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  1. Animal welfare boosted by new law coming into force - England Only READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/animal-welfare-boosted-by-new-law-coming-into-force
  2. I recently purchased a smart/fitness watch (Garmin). When purchasing I was lured in by the suggestion that the watch would feature connectivity to Deezer (Music app) so that I could download my playlists and go out running without having to take my phone with me. This was marked on the website as 'coming soon'. Since buying the watch and asking the customer care team when this feature will be added they are unable/unwilling to give a time frame. Is there an actual definition of 'coming soon'? I am tempted to take the watch back but as it is outside of the 28days and there is nothing wrong with it I can only imagine it will not be an easy conversation. Any help to sway my argument would be much appreciated. Thanks RunningMan84
  3. Hi all, First post here, when I was a student I did a semester abroad on the Erasmus scheme. I was in Denmark. While in Denmark I had a flat and took out an internet service. I was there for 3 months but had a 12 month contract, this was in 2014 Sept-Dec . I took out the service with Telenor. The service was around £25 a month. When I left Denmark I forgot to cancel the contract , looking back I can find one email from Telenor from March 2015 (assuming pointing out late payment). I then have an email from Intrum Justitia asking for 2.757,67kr (about £330) this is in June 2016. This seems about right for 9months unpaid + fees + interest. I have not paid, as I have never had the money spare, but every now and again it eats away at me! Is this something to worry about? I have seen that Intrum will pursue debts across europe however I have assumed mine is too small to be worthwhile? Will it be written off or will it just get larger? What is my best course of action here? Thanks all!
  4. Hi Guys, A few of you will remember from a few months back when I posted a thread on advice about appealing against my ESA decision. A few months have passed & I got the dreaded tribunal letter today:sad: They said they have not revised my decision & I am fit for work. The stress of this whole thing is so bloody unexplainable. I'm still trying to get my head around how they think someone that suffers from severe depression, anxiety, doesn't go out the house much etc can actually be deemed well enough to work! I've been struggling with my illness over the last few months, mainly with the worry of all this & it causes me such stress! I dreaded this letter coming through but knew it was going to. I was wondering what advice people who have been to tribunals could offer me. I sent off a doctors letter as well as my appeal originally and was turned down so now I need to build a stronger case. I'm not giving in because that's exactly what the DWP want me to do. Sign on to jobseekers & in a way admit defeat & that I'm not really ill as I'm actively seeking work. It's such a difficult situation for me as I have no other income and rely on this benefit, and now I have to get doctors notes up until the tribunal:-| Any advice that could be given would be greatly appreciated as I have no experience with this sort of thing & feel at my wits ends!!!
  5. In simple terms i'm self employed and have been here since october 2010, up till October 2016 the tenancy was not in my name and was paid monthly but they moved out so at this point the landlord agreed for me to pay 6 months in advance because I was unable to prove enough earnings due to being self employed. I have renewed twice paying the 6 months in advance again so 18 months total but this time they want to put the rent up £300 a year and are asking me to pay £60 in advance to reserve. I'll be honest its doable but its a real struggle this time finding over £4k. Logically it should be no different to paying monthly but it just doesnt seem to be feel like that. Flat will need decorating if he wants to find a new tenant I think. Now ive been here nearly 8 years and in that time ive had nothing done, its all starting to look a bit tired in here. But I think ive been a good tenant, im not Hyacinth by any means but ive not trashed the place at the same time and the rents always been paid etc. I guess what im wondering is where I stand legally if I want to stay on?, I know that usually an agreement goes periodic but how does this work with 6 months paid? If I dont renew will it just carry on as is? Ideally i'd like the reduce the amount due and increase the payments per year, even quarterly would be better than 6 monthly. Surely if it goes periodic they could allow a bit of room on how often payments are due?. I did pay a huge deposit. I'm just sure even if they did agree to change it there would be a huge fee for drawing up a new agreement. I have about 6 weeks so I need to get this in order I think. Have pasted the email minus sensitive info. As your current tenancy is due to be reviewed on ...Late April 2018 we are delighted to inform you that you landlord is offering you a further fixed term of 12 months at a rental of £@@@ payable in advance half-yearly for the term. In order to secure your new fixed term tenancy term please call us on 00000000000. There will be a charge of £60.00 (inc VAT) required to cover the cost of this service which can be made via debit card. We are also available should you need to discuss any changes to the proposed terms, our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Should you be intending to vacate your property at the end of the current tenancy term then please email confirmation of this to email address including details of your forwarding address.
  6. Hi Brief history - blind company insisted on fitting blinds I had told them I could no longer afford and that we would arrange payment in due course. I struggled at the rate they wanted £50 a week (total debt £950). I couldn't keep up, they started small claims but didn't continue with it - would have been easier if they did as I could have given a lower amount. The business owner then called round to my house for the money. it was the night before I had a c - section (which I was having earlier due to a heart condition) . They continue to email me whilst I was in hospital (I was in for 2 weeks as I was very unwell). He then called round about 8 weeks later. They wanted £175 a month and no less. I managed 2 payments but struggling with the final two. They have now emailed to say they will be coming round again next week. Can they do this? They don't tell me when they are coming Should I just make affordable payments? Though they will call round anyway. The woman is awful and she sends her husband round. owe them the money and want to pay it just at an affordable level. Thank you
  7. I was in a rush for a charity event, which the irony of the whole situation. I didn't have the change for the second set of chocolates (£2) I just walked out with them. I was taken into a small room and after being given a talk on not doing it again I wasn't banned or given anything to sign, as I was told it wasn't worth the hassle given the extent of the items, and was just given a verbal warning. However on a paper they wanted my address, will I be getting any fines in the mail, or third party fines? If so would I have to pay it?
  8. Hi, I'm in the Support group for ESA, was on Contribution based Incapacity Benefit from 2003, transferred to ESA without a medical in 2013. Was also on DLA high rate Care and Mobility from 2003, transferred to PIP in 2016 (downgraded to Standard Rate by an one of the 'trusty' so-called HP's !). My query is this, I have been thinking about coming off ESA as I've been offered part-time work (16 hrs a week) at a sitting down job (I have mobility problems) and can claim Working tax credit. Question 1) I would obviously write to DWP to say I want to come off ESA, but do I have to give a reason and has anyone on here ever done this ?. Question 2) If anyone HAS done this, has it affected their PIP?. I've scrutinized the PIP rules and nowhere does it state that they have to be informed if one started work, they only need to be informed if a health condition worsens or improves. I would be financially a lot better off if I did do the part-time job, claimed WTC and came off the ESA so obviously wish to do so. Any help appreciated.
  9. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/vince-cable-brexit-crisis-worse-than-2008-crash-warns-referendum-liberal-democrat-a7709056.html I have noticed in recent days that companies are announcing reduced profits e.g HSBC, Sainsburys and i remembered Vince Cables recent warning. Is the UK heading towards a new economic storm that might be worse than the 07/08 financial crash ? UK Banks have never really recovered and with Brexit likely to cause Banks to lose business to the EU finance centres, how will this affect the UK economy. Many of these Banks transferring work to Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt will still have their headquarters in London, so UK Treasury/taxpayers are still at risk of another bailout. It might be worse because no doubt the UK Bank operations will pay less tax to UK Treasury, but UK Treasury still has the same risk. Brexit is going to cause huge unintended consequences and as Vince Cable suggests, it could be a major factor in another economic storm that might have been avoided or reduced in effect. I think that if i were in a position of having significant savings in shares, that i would be looking to invest in gold or other safer options, as if there is another economic storm, many shares are going to tumble in value. I got caught out in the last crash as did many people and if there are warnings you would be wise to take them seriously.
  10. Hi Hope someone can advise if they have done this before. I am nearly 3 years into paying a 4 year hire purchase with first response I have been told as I have paid 50% off I can hand his car back via VT. If I was to trade my car in for a new car I would be £1500 in negative equality. I have been accepted by car finance for a much better deal but said I would be better to refinance than VT, of course they are gonna say that as they are a car finance company but told me if I do this I would struggle to get car finance. I have already been approved so would this show up on record to them? Would it really affect my chances getting car finance with them? They are trying to get me to trade in and add what is left to a new loan which bumps up monthly payments quite a bit Really just wondering if I VT can car finance then revoke my successful application. I am paying well above odds for my current car as credit score was bad but now it's better I want a newer car at a cheaper monthly price Any help appreciated please
  11. Hello CAG Please give me some help and advice. My interest only mortgage will end next month . I have asked for a five year extension. I have been discussing this with my mortgage provider and it does not look good. I am pretty nervous and anxious. I am not quite sure how to go about negotiating with them. As its interest only they want the entire loan back. Due to illnesses over the last 10 years my plans to save to repay the mortgage at the end of term went out of the window. then went into arrears and it was touch and go for a year. I was able to make regular payments and caught up on my arrears. I was then able to make over payments which totted up to a small but a pretty good amount. But its like – that’s all academic now The lender now wants the full mortgage back, which is impossible for me. I have a small amount of lump sum but not a serious amount. This is where I need help and advice. 1. I can provide proof of income but the income in itself is not great. However its enough to enable me to meet the payments regularly and my outgoings are low. 2. The lender wants SA103 for the last three years from HMRC. I am arranging this. I am unsure how these documents will look and how the lender would use them to assess my capability to make repayments. 3. My intention is to take on a repayment mortgage for say another 5 years and then sell my property. I do not wish to sell it now 4. I can increase my repayments by taking on a tenant. (I can go really crazy by taking on more tenants but i do not know how the lender will react to this) 5. Will I be assessed as a new client or will they take my past good record into account.? 6. During my illness I took on a loan and picked up a CCJ and as a result, a second charge on my property which is still on my record. I am assuming that this will have an adverse effect on my application for an extension. i shall be most grateful for any advice on how to deal with this other then sell up and move on thank you very much Burmafriday
  12. Hi All, im looking for advice. On Monday 13th March a bailiff came to my door saying he had a warrant to enter and search my home with the intention of removing goods. I asked him why and was told that my son had an outstanding court fine for running a red light last summer some time and that it had not been paid so he was here to collect the debt in full or recover goods to the value of. He said he had a locksmith, removals van and the police on route but if I let him in peacefully and paid the outstanding amount he could cancel the police and locksmiths presence. I refused and said I would try to get hold of my son but he said it needed to be paid straight away and said if my son or myself could not the full amount of £561 within the next 10 minutes he would proceed with forced entry. After 15 minutes of trying to reason with him whilst also getting my granddaughter ready to go out and get my nephew from play school I said that if I found him in my house when I got back that I would call the police myself. Eventually he left leaving a card that said notice of intention to enter @ search your premises -removal notice and told me to ring him later that day to arrange payment. I told my son all about this later that evening and he says he knows nothing about any court fine and has not received any letters r notices in the past. On my return from the play group I did some research on line and found that he did have the right to force entry and remove my goods unless I could prove none of it was my sons, I tried to message him to find out which court the fine originated from and the exact date of it. He didn't reply. He came back yesterday morning with the same intention of removing goods, bringing a van, locksmith and police but this time he was able to get hold of my son on the phone and insist he pays the debt there and then or he would again proceed with entry. My son said that he had no knowledge of the debt, what it was for or when it was issued but to keep the bailiff away from my door he tried to negotiate a payment plan of half today (yesterday) and half next Thursday. This was refused he told the bailiff he would get back to him. The bailiff left after 10 minutes but said if the debt was not settled by 8pm he would be back before 9pm. Later my son told me that he had phoned the court and find out what he could do, he was informed that as he had no previous knowledge of the fine that he could apply for a statutory declaration and have the case reheard if he pleads guilty. What can I do in the mean time to stop the bailiff entering my home and taking my possessions whilst waiting to get the declaration and the court date. The bailiff as informed of my sons plan of action but insists he will be back today at some point to make an actual enforcement as he has already wasted 2 days here. What am I to do, im at my wits end, I have my 2 year old granddaughter here during the day and my 27 year old son who has a severe learning disability. Can some please advise thank you
  13. There is much talk of the recent arrivals of children coming to the UK and they look more like adults. What checks are made to confirm a person's age ? and what other details are known ? (Source LBC radio.)..
  14. There is a tree on the side of a path runs past my house that is overgrown to the point it is coming into contact with the side of my house, the roof and is also hitting the windows of my property. I have contacted the council about this previously in 2011 when it was dealt with by way of a crown reduction, however 4 years later and its bigger than so i again reported it last summer and was advised that it would be cut back in 6/8 weeks. However 16 months have passed since my local borough council made that promise and despite several calls and emails nothing has been done about it and today i received an email from my local county council telling me that they were going to do nothing more about it. Would appreciate any advice, if there is anything i've left out that i should have included please let me know and i'll update. Thanks
  15. My earlier thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?376743-UK-employer-overpaid-now-in-US - quick summary: employer overpaid in UK, tried to set up an agreement after dispute over amount owed, debt sold to UK debt collector before negotiations complete, wrote to debt collector declining to deal with them, heard no more. Three years later and we have a new letter from a US debt collector for this money owed (note: I agree we might owe something but I'm not at all convinced of the amount, and it seems neither are they given the wildly varying figures they came up with each time). It appears to be a standard "this is what you owe, send us a check [cheque]". It came directly to our current address, the latter of which is different from previous communications. The letter makes no mention that it is a UK debt, and the "date of debt" field is blank. The amount owed roughly converts to the last figure the employer quoted. It says we should notify within 30 days of the validity of the debt. Some questions: when is the date of debt calculated? Either this debt collector doesn't know, or is trying to hide the fact the statute of limitations in this US state expires in ~6 months depending when it's calculated. Is the demand valid given the lack of a date? I read recently that the rules on overseas debts have changed in the last few years. Can US debt collectors chase UK debts yet? Firstly I will write to the debt collector indicating that I dispute the validity of the debt. After that... not sure. I appreciate this is a UK forum and some questions are specifically US but any help appreciated.
  16. Hi everybody! I have a question to someone who lives somewhere in Clacton-on-sea or Kent, or in some picturesque place not too far from London. Can you please advise some place to spend New Year days? I mean some caravan park or smth like that for a couple with a cat. May be someone has other suggestions?
  17. hi, I have recently started the dreaded work programme, however I have been offered a P/T job, 20 hours a week, which I found myself.. now I don't want my work programme provider to know anything about this, I want to just sign off and forget all bout the JSA and the work programme, however I will still need housing and council tax benefit, can the work programme provider stop me getting this if I just ignore them and not keep in touch with them? thanks
  18. Good afternoon, hopefully this will be a 'quick' one. I've had an e-mail from my landline provider (BT) about the changes coming into effect on 1st July about charges to 08.. numbers etc. I use an 0844 number to make international calls on a regular basis. This is currently charged at 1p per minute. (is that what is called an 'override service'?). From what I understand from the e-mail, if I use this service after 1st July, I will be charged by BT a minimum of 9.58p per minute, despite the 'provider' (I think it's justcall) advertising it as 1p per minute. I'm confused. Can someone help me out please?
  19. A US firm is to extend its free mobile data, voice and text offering to the UK from July this year. FreedomPop will offer Sim cards that offer 200MB of data, 200 texts and 200 minutes of voice calls per month using the cellular network at no cost. The company already offers a similar free mobile data plan in the US to more than half a million users. The firm, which is backed by Skype founder Niklas Zennstom, says it will make money by selling extra services. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32704051 US mobile phone provider FreedomPop is launching its Sim-only service in the UK - which offers free calls, texts and data. The service is launching as a virtual network operator using Three’s mobile network to provide users with 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data for free. FreedomPop has not said whether there will be an upfront cost for the Sim. Users can buy more allowance or additional services such as a second phone number tied to one mobile phone and will have to pay to go over the free calls, texts or data allowance. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/may/13/freedompop-bringing-free-mobile-calls-texts-data-service-to-uk
  20. Hello all, I have been claiming JSA and have been referred to Ingeus just recently so far i have avoided signing any paper work as to not fall into their trap. luckily enough i have now found a job that i am due to start so i need to stop my JSA claim however as i will be paid monthly i would really need the housing benefit 4 week run on for help with rent and c.tax. what is the best route for me to go as i really do not want INGEUS contacting my new employer as it is rather annoying plus i haven't signed anything so dont feel it is fair if they did. can i tell the job centre that i have simply just found a job without giving them the actual details? and give the local council details of my job in order to get the run on or will the council tell the job centre my details and they then pass it on to ingeus? any help is much appreciated. thank you. Dean
  21. i really need some advice. Firstly i do not have an account with brighthouse it is my husband who had a p.c from them. He has obviously missed payments as within the last year a representative from brighthouse has been to our house 3 times with the latest visit being yesterday. I dont answer the door so a note is put through so i know it is them. I get frightened when they turn up as my husband is out a lot so never here when they come and we have a 3 year old boy and i dont want him exposed to strange men cominr to our door . I get why they want to chase missed payments but it is nothing too with me . Can i do anything to stop them turning up at my door.
  22. Just had a visit from a bailiff from marstons to my mums address who proceeded to explain everything to a 17 yearold who answered the door!! All this on her camera apparently. She told him that she was entiltled to come in and remove goods from my room for a court fine I had failed to pay which I did try to sett up a payment plan but they refused. I have been on benefits as was unable to work. This is a high court distress warrant and she says she is coming back on friday or saturday to remove the goods. I called her to see if I could set up a payment plan she saidf no she also said that she will be removing goods from the whole of the house as the warrent is on the whole house not just me. All the time my disabled mother and brother were getting agitated and distressed over all that was being said. Please help I need some advice what do I do?? What are my rights?? Many thanks in advance.
  23. Hi Just looking for a bit of advice. My husband has been on DLA for just over 2 years and in May he was asked to apply for PIP. I filled out the forms for him and sent all evidence from each consultant he sees. We received a letter in June to say all had been received and his assessment would be in 12-16 weeks. I called just before the 16 weeks and was told it would now be 26 weeks but ATOS would be coming to us. His last ATOS assessment for ESA I had to take him and we actually found the lady very nice and she included me quite a bit in the assessment. He was placed in the SG. Is a home visit usual/unusual? Should I be worried? Thanks
  24. In November 2013 I took my 53 plate Renault Laguna 2.0 Privilege (petrol) in for service and MOT at my local Kwik Fit (KF) branch. I left with a bill of just shy of £1400 which included the fitting of a new catalytic converter and associated sensor and box totaling £451.80 inc VAT. I had cause to return the vehicle to them approximately a month later as engine noise had increased and my petrol consumption had gone up - I was now getting 25 MPG instead of the 31 MPG I was getting beforehand. The fitting of the exhaust was checked and I was assured that everything was in order – no explanation could be given for the increase in fuel usage despite having paid £24 for a fuel additive which was supposed to make the car more fuel efficient. During the last twelve months I have noticed a marked deterioration in both performance and fuel efficiency in the vehicle when compared to the previous year. On 24th November 2014, at the recommendation of my brother-in-law, I took my Laguna to the garage he used (CSC) for an MoT and interim service. Rather surprisingly (or not) it failed on exhaust emissions. In discussions with the CSC manager, he told me that the car hadn't "just failed", it had failed miserably! He went on to state that he was very concerned with the emission figures which had led to the vehicle failing it’s MoT in 2013 at KF. I always take the previous year’s MoT certificate and paperwork with me when I go for an MoT in order to give the mechanics a chance to check over previous work from the previous year and to see that any advisory items had been complied with. The manager explained that in his opinion, twelve months ago, the car had failed it’s MoT due to the exhaust emissions but not because of a faulty catalytic converter, but due to a problem somewhere within the engine which needed to be investigated. He suspected that Kwik Fit had taken the easy option and change the exhaust system in an attempt to solve the problem rather than to investigate any underlying cause. Comparing the 2013 levels to the levels obtained when tested this year, they indicated that the underlying cause was still present and had not been cured by the fitting of the new exhaust, sensor and box in 2013. This raises the question as to how the figures on the pass certificate were obtained as in his opinion it was impossible for readings to go from so high, to so low, back to so high in just twelve months, particularly when the car had only done 5515 miles in the year. In case you're interested, I have copied the fail and pass readings onto an Excel spreadsheet and have attached it to this post. On my way home from the MoT testing station at CSC, I called in to Kwik Fit, about half a mile from where I live to speak to them to see if they could offer any explanation for the exhaust emissions problem and spoke to the manager. He told me that he would stand by the paperwork I had and when I suggested that I visit VOSA to see what they had to say, he told me that if I wanted to, I could. However, I believe that to be a final resort only if Kwik Fit fail to provide a satisfactory solution in that my car had a problem which they attempted to fix and failed. They sold me parts which I did not need and then, rather than further investigate a problem they were aware of, issued a MoT certificate and took my money. Furthermore, and I feel really dumb here, they told me in 2013 that my shock absorbers were leaking (but were making no noise when I went over speed bumps and the car drove really smoothly) and that my brakes looked corroded at the back. Their eventual bill came to just a couple of quid under £1400. I am now questioning whether ANY of this work needed doing. 24/11/2014 – 1310 hrs I telephoned Kwik Fit Head Office and asked to be put through to Customer Service / complaints department where I spoke to a very helpful lady. I outlined the problem I was having regarding the exhaust emissions (no point in blitzing them from the start, I figured) and she said that she would pass my details on to Andy Michael, Regional Manager who would contact me within the next three days. For whatever reason, I never received a call from Mr Michael or any other representative from Kwik Fit despite leaving both my landline and mobile telephone numbers 27/11/2014 At the suggestion of CSC, I returned to Kwik Fit to ask what could be done to rectify the ongoing problem and the manager there offered to replace the catalytic converter as it was still under warranty. I figured that if Kwik Fit fitted a new Cat to the car, at least we would see if it had the same remarkable effect as it did the previous year. I booked the car in (rather nervously) for first thing the next morning. 28/11/2014 The fitting of the catalytic converter was carried out and having put the car onto the emissions testing machine, I was told that with the new catalytic converter on the car, the emissions were just within acceptable parameters, but would definitely pass it’s MoT. They were unable/unwilling to provide me with a copy of the readings from the emissions test carried out that day as they only provided those details when they were actually Mot-ing a car. I was surprised that having taken the car in at 0830, I didn’t receive a phone call to say the car was ready until 1630hrs. Not very kwik eh? 01/12/2014 The car was returned to CSC for a retest and it duly failed the emissions test with readings almost as bad as the previous week. It was noted that the mileage driven between the Kwik Fit test and the CSC Testing station was 55. It was clear that the underlying problem was still present and at the request of CSC, I left the car with them until the following day so they could attempt to determine what the problem was, something which KF should have done a year previously. 02/12/2014 I collected the car from CSC and the manager explained that they had had a look over the car for obvious problems, but had reached the point where they were going to have to start charging me. He said that rather than just try and find the solution by trial and error, which would possibly end up with me having a big bill to pay, the car should be referred to the main Renault dealer in Birmingham where they have specialist diagnostic equipment. 04/12/2014 I dropped the car off at 0800 at Renault Birmingham this morning and spent a happy half an hour discussing emissions with a very interested mechanic with wide eyes!! So that's where I'm up to. I've had the same thing told me now by 5 mechanics concerning my MoT pass in 2013, lets see how many of you look at the figures and come to the same conclusion (I'm not accusing anyone of anything - yet!). My two concerns now are the bill I'm going to get from Renault and what do I do regarding Kwik Fit? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  25. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me, we are in a big bit of bother with Marstons Bailiffs. A very rude and arrogant officer came to our door yesterday looking for my brother for a parking fine last year in London which we knew nothing about saying that unless he pays the £512 before 6pm today then he compounding the car which is a motorbility car. I explained that even when he is home he will not be able to speak to him as he is severely disabled. He has a tracheotomy tube in his throat and cannot speak! He did not seem bothered and replied ''well he can drive'' Which I told him that he could not as he does not have a license, and he could check with DVLA if he wanted. He was tryign to find out who drives that car.. . I didn't know what to say, or if I should tell him so I didn't! The car is driven by his carer, not him. He said that it did not matter if it is a Motorbility car, they can over ride that. . Which I am almost sure is incorrect, but he also said that he will be taking goods and forcing entry in to the property if need be. I explained that my 34 year old brother is disabled over and over, but he did not seem to care, told me that I could pay!!! I do not have £512 out of the blue like that!! My brother only receives his ESA and his Higher rate motorbility and care payments have been stopped while the switch to PIP claim goes through, so he doesn't even have the funds to pay this extreme rate! Obviously we are very concerned, he is very distressed and I am worried that they could force entry and take goods from the home. My brother is very self conscious of his disability and the way he looks and this would cause more upset than I want to imagine. The Bailiff said that he had sent letters here before that have been ignored, I know nothing about these but he did say that he has a Distress Warrant. This Bailiff is going to be at our doorstep at 6pm tonight and I do not know what to do!!!! As it is my brother sleeps in the front room, he does not have a bedroom. He cannot lay flat to sleep so has to sleep in a recliner chair. Are they going to go round my little brother and sisters rooms and remove things, and from the front room? My Mother is also disabled and I really don't want to put the stress on her, as it could be detrimental to her already ill health , so I am trying to deal with this myself.... Only I don't know how to. ANY help would be greatly appreciated, because I really do not know what I'm doing with this! Thank you so much xx
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