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  1. Has anyone else been getting calls from someone claiming to be calling from OFCOM? I have had several calls recently saying they are from OFCOM and my BT internet/phone line is being cut off due to fraud? in next 24/48 hours, I am not with BT I just put the phone down, I am ex directory and registered with TPS, The tone of the call is quite alarming and they ask to press different options! Sandy x
  2. boring now, so time to stop
  3. Ethel, I have never had a problem like this before, thanks for help
  4. the holiday cost over £800 and they want to keep over £100 of that I would prefer most of the money back tbh, thanks for all help
  5. the last chapter of this story
  6. to grill Corbyn, May and others
  7. thanks Andyorch I aim to try get it all back and have resolver on my case as well Sandy xx
  8. before the firing squad that waited
  9. for the bear garden that helped
  10. Brexit endings that we all screamed
  11. " UPDATE" Thank you for your email. I have looked into this further for you with our cancellations team, they will today process a refund of £625.00 today which will take 3-5 working days to go back into your account. The remaining £127.00 will be retained, this is the cost of the cancellation cover at £74.00 and a £53 cancellation fee. Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. What a cheek, I aim try get it all back if possible Sandy
  12. to the never ending story that
  13. another Royal off-spring to pay for
  14. clap trap from Government know alls
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