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  1. I've recommended she seeks legal advice, but she's scared of upsetting anyone. What makes things worse is that even though she was in Financial Trouble 12 years ago, she never fell behind on her own Mortgage Payments. That original Mortgage would have been finished last year, and the house would be hers. Her Daughter is saying she should have been paying £400 plus per month rent when she got the Mortgage to buy the house from her. Disgusting behaviour. My friend doesn't want everything go topsy turvy, and seems like she's about to give up and just let it happen.
  2. Thanks all for replying. It seems her daughter has offered to sell the house with a 'Sitting Tenant' as part of the deal. This is only guaranteed for 12 Months though. She has been paying £250 a month Mortgage, and she will pay the same in rent for 12 Months. It is then when the new owners can either bump up the rent, or ask her to leave. 12 Months isn't a long time so I can see why she is upset. As far as she knows, the Land Registry is still in her name, so basically her daughter has only used her name to obtain a Mortgage.
  3. It's an awful situation. Her Daughter was accepted for a high paying job in the NHS after graduating overseas. She moved back a week before her start date but suffered a massive Brain Haemorrhage 2 days before she was meant to start work. She was hospitalised for a long time which ruined her career, which was the start of her facing Financial Hardship. This was a terrible thing for her to go through (I know), but her Mum was there every step of the way. She took over the looking after of her Grandson (which she was happy to do, so her Son In Law could go to work). He himself has just been diagnosed as Autistic, and he works as a Teacher. My friends Grandson is now 6 years old. It seems the after affects of the Brain Haemorrhage have changed her Daughters personality a lot. She has had clots removed (open Brain Surgery) recently, and I suppose she will never be the same. A solicitor would give my friend advice, but she cannot afford one. She only gets her State Pension. It's very hard for all involved I know, but I think my friend is getting the worse of it. Much worse.
  4. If this is in the wrong place, can a Mod please move it for me. Thank you. I was crushed to hear from a friend what her Daughter and Son in Law are doing to her. She bought a house 30 years ago, and was paying her Mortgage without fail. 12 years ago she fell into Financial Difficulties, and was struggling with debt, so she told her Daughter. Her Daughter couldn't get any money at the time, and needed money herself as she wanted to get married, and was doing a degree overseas. To cut a long story short, her Daughter applied (and got) a Mortgage to buy the house off her Mum. It was at a reduced rate so the Mortgage Payments were only £250 a month, which my friend has paid without fail for the last 12 years. Now, her daughter has hit hard times herself and has decided to sell the house. She is not behind on the Mortgage, because my friend has not missed any payments on that. Basically, all she has done is put her name on a Mortgage that she has not had to pay a penny towards, and is now selling her Mum's house leaving her Homeless. Can she do this? I know that Legally the house his hers, but surely if her Mum can prove she has paid all the Mortgage Payments they can stop the sale. Her Daughter will just pay off the rest of the Mortgage, and then be quids in with the rest. My friend has only stopped crying enough to tell me that her Daughter has said that if she tries to intervene in the sale, she cannot see her Grandson (whom she adores, and has done a lot of looking after him) anymore. Please. If anybody knows any solutions?
  5. SOD'EM


    No. Nothing like that. I would presume if there was a debt, they would have already deducted it. I've never been in a position like this before. Do I go to them and ask them to re-issue the cheque in my name?, or go to the Bank my Dad always used, and see if they can help?
  6. SOD'EM


    Hi. I hope this is in the right place. I helped my Father with his PPI Claims and he received a couple of nice refunds. Hadn't heard from other institutions, so I thought that was it. Unfortunately, my Father recently passed away and I am dealing with his affairs. There was no will, but I am the only child, and there is no spouse. I have the letter that gives me permission to do what I want with any assets including his house. A couple of days ago, another letter came addressed to my Father from Lloyds TSB with regards to his claim for PPi. His claim was successful and there was a cheque in another letter for a fair amount. Obviously It's AC Payee Only and I have closed all my Fathers accounts after he passed away. I don't want to go to the TSB in case they say because he is dead they want the money back. I could do with the money as his Funeral cost me a lot more than I thought. Can anyone give me any guidance as to what I can do? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all. I bought a Seagate External Hard Drive for my son and it has been working fine for over a year. For some reason now, it only shows up in Device Manager for about 30 seconds then disappears. It doesn't show in My PC at all. Whilst it is showing in Device Manager, it says it is working properly. If I send it back to Seagate, they want £700 to retrieve the data on it which I cannot afford. I have a couple of Driver Updates programs on my Laptop, but it doesn't stay connected for long enough. Tried it in another Laptop that wasn't Windows 10 (as there is some online suggestions that that may be the problem), and it did stay connected, but any attempt to update the driver failed. Any ideas?
  8. A friend of mine just phoned me to say he had purchased Microsoft Home and Business Suite for £210 from PC World. After installing it, he put in the Registration Key but there was a problem. A moment later his phone rang. Low and behold, it was a Microsoft person informing him that he was having troubles which he already knew. He then persuaded my friend to give him remote access to sort out various problems he said was wrong with his Laptop. He said his IP Address had been compromised, and someone was using it to watch 18+ material. He never uses his Laptop for this type of stuff, but agreed with Mr Microsoft that he could fix all problems. This included securing his Internet, removing any unwanted stuff etc etc. He never mentioned any price, but my friend was willing to pay anyway. He was watching the Engineer busy away on his Laptop remotely, but thought it was quite odd when he was logging in to his Paypal account. My friend paid for whatever Software was needed and thought that was it. . My friend thought it was quite weird that after paying for stuff via Paypal, Mr Microsoft went into my friends emails and deleted all emails from Paypal from Inbox and Trash. Remote Access was stopped (he thought). he decided to go into Paypal and change his Password so Mr Microsoft couldn't take anymore money, when he logged in, Mr Microsoft was paying himself $199 for his own time. Fortunately, Paypal flagged up unusual activity and refused the last payment. The bloke says he's ringing back tomorrow to sort any other problems. Advice please.
  9. They took 50 of them upstairs, then narrowed it down to 21, then he filled in a questionnaire He then got took into the Courtroom and was asked if he recognised any of the offenders.. They then narrowed it down to 12 (he is one of them), and 2 on standby.
  10. Thank you for your quick reply. I think we are worried a bit more because he has only been there for 10 months, therefore does not have a full contract. They are fine with him having Jury Duty, but I don't think for a minute they thought the trial can last for over 6 weeks.
  11. Just a bit of advice please. My son started Jury Duty today, and has been placed on a Case that is going to last 6 weeks plus. He's worried about his normal job because he has only been working there for 10 Months. Although it's full time, he is employed through an agency. Can somebody let me know where he stands job wise. Hope this is in the right place. Thanks in advance. SOD'EM
  12. Thank you all for replying. He is Palliative care now, and has been since he was admitted. He can't communicate. or move and really has only hours left (mind you, they said that on Fathers Day and he's still hanging on). But I have been assured that he will not regain consciousness, and will never again be able to express to me his wishes. However, I know where he wants to be buried (he bought a plot for his first wife who unfortunately died when she was 28), and will make sure that happens. I just haven't got a clue what to do then. As I said, I can't really see any of his other children ever appearing. And if that's the case, can I do what I want with the house? Also, without a will etc. How will anybody question anything if no other children appear?
  13. I haven't a clue where to put this because my head is all over the place. My father has had a stroke, and has also got pneumonia. He is now on Palliative care, so it's just a matter of time now. My Dad was a hoarder, so there is a mountain of Paperwork for me to go through, but as far as I know, he has not made a will. He has a Daughter to a previous marriage, but she has had nothing to do with him for many years, and will probably never find out about his death. Then there is my older Brother whom himself has disconnected from our family, and he has not been seen for 15 years or more. Then there is me, the only one who had time for him, and lived nearby. For years I have practically been his carer, but not claiming anything for it. I am the only person who has access to the property, and will have to arrange, and pay for the funeral. His house is not worth much, but is paid outright. I would think that if he had done a will, he would have left everything to me, and I doubt anybody would have contested it. With the above information, does anybody know what happens next, and what I should do? Thanks in advance.
  14. Why would manufacturers do this? Bloody thing cost me over a grand :/
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