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  1. OK thanks for the replys. So best route is to just tell the jsa I will be starting a job without disclosing information on who it is and also mention to them I do not wish for my information to be shared although there is none to share. I never signed anything at ingeus so they shouldn't cause any bother. However I do need a 4 week run on to help me get on my feet. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Hello all, I have been claiming JSA and have been referred to Ingeus just recently so far i have avoided signing any paper work as to not fall into their trap. luckily enough i have now found a job that i am due to start so i need to stop my JSA claim however as i will be paid monthly i would really need the housing benefit 4 week run on for help with rent and c.tax. what is the best route for me to go as i really do not want INGEUS contacting my new employer as it is rather annoying plus i haven't signed anything so dont feel it is fair if they did. can i tell the job cent
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