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Found 11 results

  1. My GP has said I'm fit to return to work and has signed a sick note to this effect, but my employer's OH doctor recommends my employer commissions a report from a neuro psychologist prior to any return. As I'm fit to return I do not believe I should have to take any delay as annual leave and it can't be classed as sick leave, as I'm considered fit to work. What is the solution? Would this be "garden" leave?
  2. We eat chicken, lamb, duck and beef, to name a few, so why not dog ?
  3. Following on from the Tesco bans Ribena, I thought this might appeal to your collective taste buds.
  4. Hi, I recently had costs awarded against me at a PHR. I had not been expecting this. I am picking up the pieces now after the shock of it all. A good friend referred me to this forum and to some recent posts about costs, in particular the fact that the employer is not allowed to charge more than £33 ph for preparing for the hearing. Mine charged £110 ph - this was not challenged by the judge. They also included external solicitor's costs on top. If I apply the £33 limit it works out that I will be paying more in costs than the employer was allowed to claim for. I am incensed
  5. Hi everyone, back in March last year I had an ET hearing for constructive unfair dismissal breach of contract disability discrimination. The case failed on grounds of no discrimination having taken place even though I was found to be disabled! I then applied for review of judgement (not granted) An appeal was submitted to the Employment Appeals tribunal, from a solicitor (not granted) I now have 1 hour, oral hearing in front of the EAT judge (respondent not present) in London early next year (to persuade the judge to allow the appeal in) I have been advised th
  6. Basically trying to prepare for a 3.10 hearing and need guidance on the following: Does a new point of law and fresh evidence need to be presented at the hearing or prior to the hearing? Can a similar case successful at an employment tribunal be cited where exactly same policy was relied on and the organisation is the same? Is it acceptable to file extract of policy documents in the bundle rather than entire policy documents in order to comply with 100pages requirement.
  7. I have recently submitted an application to the employment appeal tribunal on legal grounds, perversity and bias. The ET did not follow the law, the decision was totally perverse, and the judge had connections with the employer and the defence who is also an employment law judge. I am still awaiting response to the application and have been informed that this has been looked at by four judges and is awaiting a fifth judge. From what I read this is normally only looked at by the judge or registrar at the EAT. Is it normal for five judges to look at it before making decision
  8. Hi, I have to submit an appeal against a judgement - two claims struck out and a costs award. The judgement itself was very brief (one page!) and there is no explanation as to how the level of costs were arrived at and how they relate to each claim. I would hope to have this information for the EAT hearing, but am I entitled to ask the Tribunal for it?
  9. Heads up anyone wanting to eat Cockles: Cockles from a Lancashire estuary have been found to contain dangerous levels of E.Coli and environmental officials have warned they should not be eaten. Trade in Ribble cockles has been banned until further notice by West Lancashire Environmental Health Department. Foulnaze Bank fishery, which was closed due to large numbers of unlicensed cocklers, had been due to reopen on 25 July. It will now remain closed until contamination levels decrease. More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-18838022
  10. I believe that three have just started throttling me as of last night 25th May 2012. I’m so sure of it, my next door neighbor and college at work are on Three and they easy hit 3.5mbps at work and 6mbps at home I'm now at I’m at 00.02 to 00.20mbps which is near useless I average 20GB per month. I've complained over the phone and still super slow. I don't torrent, file share, P2P, or do any of those things its 99% YouTube and NetFlix http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Phon...u-can-eat_data http://ask3.three.co.uk/srvs/cgi-bin...ile:mobileUser
  11. Hi,I ordered some food from a local restaurant this Saturday for my wife and I as we'd had a quiet night in and had become peckish. It was quite late in the evening around 1-2am so I was surprised a decent restaurant was still open at that time. I made my order and after waiting an hour and fifteen minutes I assumed as I also had not received a confirmation of the order from Just Eat, that the restaurant had closed and my order hadn't gone through. I tried calling the restaurant several times and as no one answered, I went to bed.On Monday morning I received a receipt via email from just eat f
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