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  1. 13 Years today since my darling granddaughter gained her wings, think of her each and every day. Life is so cruel and to never have closure is so hard. Fly high Alisha, loved and missed always Little Miss Sunshine, 15/12/2005 ~ ~ 13/2/2006
  2. https://uk.style.yahoo.com/health-experts-predict-vaping-ban-e-cigarettes-really-body-121324754.html
  3. thinking of my granddaughter who was only here for one Christmas before she gained her Angel wings . Alisha, 15/12/2005 ~ ~ 13/2/2006 Also thinking of my daughter who has just gone through the loss of her baby and we are no prepared to maybe say goodbye to her Dalmatian. Andrew I hope you son and his family are alright, what a dreadful experience
  4. Thinking of my darling granddaughter Alisha, 13 years old today. I miss you so very much and always will xx
  5. All Politicians are liars and none are fit to run this country . Corbyn is the worse of the lot followed by Mrs May!
  6. wondering if anyone else has had dealings with Notonthehightstreet.com? What a shower of imbeciles ! I am fighting to get a refund from one of their suppliers but getting fobbed of, so glad got CAG !
  7. seems it may be rare as the writing round the edge is upside down, how do you even sell something like this? I do not use E-Bay Sandy xx
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