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  1. i started over a year ago with the company and i was told not entitled to holiday pay as casual and 0 hours, so got not holiday pay at all, recently had someone i know who use to work at a union and they asked about my job and i told them everything and they said no you're entitled to holiday pay they showed me how to work it out and turns out I'm owed £300, told my manager who informed wages, had half my payment. rest next week. But I'm wondering if i can get last years holiday pay owed to me as it works out at £100 owed? also When I started a few days later i received a message of someone who I had not heard of in a long time, asking if I had started working for them, I asked how they know, and they said they had a call from someone at the company asking about me! but yet no one knew i was working for this company that knew this person, (this person use to work for the company many years ago) I've mentioned it to my manager who told me to ignore it, I kind of have but it really plays on my mind wondering what else is said to this person as we do not communicate, or to anyone else. Since I raised my holiday entitlement Ive since been told that my Sunday shifts are voluntary and that should not be taken into account, (I mainly work Sundays as no other shifts during week, so no wages if I don't), Ive been told my hair needs to be different in how I put it up (never had issues before) been made to feel guilty if don't take overtime, not had an expenses traveling to other shops like i was told at start i would but then they took it away as they found out I drive, I've had £271 in expenses for parking alone and bus tickets, this would never have occurred as my contracted place is just around the corner.
  2. New measures to protect 10 million extra holidays a year READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-measures-to-protect-10-million-extra-holidays-a-year
  3. Booked hotel only with Love Holidays and am paying in instalments £60 deposit and one payment of £280 so far with the balance due July. Since booking our chosen hotel has had some really dire reviews and any that are positive seem to be fake ! I'm petrified of staying there now especially as hubby will not be with me and I will be on my own with two young kids. I'd rather cancel and stay somewhere else. Am also fearful that the third party company will have overbooked or not have my booking at all something I have now read is quite common. I know its common practice for bookings to be processed via a third party but LH seem to be notorious for using agents who do not honour the original booking. I'm not fussed about losing what I've paid so far but am wondering whether that are likely to pursue me for the balance. I'm waiting for them to confirm how much it will cost to cancel and in the meantime Ive checked the T's and c's for the third party company who are beds with ease and they state 25% which isn't quite what I've paid yet. Anyone had any experience of this ?
  4. New laws to better protect millions of Brits who book holidays online READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-laws-to-better-protect-millions-of-brits-who-book-holidays-online
  5. Hello everyone, I work 3 days a week and my manager has advised me that I've taken too many holidays even though she authorised every single one I took and I requested my holidays according to the number of available days left on our holiday spreadsheet. I think there's been a mix up, because the number of holidays taken are under the number of days off they said I'd be entitled to in the interview. Obviously, I understand that's not set in stone and I will verify again the number of holidays I was due to have. I just wanted to get some advice on here so I am prepared. They want me to work an extra day a week to make up the time, which is stressing me out. I care for my mother on my days off and I have no outside help. I struggle to get everything done on those days off as it is. I'm constantly sleep deprived and stressed. In fact, it's triggered my IBS and I've been signed off work this week. Do I really have to make up the time as soon as possible? Thank you kindly for any advice.
  6. Looks like Jon Platt has been found guilty https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/school-holidays-row-isle-of-wight-man-loses-legal-fight-over-daughters-absence
  7. Diamond Shortbreak Holidays READ MORE HERE: https://abta.com/news-and-views/news/diamond-shortbreak-holidays
  8. Good morning all, Been a member some time - not usually one to post for the hell of it but I have been really racking my brains over this one and hitting brick walls wherever I go... Long story short - had booked a holiday for myself over Xmas and when I arrived they told me the hotel was overbooked. They then put me in a cab and sent me from my nice *chosen* serene resort, and dumped me in a completely different resort, right in the heart of the shops / nightclubs etc The accommodation was a lower grade, fewer facilities and I wouldn't have chosen it in a million years. I called Love Holidays there and then as I just wanted to come home. I took loads of pictures and on their advice, decided to try and make the best of a bad situation and raised a complaint when I got back. They forwarded this to Hotel Beds (who my contract is with, apparently) who agreed I'd been let down, totally unacceptable etc and offered "compensation" of 25% of the accommodation which clearly wasn't going to cut it. I'd paid over £500 total and they were offering me £64 back. After a bit of follow-up this was raised to 40% and £103 compensation. How can anyone in this day and age pay for one product and receive something totally different? Anyway - ABTA didn't want to know because Hotel Beds are based in Spain and are obviously not ABTA affiliated (that's handy isn't it?) which begs the question - why are Love Holidays if nothing you ever book with them is never their responsibility? If you ask me, it's more of a selling point "look at us, we're ABTA affiliated!" - indeed, but that endorsement is about as much use as a condom machine in the Vatican. I digress... So I send my complaint (along with photographs, screenshots etc) directly to Hotel Beds - and despite their pledges on their website to "guarantee" to answer emails within 24 hours and resolve complaints within 7 working days - I've not heard a peep out of them. Unfortunately booked with debit card and although the bank are part of the Visa voluntary chargeback scheme, their hands are tied because Hotel Beds are "willing to provide assistance" in offering me a laughable amount of compensation for ruining my Christmas with lack of sleep, stress, and putting me in 1960s style accommodation when I paid for so much more. I'm not sure what to do now. I'd offer to drive over to their HQ and bend over - but they're based in Spain (I think) which would involve me booking and paying for more travel... Any wise words would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  9. Ski giant Mark Warner has hiked the cost of holidays to the snow Mark Warner has a clause which allows it to add up to 10 per cent to the holiday price without having to offer any refunds. Up to £50 per head has been added to pre-booked holidays with the tour operator. The reason for the increase is not clear, but follows many other big names increasing prices due to the fall in the pound after Brexit. One of the company’s customers has learned her £869 per head family holiday to a chalet hotel in Meribel in mid-January will be hit with the surcharge,even though the same holiday is currently advertised for £859 per head for new customers. http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/742249/ski-holiday-brexit-surcharge-mark-warner
  10. Hi please see below the response from BH airlines to my delay flight claim - seems to be saying, yes the aircraft was broke but we are only a charter company so tough! Also interesting interpretation of BH holidays terms and conditions. Whats next then SC court? any views gratefully received: Thank you for contacting BH AIR Customer Service Department and thus giving us the chance to review your complaint. Thank you for your patience while the case was being reviewed. First of all, we would like to apologize for the inconveniences you faced due to the delay of your flight. We do realize that any delay could be quite frustrating and we strive to avoid such occurrences. Unfortunately, delays in aviation do happen and in such cases we try to at least minimize them as much as possible. We would like to take this opportunity to explain that your return flight was delayed due to a combination of factors which made it very difficult for the airline's ground-handling agent to predict how long it would be delayed for. We can advise that your flight was unfortunately adversely affected by a series of cumulative delays to the aircraft on earlier rotations. The root cause of your delay was a technical problem to the aircraft on a previous rotation. We naturally regret to hear that the end of your holiday was marred by the above delay. *We can advise that the track record of BH Airlines on timekeeping is very good, but unfortunately sometimes delays do occur for reasons beyond our control. As a charter airline BH Air has less flexibility than other airlines (such as e.g. Lufthansa or Air France) to replace an aircraft in order to comply with its initial schedule. Preventing this delay would have led us to making „intolerable sacrifices” in the light of the capacities of BH Air’s undertaking at the time of the flight, which sacrifices (as per the rationale of the European court judgment on Case C-294/10 (Eglītis-Ratnieks v. Latvijas Republikas Ekonomikas ministrija) we have no legal obligation to make. Evident from the above, the delay of the flight was caused by circumstances which we could not avoid even where we took all reasonable measures within the capacity of our airline. Furthermore, we would like to advise you that BH Air operated the flight on the basis of an aircraft lease arrangement but not a contract of carriage with you and the members of your family as passengers. The flight schedule announced was for reference only. As stated on Balkan Holidays website – flight timings and routings are only provisional and may be subject to change! Hence, the Airline had no contractual obligation vis-à-vis you and your family to comply with any specific flight schedule and may not be responsible for any flight delay. For that reason and reasons mentioned above, we may not honour your claim for compensation under Regulation No 261/2004 or otherwise. That being said, we would like to take this one last chance to apologize for all inconveniences caused. We always strive to give our passengers only the best customer service and so your feedback as it is highly appreciated. We hope that they will give us the chance to welcome you on board our aircraft in the future and give you the customer service you deserve! Kindest regards, BH Air Claims Team
  11. Hi I recently had a holiday with Haven at Quay West Holiday Park in Wales, while the park was ok there were several issues we had to complain about. While most were dealt with one of the scary ones was the fridge in the Caravan as every time you opened it, the fridge tipped forward! Bear in mind we had a 2 year old with us and dread to think what could have happened it is had fell on her. The other issue were uneven slabs outside that sank when it rained and were sticking up, surely a job that should have been done before we had the caravan? The cooker developed a fault which was fixed temp but the part needed still had not arrived when we left! I have written to the park about this problems as all were reported to the park, we have had a reply at last offering us £25! the holiday cost over £600 I have been on Haven Holidays before and never had a problem but this was disgusting, even the dance floor was filthy and they were asking children to lay on it! There were children with scooters on the crazy golf course riding them all over but no staff around, when informed all we got was sorry! I know £25 is better then nothing but surely inspections etc are carried out before letting out holiday places! Thank you Sandy
  12. I booked a holiday a few weeks back using Love Holidays. The total cost of the holiday was £680, all i have paid so far is the £80 deposit. It was a silly holiday to book anyway, I can afford to go but I could do with the money on other things so I decided i wanted to cancel it. I emailed them asking to cancel and now they want me to pay for the flight cost, which is £300, the holiday isn't even for over a month away surely this is an acceptable cancellation period! Anything I can do? Thanks
  13. In a sad turn of events, Low Cost Travel Group has gone bust. Very sad for me as I used to work for them. Anyone travelling needs to make sure they keep an eye on their holiday. MSE has a great guide for what to do... As a general rule - Flights should have already been paid for, hotels mostly wont have. Chargeback if paid on CC over £100 with Section 75 Chargeback on DC may be possible but check with your bank. Remember to record everything in case you need it for the future. Administrators are Smith & Williamson
  14. Hi, I work 4 days a week and therefore entitled to 22.4 days holiday (rounded to 23 days) from 2011 to 2014. A per my contract and through custom and practice, I receive double rate for working on Bank Holidays since 2009. In 2015, I worked 8 Bank Holidays and these were paid at double rate. However, that year the management had reduced my holiday entitlement by 8 days. Their reason was that I was paid double on Bank Holidays, this rate was as part "payment in lieu" for a holiday entitlement. My office is open through out the year and I work every Bank Holiday each year and this never effected my statutory holiday entitlement of 5.6 weeks (23 days) After writing my grievance and giving my employer plenty of opportunities to pay me the correct entitlement, I have now filled for Employment Tribunal and the case was accepted. Do you guys thing I have a good chance of winning this case? I have payslips to prove I have received 23 days holiday and also double rate for Bank Holidays in the past. Look forward to your input.
  15. Evening ladies and gents. Got a few questions that's being introduced at our place. Essentially it's a 4 on, 4 off 12 hour pattern, equating to 1932 hours per year, plus we owe 13 shifts so it's 2088 hours. So at 2088 hours the legal entitlement is 252 hours or 21 shifts holiday, which they are giving us, however, this is where it's getting a bit 'grey', we are given the 21 shift allowance, but we also have to cover an additional 21 shifts, essentially making it shift 'swaps' as opposed to holidays, which in turn means our yearly hours are now at 2340 hours with effectively no actual holidays? There are no contracts for any of us as of yet, I've only been here 6 months, others have been here years. Finally, what's my notice period if I've only been in employment for 6 months? Cheers, Darren
  16. https://mzolobajluk.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/universal-credit-in-work-part-time-claimants-sanctioned-for-taking-holidays-and-for-working/
  17. Last month I had reported to HR my colleague who accused me of tampering with my holidays and taking more that I was supposed to. The investigation showed that I was entitled to every single holiday I took and apparently the accuser got a disciplinary action. In the final decision meeting with the HR , I was told the accuser would receive 3 or 6 months record on his file . I read today the HR policy and it states 6 months on file for a normal first level (out of 5) verbal warning. According to the whispers , he only got 3 months My questions are: - Should have I received a formal letter with the investigation outcome? - This letter should tell me exactly what the disciplinary action was and how long would it be on file? - Has the time gone by now for me to request further information? Should I just ignore this? Thank you
  18. Hi everybody! I have a question to someone who lives somewhere in Clacton-on-sea or Kent, or in some picturesque place not too far from London. Can you please advise some place to spend New Year days? I mean some caravan park or smth like that for a couple with a cat. May be someone has other suggestions?
  19. In Sept 2014 I booked a Thomson (TUI) holiday in Turkey for July 2015 through Directline Holidays (Broadway Travels) for 10 people including 2 children under 6. In Autumn Statement 2014, the Government announced that from 1 May 2015, APD would be scrapped for children under 12 for both new and existing economy-class bookings. In January 2015 Directline informed me that Thomson had changed the airline from ONUR Airways to Thomas Cook. When the full and final payment was due in April 2015 I questioned Directline about refund of APD and was told that Thomson had many advance bookings to review, and that refund would be forth coming at a later date. After returning from the holiday and waiting for so long I emailed Directline to claim a refund and got the following reply: Thank you for your email, we have reviewed your booking, however, no refunds have been applied. The airlines were doing these refunds automatically and we would therefore assume that no refunds are due on this occasion. Please be assured should we receive any refund from the airline in respect of your booking we will contact you. Yours sincerely on behalf of the Broadway Travel Group Ltd Libby Clarke Customer Relations Department Tel : 0871 716 1004(option 1 & 6)
  20. My husband and 1 other is salaried. They have been with the company for over 25 years and when the company was taken over they honored our contracts. All others are paid a basic salary plus a percentage of the job they do. It is great of them to honor our contracts but by god does he know it. He does 1 week a month where he is on call and will do 12 days in a row beginning on the Saturday. His on call finishes on the following Friday and will get sat, sun and mon of. This week he put in a holiday request for a holiday over the August bank holiday. He will be coming of his on call weekend so he asked could he have the next week of as an holiday. What he requested is the bank holiday as a holiday and the Tuesday as a rest day? But he has been told that he can't take the Tuesday as his rest day because Monday is his rest day. Which will mean he looses his bank holiday because they class that as his rest day is this right? When all other members are on call they do not do contract work only on call jobs. But my husband and the other lad get sent to contract work. They can also end up doing work on his bosses house or hosing down car parks as they aren't allowed to sit waiting for a job like the other lads. They tend to use them as well for late jobs because they are salaried and makes no difference to them. My husband found one of his colleagues P60 he'd left in his van and was shocked as this lad was paid £2,500 a year more than him. But the lads all do the same work the only difference is he is salaried and they aren't. They have worked out that they actually do far more and are being used to keep working costs down. He has brought it up before and they said they'd look into it. When they'd looked into it they said you don't get the same as you are salaried ??? this is very unfair. My husband is 52 and being paid so much less than a 24 year old seems so unfair. Every year my husband and the other lad have never had Christmas or New Year off. They both have to do either one but the rest of the lads are of and have been since they were taken over 2 years ago. Its all taking its toll on him and I fear he will end up telling them to stuff it and walking out. He has worked with his boss for 27 years and helped him build both of his businesses. Since he merged with this new company and his company take around a million pounds per year he has treated my husband so differently the respect he had for him has gone. They go on holiday expecting my husband to run his other company whilst they are away but they don't tell him. He is told by text or when the lads turn up at our home wanting work sheets. I don't know enough about working laws so wondered how he stands. TIA
  21. Hi i work installing cable tv , a month ago my company told all the staff that easter friday was a working day. This is fair enough because that is the right of my employer . We have about 12-14 crews in this site ,the evening before easter friday all the crews apart from 4 were told not enough work take the day off , the other 4 crews (including me ) still had to work. No explanation given or contact from my employers at all . Understandably the 4 crews who worked feel very hard done by and singled out can this be fair!!!! . Also i tried to book easter friday and Saturday off and was denied surely i should be first to offered the day off .Any thoughts Thanx
  22. Hi guys, this is my very first post so don't bite please! I would be so grateful for some help regarding my family's dreadful holiday last year. Here goes, We booked a holiday for 2 adults 2 children to the Algarve for August 2014 to The Eden Resort (all inclusive). This was through Teletext Holidays. Everything was running smoothly until we landed in Portugal and our transfer took us to an entirely different Hotel (Clube Albufiera). This was at 1:00AM...after travelling the whole night with two children we just needed sleep. We spoke to the manager at Clube Albufiera who said that Eden overbooked us so we need to stay at the Clube for 4 nights, and a different hotel for 2 nights.....NOT IMPRESSED! But we had no choice! we were basically stranded in Portugal with 2 children and had received no prior notice that the Eden was overbooked! After 2 nights of staying at the Clube, I could not get hold of Teletext etc but received an email from "EC-Travel" (never heard of them before) saying that we can stay at the Clube Hotel for the remainder of our stay but need to move into a ONE bedroomed apartment for the last night (attached below). It was so distressing and the four of us could hardly fit in the room . Don't get me wrong, the Clube hotel was OK and they were very sympathetic but it was not what we paid for! the rooms were cheaper (as I saw a price list etc) the food was horrid so we had to eat where're, beach was further etc. Anyway, since we got back I was straight onto Teletext and they have taken months to write back (I have attached the letter to this post). They basically admit zero liability as they are just acting as an agent. If we wanted our money back we should have cancelled!! But we couldn't possibly do that. I'm looking for ANY advise PLEASE i'm so desperate I don't know where to take it from here (I'm even upset just writing this!!) I know it was a long time ago but we are still paying a credit card off because of the overspend due to us having to make extra payments everywhere (even though we were "all inclusive" but thankfully we did take a credit card with us!! Thanks in advance for any comments Heidi & Family xx
  23. Hi i am looking for help for my inlaws, they held a timeshare in tenerife for approx 20 or so years. The same two weeks in october, in october 2009 they had their last holdiay and approached the then management. The apartment had not been decorated in numerous years, the kitchen cupboards were hanging off and they were generally dis-satisfied with the whole set up. They took a phone call on their return to the uk and stated they were not renewing the two weeks and would not be returning. In 4 years they have not had any correspondence, no requests for any fees nothing. They continue to holiday in tenerife and her brother lives there. The two weeks initially bought have been continually let out to other families and has not been empty on their designated 2 weeks since sept 2009. It the meantime grand holidays have taken over the flamingo club. Now in dec 13 she received an email from daniel silverman asking for £5000 for the timeshare, they contacted CAB who told them to sit tight. Today they recieved a letter dated 2.1.14 from the same company asking for the same amount within 7 days (which has obviously passed). They have no idea what to do, no communication for 4 years then this. They are now both retired with only pensions to live on and both out of their mind with worry. Help what can they do
  24. my daughter works in a call centre 32 hours a week permanent, now working week is monday to sunday and she works 8 hour days 4 days a week, now she has been rota' in this week for mon.tues,wed, then off thurs xmas day, then in friday boxing day, and off sat, sun back in monday. now is it correct that for this week she would in affect have worked more than 32 hours as xmas day is a statutory bank holiday, and it looks to me as though they are saying you can have xmas day off providing you work extra hours to make up; for it. and in affect she would then be paid for 3 days plus xmas day, plus boxing day, making it 5 days pay or in effect 48 hours
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