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  1. i got a response from the online chat This is the same department i called to try and pay the overdrafts off.
  2. Im trying to get help now, i have just sent myself 0.96p from my Starling account to my old NatWest account detail and this money turned up in my Monzo account
  3. if i try to pay money into the account its redirected by the switching service/and/or bank, the account has been closed and i can not see the account online or in my banking app
  4. Because the account is closed now, they closed it on account switch
  5. @dx100uk are you of the opinion i should handle this differently ?
  6. I Moved bank from NatWest to Monzo basically because i wasn't happy with the service, and reliability of the bank i had two accounts both with £250 overdrafts each, i did an account switch with one and stopped using the other. Additionally i had savings accounts each with zero balance and an ISA. After i switched accounts in February the bank started to write to me saying i needed to pay back the over drafts. I thought, to save further issues on my credit file i would contact them to arrange a plan to pay them back, i was quite taken back when they wouldnt even discuss the debt with me.
  7. Ok I have a debt via a bank overdraft on two accounts that is around 2-3 months old, I called today to be put through to 4 departments to be told The debt is in the process of being passed to a Debt Collection Agency and I should wait for them to contact me, I told them I did not contract to them, and confirmed they have not sold the debt to them, they also confirmed the debt has not been passed to them yet and is still with the bank, but refused to accept any agreement or payment on this overdraft as its "in a queue" I then got the call handler to confirm the debt has not been passed or sold on yet and that it was still handled by the bank and they agreed it was, I have done a SAR today in the same call and got a call back 2 hours later (which I missed from the SAR department which I will call back tomorrow) TL;DR I tried to pay off my overdraft today and the bank said no
  8. that's difficult as its my birthday today (yay to me), but ill try, Thanks DX
  9. Hi guys, I got the letter from the court dated 1st October saying they had 28 days to respond, which would have been the 29th + 5 days for service (if im right in my estimation) there should have been something submitted by tomorrow (3rd nov) otherwise it becomes stayed ? they did in their letter state they would be writing to me before they submitted there maybe wish to proceed with the court, but they have not, nothing else has been received and still no DN Can anyone advise ?
  10. Yes the account is defaulted on my credit file
  11. I did find it strange that they do not mention the DN on the letter as the included documents, I did request it in my letter to them, and the fact that have the assignment and not the DN from HSBC did confuse me, if they have corresponded with HSBC for the assignment, surely they will have requested the DN at the same time from them. I can honestly hand on heart, state, I do not recall any default notice.
  12. Yes received or seen by me, I didn't think I needed to update HSBC after they had defaulted me years before. Presumably a default notice should have been issues around the time the debt was defaulted ? I was living at that address for years after then.
  13. Can I just add for reference, between 04/05/16 until 02/08/2017 I was homeless and living in a caravan on a caravan site as my tenancy ended and we lost the house, the letters from HSBC and 1st credit, I would not have got because I was no longer a resident in the house it was addressed too.
  14. I have today had a load of documents from Intrum a change of legal representation back to Intrum Legal department, along with an unsigned credit agreement (that has a tick here to agree to this agreement) and a bunch of statements, including a letter from HSBC that was apparently sent to me, Letter from Intrum Change of Legal Representative Credit Agreement Statements Notice of name Change Proof from companies house name change Letter from HSBC assigning the debt to 1st Credit There is no default notice in the documents they have sent me The letter sent to me from HSBC was to inform me the debt had been sold to 1st credit Here you go, managed to get the scanner working letter from intrum.pdf
  15. Had the letter today stating that defence has been received and has been served on the claimant, whom now have 28 days to respond or the claim gets stayed, still nothing else from Intrum or Moonbeever
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