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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I just got yet another letter from tax credits saying we owe them nearly £3k! They have already got our totals wrong and wrote back to them last week with new totals, this came today and is dated 9/6/16 It says I get over £8k a year,, wish I did, only get a state pension. The ex claimed tax credits for himself and added me but they were informed of my pension which stated last year, they have our combined income at in excess of £25k! He is on £7.20 a hour, 45 hour week,,, was on £6.50 till NMW came in, we worked it all out for the years 2015 to 2016 taking into account the NMW and new living wage, I guess have to wait for them to get the new details that were sent last week but how are we supposed to pay £3k back, we do not have it. I am shaking and upset right now and the ex is not here! Sandy xx
  2. Ebay has decided in its wisdom to allow a link through advert for Ocean Finance in every UK listing. In the name of making a small amount of money they have done something that will cause insult to every catholic and moslem customer by forcing each seller to display an advert for a company that under the doctrines held by both religious groups is promoting ursury and forbidden. As this covers more than half of the world's population I really hope they have thought this one through as I cant see the benefit of upsetting that many people and breaking the law in many countries from as near as Italy and as far away as Indonesia and South America. Well done thy good and faithful servant (Matt 25.21)
  3. After booking a holiday on xmas eve, i only paid the deposit. today i wanted to call up the company and pay the remainder. It was an 08444 number so i looked on the internet to find an alternative landline. I found one. yay...but then the guy on the other end gave me another number to call to pay direct.... i called it and it told me to pay online at trulyholidays dot com / pay so i did......… .then when i rang as i hadnt had a new booking confirmation, i realised i was passed pillow to post and had paid money to a company where no holiday existed ( it wasn't where i booked MY holiday ) i called this company up to be told they cant do anything and that i should call my holiday company, and see what they say. i rang the bank to try and cancel the transaction to be told it had already gone through... .but to wait 15 working days for it to clear then raise a dispute.... what does the bank mean by raise a dispute? I also contacted by email truly holidays to find out how it is they managed to let me pay for a holiday that doesnt exist on their computers, explained my situation and provided a print screen of the completed transaction....no response from truly holidays. thats 350 pounds gone and ive no idea how to get it back!!!!
  4. I booked a holiday with holidaynights dot co dot uk and i went to pay the remainder of it but tried to find a cheaper alternative number. i found one on sayno0870 dot com which out me through to a guy, who gave me another more direct number to ring.....so i rang it, and it said automated to pay the remainder of my holiday go to www dot trulyholidays dot com /pay..... so i put my holidaynights booking reference in, paid online....payment successful., when i tried to find out why i hadnt received a new booking confirmation, they told me they told me they couldnt find my booking reference. to cut a long story short, i paid the wrong holiday company, truly holidays took my money, a whole £342.51p and i dont know how to get it back. I rang them and a stroppy rep told me they cant do anything ...n that i should call my actual holiday company.... i then called the bank, they told me to wait until the payment has cleared then ring them back to dispute the transaction...i paid by visa debit card so not sure whats gonna happen with that. Ive emailed them with a copy attached of successful payment, ive sent this to every email address i could find....ive sent them a letter by recorded post, which im waiting on but i dont think i will get a response. i just dont know what to do? should i report it to the police and get a crime number aswell or what!! I just dont know what i can do now. That is alot of money which should have been used to pay for my holiday, but my stupid self .... :'( an ideas what to do? or does anyone have an emil address for trulyholidays.com for someone thats high up in the company? please people of UK, help me....
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