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  1. I received leather sofa from Sofology, financed with an Int. free loan from Barclays (Partner Finance) Hours after delivery, it became obvious that the sofa had manufacturing faults (different cushion front panel heights, and inadequate partly filled cushions to the seating area. Raised a complaint (!) and provided photo/video evidence....asked for correction or collection! Initially fobbed off, told there was nothing wrong. Persisted, and 3 weeks later, I appear to be dealing with a senior colleague, instead of the 11 or so 'Tom, Dick and Harriets' that I had encountered in a se
  2. Dear All, I’m looking for some advice please. Some time ago I had a road traffic accident. When cycling a car cut me off. I didn’t have a chance to break and hit the car, went through my handle bars and hit the ground. The driver drove off from the accident scene but the registration plates were known to the Police because one of the witnesses took photo of that car. I had many injuries and was taken to hospital. After sometime Police sent me a letter and informed me that ..."the driver of the other vehicle registration number XXXXXXX was unable to be traced"...
  3. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I checked my Credit report today on Noddle and noticed that a Credit Application check has been run on my maiden name of over twelve years ago, and an address which I haven't lived at for the same amount of time. The check was carried out just days ago. This concerns me as I'm worried someone is trying to obtain credit in my name. The company that ran the check are called Shop Direct. Obviously I will need to contact them, but if I could have people's thoughts on why this may have happened I'd be very grateful.
  4. Is it legal, for council run car parks, to lease some of their bays? I have been using a particular car park; 30 years plus. It has six levels. First level has a row of bays painted pink [nice] for 'Handicapped' & 'Parents with children.' All the other bays are painted blue. Rightly or, wrongly, this colour has been considered for the use of all others It is a pay & display. It was busy. I drove up to the fifth level. All the bays were blue. It was 80 per cent full. Saw a bay and reversed in. Bought a ticket - onto windscreen. When I returned, there was
  5. Petition Pay £350m per week to NHS or re-run EU Referendum https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/171869?reveal_response=yes
  6. My Step-son has been insured with Hastings since passing his driving test at 18 and buying his first car. In 2014 a claim was made against him saying he had run into the back of another car. As my step-son did not have an independent witness he was unable to prove it was not his car and the claim was settled with my step-son losing his 2 years no claims. This was despite Hastings giving my step-son the incorrect date for the alleged accident for 8 months and my step-sons car's towing hook being on the drivers side when the dent to the third party car being on the passenger side rear!!!!
  7. The letter said he has a lodger(he has never had one) he uses the house for immoral purposes which is really wrong as only we, his family visit him. The council has also been looking through his windows snooping. He is 64 and has heart problems. He goes to court in January but he's done nothing wrong. This is not the first time someome has reported him, last year someone reported him for his hedge. As soon as he came out of hospital after his operation he was reported for the hedge and the grass being too long. Well he couldn't walk without losing his breath, he has COPD and arthrit
  8. Hi all Thanks for taking the time to read this.. I have been on ESA Contribution based since 13th October last year...seen their Doctor in January of this year and was placed in WRAG in March of this year.... At the time of applying for ESA I received a reply stating that I was entitled to both Contribution based and Income based but as I have always worked I was entitled to the Contribution based... I know you can only receive this for a year and my question is will I automatically transfer over to income based or should I ring them on Monday? I hate the thoughts o
  9. My neighbor has a habit of parking too close to my vehicles This coincides with the fact that my car has been picking up mysterious dents and scratches for some time now.. This morning I noticed that my neighbors car was parked nose to nose with mine... Shortly after, he got into his car and backed straight into my rear bumper.. I witnessed the entire incident.. However before I could get outside, he'd sped off I just wanted some advise on how you would deal with this situation I am furious, but want to make sure that I do not overreact. The fact that I have a
  10. Hi many years ago I ran into debt ( £4500 ) on a Halifax credit card. They sold the debt to Arrow Global who tried to take me to court and obtain a CCJ. I wanted all the paperwork before acknowledging the debt but despite many SARs and CCA requests ( I did everything correctly ) I ended up putting in a defence as they wouldnt give me anything . After many weeks and lots od support on here the debt was thrown out of court. My credit file in now better than ever putting me in an ideal position now to move house and start my life over honestly. I never knew if I had
  11. I was looking for advice for a friend who worked in france and rented, when coming back they cleared all outstanding rent ect, now are being chased for debt since returning. I dont think they did run this debt up and feel that they are being taken advantage of as a foreigner. Are they liable for these debts?
  12. Hi Please can anyone help with this? A brand new red checked shirt was washed following the label instructions at 40 degrees and the red dye has run into several other garments dyeing them pink/red to the point that they are potentially ruined. Can anyone provide advise on how to approach the store to claim for the cost of the damaged clothes? Thanks for any help?
  13. Hello all, I have been claiming JSA and have been referred to Ingeus just recently so far i have avoided signing any paper work as to not fall into their trap. luckily enough i have now found a job that i am due to start so i need to stop my JSA claim however as i will be paid monthly i would really need the housing benefit 4 week run on for help with rent and c.tax. what is the best route for me to go as i really do not want INGEUS contacting my new employer as it is rather annoying plus i haven't signed anything so dont feel it is fair if they did. can i tell the job cent
  14. Hi, just wondering if anyone has been successful in starting they OWN IVA with debt collections companies, am thinking of contacting my creditors to ask about such, as I sorted and arranged my own Debt management plan three years ago, and haven't had any problems since, I'm now considering putting forward a IVA plan to my creditors, as my management plan will last another 9 years, if anyone has considered or even been successful with they creditors with a self approached IVA please contact me, not sure this approach will work or just continue on the debt management that I arranged.
  15. Hi all In need of some advice. Someone has hit my warrior truck on the passenger side and just drove off and left it. The insurance company are sending me to arnold clark to have it looked at. One garage I called into today said that it would cost £2500 to put the work right as the truck has a double skin. Now my problem is, that they are saying that if arnold clark finds the total amount to fix the truck more that 50% of the trucks value that it will be written off. Can I try and buy the truck back from the insurance company? Do I have the right to refuse any work d
  16. My brother was originally on Incap for years, then they transferred him to JSA in March 2013. He started work last monday & is loving it. He is 31 yrs old. Single. No dependants. He has cancelled his JSA & housing benefit & isn't entitled to any housing benefit, but seems he will get about £50 a week working tax credits. I understood him to be able to get a 4 week run on with housing benefit though. But the council have told him he won't. He did get sanctioned with JSA for getting the day wrong with an appointment a couple of months ago. Although the council said it wasn't to do
  17. Hoping for a bit of help on behalf of my mum.... Mum runs a small business maintaining lets and did some work for a woman who owns a house in the UK but now resides in Australia. The woman was invoice for c £2k, paid £100 then ignored the rest. Mum has an address and email for her in Australia and she has chased the debt to not effect. Is it possible/prudent to chase the debt further given she retains property in the UK? Mum could really do with the money and according to Facebook, this woman is rather enjoying a holiday in Bali! Thanks in advance.
  18. Dear All I was hit by a car in the rear and my car bumped into a car in front. Luckily we were not at high speed. The car hit me failed to stop and run away. I was shocked and could not note the reg number. Police could not trace the car either. The car I bumped into claiming against MIB or against my insurance? I am puzzled, insurance company is holding me liable even though it was not my fault? Thank you.
  19. Morning all, Now while I am technically competent I find myself with an issue I am not sure about. I bought a Pomp W89 quad core mobile from a seller on Ebay. It is a Chinese knock off and looks good. This is the phone and the seller in question. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dual-Sim-Camera-Cell-POMP-W89-4-7-Quad-Core-WiFi-Smartphone-Android-4-2-Mobile-/380786054168?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item58a89e1418 My issue is, the GPS does not work! After I contacted the seller he (I assume) replied with this I had already done this so I replied saying it still wa
  20. Further to this . I am now been given the run around by Zurich. They state the other party is disputing this & 3 weeks ago requested a diagram. As I pointed out if they haven't sent back the request may well indicate their true position. However they claim not to be able to do anything until they receive this. So I posed the question what if they do not receive this. No answer. Another point is that whilst I am fully comp; my excess is £450 I am not in a position to pay/ don't want to; I have a feeling my insurance premium will go up and continue for next 5 years. Has anyone tried to put i
  21. Hi everybody.. .. Been spending the last few days reading avidly about things I've avoided all my life, after I discovered that we're up the creek, dropped both paddles and there's piranahs in the water... Oh and the boat's sprung a leak...or two. Sadly I'd left all money stuff to my wife who got into a bit of a muddle. The more serious things got the harder it became for her to tell me, while I just carried on in blissful ignorance. However, it's all out in the open now and together we are trying to sort out the mountain of debts and (possible) eviction. I
  22. Is there a run-on payment of housing benefit after signing off due to obtaining work? How does that work if you start your job a week or so after the last regular payment?
  23. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have just finished my uni course (last Friday - end date on all paperwork = 8th June 2013) and went to ask about jobseekers at the local Jobcentre. (I would have gone earlier but my nan (who brought me up for the first 12 months of my life) died a couple of weeks ago and I was away from uni to see her in the Hospice and for the funeral (just got there the day before she died) The Jobcentre gave me a leaflet and said I needed to claim online. I started the claim but it kept kicking me off so after numerous tries I had no option but to leave it till the
  24. Hi Could anyone advise when the HB and JSA run on scheme finishes. Just waiting on the outcome of a 3rd stage interview and I have a nagging doubt the scheme finishes in April??? Am I right???
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