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Found 21 results

  1. Where do i start, i really need some advice, ill give you a bit of background information. Around 6 years ago i got into some financial trouble, my business ran into trouble and i had to stop trading, this cause me to change my finances quite drastically and i had to get a job. a job i still do now. I also lost my rented house a couple of years later and had to live in a caravan while my wife stayed with relatives, winding forward we managed to save enough for a deposit to buy a house last year, this had a knock on effect because we sold everything to get the house. This caused
  2. My GP has said I'm fit to return to work and has signed a sick note to this effect, but my employer's OH doctor recommends my employer commissions a report from a neuro psychologist prior to any return. As I'm fit to return I do not believe I should have to take any delay as annual leave and it can't be classed as sick leave, as I'm considered fit to work. What is the solution? Would this be "garden" leave?
  3. Hi guys starting a new post.. on Cabot, i've done the CCA on 5 Accounts i got with them, no come back on any CCA just the norm letter saying we will look in to them. i also sent a letter for telephone harassment, had the responce saying that don't apply to them but they will stop the call/txt. But as i thought it did not stop. i've added the letter they sent back.. what would be my next move? Fone 2-2.pdf Fone 1-2 - post.pdf
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum and have a query about an interview I attended in the UK. The hiring manager beforehand said certain questions would be asked a specific test would be given. I was disadvantaged compared to other candidates when I spent so much time preparing only to discover on the day that the test and questions were completely different, hence why I was unsuccessful in landing the job. Also, an interview question was more restrictive when asked to myself compared to other interviewees. Is there a potential case I can bring to an employment tribunal to s
  5. Hello, (Please excuse me if this has been posted in the wrong section). I recently found out I have a CCJ against my name and credit record etc. However the debt isn't mine, it is my Dad's, but we have the same name. I took a mobile phone contract out with Orange a few years ago (2010 my first contract), after a while I set up another mobile phone contract under my account for my Dad. After his two year contract passed EE (was Orange) contacted him for an upgrade, which he accepted but requested that the number and contract be severed from my account and a new one set
  6. On Saturday morning I was waiting to turn out of a minor road when a car ran into the back of me. The driver admitted fault there and then, it was all reasonably amicable and we exchanged details without issue but they wouldn't tell me who they were insured with. I tried to contact the driver by email, as much as anything just to confirm details were correct, but the address they gave me just had emails bouncing back. I tried the phone number they gave that evening and again on Sunday morning but there was no answer. By this stage I'm worried that I haven't been given true details so phone
  7. Hello just joined the forum and will be posting my issue, keep up the good work guys
  8. Hi, I'd appreciate some advice if possible? I work 2 days per week in a shop. Although I've been there for 12 years I only signed a contract last year when the owner put the business up for sale. My contract states that i am employed for 2 days per week. I told the owner yesterday that I am only able to do 1 day going forward. (Since she has had no luck selling the business and keeps suggesting she may just close up I have found other work which is now more important to me). I don't want to make life any harder for her and have offered for that one days work to be flexible and on a day of her
  9. Hi all I'm finally managing my plan myself, no more paying fees to a company!!! I have SAR my mint card and there is no PPi, but I have noticed several of the below: Late payment fee 12.00 Over limit fee 12.00 I remember reading that you can claim for some fees, are these included, how do you do it? Thanks a lot
  10. I was involved in a non-fault car accident in May 2013. I sustained injuries to my lower back & left trapezius, Paramedics & Police attended. The other parties' insurance have admitted liability. I contacted my trade union (CWU), who put me in touch with a Solicitor, who has been handling the claim on a CFA basis. I had a Medico-legal report in March 2014, which supported my injuries, & the treatment sought. I have been unimpressed with the slow pace of my solicitor, all the way through the process. The solicitor who was dealing with the claim has recently gone on long-
  11. Hi I have recieved a County Court Claim from Restons Solicitors Via the Northampton county Court. I have been paying them back a debt originally from HFC Bank which was from a Sofa from DFS. I owed about 1200 with HFC, and now Restons have added on another 250 and some court and solicitor charges. I fell behind with payments from HFC sent them a letter and asked if I could pay reduced payments i never had a reply from them so i continued to pay them token payments of £12 each month, they then ended up passing it over to Reston's. Restons took control and added on there collectio
  12. Hi guys. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and thought it would be a good idea to get the Galaxy Gear (watch) to compliment it. I looked online and looked up the lates model. That was the Galaxy Gear 2. Looked at a few sites and found one that was reasonably priced and available from the Uk at £162.80. I looked at the specs on other websites previously, and seen that the Galaxy Gear 2 has a built in camera (my main reason for getting it), so I ordered it. I recieved it today and noticed that this one has no camera. This is no fault of the seller because in his specs description, there is no men
  13. Background. My Mum was being cared for by a local authority using contracted out care. The copany did not always turn up on time, stay the required time, or even turn up at all on many occasions. To compund the problem they falsified records to suggest they had. I complained but nothing was done to resolve the problems. I stopped paying the care bills to make them take notice. They didn't notice until I pointed it out. Mum passed away and I was the executor of her estate. Mum's bills consist of many elements of care, only one part (the subcontract part) which I have an issue with. I w
  14. I am due to leave my employment and want to file constructive dismissal or/and discrimination. Can I represent myself, if so, how do I find out the way to proceed? Can anyone help me?
  15. Hi, I'm Jo and looking forward to posting and reading Thanks x
  16. Hi I have been considering saving some cash up in order to pay off my old remaining credit card debts (which are all with debt collectors and have been for around 10 years) I originally owed over £8500, but now it's £4700. I was thinking if I could somehow get £2k together I could offer a full and final settlement to them (the main reason for this is we want to apply for a mortgage in just over a years time hopefully and I want to clear up my credit rating). However, just been reading up on this and it seems this may be not such a great option after all, as this w
  17. I have unsecured debt totalling in the region of 5,000 and I am worrying myself sick. I have been in touch with the debt charity stepchange who have made an appt for me to speak to an advisor, but this isn't for another week. I am not working at the moment, so have no income other than my husband's wages. I am getting letters from debt collection agencies threatening doorstep collectors - I panic every time the door goes. I can't stop thinking about these debts every minute of the day, worrying about what these companies are going to do. I haven't made any payments since defaulting
  18. Hi everyone. I work for a corporate, about 6 years now. Twice I've been sent to college by company. Finished twice with the highest grade. I have good record at work with relation to overall performance (attendance, sick, always on time, never refused to do my job etc). On Friday I've been approach by manager asking me to do some more hours to which I replied "no thanks". Minute later my colleague ask me why I am not interested in doing extra hours to which I replied "I have work my ass off for this company for the last 5 years, spent my free time on getting educated, when I could
  19. My partner and I had a joint back account which went over the credit limit some nearly 6 yrs ago It was defaulted in 2009 We both received a similar letter to some on here Original joint debt was £1069 But both had letters for 299 plus costs £364.99 each Have already done AOC online but need my defence in by Monday 9th July As this was a joint debt and clearly not a Credit Agreement as stated on both claims form and not for the correct balance What should my defence say? Many Thanks
  20. Hi All need some hand holding on this as this has been a while since i have had to do this. right here we go......... Claim for received from Sigma Today claiming part monies from an an agreement, this is an old bank account I used to hold. the amount is like a 3rd of what I owed on the original Debt. its come from MCOL so the POC are vague. I have acknowledge it today and am sending the CPR request today!! I havent heard of these part claims before it seems its a new trick by Sigma! can anybody assist in what to do next??? thanks
  21. I have recently ended a probationary trial period myself. I discussed the reason as to why with HR two weeks prior and stated that I did not approve of the office politics. After ending my trial period I handed in a Med 3 and self certification to cover myself. (two months). Do you think this will be the end of the issue or will the company make waves for me, as I am unsure of how much notice I should have given. Fortunatately I had not received a full contract of employment only a brief terms of contract in my offer of employment. I have no intention of making waves or ta
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