have become addicted to the lucrative income from these rat traps." BBC
  10. I have painstakingly repaired an old Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 have the 2.3 disc but ofcourse this does not cover or allow the playing of MP3 files the later 4.3 updated software does. now there are loads of sites that either point to the now defunked sony update link or ofcourse poke you a virus file which is nothing to do with it. does anyone par chance have a working download [proved] or a copy of the disc sonicstage 4.3 that they can send me an .ISO of? this for a disabled user that has learned for years to use this devise and cannot now learn any other. this would really make her day regards dx CAG siteteam
  11. Hi, Great resource and wish I had the knowledge to help as so many of you do. Perhaps they way I can help is tell my story and have the advice here that may help put someone else mind at rest. I have received a summary cause summons from cabot today. Relates to old clydesdale loan. My business went under in 2009 and everything pretty much went to pot. Struggled to pay my bills for a while then the defaults kicked in and had house repossessed after a a few painful years (another story sold cheap so owe the bank still) I have not heard anything on this debt from CB for years or any DCA - Cabot that i can think. I have not received any assignation letter from either. The loan account number still appears in my online banking but for as long as i can remember the balance is 0 it has been like that for at least 2-3 years. I thought it had been written off or wait a sec maybe it was assigned way back just not clear as to that but certainly not assigned this year. I am a little confused if it is an enforceable loan why CB are not pursuing, me still bank with them. If it was assigned way back why are they claiming just assigned in last 5 months? The amount is £4500 so it is summary cause and not small claim. There is no supporting documentation in the summons other than the details in the statement of claim paragraphed as follows- 1) Jurisdiction 2) The loan account details, that it was under CCA1974, was assigned earlier this year, last payment 2011 3) Outstanding balance £4500 not maintained the agreement 4) Called upon to make payment I have refused and action rendered necessary. No detail here other than account number, does not note original amount or monthly amount or period of the loan. So first instance will try and get it dismissed but they can lodge again at the correct court so ultimately will have to deal with this. Two things summary cause scares me as unsure what the expense they are allowed to claim, small claim is restricted, so advice on this would be great. Secondly how to proceed without damaging the time bar. 1) They claim 2011 last payment but I think would be 2010 2) Assignation - no letter 3) Is it enforceable how do i best get the details from cabot and cb. 4) Use incourt debt advisor from a debt charity if they talk on my behalf with DCA does this affect the tim bar. The return date, when i have to respond to the court is 27 July and calls in court where it is decided if it will go to full proof hearing on 10 august. If it does go to proof it will be sometime in November I would imagine should I not get it thrown out for jurisdiction. So should I CCA or SAR Cabot and Clydesdale I don't think i should engage their solicitor at the moment as technically they do not need to give me anything until 14 days before the proof (i think that is right). I have made contact with a local debt charity which has incourt service advice though i don't think they will appear. They will talk to your creditors though so will try and see them later in the week. If they get in touch, think i sign a mandate to allow them to, does this affect the time bar. A few years ago this would a be a very dark place for me tonight, I tried to do something really really stupid that did not work and so I now live life to the full everyday. I really don't get affected or worry about this crap any more I just need to work out how to react to the various outcomes. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any advice. D
  12. Hi, I'm hoping for some advice re. an ordinary cause action I'm defending in Scotland . The Pursuer is Arrow Global with Shoosmiths acting as their solicitors - pursuing an alleged debt of £7,239 which they claim was assigned to them by HBOS. The last day for submitting any adjustments to either the writ or defences is 1st April (i.e tomorrow!!). I had previously requested a lot of relevant documentation regarding this case, but heard nothing until today when Shoosmiths telephoned me, saying they now had the documentation I had requested and asking if they could send it to me by e-mail, adding that they would send the hard copies to follow by post. What they have actually e-mailed is a greatly adjusted writ, which has clearly been re-written in response to my original defences, along with a copy of a personal loan agreement I had signed 15 years ago for an advance of £2000 with approx £500 in personal protection. The documents they have sent me have clearly been submitted to the court today as well, which will keep them within the time limit for submitting adjustments, but I did not receive the e-mail until late afternoon, so I was already too late to respond by the time I received it. I can't believe I was stupid enough to give them my e-mail address, and I can't believe they can get away with pulling a prank like this. Surely there must be something I can do to be able to respond to their significantly re-worded writ. I would be grateful for any advice that anyone can offer.
  13. Hello. I just need a bit of advice please. For the last three years I live in a council house . My neighbour is taking drugs, dealing drugs, has complaints from the previous tenant for noise and threats, they robed the house through the loft when the previous tenant was in hospital etc. The police knows about it and admit it but as they put it there is not enough evidence therefore can do nothing. My issue is that the council at the time they moved my family in this house knew about the drugs and the theft (they had reports and complaints from the previous owner) but they didn't let us know about it. They were perfectly happy to move a family with children next to a drug house and a terrible and abusive neighbour . What I want to ask is, was the council somehow responsible to solve the issue before we move in or at least let us know so we can decide if we wanted to move or not to this house? I have done reports for noise, drugs, people arguing and smashing thinks etc but they don't seem to do much, just reports and more reports and visits but still nothing has changed
  14. I bought a salvage vehicle earlier this year. Repaired it. It was a cat. Then later on the car was reversed into by a tesco insured driver. My vehicle was taken away to the body shop while i had a courtesy vehicle. Two weeks later i was told that as my vehicle had been involved in a previous accident and the damage had not been fully repaired. My insurance company offerred me £100 as salvage and told me the vehicle would be a cat c. I asked for the engineers report which stated that the damage was similar to the damage the vehicle had sustained in a previous accident and that the vehicles value was £1000 plus the mileage quoted was incorrect as the car had only done 68000. The engineers reoprt stated that the milage was 83000. I told my own insurance company about this and they said chase tesco who will be able to handle this claim . I then contacted tesco who have sent me from pillar to post. I.e Wanting proof of repair, Where the repair happened, How much i paid etc. Where the parts came from etc. I got a letter of the garage who repaired it. over the 3 months i have been given the run around. Something i found out earlier this week. My vehicle has had a cat c marker placed on it by my own insurance company who will not remove it until tesco place their own category marker on it. MY company is ageas and the policy underwriters for the third party are ? youve guessed it Ageas. Tesco came back with a offer of £290 after their own engineer came out to inspect. Then after waiting for 2 weeks for this payment to arrive which i was going to reject. i phoned up only to be told that i claimed major damage to my car where as there was minor damage to it. So now it is being further investigated. What do i do ?
  15. My husband has a Audi S4 13 plate which had to be recovered and taken to an Audi Centre due to electrical fault. On board computer as they called it went mental putting out all sorts of messages and cut power on the car. It turns out that some wiring insulation and sound proofing has been damaged by rodents and the wiring has been damaged but this is not covered by the warranty. Apparently they see quite a few cars coming in with this problems. After living over 23 years in the same place my husband cannot understand why this has happened to this car. After doing some research it appears that in some new cars the insulation is manufactured using 'soy' which will attract the 'rodents' and therefore more and more cars are having to go the garage to be fixed. I'm trying to find out if the insulation in the car is made from or partly from 'soy.' What I would like to know is that could this classed as a 'defect in manufacture' under the terms of the warranty? Why should we have to pay because this obviously was not thought through? Any advice, most welcome.
  16. Hi, I am looking for some advice on the action Lloyds made against my account. I am student and have had my £500 student overdraft facility removed. Reason being as they said, I have not used my account since late July this year. I am now on a study abroad course which means I am taking one year as part of my degree in the USA and return May 2015. I left UK August so I have not received some of their letters. However my mother now sends letters to my address in the USA and was only notified once that the overdraft was already removed. I also noticed my account was set to a graduate's account but I am still student. I phoned immediately and they said I will have my account set back to student once I send proof of letter. I have done so as well as letter of complaint. I said I have not received letters since August, I have not used my account recently as I had been using another account for travelling etc, I am not permitted to work here so there be no regular funds in the account however will use the account for regularly transactions but they didn't care and kept saying I breached their policies, they will not put me back to student and my account will be closed and have default on my credit report if I do not settle installments with them now. It all seems immediate.. can they be doing this?! Any advise thank you
  17. Hi All, Am in middle of efforts of defending Claim from local council against my former partner (kids etc)/her business - total over 10K plus 8% interest for amounts due against 4x invoices for years 2008-20012. Partner knew these were wrong; missing several thousand - had tried (by phone) to locate with P'tiff, before business had to close. Informed P'tiff of this, who demanded proof (though paid in correct account) - these were provided. By return came letter/statement; letter demanded original sum/full interest, cited Aug 08 as Cause of Action, then acknowledged/located amounts from receipts we provided, to be found Highlighted upon statement. This amounted to a third of amount of claim. Further, un-highlighted, payments - not listed within Claim - were also listed, made during years of claim. Along with our 'located' sum, this came to more than 50% of total of Claim. The balance sought upon the statement did Not change by a single penny!!! The method used by the P'tiff to come to this mathematical act of wizardry,after the entry of 20+ varied amounts, entered/'found' Since the Claim was served, was to go back a further 2 1/2 years to Jan 2006 and,apparently, the debit/credits came to exactly that sum ! (and Jan 2006 was a blank sheet - £00.00, though trading for 3 years previously!?). Went to Allocation hearing earlier this week, thinking from form it was for ADR;was not prepared! D/J took statement at face value, listened to P'tiff ('he's a Solicitor, Sir'); my arguement that Cause of Action was 2008/1st invoice on Claim wasn't heard - 'that's for an earlier debt, NOT C of A' - couldn't dig out P'tiff letter quoting Just that. The D/J and P'tiff agreed on Jan 2006 as C of A - I then cited L.A.1980 - statute-barred, which did stop them for a sec, but D/J then said that was a matter for Court. He asked us both for Scott Schedules of payments back to Jan 2006. The P'tiff asked for Sm Claims Court - I pointed out amount was well over 10K; Fast-Track?? D/J said sum didn't matter; gave advice(?) probably best with view of expenses - that's where its going now. Thought I could ask for matter to be struck out, but D/J 'didnt have time to answer questions'(note P'tiff/Def both given Court times 1/2hr later than one posted in Court) After this, had thoughts that I'd seen D/J had copy of statement, but in B/W - NO highlighted/'acknowledged' sums, and therefore Did he have copy of accompanying letter citing Aug 08 as C of A ?? If not, is this Failure to Disclose /False Representation F.A. 2006? (as might be the statement/'moving of goalposts' - to Defendant?) Have NO idea how to proceed now; finding all payments back to 2006 may be hard. Do I try to serve(?)an application to strike out (F.A. or L.A.) ( Def of F.A. ex turpi causa[/i ] ?), or simply try and find what receipts I can, in now 11 days, send that in, see what P'tiff comes up with, and then......??? Didn't think defence had to prove payments etc, Especially for dates outside Claim; we were going to argue the sums within the original Claim; simply cannot understand how there are now, seemingly 2 Causes of Action! Advice on how to proceed Very gratefully received!! hman
  18. I need some advice. I am dealing with a small estate. There are two executors and the two executors share the estate. There is still money to be collected before the estate can be settled but the other beneficiary is getting impatient and raised a writ for her half. I have responded to the writ and there have been a couple of adjustments. There was an Options Hearing a few weeks ago and the other side asked for a continuance. I did not agree and stated that I wanted to proceed there and then. The Sheriff looked at the paperwork and noted that I had submitted a note in support of my preliminary plea. However, there was no preliminary plea in the "record" therfore the Sheriff could not entertain any plea from me. My case would have failed therefore he suggested that I accept a continuance for four weeks to sort it out. I forwarded my preliminary plea again to the pursuer's solicitor and expected them to update the "record" so that when we meet again the Sheriff can consider my preliminary plea. However, I received, yesterday, a MOTION asking for:- 1. to grant a decree against the defender for half the estate; 2. to find the defender liable for expenses, and 3. Quad ulta to dismiss the craves of the writ I suspect that the pursuer is not going to include my provisional plea therefore the advice I need is - How do I ensure that my preliminary plea is included in the record, or maybe the question is - How do I lodge my preliminary plea so as to ensure that the Sheriff takes it into consideration?
  19. Amazing story !! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-20805966
  20. (Oh joy, just in time for christmas! What a lucky so and so I am!) Hi All, need a little help with this Poc; Money due for creditcard services, pursuant to a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, supplied (card number) to and at the defendants request as detailed in monthly statements rendered culminating XX/XX/XXXX. Sum due at XX/XX/XXXX is £XXXXX.XX. Statutory interest to date at 8%pa £XXX.XX. The claimant claims £XXXXXX.XX, plus continuing statutory interest at £X.XX per day, pursuant to section 69 County courts act 1984. Costs. So far as I can tell (also by cpr 31.14) they're not relying on a DN or TN. Whether by breach or contractual termination. So whats the legally recognisable cause of action? Is this the new M.O. in the light of the re-re-appeal of Mr Brndn? (same leeches). Am I (still) right to say that Sec 69 county court act does not apply to regulated agreements? Any thoughts, or pointers? Cheers, Bill
  21. Briefly, - I have been taken to court in an ordinary action. My case is remarkably similar to one in another thread by someone called 'GLW'. However - I couldn't access any kind of legal help and have been forced to try and defend the case on my own. I am at the stage where I face an options hearing tomorrow. I some quick and urgent questions. 1) The pursuers didn't post their FIRST note of adjustments or inventory of productions until the very last day. Like GLW their initial write was based on utter tripe and their adjusted writ is still a bit 'wrong' - I have put a note in with my rule 22 note asking for a further period of adjustments. 2) Just phoned the sheriff court who tell me that (as I suspected) I SHOULD have got a copy of the record from the pursuer - I haven't! Though the court confirm it WAS lodged wih them... 3) In the meantime I applied for DAS - Pursuers solicitors have been told this and I am on the 'protected' register... still looks like they're going ahead with the action though. REALLY panicing now as I've never been to court in my life - don't know what to expect really... Question I have just now is DOES the fact I've not been sent a copy of the record give me any leverage - if so how do I use it? Basically I'm with GLW in that I feel CPUTR is being breached in bringing the action; my main agenda is resisting them loading the debt with costs. - like GLW I challenged them for proof of their claims but to date have none. I only 'folded' and went for DAS because I feel bullied into capitulating due to the court action
  22. Now we are to share the responsibility of assessment fails...... "BLAME SHARED" over benefit test failures http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19906596 When will the ConDems stop and look in the mirror to see who actually is to blame....
  23. Hi Guys, I have a Summary Cause Summons (Scotland) from these guys regarding a car they repossessed and sold at auction a few months back. "The pursuer claims from the defender(s) the sum of £4,087.85 with intereston that sum at the rate of 29.20% annually from the date of service. together with the expenses of bringing the action" The statement of claim says the following:- "The defender has been called upon to make payment of the sum sued for but has refused or delayed to do so and accordingly this action has been rendered necessary" Now i have not heard a peep from these guys since i dropped off my car to them as agreed? The return date for these forms is Friday unfortunately so i need to act fast! I have no idea what steps to take, i do want to call Moneybarn and offer to pay £80 a month which is all i can afford but these guys are not nice and im afraid in case they dont accept it and it just goes to court and i end up with an earnings arrestment or something? Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks, Ronnie
  24. My son has an Advantage Gold account with Nat West which he was wrongly sold and ended up costing him £400 in charges which he cleared. The problem he has now is that last Saturday evening he received a text saying that he was £15 overdrawn. He went into the branch yesterday and deposited £20 to bring it into the black. When he checked his balance at the ATM later he saw he had £554 in there which had not shown on Wednesday, the first day of trading after the bank holiday. Concerned at this he phoned Customer services to check that everything had been paid out. During this phone call he basically got the run around. They told him that there was no standing Order set up for his rent payment that was due to go out on the 5th. He rang his letting agency to be told the payment had not been made and that he may incur late payment fees. He rang the bank again to try and ascertain why he had been put into overdraft on Saturday when there was actually over £700 in there to cover DDs and an SO, albeit it was £15 short, his responsibility, he was told that payments that were due to go out after a weekend we taken out of the account at the beginning of the weekend and this had sent him into overdraft. At this point he passed the phone to myself. I asked for the reasoning for this and where his money had been held for 5 days that they would obviously be charging unauthorized overdraft fees for and got no answer. I also asked why they had chosen to pay DD that were lesser amounts rather than a £550 SO again no answer.... just a lot of ramblings. I asked them too pay the SO straight away as there was enough money to cover it and they said they couldn't as it was inactive as there had not been enough funds to pay it. So he had to pay it over the phone. Does anyone know what Nat West do with money that they remove from accounts for payments due to go out at the end of a weekend? no bank that I have used have ever done this. Can they apply extortionate overdraft fees to an account that actually in reality was not overdrawn at all? I demanded a copy of their complaints procedures and a formal complaints form to sent to my son and made them very aware that we would take this as far as the financial ombudsman if needed.
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