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  1. Hi there. I'm absolutely gutted I got this through for such a stupid mistake. I have just received a Single Justice Procedure notice and panicking greatly. It says I have 21 days to plead guilty or not guilty. That you on [DATE OF OFFENCE] did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962. On [DATE OF OFFENCE] I attempted to travel from home station to work. At 7:55am he produced a TfL 60+ London Free travel Pass, that did not belong to him. He was not entitled to use the pass and it was invalid for travel. He stated it belonged to his father and admitted it was not the first occasion he had used it. They want £225 + £4.90. The summary statement has plenty of inaccuracies including my and and address that he said he confirmed ITAL but couldn't have as I gave him my driving license. That I walked away from the station when I re-entered with my bank card. Also, that he confirmed everything with me but didn't as the statement provided did not match the conversation or my details. Obviously I'm incredibly sorry and was a very stupid mistake. When I go out with my parents, I hold their oyster card so they don't have to rummage through their wallet or bag. On this occasion, I didn't give it back to him and mistakenly was then using for what I thought was a couple of weeks. As this was back in July, I called up several times to try and sort it and even my dad called up to get his oyster card back and they said nothing was logged against the card. I'll be gutted if i get a conviction as I'm in the process of looking for a property, will be visiting friends in America next year, was very stressed at the time due to work and a kidney condition getting worse and after the event receiving mental support for anxiety. I'm worried this will affect all of the above and negatively affect my mental health after just making progress. Any help on the best way to approach settling out of court would be appreciated. I'm happy to pay costs as I was incorrectly using it for what I think was a couple of weeks but a criminal conviction will hurt me in many ways. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi All, Thank you for all your help over the many years - been a long journey but almost there. Now that I have the strength and knowledge (from here) to take on the financial system in this country, I'm now trying to help my elderly Dad fight back. My Dad was always in control of financial affairs in the past but for the last few years now has become less able to deal with the modern world and now he is showing early sign of dementia. It came as quite a shock to find out that he has 6 credit cards which are now leaving him with no pension to live on. It became noticeable last year when he was a victim of identity fraud. His bank account was cleared out twice and so he ended up with loads of penalty payment and a few defaults. I want to "put the brakes" on the charges and interest with all these companies and now feel I'm in a position to do so now that I have LPA (lasting power of attorney). My idea is to send these companies a letter saying that my sister and I are taking over financial affairs for Dad, enclose a copy of the LPA, and also start the ball rolling by asking for the original signed Credit Card Agreement. Some of my Dad's cards go back to the 80's I want to see if he has an agreement and if they don't at least put them on the back foot when I ask them to freeze his account so he can just work out a manageable payment plan. Should I do it this way or does anyone have a better idea? Best regards Fevr
  3. Hi, Long story short, I moved out of my Dad's house around 8 years ago. It was the only place I'd lived until then, so I accumulated a bunch of stuff in the attic, as kids and teens do. Since then I went no contact due to verbal/mental abuse from him. That was about 5 years ago. I've since moved away to another part of the country and have not been back. In the summer last year I had an (unpleasant) message saying I had to remove my junk from the attic or they'd be thrown out. I replied and said they could be thrown out. I heard nothing until the other day when another nasty message was sent demanding I remove stuff from the attic myself, because he's in no shape to do it, so I have to. At the end he basically threatened me with taking it further if I didn't come and get my stuff. No mention of throwing it out, I have to come and get it. I don't want to go there personally and get my stuff because it won't go well and this will be used as an excuse to "get" at me. Without going into it, I can't help but think this isn't actually about the stuff, but more about getting me there so a fight can be caused. I'd get someone else to remove the stuff, but I wouldn't put it past him not to let them in and I'd be stuck with the bill. I dont care if it's all thrown out, but obviously I don't want him coming after me legally. What can I do? Can he do anything given I've already granted permission for it to be disposed of and he's refusing to accept any other than me removing it myself.
  4. Hello, (Please excuse me if this has been posted in the wrong section). I recently found out I have a CCJ against my name and credit record etc. However the debt isn't mine, it is my Dad's, but we have the same name. I took a mobile phone contract out with Orange a few years ago (2010 my first contract), after a while I set up another mobile phone contract under my account for my Dad. After his two year contract passed EE (was Orange) contacted him for an upgrade, which he accepted but requested that the number and contract be severed from my account and a new one set up under his own name and details, which at the time EE said they could do so. Six months later my Dad's contract was cancelled and the debt defaulted. I only found this out a further three months later (November 15') when I tried switching from Orange (My contract was still under Orange) to O2 but they withheld my number transfer because of this unpaid debt. This is when we found out EE hadn't set up a new separate account for my Dad and kept the two mobile contracts under my account. When I tried to resolve this with EE they already sold the debt on to a collection agency. I left this with my Dad to rectify and repay. Fast forward to July 16' and the original debt collection agency had passed the debt onto another collection agency, and these guys sent notification of an application for a CCJ. During this time my Dad was recovering from severe health problems and ignored all these letters, thinking they were for him when in actual fact they had been for me. I only found this out when I applied for a small ( The judgement was made in my absence in August 16' as no defence was submitted. I contacted the County Court earlier this month stating this isn't my debt it is my Dad's, they referred us back to the debt collection agencies who then referred us back to EE who then referred us back to the debt collection agencies who referred us back to the County Court and the cycle continues. This CCJ should be for my Dad not me, we have no problem paying off the debt sum (around £580) but if I agree a payment and a certificate of satisfaction, the CCJ will still be on my credit record when it shouldn't be there it should be on my Dad's and I need the Court to change this. Now I know I've missed the deadline to submit a defence and ask for a set aside, but I am aware I can still apply for a set aside (sooner rather than later) so I can submit my defence on this CCJ (pretty much what I've wrote above) but my concern is paying for this application (an N244 form?) and it being rejected and having this CCJ on my record when it doesn't belong to me and affectively pausing my future for the next six years. I've been in regular contact with the debt collection agency and I would like to see if they'd agree to a set aside too as they're aware of the situation, the debt should be assigned to my Dad not me, but they may not agree to it which makes it a bit trickier with the County Court if they reject it too. I'm just looking for advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation, whether or not a CCJ can be changed to a different person (even if that person admits it is their debt)? Is the outlook of my next six years bleak? How do I pay the N244(?) form when I send it to the County Court? I appreciate your time reading the above and any feedback is most welcome, Thank you.
  5. What on earth is happening with the Metro bank? The new bank which was going to put all the old traditional banks to shame. "Love your bank at last" is their motto but maybe it should be "Love your bank the last". We opened an account with the Metro a few years ago because they appeared to be full of promise and anxious to get away from the traditional model of unfair, inefficient, profit minded, conveyor belt customer treatment. We've had a pretty good experience with them over the years but this year it is all started to turn to a disaster. We are now finding that they are careless with personal data, unable to keep us informed of pin number changes or to send us the necessary bank cards with PIN numbers that work. Try to call them and you get bombarded with apologies – and "we know how you feel" and, do you mind if I call you by your first name – and "how do you feel today" as well as promises to call you back – which never seem to happen. We've now been without an active card against our account for over a month and still just getting promises. Right now, I received a promise that they would call me back within three minutes – but that was pretty well 10 minutes ago What a shame.. It was such a hopeful project. Maybe they become tired of being a good bank. There must be some explanation for this system's failings..
  6. This is regarding a Car sale , but the [problem] could apply ot anything. ( whats wrong with the word Sc@m ?? ) My Dad is 87 and a bit out of his dept when thing gets outside the simple Ebay type see /pay .buy /get delivered senario. He paid 3k to a Apparently legit Escrow comany ,based on an advert on Ebay , the advert got pulled the instant he asked about it and then went via thier messaging system . But it seems now he's been had , as part of a larger [problem] involving a number of websites , hacked and giving glowing referencesto this fake company . Actually on investigating its not just one fake site there are dozens all doing the same thing. see here ... his is the top one ... Revenna It does fall under the " if it too good " it probably is .. He did a bank transfer fro Santander to Trustees saving bank for £3000.. Just doing an action fraud Report . But is there anything that can be done to try and get the money back ! Our first contact was with Santanders fraud dept who have said, no chance as he did it willingly , hard luck!! cheers for reading this Chris
  7. It's just a cash gift to me as he's "splashing the cash" after the sale of his deceased parents' house, but I don't know if I should declare it to the DWP, because they might then decide I don't need the ESA or HB at all and just use that money instead for a couple of months. I wouldn't put it past them, frankly. What should I do?
  8. My Dad is 75 years old and in a conversation with him the other day he told me that Nat West were closing his account. He said it was one of those where he paid a monthly fee but never got anything out of it, he said he'd never used any services that it offered and when I asked how long he'd had it and why he'd taken it, he said that he'd had it probably 20 years (although his memory is a little hazy) and he said he hadn't asked for it, they just told him he was getting it.....I want to try to claim back his monthly PBA fees, should I start with a SAR request and take it from there? If so, which SAR letter do I use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. The letter said he has a lodger(he has never had one) he uses the house for immoral purposes which is really wrong as only we, his family visit him. The council has also been looking through his windows snooping. He is 64 and has heart problems. He goes to court in January but he's done nothing wrong. This is not the first time someome has reported him, last year someone reported him for his hedge. As soon as he came out of hospital after his operation he was reported for the hedge and the grass being too long. Well he couldn't walk without losing his breath, he has COPD and arthritius. He's being reported for *His house being untidy *His garden being untidy(he doesn't have the money for a lawnmower, yet the council will mow the lawn for someone with a family in the same street. *Using his house for immoral purposes *Having a lodger *A washing machine in the front garden which was gone in January *And dog mess near his front garden, he hasn't had a dog since about November when his dog died. Would CAB help him?
  10. My Dad passed away recently. He died without leaving a will. He did not own any property, had no cash or assests. On his death he had a basic bank account which contained a few hundred pounds of Social Services, Direct payment money - ring-fenced to pay for his social care only. I contacted the bank and they were willing to administer and close down the account without the need to apply for a grant of administration. The money in this account has been repaid to social services and the account closed down. There are no assets - only personal possessions. The most valuable item is an MP3 player worth maybe £30. His funeral expenses have been divided out amongst the family. Unfortunately he left unpaid debts which he'd been making token payments on for a few years since he retired on health grounds. All of the debts in question are in his name only. I've been writing to his creditors with a copy of the death certificate and a simple letter explaining that the estate is insolvent. Today I've had a letter from a company called Assisted Probate Services. They've been instructed by their client - Experto Credite (who were handling one of my dad's debt on behalf of Barclays). The letter is asking for details of my father's executor with the aim of recovering the debt from his estate. I am wondering how to handle this letter. I am minded either to ignore it: it is addressed to the executor (technically as there is no Will, there is no nominated executor) or reply with a short letter explaining the circumstances. Another reason for writing to them is that I am assuming this company is associated with a debt collecting company and so might resort to their tactics like phone calls and threatening to call in person - so part of the letter would be to withdraw permission for them to call or visit. Alternatively is there anything else I should do? Thank you in advance.
  11. my driving licence got revoked and my ar siezed can my dad use his car insurance to get my car out as my driving licence at dvla waiting to up date ..?
  12. Hi all again, Thought I would make a new thread for this loan so not to confuse my other PPI thread for my dad. I'll be using this for the covering letter: Dear Sir/Madam, We are writing in relation to payment protection insurance (PPI) policy, associated with the above account, which we do not believe was sold to us correctly or fairly. We believe you have not treated us fairly for the following reasons: · The overall cost, this being associated interest, was not explained, nor mentioned at all · We were not told how to go about cancelling our policy · We already had cover in place that could have protected our repayments but wasn’t asked about this Unless you can provide proof that the policy was appropriate for our circumstances and that we were treated fairly when you sold us the insurance, we will expect a full refund of all premiums, the interest that we have incurred as a result of having the PPI cover and 8% simple interest until settled. We have attached a PPI questionnaire for the loan, evidence of PPI policy and a PPI redress calculation that’s under the Financial Ombudsman Service rules. Under the FCA guidelines, Halifax has 8 weeks to resolve our complaint. We trust that you will deal with our case within this period. If not, we will refer the matter to the Financial Services Ombudsman. We look forward to your prompt response to this letter. I haven't found the credit agreement yet but will be looking through my dads paperwork tomorrow. Halifax didn't include anything for the 2009 loan in the SAR we sent them. Should I request Halifax to send a copy or should I send a CCA request for it? I've found a loan offer that said the loan was for £6,467 with a additional borrowing fee of £99 and a £50 deeds despatch fee The monthly cost was £121.07 So I calculated 121.07/5715 x 100 =2.11% So am I right in saying the monthly repayments is 2.11% of £121.07 which is £2.55? Thanks Andrew
  13. Not sure if this is the right forum or not for this one, but here it is. My dad has offered me an interest free loan to buy my council flat, which is all good, and everyone is happy to go ahead with it. The problem i have is, within the next five years, he may well end up in a care home, which means his assets will be taken to pay for it. Does anyone know, as the loan will count as an asset, if i can be forced to pay back, or sell, to pay the bills, or would the terms of the loan still hold, but just be transferred to the local authority paying for the care home? I have asked my solicitor, they told me to ask the council, who then told me they dont know, or know who to ask.
  14. Hi All We live just off junction 4 of the M5, and they have had some average speed camera's installed for a month or os. My dad is a salesman and has 10 points on his license already. He actually went over 12 points, served a 3 month ban and now is on 10. But he just got a letter through with another 3 points - this time for doing 46mph in a 40mph average speed check. I didnt think they could prosecute until 47mph? Is there anything we should know that could help us?
  15. My father had a £5,000 alleged debt bought outright by Equidebt some years back, who didn't seem too bad as debt collectors go, though others may of course have had different experiences. Before Equidebt bought it it was last with Intrum Justitia, acting as Cahoot agents 'from memory', and with a couple of other Cahoot agents before that I think. He sent one of the early mobs a CCA request with the £1 fee asking for proof of the alleged debt, copy retained and sent recorded delivery, and they sneakily recorded the £1 fee as a payment towards the alleged debt. He then wrote them a letter, copy retained and sent recorded delivery, explaining that they shouldn't have done this and it certainly wasn't a payment towards the alleged debt. The alleged debt eventually became statute barred, but Equidebt obviously didn't realise this. A few months before Equidebt assumed it was going to be statute barred they got a solicitor involved, a genuine legal threat I think and no 'in house' bluff, who was swiftly dispatched after receiving copies of all the relevant letters and proof of deliveries. Equidebt were not amused and I almost felt a bit sorry for them, but it wasn't my father's fault and he couldn't afford to pay. Like I said, Equidebt believed that the debt was not statute barred and if no records had been kept. If they did initiate a court case, then a judge could possibly have found in their favour on that front. My father and I have dealt with multiple debts over the years, being taken to court a combined 5 times in the process (never lost), so I have a pretty good idea about what is regular auto-poop and what might be something to take seriously. I obviously can't definitively state that Equidebt would have taken my father to court. However, the thing that struck me most about the letter he got was the timing of it. It was just a couple of months before Equidebt believed the debt was to become statute barred. On 2 of the past occasions that we were taken to court, it was done in a similar fashion with a solicitors letter being received just a couple of months before a debt was due to become statute barred. I hope that you now understand everything I have said fully. Are you of the opinion that Equidebt never took anyone to court? I honestly don't know if they did, not from forum memory, and don't have the time to trawl through old threads to find out at the moment.
  16. Hi All first time on her so please forgive my mistakes (if any ) 2011 due to marriage breakdown I had to move asap and leaving everything behind I needed a car. Long story short I went to carcraft, had bad credit but they told me if I had a "pensioner" who owned own home it was guaranteed finance. My dad was 71 partially blind and deaf but owned his home so (after 3/4 hours) finance was sorted out. I told them that dad had no driving licence (he has never had one) and the car was for me and they said no probs got dad to sign finance etc and my details for car. When registration docs came through car was registered in DADS name!!. contacted carcraft and they said normal procedure but just get it transferred into my name!!! Anyway eventually did and I transferred the monthly payments from my account to dads account as creation refused to transfer as finance was in dads name (understandable) Sadly my dad died on Christmas eve so I contacted Creation to advise and they registered death and said they did not do PPI so was I going to return car? Informed them that dad had no Estate assets and sent copy death certificate and not heard anything from them. Dad took equity release on his house before car was bought so after debts paid there are no funds left to pay off finance. I still have car and cannot get finance to pay off loan so not sure what to do now
  17. My dad had £75 in one week taken out of his bank. And that over drew him and now he has another charge on his account. He has been trying for weeks to change his bank, but none would take him. He left money in his account for car insurance but they kept returning it, because of the charge on his account. He needs a bank that would allow direct debit. I've been with Llyods TSB(now Lloyds, or one of them-confusing) for ten years, it's my first bank. And have had no problems with them. Now he owes 50 for the returned direct debit. Can the bank see how much money their customers have?
  18. Hi, I've read many a post on this forum going back a few years and the same thing is still happening. I really want to help stop other people getting sucked into Tigrent Learn UK Rich Dad seminar programs. I'm pursuing my money but at the moment I'm more concerned about making sure Tigrent don't get any more money. If anyone does have any advice or they have actually got money back I'd love to hear. There must be something that can be done about this company but I have only seen disappointed people still waiting for money. I went along to the free seminar in Gatwick last weekend. I've been to this type of thing before so I fully expected to be sold to, I was on my guard at the beginning, I wasn't even interested in property investing, more in stocks and shares, but as the thing went on I got totally sucked into the sucess stories, which is all they tell you. They don't actually give you anything to work on except increasing your credit card limit. At the end of the seminar I jumped up to sign up for the 3 day course, £997. As soon as I got home I thought I better do some reseach and quickly found posts on here and elsewhere. I really wanted to believe it was going to be worth the money as I was so pleased with the rich dad book, that made sense to me. But no, I couldn't find any good reviews and just stories of people going along to the 3 day course, being told to go and up their credit limit and come back in the morning, only to be told that they cant be taught everything in 3 days, but they have to sign up for further courses for 10s of thousands of pounds. I decided that I didn't want to waste my time or money on this course so phoned my credit card company to put a stop on the payment. Tigrent Learn UK had already requested the money from my credit card company. So on Monday I called Tigrent, asked them for a full refund. I explained that I had opened the home study kit but it had not been marked and was still perfectly good to sell. They said that it had to be sealed for the full refund, so they were going to charge £497 plus admin, so out of my £997 I was going to get back £450. Also they wanted me to sign a letter to say I wouldn't discuss this with anyone and this would be the final agreement. Is that even legal? not in the contract that I signed to say that if I requested a refund it would come with a gagging order. I went to their office to personally return the home study kit, but they refused to accept it, saying they couldn't legally take it as it was mine. So I'm now going to my credit card company to raise a dispute. I don't think there is much else I can do? I've set up a twitter account @tigrent_truth I'm posting links to reviews and advice to others to try and help them not get stung. Essentially the lesson is: 1) Don't sign up on the day, go home and think about what you are buying 2) Research the course and compare to other lower cost courses that seem to actually teach you something 3) Don't trust a company that doesn't have course outlines and costs on their website 4) If you do get swept away on the day, DON'T OPEN THE HOME STUDY KIT! You could probably get all of that information from a £14.99 book from amazon and some you-tube videos. Please follow me on twitter and use the hashtag to help me raise awareness. I'd also love to hear if you have got money back for the home study kit. (Although you probably have a gagging order and can't tell me, maybe a knowing wink?) I've learnt an expensive lesson, I hope to get my money back at some point, but at least if I can stop it happening to others that would be good. Thanks
  19. Hi, First of all apologies for the long post but I want to put out all the details so I can get accurate advice. I'm in a desperate situation and was hoping for some advice and guidance. Back in April I was caught using my Dad's freedom pass at Oxford Circus Station. My dad travels in and out of the country and leaves his pass at my house when he's not around. One day I picked up his pass accidentally and used it to travel to work. Completely unaware I used it for the next 4-5 days but after that began to wonder how I haven't had to top up my Oyster card. I took it out of my wallet and realised it was my dad's freedom pass. I was then tempted to use it for 3 weeks and I made 23 journeys in total with it until I got caught. I feel embarrassed and sorry about my actions but my situation was quite desperate at the time. I was really struggling with my finances as me and my wife had an unplanned baby at the begining go the year and she being less than 6 months into her job was not entitled to maternity pay. Out household income dropped by over 60% and I was really struggling to keep up with my mortgage payments and bills, defaulting on most of them. I was really stressed out over my house being repossessed and all this stress clouded my judgement and I made this stupid mistake. back to me being caught. When the inspector caught me he began asking me for my details and I panicked so I gave him a false address. As he was going to check up on my address, I realised my mistake and confessed and gave him all my details. I explained to him my situation and why I did what I did. He confiscated the pass, told me I would hear from the TFL and let me go. Around July I received a letter asking me to come in for an interview. I thought if I go up to TFL and admit my guilt and confess that would encourage my chances of an out of court settlement. in hindsight I should have consulted a solicitor (not that I could afford one) I went there admitted everything in the interview and was told that I should write a letter to the prosecutions department to explain my circumstances and I had a good chance of an out of court settlement as I have been honest and admitted my guilt. I wrote 2 letters to them but heard nothing from them till I got a summons from them on 17 Oct for a court hearing on the 30th Oct (next wed). I called them up to plead my case but they are having none of it. I am really nervous now. I have no criminal record and have never done anything illegal in my life. I'm otherwise an honest hard working IT professional who just made a really stupid mistake for which I'm really sorry. Since the incident I've worked hard, got a promotion and have managed to improve my financial situation for me and my family. If I get a criminal record, I will lose my job (I have confirmed this with HR) and would not be be able to find another job in IT. Obviously that would have a huge impact on mine, my wife and my baby's livelihood. I have a 9 month old son and the court verdict and it's impact on our future is causing me sleepless nights and having an impact on my health. I have been having severe neuralgic type headaches for which I have visited the doctors and obtained medication. I have pled guilty in the summons forms and sent it back to the magistrates court along with the following documentation: Detailed apology letter explaining my circumstances Letter from my wife's employer verifying she wasn't entitled to maternity pay Letter I sent TFL requesting an out of court settlement 3 character references Letter from HR saying that if I get a criminal record, they would seriously consider terminating my employment Doctors note confirming my neuralgic headaches Doctors prescription I will be going personally to the court to plead guilty without a solicitor. Can someone please advise me what else I can do and the possible verdicts? Am I looking at a prison term, criminal record and fine? Thanks very much in advance for your response.
  20. Hi, I'm posting this in the hope that someone can give me advice on how I can help my Dad. My Dad had a company that folded a few years ago that had secured business loans with Lloyds bank. He then had a triple heart bypass and during his recovery time the loan payments were paid by the insurance policy on the loan (it seems just the interest). Now he is working again (self-employed, he is 65) Lloyds want the debt cleared and are telling him they want to take his house. Earlier this year he came to an arrangement with them where he pays a certain amount per month. He made all the payments as arranged but they are now not accepting this arrangement any more and pushing him very hard. He has offered more per month but they say they want the debt cleared. They have now sent him out a form to fill in all his financial details but have already told him over the phone that they want to take his house. They have told him he only has 7 days to get all of this information back to them. My Dad is at his wits end and I'm worried about him. He's really stressed about loosing his house and can't think straight. I'm the only person he is talking to about this but I don't know what I can do to help. So I thought I'd post here in the hope that someone can give some advice on how I can help him and what his legal rights are. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful. Thanks, David
  21. Sorry for poor title, have to be a little careful on how I post this due to his current situation, long story short, my dad retired from his company about 3 years ago, but is still 60% share holder, he provided security in the form of property he owns to Natwest for loans taken out while he was with the business, since he has left his ex partners have caused all sorts of problems and he wishes to completely leave the business and disassociate himself with it he needs to sort out the security with Natwest to do this, Natwest will not deal with him regarding it as he is no longer a signatory on the account, his ex partners will not provide the information either and it is thought that they have quite possibly borrowed more money against the security without his consent, again unless Natwest will grant him access then there is no way to prove it, is there any way to get Natwest to produce the information required? thanks purp
  22. help my wife has left me and my 4 kids and has not paid the morgage in 2 years ( i was giving her the money every month) i only found out this morning when the ballif sent me a letter saying i have 4 weeks before eviction i owe 17,000 and GE mony want the full amount i have about £100,000 in equity in the house and i can afford payments each month plus a bit extra but not full arreas please can anyone help
  23. Hi, I'm looking for some advice for my Dad please, about this new poor man's tax. He lives in a 3rd floor, 2 bed flat and received the Bedroom tax letter. As he is 60 years old would he be exempt from this? (Sorry if that seems a silly question, I've no idea about benefits) He had a stroke last year and because of this had to stop his job (carpenter) so has since then been receiving DLA and help with his rent. He has been on the housing list since the stroke, as he has trouble climbing 4 flights of stairs to his home, so would gladly move. Like many people, he is already struggling financially and this is a real worry. We have thought about looking for a lodger until he finds somewhere smaller, is that allowed or classed as sub-letting? Thank you for any advice offered.
  24. My dad has recently had an operation on his spine. He has returned to work and requested a chair that is more supportive to his back and his boss has just said "great well go buy one then" !! My dad thinks it is in spite as he's had 3 weeks off over the operation recovery period. What do you think? Should the employer buy the chair since theirs are very old ad not suitable? Is there anything legal on this?
  25. I am thinking about giving up, so that I can look after my dad. His health is detiorating very quickly every day, and my mum is finding it increasingly difficult to cope when im out at work Does anybody know what benefits I would be allowed to claim (if any), bearing in mind that I am giving up a perfectly good job? I want to be there to help him as much as I can, after all he has looked after me all my life, so now its my turn to look after him
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