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  1. there is no contract as such the order was placed by email they have presented a copy of terms and conditions but these was not seen at the time of order, not signed.. The terms and conditions to say formed with UK law
  2. Hi All, its been a while, but i have a question i need answering. A Spanish Company have supplied goods to a uk company a sole trader, the company is spanish and has a spanish address. They have a uk agent who acts for them as an individual and works on commision. The Agent has issued a claim against the uk company sole trader via MCOL for non-payment of invoice, the reason it was not paid was the items supplied were at fault and the UK agent refused to accept a return. The agent has issued on behalf of the spanish company although the company who is owed the funds is a spanish entity. how does Juristiction stand? should they be using the european money order route? On The POC the Agent lists the name of the spanish company not his own name. can this get this struck out?
  3. thanks Andy, at what stage do i mention the debt is statued Barred? surely this will put a stop to this? they have sent me out a different default notice to the original one served? still no agreement also.
  4. Hi Guys Just to update you all I have been asked to do mediation on the telephone i have to call and make an appointment, just wanted to ask how should i handle this and what to expect, do i mention at this point that the debt is statued barred? thanks
  5. Hi Ganymede, thanks for getting involved I has not made a payment or anything probably 4-5 months before the default notice, I had sent the usual cca request, so this is definately stat barred.
  6. Thanks for the reply andy, I did not mention this in the defence I submitted a defence saying I could not defend because I had not received and docs basically a embarresed holding defence since then I'd been sent a copy of another default notice dated 2010, I'd since realised this is statued barred, shall I state this when I complete my witness statement. Do you think I should write to the court ?
  7. thanks for replying Andy, you seem to be the only person on the whole of CAG these days...you must be a very busy person. the Claim was Stat barred at the time the claim was issued i hold a copy of the original default notice issued July 2008. thanks
  8. Can anyone help here it seems no one is around anymore This used to be a good helpful place a few years back Anyone was happy to help each other out.
  9. is this Statue Barred now, would a polite letter to the court resolve this?
  10. Hi guys received an allocation questionnaire today Any advice on filling this in? Can't believe they are taking it to court, can you advise Please guys thanks
  11. Thanks mike, can understand how they can continue ?
  12. Hi Andy, Just an update I got a letter today From BW saying that they are intending to continue, Can they do this they have not provided anything? Thanks
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