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  1. I paid the deposit on a holiday park break by credit card, the balance being due in 10 days. The break is for late June this year. I have some doubts the park will be able to offer full access to their facilities to include entertainment centre, bar, swimming pools and restaurant given the effects of Covid 19. What should I be doing once the operator requests the balance and would appreciate your advice. Thank you in anticipation.
  2. Just to let all or any interested parties know - my former employer agreed to settle in order to avoid a tribunal!
  3. Many thanks dondada. I have appreciated your helpful comments and advice throughout.
  4. Since my last post I am now in receipt of an ACAS certificate and am therefore able to apply to an ET for a hearing. I have consulted with employment lawyers who say I have a case for unauthorised deductions as a person covered under the Equality Act and that I should also claim for injury to feelingsfor the stress, anxiety and upset my employer has caused me during a period when I required support not punishment.
  5. Sadly not - ACAS have been in touch with my employer who is arguing that a return to work plan required planning as their opinion was that I could not return to full time working and that I agreed to a phased return and this is also what my GP had put on the fit note. Seems like I haven't a case after all despite their sickness policy stating that if an employee believes they're fit to work but management do not then this is classed as medical suspension.
  6. My case against my employer is now in the early conciliation process with ACAS.
  7. Thank you Dondada but where can I find such cases to read up on? Is there any particular website you would recommend?
  8. In reply to ericsbrother and the point he made - wouldn't any employer, irrelevant of the length of time in charge of an employee, be required to be cognisant of any legislative changes and be required to implement such according to such members of the affected workforce? Dondada has inspired me to continue my claim - thank you. Going back to my recent post - where can I learn about representing myself should this end up at an EAT?
  9. On the Equality Act note, I also have type 1 diabetes that was declared to my employer 21 years ago when I was appointed but they have never asked about reasonable adjustments.
  10. When I discussed the situation with Acas they advised it should go though their early conciliation pathway.
  11. Yes this does relate to a previous thread. I was deemed fit to return to work by my employers OH doctor and by my GP though my employer said no to a return. My 6 months of full pay ended 2 weeks after the GP and OH doctor agreed I should return on a phased basis. For 6 weeks I was put onto half pay while a return to work plan was arranged. Bear in mind I am an office based worker this would have taken around a couple of hours to organise and was certainly not rocket science! The company sickness policy states if the employee considers themselves fit for work but the employer doe
  12. I intend to represent myself at a tribunal if the initial intervention of ACAS fails. I'm seeking £1600 of deductions from my salary that my employer took and is a failure of adhering to their own policy. I don't feel it's worth employing a legal representative and want to do it myself but would appreciate any tips.
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