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  1. They now say no holidays here or abroad but there is no evidence that all those who meet on beaches, etc etc do not spread the virus! really. I have also seen that there now may now be enough vaccines to go round and yet they want the children to go back to school! In my opinion no, yes they need education but surely their health is more important? Seem as well some people have booked holidays here and abroad, why? the children not be able to enjoy it like they would have done normally, no going to the holiday park entertainment or anything, maybe all you can do
  2. So how long before another lockdown? a week, 2 weeks, a month? soon as children go back to school what is the betting there be yet more cases of covid! I really wish someone would take over who knows what they are doing instead of the bumbling idiot who is supposed be in charge now! The lockdown should stay as it is until there is no deaths from this awful virus, my opinion, I do not support any party but really wish we had someone who knows what they are doing ( NOT LABOUR!!!!! ) again my opinion. I do not even watch the news, or listen to it, no need y
  3. Heaven help us if he is or if a Labour Party are running the country! Johnson is a buffoon, tbh there is no one capable right now of running this country, maybe all the CAG team would do 100% better Lol Happy/ or not so New Year
  4. just recently it has been very depressing to come in here, everyone seems be arguing and TJ always has it in for either Johnson or someone else, can we have some nice things to talk about! Maybe TJ should become a PM and fight his corner! lol can not be any worse then the idiots who have tried, just glad Corbyn got his come upperance Sandy
  5. all Political Parties are as bad as each other, Corbyn was terrible, I do not support and of the parties, all any of them do is lie! Johnson is a buffoon, Iol I do not even ever watch TV, far too depressing
  6. Seeing as most here hate Johnson and the Tories who do you suggest we have running the country? I am not a fan of Johnson but nor do I like the Labour party lol, just a general question Sandy xx
  7. give up, not able to change it, the email address that is showing is not in use, do not even know the password for it, always used the email address I am using now for everything but it says that belongs to someone else! far as I know I have only ever had one account here!
  8. I just tried email that address bankfodder it bounced back!
  9. only had this account far as I know BankFodder, ok will send the details Thak you Sandy
  10. Hi not sure where put this or who to ask, just come on here been asked to verify my email address, the one showing is no longer in use and the one I use daily it says someone else has it? Anyone help with this please? Sandy
  11. also has car tax £22 a month and insurance which is quite high £53 a month, he said he will shop round when it is due for renewal which is December, plus has to buy food. I am sure he is going to view somewhere over the weekend but not sure as he is on call on Saturday. I am not sure when he will contact me again but I will show him all the information here, I do know when he was on furlough he was only getting around £200 a week. Thank you to all who have helped etc Sandy
  12. hi Uncle, he is still in the hotel, costs him £220 a week, all he gets is breakfast, he has tried to find somewhere else, even went to the council, said he was homeles but they did not want to know. He gets just s the living wage for hourly rate, he is contracted for 45 hours, often works lot more, the first week back at his work he did 62 hours. He has been looking but most places need a bond, or a deposit or a months rent up front and sometimes all 3! he pays £120 a month for his car, he is 60 years old
  13. no sure how much car is worth, it is on 2010 plate , Subaru Forester XC BOXER D , got about £3k left on it to pay
  14. he needs the car to get to and from work Will, and to see his step daughter and her children, he could not go bankrupt , one reason no money to go bankrupt and he said rather go for an IVA ,DMP or any other option. He has had car 2 years and got about 3 years left on it far as I know I honestly do not know what he is going do, he only get the living wage even though he works long hours, no extra for overtime and weekends, , he is a delivery driver, I will do my best to keep you updated, do not think he has heard back from Creditfix Sandy
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